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Russians Were Close To A Nuclear WWIII

An article that we almost overlooked, but which is quite timely, from Der Spiegel:

New Research Sheds Light on Soviet Plans for World War III

By Matthias Schulz


German historians are divided over the significance of a massive Communist-era bunker in the former East Germany. Was it to be used as a command post in the event of a Soviet invasion of Western Europe? Researchers now believe Europe was closer to the nuclear abyss than was previously believed

The secret fortress was completed in 1979. Located in the middle of a heath, the installation consisted of six separate bunkers that cannot be seen from the air, spread over an area of 75 hectares (185 acres), and built with blast-resistant steel doors and decontamination showers…

Olaf Strahlendorff, who is the director of the Kossa Military Museum, steps out of a camouflage-painted hut to greet the visitors. "Hi," he says. "This is where the Russians planned to conduct World War III." …

In the event of military hostilities, 350 officers and non-commissioned officers, along with a complete telecommunications team of 250 specialists, could have reported for duty in this prison-like stronghold, where they would have commanded an army of millions as it headed toward Western Europe

When a number of archives were opened after the end of the Cold War, the world learned that — if push came to shove — the Soviet army was prepared to take the West by surprise with a decisive attack. Europe stood closer to the nuclear abyss than many had thought.

It’s true that Eastern Bloc military planners always worked on the basis of the assumption that an act of "aggression" would come from NATO. Nevertheless, it would have been sufficient for the Soviets to discover compelling evidence of an impending attack for the General Staff to order a pre-emptive nuclear strike…

The Kremlin anticipated the heaviest fighting in Central Europe. The region has "outstanding economic importance and particularly large reserves of people," noted the former commander-in-chief of the Warsaw Pact, Andrei Grechko.

This prompted the communist alliance to keep a massive 100 divisions (roughly 2 million troops) on standby for the "Western theater of war." On the territory of the GDR alone, the Russians had 7,000 tanks, 6,500 armored personnel carriers, 700 aircraft and 31 nuclear warhead depots.

The moment the command was issued, everything was to go extremely rapidly:

    * In the north, the Polish army was to press ahead and reach the Jutland Peninsula near Denmark within six days;
    * The southwestern front (reinforced by Czech units) was to march towards the southern German state of Bavaria;
    * It was up to the "Central Front," supported by Soviet Guard divisions, to break across the border at Helmstedt and advance on the Ruhr region and Lorraine in France.

During the first 90 minutes, this ground assault would have been accompanied by a hail of conventional and nuclear warheads aimed at thousands of predetermined targets.

NATO facilities, airfields, communications centers, government offices, power plants and traffic junctions as far as the Rhine River would have been reduced to ashes. Currently accessible campaign maps of the Warsaw Pact have red circles above Antwerp, Amsterdam, Bremen, Cuxhaven, Emden and Munich…

Then the tanks would have rolled out. "The attacking soldiers were supposed to reach the banks of the Rhine before any of them showed symptoms of radiation sickness," says Polish historian Pawel Piotrowski. The plan was then to relieve these radiation-contaminated troops with units of the "Second Strategic Squadron." NATO officials called this the "Polish-Soviet steamroller."

Such a colossal campaign would have required a war room — a nerve center to coordinate the various armies, air and ground forces, and missile brigades. But where was it located? …

Kossa. "Its geographical location alone would have made the bunker ideal for the major strike against Western Europe," says Strahlendorff. Furthermore, NATO had never discovered the facility.

Another fact that supports this theory is that Kossa was practically jam-packed with communications electronics. The facility even had an AP 3 mainframe computer made by the East German computer manufacturer Robotron. Sophisticated video technology would have made it possible to send battle plans directly to the front…

On the other hand, they certainly didn’t intend to use the command post for very long. According to their plans, the Soviets aimed to reach the Rhine in seven days — and the Atlantic in 12 days

We are not talking ancient history here. As the article note, this command center at Kossa was only completed in 1979.

(Indeed, Mr. Putin himself was head of the KGB branch in East Germany while these were still the standing orders of the day, if in fact, they have been subsequently changed.)

