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Schumer: Pass Amnesty Now, Implement In 2017

From an unquestioning Associated Press:

Schumer: Let immigration law take effect in 2017

February 9, 2014

WASHINGTON — Sen. Chuck Schumer says he has an easy fix to the GOP’s latest doubts about overhauling the nation’s immigration laws.

Pass legislation this year, but don’t let the law go into effect until after President Barack Obama’s second term ends.

Hilarious. Yes, that is a great ‘fix.’ Look at how well delaying implementation has worked for Obama-Care.

But why would Democrats want to put off such a wonderful thing as amnesty until after the 2016 elections? After all, we’re constantly told amnesty is wildly popular all across the land.

In any case, if internal polling shows implementing amnesty before the 2016 elections would give the Democrats an edge, does anyone doubt that the Democrats would move up the start date? Or, failing that, does anyone doubt Obama would fix this injustice with an executive order?

The New York Democrat offered his idea Sunday on NBC’s Meet the Press in response to House Speaker John Boehner. The Ohio Republican recently cast doubts on the prospects for an immigration overhaul this year, saying President Barack Obama can’t be trusted to implement the law.

Schumer said he believes that Boehner’s rap against Obama is false. He said Obama has deported more immigrants living illegally in the U.S. than any other president, but it would be easy enough to pass the law this year to start in 2017.

Because President Hillary Clinton will secure the borders for sure. The same Hillary who famously pronounced that "no woman is illegal." Meaning, that there is no such thing as an illegal alien, anyway.

By the way, we believe Obama’s numbers about deportations about as much as we believe his numbers about the millions of jobs he has created. Which is to say, not at all.

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One Response to “Schumer: Pass Amnesty Now, Implement In 2017”

  1. Astravogel says:

    And they talk about football kickers? Congress can kick stuff farther than they can!

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