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Screen Grabs Proves Iran Election Fraud?

From LOFT965:

Picture that proves Iran election rigging

Next time they try to fool the people they better not be fools themselves. How can someone’s votes dip while counting. And how can all the candidates lose in their home states. For those of you that don’t understand these numbers: then you can read the times on the upper screen and lower.  The third candidates votes decreased while counting. Spread it around!

“Two screenshots Iranian state-run television illustrating the apparent decrease in votes for candidate Mohsen Rezaee over a four hour period. The upper picture shows Rezaee with 633,048 votes at 09:47; the lower shows the same candidate with 587,913 votes at 13:53 later that day, a decrease of 45,135.”

Albeit, this is from a website we have never heard of before today. And it might certainly be a photo-shopped forgery. Or even an innocent mistake from the Iranian television broadcasters.

But still, given the amazingly quick count of 40 million paper ballots, we tend to be a little skeptical about the honesty of results.

(Thanks to NotStuckOnStupid for the heads up.)

This article was posted by Steve on Wednesday, June 17th, 2009. Comments are currently closed.

8 Responses to “Screen Grabs Proves Iran Election Fraud?”

  1. Helena says:

    40 million paper ballots – and the results were in within an hour or two of the polls closing?

    Not even Allah could manage that.

  2. tranquil.night says:

    Thanks for picking this up SG, I was concerned about photoshop but don’t see any signs.

    The UK Guardian has a live newsblog chronicling the most accurate information to be coming out of Iranians on Twitter and reporters in Tehran.

    I’m wearing my green today.

    For those who are wondering if the protests are against Ahmadinejad or the Islamic Government, there are elements out there who have wide-spread opinions about what a reformed Iran would be like but what’s uniting them is the universal human craving for liberation. If a revolution is successful it will be likely that we do see another Islamic Republic arise; the legitimacy of which falls on the leaders of the opposition to recognize what liberation really means when one establishes a ruling body of law. This may be difficult for men like Ayatollah Montazeri, who will replace Khamenei, and Mousavi – both individuals whom while they supported more liberal freedoms for their people still could and should be characterized as having done historically wicked things.

    If the Mullahs really are facing their overdue repression though and a young Iranian leader of the likes of Reagan rise up from this, then we could be witnessing the most unanticipated and welcome shake-up to Middle East diplomacy since Iraq.

    Iraq: It’s been 6 years. No one tell me this isn’t – somewhat at least – because they have a neighboring nation of liberated people next to them.

  3. Liberals Demise says:

    Is Al Frankenstein one of the counters?

  4. texaspsue says:

    “40 million paper ballots – and the results were in within an hour or two of the polls closing?”

    Exactly! Remember how long it took in Iraq to count the paper ballots? It wasn’t just two hours, it was days!

  5. proreason says:

    The Moron and The Mullahs.

    Birds of a feather flock together.

  6. beautyofreason says:

    Another interesting tidbit: amid the media crackdown, Mousavi just encouraged another rally in defiance of the supreme leader.

    Interesting. This could become something big. With past rallies in Iran, the people hunkered down and accepted the dictators and government without positive change. Their efforts were futile. They became much as the Chinese have 10 years after the Tianmen Square massacre.

    Mousavi seemed to do the same a couple of days ago when he asked people not to protest in order to stay safe from pro-government militias. The opposition would have fizzled and the vote rig would have gone uncontested had he continued this route. Same old Iran – not that Mousavi is much different. But the fact that he has gone ahead to continue the protests shows that this resistance may escalate.

    • tranquil.night says:

      The difference has been how they’ve employed youtube/facebook/twitter. When the communications clamp down started and the State run media start putting out video of the protests saying they were for Ahmadinejad it was the few Iranians that were still getting info out to Americans and the world that showed us this wasn’t the case. My Mom texted me saying this whole thing reminded her of Prague 1968 and that she bet the Iranians wish they had the 2nd Amendment right now, however I have faith that this might actually be successful ‘peacefully’. The world media was on the verge of complacency on this probably by Barack Obama’s demand that coverage be limited, since he doesn’t want us “meddling”. They wouldn’t cover it, even foxnews shied away. Americans demanded it get covered because of course Americans identify with a true struggle for freedom and don’t care about what a tyrannical regime says about us.

      Mousavi held his wife’s hand in public – which is sadly illegal – and yes, now seems to be rallying the people by an wide due to the support he’s getting from the world but mostly because of the fierce determination of the Iranian people. He asked the military to not hurt protesters and they’ve mostly agreed, leaving the radical militias and Hezzbolah out there as the one’s who are killing people; but the momentum may have shifted because the crowd is getting too big and they’re just not afraid to die in the street. Now there’s unconfirmed reports coming in from the cities outside of Tehran that tribal leaders and others are rallying by Mousavi as well.. a rift already has pretty much been confirmed to have opened between #2 Ayatollah Montazeri/Mousavi and Khamenei – all a confirmation that this is a historic time no matter what the outcome. Let’s just hope it’s a good outcome and not one of the biggest slaughters in a long time.

  7. Right of the People says:

    God I wish I could send them some arms to help them further their cause. Even if it were to become yet another Islamic government, it by all accounts would have to be better than what they presently have.

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