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Saturday CPAC – Ann, Rush… And S&L

Here is the live feed from CPAC 2009:

CPAC 2009 – Live Streaming

The full schedule for Friday and Saturday be found here and here.

But here are some of the highlights from the agenda for Saturday:

Hon. Rick Santorum
Regency Ballroom
Introduction: Tim Goeglein, Focus on the Family

Gov. Tim Pawlenty (MN)
Regency Ballroom*
Introduction: TBD

Phyllis Schlafly
Ambassador Ballroom
Introduction: Sandy Rios, WYLL Chicago

William J. Bennett
Regency Ballroom*
Introduction: TBD

Ann Coulter
Regency Ballroom
Presentation of Conservative Blogger Award
Regency Ballroom
Presenter: David All, David All Group*
Recipient: Steve Gilbert, Sweetness & Light

Moving the Left Coast to the Right: A Call to Action for Conservatives
Regency Ballroom
Robert Davi, actor and director
Roger L. Simon, Pajamas Media
David Horowitz, David Horowitz Freedom Center
Moderator: Andrew Breitbart, Breitbart.com’s Big Hollywood

Kirby Wilbur, KVI

Media in the Obama Era: Is Journalism Dead?
Ambassador Ballroom
John Gizzi, Human Events
John Ziegler, How Obama Got Elected
R. Emmett Tyrrell, The American Spectator
Terry Jeffrey, CNSNews.com
Moderator: Peter Roff*

Conservatism 2.0 Conference
Diplomat Ballroom
Sponsored by Pajamas Television
The conservative answer to The View hosted by Kellyanne Conway, Mary Anne Marsh, Michelle Malkin and Jeri Thompson

Panelists: John P. Avlon, Alfonzo Rachel, Glenn Reynolds,and Scott Ott

David Horowitz
Ambassador Ballroom
Introduction: TBD

Ward Connerly
Regency Ballroom
Introduction: Tammy Cali, Eberle Associates

Rush Limbaugh
Regency Ballroom
Introduction: Lisa De Pasquale, American Conservative Union

Hopefully, everyone will be able to watch along.

But if you have any problems, you can also try Townhall’s version of the CPAC feed here.

And of course it should be available on one of your C-SPAN channels.

This article was posted by Steve on Friday, February 27th, 2009. Comments are currently closed.

73 Responses to “Saturday CPAC – Ann, Rush… And S&L”

  1. U NO HOO says:

    Give the camera man and the home audience a break, wait at the lectern, shake hands, then walk off stage.

    You can look it up as proper practice at Toastmasters International.

  2. Melly says:

    Mit Romney was terrific.
    “This nation will never be a nation of cowards.”
    “Inspite of Obama’s stance, our soldiers will come home in victory.”

  3. catie says:

    Again Congrats to Sweetness & Light for the award.
    Sure wish I could be there, maybe next year.

  4. Howard Roark says:

    Congrats to the tireless effort of Steve and the various contributors here who make such an art out of the drudgery of researching facts.

    You deserve it, Steve. I hope you’re planning on rewarding yourself after your acceptance! I’ll toast ya’ tomorrow with some Beck’s dark.

  5. canary says:

    Att-Uverse C-Span(1) ch.230 C-Span(2) ch.231; Cox C-Span(1)ch.6 C-Span(2) ch.19
    God be with you. Angels drape all entries,walls,halls,floors,exits,and air. :)

  6. rakkasan says:

    A much deserved congrats. If you can, Steve, post the ceremony with you in it. I am about to have dinner, and I will have a mental toast for you. I enjoy reading your website very much, and appreciate the work that you do. Cheers!

    • Howard Roark says:

      Rakkasan, I was stationed at 2-187 with the 101st. Our regiment was known as the Rakkasan brigade. Were you ever stationed there?

    • rakkasan says:

      Howard, I was 3-187. Hiya, fellow Rakkasan. Keep in mind we may be needed to fight for our Constitution soon – in this case our domestic enemies.

    • Howard Roark says:

      Proud to meet you, friend! Like you, I keep the faith, and am always mindful that we who pledged our lives to defend our Constitution are never free from that duty.

