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Shocker: Putin’s Party Wins In Landslide!

Speaking of fraudulent “referenda,” Russia’s parliamentary elections are also being held today.

From those lovers of Communist dictators at the Associated Press:

Russian vote seen as referendum on Putin

By Jim Heintz, Associated Press Writer  |  December 2, 2007

MOSCOW –Russians voted Sunday in a parliamentary election where the only question was whether President Vladimir Putin’s party would win a strong majority of seats or a crushing share.

The election follows months of increasingly acidic rhetoric aimed against the West and efforts, by law and by truncheon, to stifle opponents.

A huge win for Putin’s United Russia party could pave the way for him to stay at the country’s helm once his presidential term expires in the spring. The party casts the election as essentially a referendum on Putin’s nearly eight years in office. Many of its campaign banners that festoon the capital read “Moscow is voting for Putin.”

He’s a good man. Any woman would love to see him in her house,” said Polina Amanyeva, 58, at a Moscow polling station where she said she voted for United Russia.

Putin is constitutionally prohibited from running for a third consecutive term as president in March. But he clearly wants to keep his hand on Russia’s levers of power, and has raised the prospect of becoming prime minister; many supporters have suggested his becoming a “national leader,” though what duties and powers that would entail are unclear

In Moscow, about 15 gay-rights activists were detained at a polling station after a protest in which they scrawled “No to homophobia” on their ballots

The vote is the first national ballot under new election laws that have been widely criticized as marginalizing opposition forces. All the seats will be awarded proportionately to how much of the vote a party receives; in previous elections, half the seats were distributed among candidates contesting a specific district, which allowed a few mavericks to get in

Opposition parties, meanwhile, claim authorities have confiscated campaign materials and that the managers of halls have refused to rent them out for opposition meetings. Police have violently broken up opposition rallies — most recently in Moscow and St. Petersburg last weekend — and national television gives the parties hardly any coverage.

In contrast, Putin’s speeches to supporters have been broadcast in full and repeated throughout evening newscasts.

“The fact is, they’re not just rigging the vote. They’re raping the democratic system,” said chess champion and opposition leader Garry Kasparov on Sunday.

Kasparov, who was jailed for five days after the Moscow protest, spoiled his ballot by writing on it “Other Russia,” the name of his opposition umbrella group.

Sunday’s vote “meets none of the criteria of a free, fair and democratic election. In effect, it is not even an election,” Andrei Illarionov, a former adviser to Putin, wrote in a commentary for the Cato Institute think tank…

Disdain for the West has been one of the dominating themes of the election. Putin has called his opponents “foreign-fed jackals” and warned that Russia will not tolerate meddling from abroad…

Authorities throughout Russia’s 11 time zones appear determined to ensure a sizable turnout, through pressure, persuasion and even presents. One region is offering young voters passes to pools and sports facilities; another says new housing will be built in whichever village shows the most “mature” turnout.

Teachers, doctors and other workers have complained that their bosses are ordering them to vote — usually with the implication that they should vote for United Russia

The elections-monitoring arm of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, regarded in the West as the most authoritative assessor of whether an election is fair, canceled plans to send observers. It said Russia had delayed granting visas for so long that the organization would be unable to conduct a meaningful assessment of election preparations.

Russia has criticized monitoring by the OSCE elsewhere in the former Soviet Union as supporting protests that forced leadership changes, but it denied that it was impeding operations in Russia. Putin claimed the pullout was initiated by the United States in an effort to discredit the elections and his government

Again, we will be on tenterhooks awaiting the returns from this fair and open “election.”

By the way, in case anyone still had any doubts about what Mr. Putin is up to, they only need to look into the phenomenon known as Nashism. (“Nashi” in Russian means “ours.”)

It is Mr. Putin’s version of the Hitler Youth.

Now ask yourself why Mr. Putin would want such a thing?


Ah, the amazing news has just come in from the AFP:

Putin party scores landslide win in Russian election

by Sebastian Smith

MOSCOW (AFP) – President Vladimir Putin’s party won a huge majority in Russian parliamentary elections Sunday tainted by fraud allegations, early results showed, paving the way for the Kremlin leader to retain power after leaving office.

The United Russia Party won 63.5 percent of the vote, according to official results with 19.5 percent of the ballots counted and with opposition complaints mounting.

United Russia and its allies, A Just Russia, and the Liberal Democratic Party would enter the State Duma with a collective 78.2 percent of the vote, according to an exit poll by the All-Russian Centre for the Study of Public Opinion.

Under the proportional representation system here their share of the 450 seats would be even higher.

The sole opposition party, the Communists, got 11.5 percent, according to the exit poll.

The crushing victory immediately turned attention to 55-year-old Putin’s plans after he steps down next year following two consecutive Kremlin terms, the maximum under the constitution.

Putin said before the election that a landslide would give him a “moral” mandate to retain a major, but unspecified role in authority…

What amazingly quick ballot tallying, for a country that spans eleven time zones.

Still, aren’t open and honest and free elections great?

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