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Schools Now Promote ‘Effort Honor Rolls’

From the Boston Herald:

Schools confusing effort with results

By Michael Graham  |   Tuesday, July 20, 2010 

If you find this column trite, unenlightening or grammatically-challenged, all I ask is that you treat me like a public school student: Give me an A for effort.

Schools across New England have been publishing their end-of-year honor rolls in the local papers. Many of these schools – from Rockport to Bedford, N.H. to Cumberland, R.I. – also include something called the “Effort Honor Roll.” This is the honor roll for kids who, well, didn’t actually make the honor roll but should feel good about it, anyway.

You tried, you failed. Congratulations!

Ashton Elementary School in Cumberland, R.I., says that the Effort Honor Roll is to honor consistently outstanding effort at school. These efforts include “consistently exhibits politeness, kindness and respect toward others” and “consistently works to best of ability.”

If that best of your ability is a C – but it’s a consistent C – you still win!

It’s all very confusing. I’m the kind of guy who would say “Here’s the grade level you need for honor roll, either you make it or you don’t. Good luck!” But in this Era Of (Educational) Good Feelings, that’s asking too much of American students.

And some schools that aren’t starting effort rolls have decided instead to stop publishing honor rolls at all. If nobody wins, then nobody loses, right? …

Oddly enough, without some affirmative action Mr. Obama would probably not make any ‘effort’ honor rolls. Alas, his 18 month destruction of our country has been sadly effortless.

He accomplished it with one hand behind his back – while playing golf.

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9 Responses to “Schools Now Promote ‘Effort Honor Rolls’”

  1. NoNeoCommies says:

    I keep forgetting to make that “When I was a kid, honor roll meant something” bumper sticker.

  2. proreason says:

    Con artists love this kind of stuff. Take away the metrics, and the con men rule.

    It’s why our Ruling Class never engage in any work that can be measured (except when they do the measuring).

    Anybody who has engaged in an occupation where the results are measurable knows who does all the work because the results cannot be hidden or glossed over with fancy rhetoric. The con men flee from these professions like peasants from the Huns:
    – engineers: the bridge stands or it falls
    – programmers: the program works or it doesn’t
    – combat troops: you survive or the other guy does
    – doctors: people get better or they don’t

    and many other professions and trades as well. Whenever the result of the work is plainly evident, you won’t find the Ruling Class, and you won’t find their hand-out followers either.

    Oh no, the Ruling Class are always lawyers or bureaucrats / politicians / paper pushers of one form or another. Work with outcomes that are “nuanced” and “subject to interpretation” or more likely, the responsibility of somebody else, who can be blamed for any problems.

    And the classic example is Obamy himself. He hasn’t done a single thing in his life with a result that can be objectively measured…except of course his Ayersiograpy.

    • Right of the People says:

      But Pro, he tried and that’s what really counts. (sarc)

      I think we all have found that failure can be good if, and that is a big if, you learn from it.

      The O-hole has never been allowed to fail because of his protectors and now he doesn’t have a clue how to react when he does (and he’s been failing a lot these last 18 months) except to stomp his foot, push his lower lip out and throw a snit.

      What is their criteria for making the “effort honor roll”? Do you have to come to school at least 3 times a week, recycle your aluminum soda cans, stay awake in class, maybe spell your name correctly on your test paper?

      I read somewhere that a lot of schools now even give credit to kids who spell their names correctly on a test. I just about sh*t when I read that, nothing like preparing them for real life. And we wonder why all the good paying engineering and science jobs are going to people from India, Pakistan and Asia.

      Is the children learning? I don’t think so.

    • proreason says:

      It’s profoundly insulting to human beings to presume they can’t learn. I’d say it’s only a step removed from calling them chattel.

      But the Ruling Class prefers its voters/serfs to be uneducated. That’s what the Department of Education is all about, after all. Too much education and they begin wondering whether there might be a better life than living on crumbs dispersed periodically by the Rulers and worshipping them because of it. Kind of like whipped dogs often love their sick masters.

    • tranquil.night says:

      “What is their criteria for making the ‘effort honor roll’?”

      A product of the system from 1990-2004, I have some ideas:

      – Those who foster an equitable social environment through dedicated emotional sensitivity
      – Take an engaged and prominent role in extra-curricular school activities, esp. political events and curriculum
      – “Teacher’s Pets” (not the great thinkers but the ones always eager to “help”)
      – Any minority children in complete subservience and compliance to the entirety of the system.
      – And any children whose parents on the PTA or in the union who fear not having the award will ruin their kids’ future (nevermind the content of the education).

      “It’s profoundly insulting to human beings to presume they can’t learn.”

      Funny – this was one of the first points about the Democrats which inspired my realization that they are the true racists; along with how in our supposedly color-blind society they were the one’s encouraging people to base the whole of their identity on race or sexuality rather than merit of action.

  3. Rusty Shackleford says:

    And the stage is set for a nation of failure.

    Well done!

  4. wardmama4 says:

    Sad, just really sad that American education has fallen so far into the gutter. But then how can anything government run/controlled be any less – Idiots leading the ignorant and purposely keeping them ignorant.

  5. GL0120 says:

    Finally, an honor Roll for people like Our Dear Leader!
    You may be a complete Ahole, but you’re consistent about it, so welcome to the Effort Honor Roll!

  6. Liberals Demise says:

    God…..this is pathetic.
    Johnny can’t read?
    Good boy, now run for Congress!

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