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Saudis Release Returned Gitmo Terrorists

From an approving Washington Post:

Saudi Arabia Routinely Frees Detainees

Release of Guantanamo Prisoners Undermines U.S. Claims of Threat, Analysis Says

By Joby Warrick
Sunday, March 18, 2007; A05

In official documents, Detainee No. 266 was an accused al-Qaeda member who refused to speak to his captors, much less admit or deny terrorism links. His Saudi countryman, Detainee No. 264, was a relief worker and self-described admirer of Americans who was handed over to U.S. forces by Pakistani policemen seeking to collect a bounty.

On June 24, both men were released from the U.S. prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, to the custody of Saudi Arabia. Which promptly freed them.

The two are among scores of Guantanamo detainees who have been quietly repatriated in the past three years amid growing pressure from their home countries and international human rights advocates. Now, a new analysis by lawyers who have represented detainees says U.S. decisions undermine the government’s own claims about the threat posed by many of the prison camp’s residents, some of whom are approaching their fifth year of detention without formal charges or trials.

The analysis, based on government case files for Saudi detainees sent home over the past three years, shows inmates being systematically freed from custody within weeks of their return. It also raises questions on how detainees are selected for release: While some of the repatriated Saudis were accused of lesser offenses — such as working for charitable organizations with alleged ties to al-Qaeda — others were released in spite of standing accusations that they belonged to al-Qaeda or the Taliban, or even fought against U.S. or coalition forces in Afghanistan, records show…

But let’s close down Guantanamo and send everyone home. Their home countries will be sure to take care of them.

Where’s the harm?

Release of Guantanamo Prisoners Undermines U.S. Claims of Threat, Analysis Says

Again, who should we believe? The “analysis” of the America-hating communist front lawyers who are defending the terrorists in Guantanmo? Or our lying eyes?

Surely the Saudis would never release any terrorists.

Look how they locked up Bin Laden.

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