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Saudis Arrest “Islamists” In Mecca Sweep

From those defenders of the faith at Reuters:

Saudi police detain 135 suspects in Mecca sweep

RIYADH, Aug 9 (Reuters) – Saudi police this week detained 135 suspected sympathisers of Islamist militants in the holy city of Mecca, a Saudi newspaper said on Thursday.

The men of different nationalities were picked up in a security sweep of the city, home to Islam’s holiest site, the semi-official al-Riyadh daily said.

Investigations were under way to establish if they had any links to wanted militants, it said…

Reuters neglects to mention that the Saudis have been arresting suspected troublemakers in Mecca for years.

And rightly so, since Shiites (mostly from Iran) have a habit of trying to blow the place up.

But we must not dwell on the unpleasant past with the Religion Of Peace. 

All of the problems of the Middle East are America’s doing.

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