And, mind you, NATO never even knew that this vital headquarters even existed.

Just a few little details to keep in mind as we hear Mr. Obama celebrate his great nuclear disarmament treaty with the Soviets Russians.

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9 Responses to “Russians Were Close To A Nuclear WWIII”

  1. proreason says:

    Oh this can’t be true.

    Marxism is all about equality for the people.

    Now that we are beginning to enjoy it, we should become as happy as the Russian people.

  2. GetBackJack says:

    Well … what I want to know is why we’re being told?

    Why are they ‘opening’ their Archives? What purpose is served from telegraphing such critical information? I’ve always wanted to know that part. I believe everything evil about the Soviets. Shheit, I don’t need convincing on that score. What I want to know is …

    Cui Bono?

    • proreason says:

      It’s from a German magazine, and the Germans and Russians are traditional enemies.

      If it reaches the US press, the spin will be that the kinglette has thankfully rejected the tired policies of the past that brought us so close to disaster.

    • GetBackJack says:

      Yah, but the Russians have been opening their ‘archives’ since the supposed end of the Soviet empire. And that makes no sense.

      Makes my nose itch all over.

  3. BillK says:

    We’re also being told because obviously they’ve completed work on a new one and no longer need the old one.

  4. NickB says:

    If a poll was to be taken asking “Who is the most dangerous person on the face of the Earth?’ the overwhelming response would probably be Osama Bin Laden, when it actuality, that person is Vladimir Putin.

    • proreason says:

      I think it Barack Obama.

      Bin Laden probably isn’t even alive. If he is, he doesn’t have much operational capability. If he had operational capability, it’s conceivable he could at some point get a nuke and use it, which would be bad, but he would then be destroyed, and the world would be fully alert to his kind, and contain them.

      Putin is dangersous certainly, but Russia is a failed country and he knows that the US would defeat him if he ever tries to start a major war……..assuming of course that the US has the will to resist.

      Which brings us to the most dangerous man to appear on the planet in the last 80 years….Barack Obama. I doubt he pulls the wings off flies or tortures the genital of puppies, but what he has done is already put the world in the greatest danger since the fall of Communism. He is destroying the country that has kept the peace since 1946, defeated Communism, contained radical Islam, and created more prosperity than the world has every seen.

      I don’t care what kind of a smile the menace has, he’s the most dangerous human being since Stalin died.

      (and btw, I cite this weekend’s “accident” that killed the Polish President and most of the government, on Russian soil. Shockingly, it happened after Obamy refused to protect Poland with a missle defense system, and signed the ludicrous nuke reduction treay with Putin. Of course, that must have been just a coincidence.)

    • GetBackJack says:

      Except to note that Obama and Putin most likely pay for the same League. Different teams, same league.

      And I wouldn’t count out Russia as a war making capacity to devastate us. Putin is bright enough to lay low while Obama cripples us. And … I REALLY do recommend a careful reading of the following. Obama is clearly a usurper and a tool of Other Forces. As is Putin. Which is worse is hard to say.


      But most importantly, Putin has EM Scalar weapons the Russians have been developing since 1960 when Kruschev announced the Soviets had such fantastic new weapons that they were invincible. It’s been my long running certainty that someone would weaken us from within until the will and the means to fight back is gone, and then Russia would have her day killing the great capitalist evil. But almost certainly not with nukes.


    • proreason says:

      “play for the same league”

      It could be true. It’s further into the murk than I have time to go, and I’m less familiar with global currents than with what happens in the US.

      But any American can easily see that the Moron isn’t working in this country’s best interests, and that every day that goes by weakens another element of our defenses. gitmo, trials for terrorists, “overseas contingency operations”, the Polish missle defense shield, withhunt for CIA operatives, muslim can’t be mentioned, shut down of defense systems, gays in the military, Fort Hood blinders, abandonment of Israel, letting Iran get nukes, shoe bombers……..and hundreds more could be mentioned with just a few minutes time.

      Anybody who thinks the accumulation of all that doesn’t weaken this country is a screaming fool

      And anybody who doesn’t see that it’s deliberate has gone over the edge.

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