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Defense: Free Saddam Or Face Consequences

From France's AFP:

'Free Saddam or else…'


Amman – Saddam Hussein's defence team has drafted a letter to US President George W Bush warning of dire consequences if an Iraqi court issues a verdict against the ousted Iraqi president for crimes against humanity.

In a copy of the letter received by AFP in Jordan on Sunday, lead Iraqi lawyer Khalil al-Dulaimi also urged Bush to set free Saddam and put an end to the trial which he described again as illegal and a farce.

"We believe that it is necessary to stop this farcical trial and set free President Saddam Hussein, and all the prisoners, because this is the only solution for your troops and your difficult position in Iraq," Dulaimi said.

"This is also the best way for the future of Iraq, the region and the world," he added.

He warned that a verdict by the Iraqi High Tribunal against Saddam and seven co-defendants over the killing of 148 Shi'ite villagers in the Iraqi village of Dujail could plunge Iraq and the region into violence. The villagers were executed after a 1982 attempt to kill Saddam.

"This decision will set ablaze anew the country and plunge the entire region into the unknown…," he said.

The Iraqi lawyer, who heads the Amman-based defence team, said the verdict due by the court was timed to coincide with US Congressional elections.

"There is an unfair decision that has already been taken by the court to eliminate President Saddam Hussein in time with the US Congressional elections, through which the US administration seeks to safeguard its position," he said.

Dulaimi also told Bush: "You will risk your troops who have lost control over Iraq and you will place in danger your interests and the security of the region."

Let’s see, we must free Saddam or else the Shiites and the Sunnis will really start killing each other.

What a joke.

I think I detect the liver-spotted hand of Ramsey Clark behind this latest cheesy threat.

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