  7. GetBackJack says:

    I dunno. I really don’t want to be the guy who can’t control his gas at the banquet table, but here goes …

    You, me and everyone here worked, contributed, spent money and time and intellectual skills to get the Republicans both houses of Congress and the Executive, simultaneously. We did. And the Republican Party ****** us to death for it. I mean ten feet of rusty pipe buried up to our collective eyeballs. EVEN as we shouted NOOO!!! They did it to us like cheap hoors and then tossed us aside like cheap hoors. The partied with our money, with our enemies. I have nothing but vile contempt for the Republican Party. For they amply demonstrated to me they are (a) crooks, (b) criminals, (c) liars, (d) cheats, (e) thieves and more spineless than a Frenchman admiring a tape worm. I will go to my grave shouting “A Pox On These *******!”

    Now, for the next thing on my plate – I LOVE Rush Limbaugh, I really do. Been a devoted listener for as long as I could get him on a radio. BUT … after 20 years of Rush, I’m telling you the Democrats are insane to try and get rid of him. because 20 years of Rush = both houses of Congress controlled by anti-American Socialist Marxists, and an illegal alien Marxist half-breed in the Executive Office with a coterie of mind blowing knuckleheaded enemies of the United States in control of the Federal Apparatus. This is the opposite of progress, and the other end of the stick of making a difference. Get rid of Rush??? That’s … just …. crazy. Because if we’re going o judge by results, rather than intentions, well, look around, brethren. Look around.

    Newt looked like a winner until he went up in smoke on both sides of the issues. Dick Armey may be a great guy but when the chips went down, well … here we are. And Ronald Reagan???

    I know Ronaldus Maximus is a revered saint to us, but c’mon … we did NOT win the Cold War, the Communists merely changed their title, put a new face on the marquee and doubled down on ****** us all the more. Ron did not get rid of the Education department, we still have PBS et al interalia, we have an enlarged and expanded National Arts horror, I mean … people … if this is what Conservatism looks like when our winners get control, I’ve gots to reexamine what I believe a conservative to be.

    I mean, c’mon … maybe your television works differently than mine, but I haven’t seen one Republican yet stand up in front of the media’s microphones and exclaim HOLY SHIITE, BOYS!!! WHAT THE FREAKING HELL IS GOING ON HERE!? We’ve got an interloper in the White House, General Electric is giving huge bonuses to a madman over at MSNBC to pour acid on America and our values yet GE is always got their hands deep in our military budget pockets. We’ve got lunatic bankers running amuck but even crazier representatives who encouraged those bankers to break the machine and then blame you and me! I mean sweet babbling buddha …. are none of you scared to death???”

    Heard anything like that out of a ‘conservative’ politician?

    Nope. Hearing smooth, I’m troubled talk talk. Their air ain’t even hot, let alone on point.

    Lemme tell ya’ll something for sure. Mark it on your calendars, lads. This is will not be fixed by either legislation or votes. The Third Choice cannot be spoken aloud. But you know what it is.

    Our Founding Fathers bet their lives. Will you when the bill comes due?

    Judging by the unbelievably weak sister act of ‘conservatives’ …. nope.

    Conservatives will mumble and fumble and issue white papers until we’re all in a gulag.

    • canary says:

      Well, sometimes it takes a nuke like oOllah Obama landing on America, and his poisonist polllution that is spreading across America growing at alarming speed, that is going to take the lives of many. But prehaps such drastic damage coming with such a blast, is better, than if he worked slower, and we have not seen such enormous damage in such a short period of time.
      But, I’ve noticed a change.
      McCain disappointedly did not answer Hannity’s question on what he thought of Obama giving an exact date out to the world, and telling the world how many of our soldiers will be in Iraq. So, the only thing I can think is the F***ing pledge oOllah Obama made our leaders sign to not tell what our military budget cuts would be, leaves no doubt, this is not about letting the world know we are not as well armed, but it was so oOllah Obama can go in front of the f***ing camera and tell the world himself. McCain was shown clapping throughout oOllah Obama’s Fairy Tale.
      But, I’ve noticed a little change on at least Fox news. The media controls the world. It starts wars, it stops wars. And the entire media was so fearful of telling the truth. The politicans are all so corrupt, it’s more of a game, if you Republicans expose us on this, we’ll tell the media you did this, and vice-versa. And the whimpy media cares about money. How many watchers. How many buy a newspaper. Do you report something bad going on in your state, if prehaps people won’t move there, and less people to buy papers. It’s all about greed.
      The churches don’t do anything, because it’s all about members and money, and let’s not offend the money makers in the church.
      But, the change is that I think people are speaking out a little more. America isn’t run by morals anymore. So, things will get worse before they get better. Plan on it. But, have hope, and don’t give up. Don’t quit. What’s the worse that can happen? A slow death or a fast death. Death comes. Do your best to live as long as you can.
      CNN is soooo pathetic, there is no doubt they want to be the universal station, and it’s a darn shame, that’s the news channel our soldiers in Iraq watch to get their news.
      Have faith in God. He is higher than oOllah Obama.

