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Russians Troops Shoot Reporter, Rob Bank

First there had this video of a Georgian reporter being shot by a Russian sniper, live on TV, courtesy of the UK’s Sun:

Reporter shot on live TV


Published: 14 Aug 2008

THIS is the dramatic moment a Georgian TV reporter is shot by a sniper on LIVE television.

News girl Tamara Urushadze suddenly disappears from view in this live report on public television in Georgia.

Gunshots are clearly heard in the background as the cameraman jumps out of the way.

After scenes of panic and commotion, Urashadze reappears with her arm bleeding.

Unbelievably she tries to continue her report as colleagues bandage her up.

In the dramatic footage she says that her arm had been grazed by a sniper bullet.

The incident was close to Gori, a city on Georgia’s main east-west highway, the scene of some of the bloodiest fighting.

Russian troops are still reported to be in the area despite a ceasefire being agreed between the two countries.

Now we have video footage of these same courageous Russian soldiers robbing a bank, again from the Sun:

Russian soldiers in bank job


Published: 15 Aug 2008

RUSSIAN soldiers have been caught on camera ROBBING a bank in war-torn Georgia.

The band of gun-toting men were caught on CCTV forcing their way into the bank in Gori.

Once inside, the men are seen breaking into the teller offices and rifling through the desks.

They are then caught making off with what appear to be armfuls of equipment including laptop computers and perhaps even cash.

The outrage took place amid some of the bloodiest fighting in Gori, which is on Georgia’s main east-west highway.

And why not? Who is going to stop them?

The EU? The UN?

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