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Saudi Cleric Okays Wedding 10 Year Olds

From those defenders of the faith (and champions of the fairer sex) at the Associated Press:

Portrait of soon to be wed Faiz Mohammed, 40, and Ghulam Haider, 11, at her home in a rural village of Damarda in Ghor province. (Click to enlarge)

Report: Senior Saudi cleric OKs girls to marry

By DONNA ABU-NASR, Associated Press Writer

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia – Saudi Arabia’s most senior cleric was quoted Wednesday as saying it is permissible for 10-year-old girls to marry and those who think they’re too young are doing the girls an injustice.

The mufti’s comments showed the conservative clergy’s opposition to a drive by Saudi rights groups, including government ones, to define the age of marriage and put an end to the phenomenon of child marriages.

"It is wrong to say it’s not permitted to marry off girls who are 15 and younger," Sheik Abdul-Aziz Al Sheikh, the country’s grand mufti, was quoted as saying.

"A female who is 10 or 12 is marriageable and those who think she’s too young are wrong and are being unfair to her," he said during a Monday lecture, according to the pan-Arab Al-Hayat newspaper

Responding to a question about parents who force their underage daughters to marry, the mufti said: "We hear a lot about the marriage of underage girls in the media, and we should know that Islamic law has not brought injustice to women."

The mufti said a good upbringing will make a girl capable of carrying out her duties as a wife and that those who say women should not marry before the age of 25 are following a "bad path."

"Our mothers and before them, our grandmothers, married when they were barely 12," said Al Sheikh, according to Al-Hayat

Activists say the girls are given away in return for hefty dowries or as a result of long-standing custom in which a father promises his infant daughters and sons to cousins out of a belief that marriage will protect them from illicit relationships.

What great news for all those pre-pubescent old maids.

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38 Responses to “Saudi Cleric Okays Wedding 10 Year Olds”

  1. Colonel1961 says:

    Here’s the response to this article from my better half: ‘They’re just little-d*cked perverts.’

    Sometimes, she can be very prescient…

  2. Liberals Demise says:

    What….the AP didn’t wait for a comment on how Allah felt about offering up virgins? At this rate there will be a shortage for the vest wearers.

  3. heykev says:

    Maybe we should just ship all of our pedophiles to Saudi Arabia, after all it’s not a crime there.

  4. bousquem says:

    How can someone not be outraged that somone is marrying a girl young enough to be his daughter. Some age 40 should not be marrying someone aged 10, try it in this country and you’ll wind up in jail and be someone’s girlfriend in there if not dead because your a sex offender whose victim was a child.

    When I first saw the picture I thought it was father and daughter, not two people going to be married. They want to claim “marriage” between 10 year old and a 12 year old, fine. I may not think thats a smart thing but fine. A 40 and 10 just screams pedophile from the highest point of the land.

  5. 1sttofight says:

    Why would a 40 year old even want to marry a 11 year old girl?

    20 year old I can understand, but 11 year old?

  6. Odie44 says:

    I imagine the outrage from the left, namely the ardent feminist woman’s groups will be protesting, sending reps to the UN and demanding intervention due to clear child/women (girls is more accurate) abuse.

    Three, two…

    The fact is Mohhamed himself was a pediphile, no reason to deviate.

    • cjokry says:

      That’s right. His favorite of his four wives, Aisha, was only nine when he married her. So Muslim men therefor are allowed up to four wives, no younger than nine years old.

      And they say traditional Christian churches are too slow conforming to the times.

    • beautyofreason says:

      Actually it’s worse, sjokry. Aisha was 6-years-old when Mohammad married her, and only 9 years old when he had sex with her. In Iran they outright refuse to ban child marriage because “Mohammad did it.”

  7. caligirl9 says:

    It’s sort of happening in the U.S. But it’s a “cultural thing.” This time it’s a tribe from the Oaxaca region in Mexico.
    The city in question is near my hometown. Truly the armpit of Central California.


    From the article:
    The story of the Greenfield man who allegedly sold his 14-year-old daughter to a young suitor for cash and beer went worldwide, and the police chief who ordered the arrest said Tuesday the incident arose from a clash of cultures.

    The social mores in parts of rural Mexico, where arranged marriages are common for young girls, ran head-on into California law designed to protect juveniles from sexual predators.

    “It’s kind of a clash of two different cultures, but I have to uphold the local law,” Greenfield Police Chief Joe Grebmeier said.

    The case involves a father, Marcelino DeJesus Martinez, 36, a young male neighbor, Margarito DeJesus Galindo, 18, and Martinez’s 14-year-old daughter who Galindo sought to marry.

    Police said the young man and girl spent a week together in Soledad, the girl having gone along willingly, after a marriage deal was brokered that called for Martinez to receive $16,000, 150 cases of beer, 150 cases of soda and Gatorade, and several cases of wine and meat.

    Here is a somewhat better CNN article:

  8. Paulajay says:

    Islam permits four wives at a time. So, instead of marrying some forty year old woman, a forty year old man can marry 4 ten year olds. And when he’s not abusing them, they’ll have someone to play with. It all works out just lovely, that “religion of peace”…

    • Liberals Demise says:

      You ever seen a 40 yr. old wife of these people? That is why they make them wear a burka…….scare the goats soooo bad, they won’t produce milk and the camels will run for days!

  9. VMAN says:

    Grand Mufti. The makes me chuckle. Go ahead say it three time real fast. Grand Mufti, Grand Mufti, Grand Mufti. Now doesn’t that just make you smile? I’m sorry I’ve been up since 3:00 AM. Please forgive me.

  10. The Redneck says:

    Saudi Arabia’s most senior cleric….

