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Scientists Have Implanted ‘Lab-Grown’ Vaginas

From US News:

In Medical First, Scientists Implant Lab-Grown Vaginas in Human Patients

By Alan Neuhauser April 10, 2014

For the first time in history, scientists have successfully implanted lab-grown vaginal organs in human patients.

The organs, grown with the patients’ own tissue, were implanted between June 2005 and October 2008 in four teenage girls who each lacked or had an underdeveloped vagina and uterus, the result of a rare genetic condition called Mayer-Rokitansky-Kuster-Hauser (MRKH) syndrome.

Years after the two-hour procedures, annual follow-up visits showed that the surgeries had been a success: The new organs functioned normally, including during sex, and their tissue was indistinguishable from the native tissue that had already been there. The findings offer hope not only for those with MRKH syndrome, but also for those suffering from vaginal cancers or injuries…

This has been going on since 2005, but this is the first we hear of it? Maybe we are getting cynical in our old age, but maybe this was kept quiet so that people wouldn’t realize how costly it is suddenly going to be to supply transgenders who demand this operation under Obama-Care.

“This pilot study is the first to demonstrate that vaginal organs can be constructed in the lab and used successfully in humans,” said Dr. Anthony Atala, director of the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine, which took part in the procedures. “This may represent a new option for patients who require vaginal reconstructive surgeries. In addition, this study is one more example of how regenerative medicine strategies can be applied to a variety of tissues and organs.”

If ultimately approved by the FDA – a prospect that still remains years away – the operation may even become an option for men seeking a sex change.

There it is. And who can doubt that this procedure will be covered by Obama-Care eventually?

The procedure is still a long way from becoming common practice, and Atala’s team declined to estimate its cost…

The cost doesn’t matter, if this procedure will make even one ‘gender confused’ person less confused.

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3 Responses to “Scientists Have Implanted ‘Lab-Grown’ Vaginas”

  1. yadayada says:

    ok, I know this is really below standards, but, can they implanted on other locations of the body ? if so, I want one.

    let the shoe throwing begin.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      If it’s possible and happens, it would provide a whole new meaning to the phrase, “Why don’t you go —- yourself!”. I guess it does have a practical application after all.

  2. mr_bill says:

    They’ve been doing this to sheep in New Zealand for decades…wait…nevermind.

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