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Sebelius: Fixing Website Off-Line Will Kill People

From an unquestioning Associated Press:

Sebelius: Couple of hundred website fixes required

By ALAN FRAM and LAURIE KELLMAN | November 6, 2013

WASHINGTON (AP) — Prodded to be more candid with Congress, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius said Wednesday the administration’s flawed health care website needed a couple of hundred fixes when it went online more than a month ago and conceded, "we’re not there yet" in making all needed repairs.

So the problem has gone from ‘5 million lines of code’ to just ‘a couple of hundred fixes.’ Like magic.

At the same time, she turned aside any suggestion that the system be taken off line until it could be fixed fully. Doing so "wouldn’t delay people’s cancer or diabetes or Parkinson’s" disease, she told the Senate Finance Committee.

First, no one is going to get coverage from Obama-Care until after January 2014. So taking the website off-line for a couple of days to make it work properly won’t delay anyone’s treatments. Second, people got treated for cancer and diabetes and Parkinson’s in this country, even before Obama-Care.

Sen. Max Baucus, D-Mont., and the panel’s chairman, said Sebelius must be "candidly, fully totally" forthcoming with Congress about the repair effort, "so that we don’t wake up at the end of November and find out we’re not there yet." …

But Sen. Pat Roberts of Kansas, who faces a tea party-backed challenger in 2014, was harsher still. "You have said the American people should hold you accountable, which is why today I repeat my request for you to resign."

Damn those Tea Party challengers for making Democrats have to pretend to be conservative to get re-elected.

Sebelius, a former governor of the state Roberts represents, sat impassively as he spoke.

Despite the web site’s well-chronicled woes, Sebelius said it has improved dramatically since the administration launched its repair effort. Echoing testimony delivered on Monday by another administration official to a different committee, she said it is now able to process nearly 17,000 registrations an hour, with almost no errors…

"Almost no errors"? Is that considered ‘good enough for government work’?

One Democrat, Sen. Bill Nelson of Florida, urged Sebelius to make sure contractors who built the faulty website are held accountable. "I want you to burn their fingers and make ’em pay for not being responsible and producing a product that all of us can be proud," he said.

What invincible ignorance. The contractors did their jobs. The government bureaucrats at HHS dropped the ball.

Sebelius and Sen. Mike Crapo sparred after the Idaho Republican said many individuals will face far higher premiums next year when the program is in effect than they currently do.

The HHS secretary responded that the prices that insurance companies are charging are 16 percent lower than the Congressional Budget Office estimated. Crapo asked if she was saying prices would fall in 2014 compared to this year, and she conceded she was not…

And never mind that the Obama administration has lied said for years that premiums would go down.

Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, peppered Sebelius with questions about President Barack Obama oft-stated pledge that anyone who likes their coverage will be able to keep it — a promise the administration no longer makes.

Asked if that was an accurate statement, Sebelius declined Cornyn’s request for a yes or no answer…

How dare Sen. Cornyn beat up on a girl like that? She can’t be held responsible for any past lies. No Democrat woman can. Just as no Democrat black man can.

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2 Responses to “Sebelius: Fixing Website Off-Line Will Kill People”

  1. Rusty Shackleford says:

    So, what’s actually going on is the inevitable result of when the “cool kids” take over.

    These are the quintessential dweebs who, in high school, figured out how to be popular and that popularity was more of satisfying elixir than working to get grades and learning something that would be useful later.

    These were the dweebs involved in boosters, helping to organize school concerts, etc. They were never very good students and there was probably a lot of cronyism in and amongst the faculty staff and they but the bottom line is, they learned the art of bullsh*t early.

    Then there’s the other part of this argument where they learned to BS their way through life by seeking out people who were easily BS’ed. They would deride people who were skeptical as being negative and/or a “bad influence” and would set about shutting them out in some way, if said skeptic hadn’t done so already by themselves.

    And the Sebelius virus is prevalent in our politics today and I’ll bet you dollars to donuts that 56% or better of the twits who listen to anything she says is not hearing the argument laid out as that ACA is a bad thing, but more of “Why are they picking on her?”. They are hardwired to detect supposed discrimination and react to it in those terms.

    In other words they don’t see the case being about the problem of ACA in its entirety but instead they see:



    The War On Women

    Angry Republicans being mean

    Hearing lots of “mean” words.

    And a poor, defenseless woman (hear her roar, in the parlance of the mighty awakening of the 60’s) being tormented by mean people.

    They come away with, “It’s not HER fault”, while lacking any ability to determine just whose fault it really is. That lack of ability is what the national socialists count on and make their bread and butter on.

    As it turns out, the emotions are more easily tweaked than the intellect. ‘Course they’ve known that since Roman times and before. But now we’re at the “end of the beginning” of the destruction of this nation and the national socialists are more than happy to lay the blame for that at the feet of the republican party which has been beaten into submission, perhaps voluntarily but most often without any kind of a fight.

    The tactic of having a black man front for the sale of socialism to the American people was a brilliant marketing strategy. I have met strong-minded Christian people, usually women who voted for the guy based solely on overwhelming guilt about this nation’s history. When I hear that I walk away, shaking my head. They’re argument? “Don’t you think it’s about time we put our money where our mouth is and have a black president?”

    As I said, I walked away, shaking my head, about to be violently ill.

    So….let’s throw away the Constitution, ignore our basic tenets of government and elect a petulant, angry little boy who is steeped in communist thinking; Who hates this nation so much, he said so in his published words.

    And next up….”The Finisher”. That is, after this clown is done being El Guappo, we’ll get Hitlery because that same, conservative Christian woman will say, “Well, don’t you think it’s about time we had a woman as president?”

    I’m not a violent person but these are the people who most aggravate me. To lay such a paper-thin argument as justification for the path to serfdom is criminal in my book.

    So yay! Let’s welcome a failed state because we’re so blindly willing to appease our own guilty consciences.

    And the proletariat knows who and how to move the masses through their emotions. And they use the media, themselves hollywood star wanna-be’s to further their message along.

    Solely based on emotion.

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