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Saudis Prohibit Selling Of Dogs And Cats

From those terrorist enablers at Reuters:

Saudi to ban sale of cats and dogs

Saturday 09 September 2006

Municipal authorities in the Saudi Arabian cities of Mecca and Jeddah have banned the sale of cats and dogs as un-Islamic.

Saudi’s religious police, the Muttawa, have been instructed to prevent the sale of cats and dogs in order to prevent the spread of Western ideas into the highly Islamic country, Saudi media reported on Friday…

The Muttawa are normally tasked with forcing women to cover themselves, ensuring that men attend mosque prayers and enforcing other Islamic obligations.

Banning the sale of dogs may surprise few in the desert kingdom, since conservative Muslims despise dogs as ritually unclean.

But the cat ban has baffled many. Islamic traditions say that Muhammad, Islam’s founder, loved cats – even in one instance letting a cat drink from his ablutions water before he washed himself for prayers…

For religious conservatives, however, the practice is a dangerous immitation [sic] of non-Islamic cultures, just like eating fast food, wearing shorts and jeans, or listening to pop music.

Saudi religious leaders say all these practices should be resisted because they undermine traditions and distract people from their religious duties…

“There’s no doubt that such a matter makes one shudder.”

“Then what’s the point of dragging a dog behind you? This is blind emulation of the infidels…

The Saudi government gives the Muttawa wide leeway to enforce any rule they deem necessary to uphold the social order…

The decree did not say whether the religious police would try to stop people from appearing in public with their dog or cat – or whether owners would be allowed to sell puppies or kittens born to their pets…

As the article points out, Muslims have always hated dogs.

But then again, they seem to hate everything.

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