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Saudis Arrest 172 Terrorists Planning Attacks

From a deeply saddened Reuters:

Saudi Aramco’s Shaybah oil field at Shaybah in Saudi Arabia’s Rub al-Khali desert.

Saudi arrests suspects planning oil attacks

By Andrew Hammond

RIYADH (Reuters) – Saudi Arabia said on Friday it foiled an al Qaeda-linked plot to attack oil facilities and military bases, arresting more than 170 suspects, including some trainee pilots preparing for suicide operations.

The Interior Ministry, in a statement read on state television, also said police seized weapons and more than 20 million riyals ($5.33 million) in cash, from seven armed cells.

“Some had begun training on the use of weapons, and some were sent to other countries to study aviation in preparation to use them to carry out terrorist operations inside the kingdom,” the statement said.

“One of their main targets was to carry out suicide attacks against public figures and oil installations and to target military bases inside and outside (the country),” it added…

The ministry said the suspects had been “influenced by the deviant ideology,” a reference used by Saudi officials to refer to al Qaeda, led by Saudi-born Osama bin Laden

“It is obvious that the deviant group is still trying to revive its criminal activities in the kingdom,” Interior Ministry spokesman Mansour al-Turki said.

He said that a total of 172 suspects from seven cells have been arrested, mostly Saudis but including some foreigners, who had trained abroad.

“They are linked to foreign elements and had benefited from restive areas to recruit, plan and train (for attacks),” he added, in an apparent reference to Iraq, where up to 3,000 Saudi militants joined Iraqi insurgents to fight the U.S.-led forces.

The television showed police digging in desert areas and searching buildings, seizing weapons, including rocket-propelled grenades and automatic rifles, computers and bundles of money…

Of course they will all be given legal representation.

By the way, are we sure these worthies aren’t simply Gore-inspired “environmentalists”?

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