    • Lipstick on a PIAPS says:

      Jack you sound like a seminar liberal. As a matter of fact I believe you are. The Republican Party kept you safe for the last 8 years to live to criticise today. You think Obama and the Democrats are going to be even half so concerned? Go over to the other side with your defeatism, you will be among friends there! LOL

  8. BillK says:

    By the way, note that the very first blog in C-SPAN’s listing of blogs is Daily Kos, and that at present they have no plans to cover any of Saturday’s CPAC live on any of their channels:


    Instead, C-SPAN will provide live coverage of Tavis Smiley’s “State of the Black Union” conference in Los Angeles.

  9. 64dodger says:

    Some would see Obama as the beginning of the end, but I see it as the beginning of our fight against the left. I will do everything in my power to subvert anything they try to accomplish both locally and nationally. It is time for all of us to get off our dead asses, throw out the Rinos and make conservatism the prevaling economics and social policy.

  10. U NO HOO says:

    I have more respect for Nancy Reagan, she said, “Just say NO.”

    Conservatism? Would that be the policy that brought us S-CHIP?

    Need a medical bill paid? Call the Lions, Kiwanis, Rotary, Elks, Moose, United Way, Red Cross, Salvation Army, Catholic Charities,…


    • Howard Roark says:

      Conservatism? Would that be the policy that brought us S-CHIP? Conservatism isn’t a party. It’s misconceptions like this that seem all too regular amongst average Americans. People who can’t think philosophically think that politics stops and ends with being a R or D.

  11. abnjm says:


    Congratulations and well-deserved!

  12. TwilightZoned says:

    Just watched you on CPAC. I think I speak for all of us here, it is a privilege and honor to be associated with this blog. Your thanks to all of us means a lot. Congratulations!!!

  13. jobeth says:

    Ouch! LOL. I didn’t know Steve would mention “me” when he mentioned the issue of needing passwords!

    Sorry Steve..;-D

    I just keep getting dropped and then the program refuses my password.
    Bet I’m not the only one…ummm

    That was really great tho. So good to put a face with the name.

    Great job Steve! We are fortunate to have you!

    • dulcimergrl says:

      You’re not the only one, jobeth. I’m sure Steve thinks I’m a moron, I’ve had to have my password reset so many times (not lately, tho)! :-)

      But contratulations, Steve! Whatta guy!

    • jobeth says:

      I think its something techno that keeps gumming up the works.

      I keep my passwords in a file on the computer so I never can forget it and it still wouldn’t take it. LOL Oh well’

      I did wince a bit thou when he said that! ha! He has to put up with a lot from us sometimes.

      That was an AWESOME talk Rush gave! The whole time I was watching I really wished I was there. Maybe next year.

    • 1sttofight says:

      Yall are both lacking. ;)

      Thank Goodness my $400 homebuilt computer remembers for me.

      Please dont be offended, it is just the Bourbon talking.

    • Steve says:

      “I didn’t know Steve would mention “me” when he mentioned the issue of needing passwords!”

      Don’t take it personally, Jobeth. I was just trying to think of something smart-assed to say about the members. To keep things from getting to schmaltzy.

      And that was the worse thing I could think of.

      Actually, the biggest problem is just the spam filters for most email filters eating the confirmation posts.

      Someday I will get around to fixing that.

    • jobeth says:

      Steve, No worry. I didn’t take it personally Actually I thought it was funny. I have a good sense of humor…and besides…it was the truth! LOL

    • jobeth says:

      Hey there 1st. Strange, I too have a $400(or so) home made computer.

      Maybe I’ll call you to build my next one. LOL My bro-in-law and husband built mine! ummm…

      Not offended…but I could have used a sip of that boubon!

  14. DEZ says:

    Now we know what Steve looks like, nice to have a face to associate with the blog.
    Well played Steve.

