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SC Senator: Blacks Won’t Do Hard Work

From a strangely forgiving Associated Press:

Black SC lawmaker: Immigrants are hardest workers

By Seanna Adcox, Associated Press Tue Feb 8, 2011

COLUMBIA, S.C. – An African-American lawmaker in South Carolina said Tuesday that stricter illegal immigration laws would hurt the state because blacks and whites don’t work as hard as Hispanics.

State Sen. Robert Ford made his remarks during a Senate committee debate over an Arizona-style immigration law, eliciting a smattering of nervous laughter in the chamber after he said "brothers" don’t work as hard as Mexicans. He continued that his "blue-eyed brothers" don’t either.

Once his ancestors were freed from slavery, he said, they didn’t want to do any more hard work, so they were replaced by Chinese and Japanese.

"We need these workers here. A lot of people aren’t going to do certain type of work in this country," said Ford, D-Charleston. "The brothers are going to find ways to take a break. Ever since this country was built, we’ve had somebody do the work for us."

He recalled to senators that four workers in the country illegally showed up on his lawn and finished mowing, edging and other work in 30 minutes that would take others much longer, and only wanted $10 for the job. He went on to say he recommended the workers to his neighbors, and one local lawn care businessman lost work — a story one senator remarked was hurting, not helping, his case.

The executive director of the state GOP called on Ford to apologize.

"It’s abhorrent and incredibly offensive that any elected official would make comments this racist," said executive director Joel Sawyer.

Ford, who ran unsuccessfully for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination last year, said he’d apologize, but he doesn’t know what for, or what it would change.

That sounds like a typical Democrat politician’s apology, all right.

Through the generations, whenever one immigrant group becomes "Americanized," they stop working hard, he said.

"Black guys and white guys are going to get out there and do the hard work? No. I’m for America, and America’s a country of immigrants," Ford said later when reached on his cell phone. "Everybody in America finds ways to take a break."

Of course not all of us are lucky enough to get elected so that we can take our ‘break’ on the taxpayers’ dime.

To his critics, he said, "They’re taking life too serious. My advice is for them to get a life and to learn American history."

The state NAACP leader called Ford’s wording unfortunate, and that Ford should have spoken in the larger context from the start, rather than further stereotypes.

"All human beings that I know of share both positive and negative traits," said Lonnie Randolph with the South Carolina chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. "All individuals share the same shortcomings."

Let’s put aside the merits of Mr. Ford’s remarks for the moment, and play our symmetry game, shall we? Flip this over. Try to imagine how the NAACP would have reacted if Mr. Ford were a white conservative Republican state senator.

Imagine how the AP and the rest of the media would have reported the story. Wouldn’t it have be the lead on every network and cable news program and above the fold on the front of every newspaper in the land? Wouldn’t he be hounded from public office?

Ford’s comments came during debate on a proposal of a measure similar to one in Arizona that directs officers during a traffic stop or something similar to check the immigration status of people they suspect are in the country illegally

How much do you want to bet that Mr. Ford is adamantly against this bill because it encourages ‘profiling’?

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12 Responses to “SC Senator: Blacks Won’t Do Hard Work”

  1. bobdog says:

    It’s not racism when WE do it.

    A dollar to the first liberal news broadcast that uses the word “shiftless” in a sentence when reporting this story.

    Where’s Al Sharpton today, anyway? Where’s Jezzee Jackzin? Where’s Lowly Worm?

  2. proreason says:

    A white male is no longer allowed to speak the truth, but that doesn’t mean the truth is never spoken.

  3. Rusty Shackleford says:

    “Black guys and white guys are going to get out there and do the hard work? No. I’m for America, and America’s a country of immigrants,”

    This non-sequitur, if I’m to understand it, says that we need immigrants to do the jobs that bona-fide citizens won’t do? To that I say, if a man will not work, so let him not eat.

    • Petronius says:

      Rusty : “if a man will not work, so let him not eat.”

      Good old fashioned American motto. 2d Thess. 3:10. And isn’t that what they told the gentlemen adventurers at Jamestown?

      Or, as my old grandpappy used to say, “Anybody who can’t carry out his own trash doesn’t deserve to survive.”

  4. Tater Salad says:

    Here is the typical left wing, moonbat, liberal voting base and their knowledge of what is happening around them.

    Do you want to know why the United States is in trouble and Barack Obama is the President of the United States? Look right here:


  5. Petronius says:

    “Through the generations, whenever one immigrant group becomes ‘Americanized,’ they stop working hard, he said.”

    That is why future politicians will import a new generation of immigrants, wave after wave, in ever increasing numbers.

    And they won’t stop coming until the West implodes in an agony of multiculturalism. Or until cyborgs become cost effective.

  6. canary says:

    I think Senator Ford is out of touch with the rest of America. Things have changed as far as the Mexican work ethics & ethics.

  7. artboyusa says:

    Is he saying blacks have to enslaved in order to get them to work? That’s not fair and not true. The late James Brown, for example, was the Hardest Working Man in Show Business…

  8. untrainable says:

    Since when are white people referred to as “Blue Eyed Brothers”? As a blue eyed white man I am offended by that term. To be thought of as related in any way to this moron makes me ill. And what about green eyes, hazel eyes, and white folks with brown eyes. RACIST!!!!

    We should get together with the Congressional White Caucus and discuss… what? There is no Congressional White Caucus? Ok then the NAAWP. There isn’t one of those either? Well, what organization has been created within our government that makes decisions about black-on-white racism? Hmmm. Gee I can’t think of even one. Any answers for this one? Where’s the “FAIRNESS”? Where’s the “DIVERSITY”? Where’s the “SOCIAL JUSTICE”? Where’s the “NEW TONE OF CIVILITY”?

    Sooner or later every liberal wingnut comes up against his own rhetoric and loses. Unfortunately for America, there is no penalty for failing the test… if you’re a liberal.

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