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Saudi Cleric Says Mickey Mouse Must Die!


Saudi Cleric Muhammad Al-Munajid: Mickey Mouse Must Die!

Following is an excerpt from a religious program featuring Saudi Cleric Muhammad Al-Munajid, which aired on Al-Majd TV on August 27, 2008:

Muhammad Al-Munajid: What is the position of Islamic law with regard to mice? The Shari’a refers to the mouse as “little corrupter,” and says it is permissible to kill it in all cases. It says that mice set fire to the house, and are steered by Satan. The mouse is one of Satan’s soldiers and is steered by him. If a mouse falls into a pot of food – if the food is solid, you should chuck out the mouse and the food touching it, and if it is liquid – you should chuck out the whole thing. Because the mouse is i-m-p-u-r-e!

According to Islamic law, the mouse is a repulsive, corrupting creature. How do you think children view mice today – after Tom and Jerry? Even creatures that are repulsive by nature, by logic, and according to Islamic law have become wonderful and are loved by children. Even mice. Mickey Mouse has become an awesome character, even though according to Islamic law, Mickey Mouse should be killed in all cases.

Well, look what happened to poor Farfour.

Say what you will about Islam, it sure provides a lot of innocent merriment.

(Click here to view the video clip.)

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16 Responses to “Saudi Cleric Says Mickey Mouse Must Die!”

  1. hammam says:

    it is a propaganda, sheikh munajid said

    listen to his reply



  2. sheehanjihad says:

    somehow, sheikh munajid stating his opinion on youtube doesnt make it truthful. Muslims find mice, or almost everything for that matter, distasteful or halal….

    so look, a sheikh stating that a cartoon character must die makes sense! The sheikh is muslim, and calling for the death of a whole host of living things sounds well, like a muslim cleric!

    To state that it is propaganda and designed to damage Islam’s image to the world is well, not quite true. Calling for the death of Mickey Mouse cant damage Islam’s reputation more than the hundreds of thousands of brutalized and murdered civilians that they kill every year in the name of Allah, or muhammed.

    Hammam….you got sizzle, I will grant you that. But I can just as easily put up my own youtube vid refuting your sheikh….and expect it to be believed like your sheikh’s video is.

    Islam calls for the death or destruction of anything not Islam. So, the vid doesnt pass the smell test.

  3. Steve says:

    “it is a propaganda, sheikh munajid said”

    I agree with the sheik that no reasonable person would say such a thing.

    Which tells you something about him, since he is on tape saying it.

  4. Jed_Black says:

    The natural reaction to the backward barbarism of Islam by most reasonable people of the west is to avoid and shun the Muslim immigrant population. This, however, is wrong. We should look at this kind of thing as encouragement that the joy and happiness of western, non-Islamic culture, is slowly seeping into the mosques and madrasah’s, subverting the cruelty and bigotry of the Qur’an. Mickey Mouse is fighting the good fight for the USA, sewing seeds of discontent in Muslim children everywhere.
    The pentagon should start air dropping crates of Bratz dolls in Mecca and Medina, Kabul, Waziristan, Karachi, Islamabad, Tehran and Damascus right now, for every American troop on the ground in the middle east there should be at least five American styled dolls in the hands of every Muslim child. That’s how to win the culture war, let our slutty, pint-sized plastic paratroops turn out the hearts and minds of the rising generation of Islam.

  5. sheehanjihad says:

    methinks hambone protest too much…

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