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SEALs ‘Pocket Guide’ Might Indicate Mole

Also from the UK’s Daily Mail:

Was there a mole inside Bin Laden’s hideout helping the Navy SEALs?

The secret ‘pocket guide’ that may prove Al Qaeda leader was betrayed from within

22nd May 2011

An in-depth pocket guide to Osama Bin Laden’s hideout that was used by U.S. Navy Seals suggests a mole was living alongside the terror leader, it emerged today.

The colour guide was dropped by one of the special forces soldiers when they raided the home in Abottabad [sic], northwestern Pakistan on May 1. It features an unseen picture of Bin Laden’s Yemeni wife, Amal, and two of his son, Khalid, alongside detailed descriptions…

The emergence of the guide raises new questions about how the U.S. gathered intelligence on the Al Qaeda leader.

‘In my experience of years as an intelligence office, I think someone from the inside may have given information,’ Rahman Malik, the interior minister and former head of Pakistan’s Federal Information agency told the Sunday Times.

‘If the Americans didn’t have definite information, they couldn’t have gone straight straight to the room where Bin Laden was.’

Of course, given the source here, this might just be more disinformation.

U.S. President Barack Obama acknowledged that the raid on Bin Laden’s compound had been a ‘calculated risk’ that could have ended very differently. The president said that even with months of intelligence work, the odds bin Laden was in the compound were only about 55-45…

The document, which features only the second known photograph of the wife apart from her passport image, was gathered up from the wreckage.

On the first page are pictures of Bin Laden, Amal, and two images of his son Khalid – one original and one computer-enhanced picture of how he might have aged. On the other side is a picture of the courier Arshad Khan and a description of his brother, another courier.

The first page details even the clothing that Bin Laden was expected to have been wearing. ‘Always wears light coloured shawal kameez with a dark vest,’ it states. ‘Occasionally wears a light coloured prayer cap.’

This is a companion piece for the ‘wives’ story we posted earlier. And, indeed, the strong implication is that the ‘mole’ is the youngest wife.

U.S. officials denied they had used a mole and insisted that their intelligence gathering had helped to produce the book. They said that a CIA safe house that was set up nearby and satellite images from drones were used to monitor the compound.

Agents were also gathering information on the ground.

We tend to agree that this information could have been readily gathered from other sources. But if there was an inside mole, it completely undercuts the ‘gutsy call’ claim, since it would have been a dead certainly that Bin Laden was actually in the compound.

A CIA official said that a ‘false or partial narrative’ may have been given about how Bin Laden was found as ‘protecting source and method is very important’

More information that a real CIA official should not be divulging.

(Thanks to Pro Reason for the heads up.)

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9 Responses to “SEALs ‘Pocket Guide’ Might Indicate Mole”

  1. proreason says:

    Gee, maybe Spikes most courageous decision of all time wasn’t so risky afterall.


    The article claims that a “pocket guide” was dopped by one of the Seals and it has so much detail that it almost had to have come from an insider…or maybe the smartest man on earth pulled a Sherlock Holmes on steroids and figured it all out from 7,000 mile away.

    Of course, chances are this article is a lie along with everything else.

    • canary says:

      Pro, Interesting. Made me dig a little and so many different stories out there with some history and this a story at link below that’s pretty detailed. This apparently is the youngest wife stories Osama bought her for $4000 for wife from Yemeni, but not sealed until a couple of years later. She supposedly is the one shot in the leg shielding Bin Laden (course he may have grabbed her front of him). This passport pic shows her to have been born in 82, and so this daughter mentioned in the article would not be hers. This is the 3rd age for her, as reports started she was 9. For the 13 year old girl to say Osama bin Laden is my father to Pakistan officials might be a clue, that she felt Pakistan would understand and aid them. Surely, she was warned to never, ever say that to just anyone. Now they claim a 4th woman who was their doctor living there. 8 children in all. Anyways, other articles the older 2 wives are blaming the younger wife. When you read this article, and click on the highlight of an article she supposedly did highlighted “click on”

      “reprinted by the Guardian”

      an article of an interview she apparently did in 2002 for an Arab magazine, it is difficult to believe Osama would want her coming back to Pakistan to find him, as she’d be followed. The passport looks like Mar 23 2006 issued. One article I read said she was held in Iran for awhile. Wasn’t it in 2006 that the compound was first said to have been raided?

      And then there are the articles that Pakistan refused to let us question the wives, children, etc. until just very recent. One article is Pakistan refused to allow her and the girl to be questioned at all by the U.S.

