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Sarkozy Considering Socialist Foreign Minister

From the ever-hopeful folks at Reuters:

Sarkozy might spring leftist surprise in cabinet

By Kerstin Gehmlich

PARIS (Reuters) – Right-wing president-elect Nicolas Sarkozy looks set to shock both friend and foe by appointing a senior leftist as French foreign minister, media reported.

Le Monde newspaper said on Monday that Sarkozy had offered the job to former Socialist health minister Bernard Kouchner, a doctor who co-founded the relief agency Medecins Sans Frontieres (“Doctors Without Borders”) before entering politics.

Political sources said at the weekend that Sarkozy, who takes office on Wednesday, had also discussed giving the job to Hubert Vedrine, a former Socialist foreign minister who has been highly critical of the United States’ “hyper power”.

There was no confirmation of either report, but in his first public speech since his May 6 election triumph, Sarkozy told his rightist UMP party that he would look beyond his conservative camp when naming his team.

“I want to build a government under the principles of openness and tolerance,” Sarkozy said in a speech. “I want to go beyond old political divides.”

Sarkozy is due to unveil his cabinet later this week and has said he will name only 15 ministers — half the present number, making competition for posts more ferocious than normal…

If Mr. Sarkozy thinks such appointments will win him any love from the left, he is sadly mistaken.

He is just planting the seeds of his own destruction.

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