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Saudi Women Can Now Go To Hotels Alone

From those champions of the weaker sex at the Associated Press:

Saudi women can now stay in hotels alone

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia – Women in Saudi Arabia can now stay in a hotel or a furnished apartment without a male guardian according to decision by the Ministry of Trade, reported the local press Monday.

The daily Al-Watan, which is deemed close to the Saudi government, said the ministry issued a circular to the hotels asking them to accept women in their rooms even if they were alone provided that all their information immediately be to a police station in the area.

The decision was adopted after a study conducted by the Interior Ministry, the Supreme Commission of Tourism and the religious police authority known as the Commission for the Propagation of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice.

Saudi women, under strict Islamic law, suffer severe restrictions on daily life as they are not allowed to be anywhere with an unrelated man, cannot drive, appear before a judge without a male representative, or travel abroad without a male guardian’s permission…

Did the religious police go around knocking on hotel doors asking, “do you have a man in your room?”

Still, this on top of the recent decision to allow Saudi women to drive by the end of the year show that things actually can improve in the Middle East, despite all media assurances to the contrary.

In view of recent developments in our own country, however, let’s hope they don’t get carried away and allow women the vote.

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