  15. Kilmeny says:

    Congratulations, Steve! You did great, you deserve it.

  16. Zilla says:

    Way to go Steve!

  17. 1sttofight says:

    You did good Steve.
    Hair nicely combed.
    Tie semi straight.
    Didn’t stutter too much.
    Didn’t look at your shoes…much.
    Over all, being as you had to follow Ann, Not bad at all.
    If it were me in your place I would have spendt my time sniffing where she stood. ;)

    Good job.
    Semper Fi.

    • jobeth says:

      “being as you had to follow Ann, Not bad at all.”

      Great point. How could anyone follow Ann! But he still did himself proud.

  18. U NO HOO says:

    Congratulations and thank you to SG.

  19. ThreeBus says:

    Thank you for providing the link. I am in awe after Rush’s speech
    and the award he received. I’m in tears quite frankly.

    Congratulations on Your award too, S&L.

    It’s a pleasure coming to this site for information.

  20. Steve says:

    Thanks, everybody.

    Ann took all of my best jokes — as usual.

  21. Howard Roark says:

    You looked/sounded great, Steve. I’ve spent 25 years as a professional radio broadcaster, and I know a good performance when I hear it.

    Kudos for all your hard work and the award today, my friend!

  22. proreason says:

    Glowing praise for Steve from American Thinker:

    “My admiration for Steve Gilbert is boundless. The creator of Sweetness & Light , AT author before S&L, and peerless researcher/analyst/website creator for others, Steve has played an important role in defining, shaping, and informing conservative media on the web (and elsewhere). He is a major unsung hero (until today) of the conservative movement.

    Steve is finally beginning to receive the recognition he deserves, as CPAC today awards him the “Blogger of the Year award.” His appearance today comes between Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh. Ann will give him the award.”


    • sheehanjihad says:

      see? We arent the only ones!!

    • Steve says:

      Thomas Lifson is one of my very few heroes. For anyone who might not know of him, he is a great man who created and runs one of the very best sites on the internet — the American Thinker.

      And the name is only too fitting. For he is the thinking man’s thinking man.

      He is also gentleman to his fingertips, and far too generous with his praise.

      But that’s the way he is.

  23. GuppyNblue says:

    You look so different in color Steve.
    Great job and may your site keep growing. I also liked Robert Davi’s talk about the importance of language. Rush (especially his points about avoiding devision) and Ann were just fantastic.

  24. Howard Roark says:

    I echo Guppy’s sentiments about CPAC’s lineup today. I was busy during the live event, but got to review Ann’s flawless appearance, then Breit Bart/Davi/Horowitz, who all were great speakers with original, sincere, intellectual red meat for those of us fellow travellers.

    Rush may have gone long, but who wanted to turn away? Fox didn’t, either. Rush blew past two top-of-the-hours and bottom-of-the-hours, at least 8 possible spotbreaks, (which really translates to a LOT of lost money for the upper management), and they didn’t even cutaway.

    I salute you and the royal treatment you have given your country, Rush. A generational change in America has occured because of your past 20 years. I was moved by your Benjamin Franklin Award.

  25. proreason says:

    Newt gave a stem-winder at CPAC


    (note: although he doesn’t have Sarah’s charm or Jindal’s gov creds, Newt towers over every libwit intellectually. He can skewer them like nobody else. And he is fearless and can’t be intimidated by the press)

  26. marya says:



  27. Howard Roark says:

    Newt towers over every libwit intellectually. He can skewer them like nobody else. And he is fearless and can’t be intimidated by the press Right on, PR. I’ve always said the same about that great man.

    It’s too bad that we’ve got some dimwits on this site who claim to be true believers in Conservatism, yet when they look at a RARE politician, educator, and contributor to our national dialogue like Newt, all they can see is a man who had “three wives”.


  28. Colonel1961 says:

    Steve: I was occupied during the CPAC simulcast and am sorry to have missed it. Any link to a cached video, e.g., You Tube?

    Again, congratulations on your award and thanks for this great site and providing a forum for our exchange of ideas…

  29. canary says:

    Steve congratulations. Watching you win, was better that the acadamy awards I missed. Americans applaud ya. Keep up the good work.

  30. MinnesotaRush says:

    Just now getting to catch up on stuff .. Congrats, Steve!

