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Schieffer Finds Weiner Sickening (But Not Clinton)

From the Politico:

Schieffer: Weiner story ‘sickening’

By HADAS GOLD | July 28, 2013

CBS host Bob Schieffer blasted Anthony Weiner on Sunday, calling his situation “sickening” and urging him to leave the New York City mayor’s race.

“About the Anthony Weiner story that hasn’t been said before – actually, several things. One, it is not funny. It is sickening,” Schieffer said in his commentary on “Face the Nation.” “Two, it is important. The mayor of New York is not only the most powerful municipal post in America but because New York is so big and is the media capital of the world, the mayor of New York occupies a bully pulpit, second in bullyishness only to that of the White House.”

Schieffer said someone with Weiner’s problems has "no business" leading a city that matters far beyond its city limits.

“The rest of us may not like it, but what the mayor of New York says matters far beyond the New York city limits, which is why someone with Anthony Weiner’s problem has no business there and should leave the race,” Schieffer continued.

Funny, but we don’t recall Mr. Schieffer saying anything like this about Bill Clinton. And Bill Clinton ‘didn’t just talk the talk, he walked the walk.’ In fact, Bill Clinton’s behavior was far worse than Weiner’s.

Weiner hasn’t been sued for sexual harassment or accused of rape. Bill lied under oath in a sexual harassment case and suborned perjury. Bill and his wife and minions smeared the women he was involved with.

So why is the media crucifying Weiner and yet still lionizing Bill Clinton? Weiner is just as strong on abortion as Bill Clinton. And, in fact, Weiner is even more of a radical leftist. It just doesn’t make sense.

Schieffer said Weiner is not “an entertaining kook” and questioned why anyone would subject their family to such a situation.

“He is a new-age flasher who has traded the traditional raincoat that can be opened to show his wares, for a digital camera that enables him to expose himself for the world, a dubious technological achievement,” Schieffer said. “Why would anyone put themselves and their loved ones through something like this, I wouldn’t want to know.”

Er, could it be for the money and the fame, or even the infamy? After all, there is no such thing as bad publicity, as long as you are a Democrat. Similarly, there is no such thing as good publicity, if you are a Republican. (I give you Mitt Romney, who even caught grief from the news media over-paying his taxes.)

But, once again, did Bob Schieffer ever wonder why Bill Clinton would put his family and the country through something like this?

By the way, lest we forget, neither the Weiner texting scandals nor Clinton’s sexing scandals were unearthed by our news media. On the contrary, if it had been left up to them, we would have never heard about any of them.

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