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School Makes Boy Take US Flag Off Bike

From the Fox News affiliate KTXL in Sacramento, California:

School Makes Boy Take American Flag Off Bike

Elissa Harrington FOX40 News
November 12, 2010

DENAIR – 13-year-old Cody Alicea rides with an American flag on the back of his bike. He says he does this to be patriotic and to honor veterans, like his own grandfather, Robert. He’s had the flag on his bike for two months but Monday, was asked told to take it down.

A school official at Denair Middle School told Cody some students had been complaining about the flag and it was no longer allowed on school property.

"In this country we’re supposed to be free," said Cody. "And I should be able to wave my flag wherever I want to. And they’re telling me I can’t."

Cody’s grandfather says the school was concerned about racial tensions or uprisings because of the flag. He feels if there was really a problem it should have been brought up two months ago, not during Veterans week.

"No action should be taken. We don’t want any repercussion," said Roger. "We just want Cody to be proud of what he’s doing."

All in all, this is a bizarre story. But, alas, it’s all too believable these days.

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18 Responses to “School Makes Boy Take US Flag Off Bike”

  1. oldpuppydixie says:

    Has Cody no parents?? In any event, his grandfather is apparently the sort of limp wristed puss democrats absolutely adore! Were Cody my son, I would have bought him a bigger flag and told the “school officials” to shove it.

  2. Rusty Shackleford says:

    This irks me no end. The utter contempt our own citizens have and display toward this nation can be cured in one simple step. Send all the America haters to other parts of the world where you can’t come and go as you please, buy whatever is on the shelf (because there’s nothing on the shelf) and fight every day just to have clean water, let alone keep your head on top of your neck.

    The America haters look through a prism where “all nations are pretty much the same” and they have nothing to compare it to. All they need is a healthy dose of reality in their face. But then, we’ll get there soon enough, I’m sure and we won’t have to send them anywhere. They will be happy in their social utopia right here at home.

  3. tranquil.night says:

    I get the same wretched tightening in my stomach that I felt yesterday listening to Muslim protestors break the moment of silence for yesterday’s Remembrance Day in England by chanting “British dead are in hell, ours are in paradise” – and the soccer hooligans that were offended by this were the one’s arrested.

  4. Right of the People says:

    Why don’t we just jettison the Peoples Democratic Republic of Kalifornia then build a big fence around it to keep the fruits and nuts out?

    This principle needs to start looking for another job maybe in Russia or Cuba. Of course in those countries they actually encourage the waving of their flag.

    Rusty I’m with you. I spent time in Europe and it don’t compare to the US at all. I’ve never been to the third world, except for Mexico and have no desire to go. Let all these haters move to what they think is paradise.

    TN, maybe we can help send some more moose limbs to paradise. I’m all for it.

  5. David says:

    The American flag causes racial tensions? Exactly what race is an American?

    • tmay1430 says:

      very good question!!

    • AmericanIPA says:

      That’s what I was thinking. It’s an American flag and this is America, right? And I’m assuming that if it’s such a touchy subject and may cause “racial tensions” that there is no flag on the school grounds? The school which is taxpayer-funded btw.

      Let’s hope the tea party uprising will stick a big old dagger in the heart of the PCUSA and just get us back to the USA. This is some sad country we’re living in nowadays.

  6. MinnesotaRush says:

    I’ve already let this school board know how I feel about their apparent disregard for our flag and all that it represents.

    Instead of having a “teachable moment”, these birdbrains tell an American loving, brave and patriotic young man to “drop the flag”.

    Words adequate to describe my disgust still fail me; but if any would care to add to my comments to the school people .. here’s the Superintendent’s info: Superintendent Edward Parraz
    email address: eparraz@dusd.k12.ca.us
    Phone: 209-632-7514 • Fax 209-632-9194

    Maybe a couple hundred (or thousand) California Patriot Guard riders could escort this kid to school someday. Let Mr. Parraz tell them to loose their flags.

    • MinnesotaRush says:

      To put this travesty regarding our flag aside for a moment ..

      … may I extend a very sincere and heartfelt (belated albeit) salute to all those fellow Veterans that post here. I know that there are many, and you all have my high regard and gratitude!

      God Bless America!!! God Bless Our Troops & Vets!!!

  7. tmay1430 says:

    Our American Flag should NEVER be degraded the way it was. One question, the people that made complaints are they even American citizens?? If not they have NO RIGHT TO FREEDOM OF SPEECH!!! If you do not like the looks of OUR AMERICAN FLAG take your ass back to where you “came from”, you aren’t welcome here. How in the world is the American Flag racist this is AMERICA. If you are so upset you couldn’t fly your MEXICAN FLAG on Cinco de Mayo GO TO MEXICO!! We as Americans should not have to justify when, where, or even why we fly our American flag and no idiot should have the right to tell us to remove it. If you live in America but do not consider yourself an AMERICAN you have NO right here. You definitely have no right to complain about seeing OUR FLAG flying from ANYWHERE especially a 13-yr old boys bicycle. Cody put that flag back on your bike and let it fly high. If my kid attended your school I guarantee he would have been withdrawn that day. Something needs to be done to fix this.

  8. Mae says:

    The young people who object to the American flag will soon be voters. They will vote to ban American flags at schools and all public venues because they believe, as they are taught, that California and most of the West Coast plus all the way over to Arkansas belong to Mexico. To them, the American flag is the foreign flag.

  9. canary says:

    Here is the tear jerking video.

    Cody could put flag stickers on his bike. Wear a flag pen. Maybe authorities were worried the other school muslim thugs might spill blood on school grounds.
    I think a local armed Reserve or Guard unit should visit Cody; salute him and give him an award. Any marines in the area?

    oops Minnesota, making that call & saw your suggestion first.

    I called the number was told to call the middle-school, 209-632-2510 and it rings a while then busy sign.

  10. fallingpianos says:

    Later in the article:

    After being contacted by FOX40 Friday morning, Denair’s Superintendent says Cody will be allowed to keep the flag on his bike.

    All it takes for communist roaches to scurry for the shadows is a little sunlight.

    He told FOX40 he and the school are patriotic…

    Uh-huh. And I have oceanfront property in Arizona for sale.

    …but their main priority is keeping students safe…

    So the main priority isn’t educating the students. Good to know.

    [T]he school will focus on the students who are causing uprisings.

    If it is indeed students that are causing the uprising. If it were, then this is the first thing the school should have done, although it remains to be seen exactly what they mean by “focus”.

    R.I.P., common sense.

  11. tranquil.night says:

    A caller to Rush today about this wondered if Public School’s were even saying the Pledge of Allegiance anymore if it was apparently against policy to even have a flag on school grounds.

    Just a reminder that there’s been an ongoing assault on the Pledge as well, the latest case of “Opt-out” as recent as three days ago in New York: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2010/11/09/ny-school-rocked-pledge-controversy/

  12. proreason says:

    What if the flag had been an Obamy banner?

    • tranquil.night says:

      Then any bully that was picking on him would get a severe punishment, along with mandatory sensitivity and tolerance training on how not to h8.

  13. Mithrandir says:

    “…..some students had been complaining about the flag.”

    “…..the school was concerned about racial tensions or uprisings because of the flag.”


    When liberals say stupid things like this, you have to call them out on it.
    WHO is complaining about the flag?
    WHAT racial tensions could possibly result from displaying the flag?
    WHAT uprising could possibly take place in 8th grade?

    Make them answer the questions. When they can’t, and look like they are hiding and covering up something, expose it. Then try to get the school official fired.

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