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Schools Beg Congress, USDA To End ‘Michelle’ Menus

From the Associated Press:

Schools ask Congress, Agriculture Department to roll back some healthy lunch rules

May 05, 2014

ALEXANDRIA, Va. –  Becky Domokos-Bays of Alexandria City Public Schools has served her students whole-grain pasta 20 times. Each time, she said, they rejected it.

And the food was thrown away.

Starting next school year, pasta and other grain products in schools will have to be whole-grain rich, or more than half whole grain. That includes rolls, biscuits, pizza crust, tortillas and even grits.

The requirement is part of a government effort to make school lunches and breakfasts healthier. Championed by first lady Michelle Obama, the new standards have been phased in over the last two school years, with more changes coming in 2014.

Some schools say the changes have been expensive and difficult to put in place, and school officials are asking Congress and the Agriculture Department to roll back some of the requirements.  Their main concerns: finding enough whole grain-rich foods that kids like, lowering sodium levels and keeping fruits and vegetables from ending up in the trash…

Domokos-Bays and other school nutrition directors say the standards were put in place too quickly as kids get used to new tastes and school lunch vendors rush to reformulate their foods. When kids don’t buy lunch, or throw it away, it costs the schools precious dollars…

Yet both of the Obamas insist we need to spend more money on education!

The School Nutrition Association has asked Congress and USDA to only require that 50 percent of foods be whole grain-rich, to suspend the 2017 sodium requirements and to stop requiring students to take a fruit or vegetable.

Margo Wootan, a nutrition lobbyist for the Center for Science in the Public Interest who has pushed for healthier meals, says relaxing those standards could gut the program. "You can’t call a meal a meal without a fruit or vegetable," she said.

The laughable Center for Science in the Public Interest raise their lovely head.

USDA has shown some flexibility already: In 2012, the department scrapped maximums on proteins and grains after students complained they were hungry.

USDA’s Janey Thornton, [a former school nutrition director] says problems will lessen as the food industry creates healthier products. "I’ll bet that five or seven years down the road, we’ll see kids eating healthy food and we’ll see acceptance," she said…

Sure we will. Just like the way people have come to love Obama-Care.

Sam Kass, senior policy adviser for nutrition at the White House, said last month that there have been "tremendous gains" in school foods and said he finds efforts to undermine that disappointing. "First and foremost, the key is not going back," he said…

Man, these self-righteous Food Nazis are stubborn jackasses. They would rather see kids starve and tons of food and millions of education dollars wasted than not get their way.

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4 Responses to “Schools Beg Congress, USDA To End ‘Michelle’ Menus”

  1. captstubby says:

    the Center for Science in the Public Interest

    is located next door to

    The Ministry of Silly Walks.

  2. GetBackJack says:

    MIchelle replies, “Then let them eat cake ..”

  3. Mithrandir says:

    It appears democrats ALWAYS get their way on this issue.
    1. The kids are starving.
    2. The kids need healthier food.

    So the more they are starving, the more food they throw away. And the more healthier the food gets, the less they like it.

    The bottom line is, (as I have always said) there is NO WAY parents are going to be required to feed their own children, thereby ending the problem.
    Dependent kids = dependent voters. Problems = solutions (by democrats only) to fix those problems.

    Of all the mass abundance of food available and intelligent people to craft it into delicious meals, our government decided to spend $200 million on a State of Oregon Obamacare website that doesn’t work…..think about that.

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