      I saw the end interview video on news not long after OBL was seized, of a little boy on the grass that lived in the compound saying he’d seen bin Laden once when he gave the boy 50 Euros to go get another one. Toy? Play station? Anyways, no telling what kind of torture Pakistan did on his wives & those left behind, and I’m sure they enjoyed any torture, and deserved it for hiding a man, who didn’t mind his people dying for the most cowardly man on earth.


    • canary says:

      made it easier the highlighted “reprinted in the guardian”
      interview with the youngest wife in 2002. She says he would get angry alot. Maybe living apart made the reward money look good. Pay for plastic surgery & new ID & passport. Just didn’t plan on helicopter crashing and being left behind.


      woah! I clicked on another highlighted part graphic bloody pictures link, and this was shows such resemblance this #7, and different angles & close ups of the two. #9 you can tell
      there is a toy squirt gun under his head.

      graphic bloody

    • canary says:

      Pro, just got more on your story of mole, then they were watching for 8 months. That terrible jealousy problem for muslim bigamists has guidelines in the quran for handling the problem.

      The article you posted says the 3rd wife was Khayriya age 62 and son Hamza 21 were released from Iranian custody in July 2010. I assumed the 3rd would be the youngest with the twins. Here is another article the older wives blame the youngest. Sounds like those mormon sect compound games.
      Add the media reporting different ages. 27, 29, 28.


      The Times of India: Osama’s Yemeni wife led US to Abbottabad?

      PTI | May 23, 2011, 01.16am IST

      … The report also says that bin Laden’s Saudi wives believe it was his younger Yemeni wife Amal who betrayed him.

      A pocket guide carried by the US Navy Seals who killed Osama, suggests “bin Laden had fathered twins in captivity” referring to the unidentified children born this year to his youngest wife Amal, 28.

      The document, left behind in the compound, lists the names and ages of those who were present, including bin Laden’s wives, children and grandchildren. It also details where they lived in the compound and when they arrived.

      The two elder Saudi wives of bin Laden have accused Amal of betraying bin Laden, either by supplying information or by allowing herself to be tracked to the compound.

      There have been reports of visits to the compound by donors and a Taliban commander. The other possibility is that US drone technology is far more sophisticated.

      … the two courier brothers moved to Abbottabad in 2006 from Mardan where Abu Faraj al-Libbi, the al-Qaida No 3, was captured in May 2005. According to Guantanamo detainee assessment published by WikiLeaks, he was caught while waiting for a courier. He had earlier been living in Abbottabad.

      According to the report, an employee at Abbottabad Post Office was tracked after he received suspiciously large cash transfers and he led investigators to Umar Patek, one of the Bali bombers, arrested in Abbottabad in January.


      “an employee at Abbottabad Post Office was tracked…”

      hmm. How many times did the Pakistan mailman knock?

  2. TerryAnne says:

    So, they raided a compound and took everything that wasn’t nailed down…but, yet, just happen to leave behind a book that has the reported details in it?

    Something just ain’t quite right here…

  3. wirenut says:

    Don’t much care about the cloak and dagger stuff myself. But you just have to love any story with the words…….
    Navy Seals and wreckage in it. I could not be more proud of our military. Is “somebody” trying to diminish what our people did that day?

    • Liberals Demise says:

      Is “somebody” trying to diminish what our people did that day?

      Look no further than the puke who resides at the WH, for your answer.

  4. tranquil.night says:

    It’s almost a moot point but the circumstances of the mission’s preparation indicated from the beginning that we were likely meticulously certain of OBL’s status and location.

    Spike’s bungled the post-op so awfully that he’s all but snatched defeat from the grip of victory, and it worries me that’s possibly purposeful too. A great deal of uncertainty has been hoisted on the War on Terror and infant Iraq due to his co-opting the ‘NeoCon’ Democracy Project theory to help advance The Dirty Little Secret behind the Arab Spring.

    • Right of the People says:

      I think he’s bungling it on purpose so he doesn’t anger his Arab brothers. He can tell them with a straight face he knew nothing about it until it was too late to warn OBL.

      This confirms in my mind the boy genius knew nothing at all about this op until they let him in on the secret only because they needed him to sign off on it. Basically CYA on the part of Panetta, Gates and the military. In the past the CIA would pull an op like this and tell the president about it afterwards. If it was successful they could puff their chests out and say, “See what good we did protecting democracy” and get an Atta Boy. If it crashed and burned, they’d tell him to try and do damage control. Of course they always had a fall guy ready, just in case, usually someone who might have died during the op. Dead men can’t tell the truth.

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