  31. BillK says:

    Was I the only one depressed at the straw poll results?

    Romney? The man who brought Mass. “universal” health care on the backs of businesses?

    It may have been CPAC, but apparently many of those “C”s aren’t so “C.”

    I mean really, Romney?!?!

    • grits says:

      It sure puzzled me. Mitt’s speech was pretty good, excellent on the economics, until he threw in the “global warming” bit. We can’t afford another “pretty good” candidate who changes his mind based on political climate.

      I won’t give another candidate the benefit of the doubt as to why he changed his mind on an issue anymore, either. I want to know why he changed – what arguments and evidence finally brought him to the correct conclusion.

    • jobeth says:

      Romney is “ok”, but this is the time for us to really make a new imprint or direction with solidly unapologetic conservative values.

      Romney is a bit “middle of the road” and a bit too willing to comprise important values…like the MA health care issue.

      We have a stellar opportunity to begin to actually stand on the principles we true conservatives are noted for.

      I think this country may just be ready for it after 4 years of Obalmy.

      Its one of the reasons Rush is so popular. He refuses to comprise on principle. THAT is what we need. Not someone who sticks his finger up in the air to see what will “work” to get him/her elected.

      It’s another reason I like Palin. She may be an new figure on the scene but she stands on principle. And as Rush said…if you have principles you know where you stand on every issue.

      I personally am sick of the wishy washy politicians.

      Rush brought down the house with those values. He connected with us on this. We need to listen. We need to work on the same in 2010.

    • TwilightZoned says:

      Let’s remember Romney wasn’t a landslide. There was a pretty good percentage (don’t remember the exact number) of people who wanted other options not listed. Now we just have to find and promote them.

    • BillK says:

      Yes, but the fact that Mitt was #1 is disconcerting.

      Though perhaps not as much so as the fact that Ron Paul was #3.

      Mitt’s just a RINO; Paul’s seemingly insane (at least at times.)

  32. brad says:

    Again, I like the whole Conservative thing, but I am sick of getting phone calls and emails of these conservative lawyers begging me for my money for this or that crisis.

    We don’t get anything for our money, and I am a drop-out conservative, and I think you should vote these do-nothing conservative-in-name-only jerkbags!

    Attention conservatives, get something done at the local or state level, and you will earn my trust, otherwise it is just book reading, complaining, and throwing firebombs at liberals.

    • jobeth says:

      “Attention conservatives, get something done at the local or state level, and you will earn my trust, otherwise it is just book reading, complaining, and throwing firebombs at liberals.”

      Well said!!

    • Howard Roark says:

      you will earn my trust Who gives a damn about earning the trust of Brad? Grow a pair, Brad, and quit whinning. Lead by example or STFU.

  33. proreason says:

    Rush’s entire speech at CPAC. It’s a great speech. Positive and uplifting. No surprise there.


  34. TickTock says:

    Congrats, Steve. We need more Americans like you to stand up and tell the truth to the folks.

  35. U NO HOO says:

    Look where Ron Paul came in.

    He ran as a Libertarian in 1988.

    Vote Libertarian.

    Enough said.

  36. U NO HOO says:

    PS, you don’t HAVE to use drugs.

  37. Howard Roark says:

    I was a Libertarian for a few election cycles before voting for my first R presidential candidate in ’04. I held my nose and did it again this time around. Mine was more a protest vote against communism of a worser case than a vote for McCain.

    Philosophically, I’m a Libertarian, but on a practical level, I can turn to my lunkhead cousin, the GOP, if the case seems dire enough.

    It sure has been dire a lot, lately.

    My only caveat is that I’m a realistic Libertarian, not a utopian Libertarian. IMO, the difference, largely, between the two is that utopian Libertarian starts from a position of wanting anarchy. That means more than a small federal government–it means no gov’t. at all. That’s a nice dream, of course: all peoples on the planet acting out their baser impulses to any degree, and no police, militia, or even a fire chief would ever come for help. No authority, you see.

    I’ve met idiots who actually promote that kind of lunacy, but it was usually on a college campus.

    Besides the anarchy of their utopia, they also call for no borders to our country, no standing army, and no draft in times of emergency, because they see their Libertarian utopia without compromise, and, by god, some damn gov’t telling me I have to fight in a war is against my Libertarian principles.

