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Safely Re-Elected, Chavez Needs Surgery Again

From a terribly concerned Associated Press:

Hugo Chavez says he needs cancer surgery again

By IAN JAMES | December 9, 2012

CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) — Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez was heading back to Cuba on Sunday for more cancer surgery after announcing that the illness returned despite two previous operations, chemotherapy and radiation treatment.

Chavez acknowledged the seriousness of his health situation in a televised address Saturday night, saying for the first time that if he suffers complications Vice President Nicolas Maduro should be elected as Venezuela’s leader to continue his socialist movement…

The 58-year-old president is still scheduled to be sworn in for a new six-year term Jan. 10. He has been in office for nearly 14 years, since 1999…

Isn’t it funny the things that come out after the elections?

More than 1,000 of the president’s supporters gathered Sunday in Plaza Bolivar in downtown Caracas to show solidarity, many wearing his movement’s red T-shirts and chanting: "Ooh-Ah! Chavez isn’t going away!" …

[Chavez] also said it’s important for the military to remain united, saying: "the enemies of the country don’t rest."…

"Fortunately, this revolution doesn’t depend on one man. We’ve passed through periods and today we have a collective leadership," Chavez said…

As he concluded his remarks, the president said: "Chavez in truth is no longer only this human being. Chavez is a great collective."

Will they all have to share in his cancer?

From the Caracas daily, El Universal:

Venezuelan army vows "full loyalty" to President Chavez

December 09, 2012

Venezuelan Defense Minister Diego Mollero Bellavia voiced solidarity with President Hugo Chavez in a press release.

"We are positive that you will go out victorious from this fight, impregnated with your people’s love, who deem you, rather than president, as a brother, a friend, a father, and the indisputable leader of the socialist and Bolivarian revolution," reads the text cited by state-run news agency AVN…

In the communique, Mollero Bellavia stressed the army "full loyalty" to the people and the government led by President Chavez.

Reference was made to the support and defense of social liberties by the army "to lead our people to a stage of the greatest possible happiness and social equity."

"We must reiterate that we are loyal to you, the revolution and the people. Rest assured, in your absence, the soldiers of the Army, Navy, Aviation, National Guard and Bolivarian Militias will ensure with our lives the socialist homeland," the high-ranking officer concluded.

Under similar circumstances, this is the kind of outpouring of loyalty we would hear in our country from our news media.

From El Universal:

Venezuelan gov’t payroll grows at a rate of 310 people per day

Labor conflicts raise pressure on public finance

VÍCTOR SALMERÓN | December 8, 2012

According to the National Statistics Institute (INE), as of the end of October 2002, the State had a roster of 1,345,674 employees and, by October 2012, that figure had soared to 2,463,759.

Over the past decade, public-sector employee numbers rose by 83% and, on average, 310 new employees were added to the payroll on a daily basis.

In Colombia 3.9% of jobholders work for the state; 8.4% in Peru and 19.6% in Venezuela…

We wonder what the number is in the US?

Still, this is how you buy undying loyalty. And, of course, elections. Fortunately, though, it could never happen in the United States.

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