    Just remember–the stonings and child-rape and beheadings aren’t “true islam” and definitely not main-stream islam. It’s just a small fringe…..

  11. Dangerous says:

    This type of article is the reason I really shouldn’t read S&L at work. People tend to get nervous when one of the techs starts yelling at his computer.

  12. Helena says:

    If you click on the picture you see it much larger. The girl’s expression says it all. “My own father did this to me?”

  13. dulcimergrl says:

    I think it looks like she’s planning to stick a knife in her new husband’s back at the first opportunity…

  14. Icarus says:

    Sick Culture!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Conservatus says:

    I’m surprised that the AP even picked up this story. It seems out of character for the to report anything that makes the religion of peace look bad.

  16. Lipstick on a PIAPS says:

    Well I’ll be, Micheal Jackson is a practising Muslim! Who knew?!?

  17. Perdido says:

    You’d think the dude would put on a clean pair of pajamas for his wedding, any wedding…

    It’s a good thing he can marry a ten year old. An eleven year old would reject him.

  18. beefeater says:

    How old were the Virgin Mary and her husband Joseph when Jesus was born?

    • Zeusshiloh says:

      There is not a set answer on that one. The Bible does not say how old they were, nor does it state if there was the normal parental involvement (arranged marriage) or not.

      Under Jewish Law, the minimum age for the boy was 13 and for girls was 12. The Talmud recommends that the man marries at 18, but the range can be from 16-24.

      However, during this time there was the Engagement, which was normally done by a match maker or parents, and could have been done at a very young age.

      Then there was the Betrothal, that didn’t take place until the girl came of age, which was 12. This pretty much confirmed the marriage, and usually lasted one year. Finally, came the wedding itself.

      What can be judged was that Joseph was older than Mary. There is no proof of that in the Bible, but he disappears from the Bible soon afterwards. We know that he was alive when Jesus went to the Temple with his parents, but there is no mention of him at the crucifiction. How old was Mary, there is no answer.


    • Icarus says:

      Well… how old were they Beefeater? …What’s your point?

      I think I know… since it appears you may see things through a certain light.

      Well God is eternal (being the father of Jesus) and Mary couldn’t have been more than 20 (just a guess) so if you’re trying to draw parallels…. through that certain prism of yours… then you’ve achieved it (in a warped sort of way) God is as old as time and the Blessed Mary around 20ish. So I guess Beefeater that this guy (pictured above) is well within a reasonable time frame to marry a child, when considering “God” and the “Virgin Mary”

      Keep in mind that this man (pictured above) is not God and that the Virgin Mary freely accepted.

      About Joseph… he did not have relations with Mary until after the birth of Jesus. (Angel forbid him so) Sooooooo by then Mary was a woman!
      She had a child remember!
      Also keep in mind that Mary went and visited her “cousin” Elizabeth who was very old (80’s) so bearing that in mind Mary had to have been in her late teen or early 20’s

      Last thing, I trust God to have waited until the right time to conceive in the blessed Virgin through the Holy Spirit his only begotten son.

      I trust God’s moral standards! (and Joseph his servent) Not Allah’s

      What do you say to that?

    • heykev says:

      Life expectancy was around 20-30 years then. While we don’t know at what age Mary gave birth to Jesus (through the Holy Spirit), we do know that it would be younger than normal by today’s standards simply because of normal life expectancies. As Zeusshiloh mentions, Joseph was betrothed to Mary and that was a legal arrangement that required divorce to get out of.

    • Icarus says:

      Life Expectancy in Judea was “NOT” around 20 to 30 – Sorry but your way off.
      I have it at 40 – 45 (and some; although a few lived into there 90’s)
      plus don’t generalize. we are talking specifics (Jesus Mary , Joseph, Elizabeth)

  19. Zeusshiloh says:

    Well, maybe we can get rid of the Pedophiles from this country. But then again, these individuals could probably find some Islamic religious leader to okay that type of behaviour here.

    But where are the feminists? I thought they were concerned about women’s rights, or does this fall under the concept of it is my body and I can do with it what I want?

    However, when i went to My Space, I saw this ad that said, “Girls wanting older men.” So, we are not too far away from that type of life style in this country afterall.

  20. 12 Gauge Rage says:

    And they consider us-the west, to be infidels? It’s bad enough that they treat their women of the same age as chattel and second class citizens, but now they’re going to start making life miserable for little girls.

  21. BT in SA says:

    I live over here, in Saudi. I do regular posts of little 8 and 11-year olds that are forced to get married. The 8-year-old, by the way, isn’t allowed to get divorced until she reaches puberty – because she isn’t emotionally old enough to make that kind of decision, yet. WTF?!? But she’s old enough to handle being married, emotionally? To say nothing of physically!

    It is very disturbing to me to see – on a regular basis – adorable little girls, dressed to the nines, holding their father’s hands, knowing that their lives are going to be OVER in just a few short years. What kind of father lets his daughter – who is still very much a child at 10 and 12 – get married?

    It is insane to go to the malls and see little children – you know they are little girls – draped in black, just like their mother’s are. What kind of man is even looking at a child that small and seeing anything more than a little girl who should be free to be in pants, like her brother, riding her bike, playing in the park…

    The little 7 or 8 year old girl that lives across the street from us is wearing an ankle length skirt when she is outside playing on the swing. I’ve never seen her ride a bike – I’ve seen a pink bicycle in the back yard – but I’ve never seen her riding it. I’ve seen her Dad hold her hand when they cross the street. To think that in two or three or four years she’ll be old enough to get married and that that is perfectly acceptable is beyond fathoming.

  22. Liberals Demise says:

    Yet….waterboarding is cruel and inhuman.

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