    Well, as I said earlier, I count myself as a Libertarian-voting-Republican these days. A realistic Libertarian, of course. A Constitutional patriot, that is.

  38. proreason says:

    Like it or not, the U.S. has a 2-party system, and it isn’t likely to change.

    Libertarians have a lot of passion that would be put to better use working for a party that has a chance.

    3rd parties have arisen before and overcome one of the dominant ones, but the Libertarians have been around a long time with no traction. If a highly popular Republican broke off, that would represent a chance for a major new party. Sometimes, I wish that would happen, but Ron Paul isn’t charasmatic enough. But even if someone like Palin or Newt broke off, it would still be a long, long shot.

  39. Al Morone says:

    Ann Coulter’s speech, censored by C-SPAN, can be seen here:

    • Steve says:

      Yes, I’m reliably informed that Saturday was the only day C-SPAN didn’t do live gavel to gavel coverage. Instead, they kept replaying Friday’s CPAC.

      C-SPAN eventually replayed Rush Limbaugh’s speech around midnight Saturday night. But probably only because they looked like idiots having coverage of Congressman speaking to 50 people, but not showing him — when virtually every other station carried him live.

      But it also means that Ann’s address and my historic remarks were the ONLY speeches not covered by C-SPAN.

  40. wardmama4 says:

    Ok, I admit up front that I am gloating and going to rub it in (a bit).

    I shook Steve’s hand!!!!!! Yes I was there (he followed Ann – who in their right mind would miss Ann?!?). Wait, that came out sounding worse than I meant it. I was intending all along to be at Steve’s award ceremony (and I’ve got the highllighted agenda to prove it). And it turned out to be just by happenstance that I exited my door as Steve exited his.

    Let me tell you – CPAC was so great strangely, more inspired and electric than last year (I think Romney’s dropping out – bombed the whole ‘zen’ of CPAC last year). Anyway – it was a blast – even the waiting in lines that are awful (and probably an indication of the dole lines The One ™ will create).

    Ann was great – bummer – the line for her book signing was so long we did not even come close. And Rush’s speech was awesome. We were in room 3 of like 3 or 4 rooms filled to SRO capacity.

    For those looking for perfection in conservatives or the R party – it is a shame that you feel it must be all or nothing. I feel disappointed at how both Bush’s let down the R’s but more importantly the Cs. And you are wrong – Reagan did take the fight (be it a verbal battle) to the Russians and they bit at it. Ego (which is what most petty dictators, thugs and liberals are full of) can be exploited. And they bit – of course the USSR is rising again – the free world is under attack daily from so many fronts. But – when one sees the alternative – it could most definately be worse. Look at how we allow the msm and Dems treat our most Conservative, upright Candidates – can you now understand why a number move to the middle?!?

    I am now off to do exactly what I complained that you should do – blast them (those who claim to be on the R/C side) for taking apart a real Conservative. Fox’s Sunday AM group hashed Rush with vapid, stupid and completely wrong (head of the GOP) trash talk.

    If you only complain here – this is what you get. And yes I do know how weak and wishy washy so very many politicians get – remember when they do vote right – say thank you and that you support them they need to hear positive encouragement too.

  41. CaliforniaBear says:

    Steve, congrats. I haven’t been reading this blog nearly as long as most of the people on here, but I am extremely glad you won that award. There are so many wonderful people on this blog that contribute so much and help me to get a great understanding on what is going on in politics.

    I have to say that I grew up in a family that was mostly conservative, but my sister pulled away from that and now her and her husband are very liberal and very open about it. We have had to close some of our communications with them because their liberal views and attacked on our conservatism has been unbearable. Being able to be on this site and enjoy being surrounded by those who feel the same way I do has been wonderful. So, I would like to thank you, Steve, and all others who contribute to this site that make it so inspiring and so enjoyable to read. You certainly help to keep conservatism alive.

    Thank you all.

  42. Albertafriend says:

    Steve, I am thrilled that you got this award and that we finally were able to see you. I have to admit you look a lot different than what I imagined but also a lot more what I would call “manly” and I would love to meet you in person. I love this blog so much for all the great discoveries that have been made over the years since comrade c first parked herself in a Crawford ditch and though I don’t post a lot you can be sure I read here just about every day and I am never disappointed by what I find. I tried to post this yesterday but for some strange reason my password was being rejected but today it wasn’t. Hurrah!

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