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San Bernardino Throws Out Pro-Union Old Guard

From a puzzled Reuters:

Voters in bankrupt San Bernardino sweep old guard from power

By Tim Reid February 5, 2014

(Reuters) – Residents of bankrupt San Bernardino, California on Tuesday voted to complete a rout of the city’s pro-union old guard, electing business-friendly pragmatists who have pledged to try to reduce pension costs and take on vested interests.

"A complete rout of the city’s pro-union old guard"? And "electing business-friendly pragmatists" in their place? Gee, if it can happen in California, maybe this could happen anywhere. Maybe even on a national level.

After all, the US of A is actually far worse off than bankrupt. Because there is no way for us to shed our debts by simply declaring bankruptcy.

As San Bernardino enters into a fourth month of mediation with its creditors, the biggest of which is Calpers, California’s giant retirement system, voters on Tuesday elected Carey Davis as the crisis-hit city’s new mayor.

Davis, a businessman and political novice, ran in part on a campaign to reduce the city’s pension obligations. In an interview in November, when he became one of two mayoral candidates, he said the city had to cut spending on police and fire departments, currently more than 70 percent of the budget…

Will they cut back on any of the city’s welfare benefits? Or their benefits to illegal aliens?

Davis defeated a San Bernardino political veteran, Wendy McCammack. She ran for mayor despite having been ousted by voters from her own council seat in a recall election in November…

Some politicians really are shameless. There is just no other word for it.

Tuesday’s results follow elections in November, when the balance of power in San Bernardino’s seven-member council shifted dramatically away from an old guard reluctant to take on unions and reduce pension obligations.

After Tuesday night, six of seven council members are now on record as saying they want to explore reducing San Bernardino’s pensions, along with Davis, the new mayor, and a new city attorney, Gary Saenz…

Don’t worry. The news media will find some way to discredit these people. Maybe they closed a lane of traffic somewhere.

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This article was posted by Steve Gilbert on Friday, February 7th, 2014. Comments are currently closed.

3 Responses to “San Bernardino Throws Out Pro-Union Old Guard”

  1. JohnMG

    Don’t worry. They’ll be sued out of existence by the unions over a breach of contract litigation…..and they’ll lose. This is California after all–the state that elected ‘Ahnold’ as governor, yet, bad as he was, proceeded to elect ‘Moonbeam’ Brown in his place. They are more to be pitied than scorned. Such stupidity can’t be voluntary.

  2. This action is exactly why I post .. that the Democrats are sowing the seeds of a long term destruction of their Party. Across the Board. Everywhere.

    Except the Republican Party is intent on shielding them from this catastrophe ..

  3. geronl

    too little, too late and wrong state?

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