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Sebelius: Investigating O-Care Fraud = Sabotage

An Op-Ed from Kathleen Sebelius in the Dallas Morning News:

Kathleen Sebelius: The importance of health care navigators to Texas

15 December 2013

Millions of Texans don’t have the security of health coverage. In fact, Texas has the highest rate of uninsured in the nation. Yet there are some who will seemingly stop at nothing to deter Texans — and those who assist them — from obtaining coverage or even learning about their new options under the Affordable Care Act.

The biggest obstacles to signing up for Obama-Care are 1) the Obama-Care website, and 2) Obama-Care high premiums and deductibles. So is Ms. Sebelius talking about herself here?

What opponents of the new law could not do legislatively, at the ballot box, or even by shutting down the federal government, they’re now trying to do through other means.

Isn’t that what liberals always do?

Case in point is Monday’s congressional hearing in Dallas, designed to stifle, intimidate and impugn the reputation of people who have been working hard to help their fellow Texans get covered…

Ms. Sebelius is talking about the Obama-Care ‘Navigators’ who have been caught on tape telling people to lie about their incomes and giving out false information.

Navigators… work to help people understand what financial help is available, and to learn about their choices, so they can make good decisions for themselves and their families…

In other words, Navigators are just suppose to push people into getting subsidies or, better yet, Medicaid.

Helping people obtain health coverage is not about politics, it’s about people…

[I]in the first two months of a six-month open enrollment, 1.2 million Americans either selected a health plan or received an eligibility determination or assessment for Medicaid or the Children’s Health Insurance Program…

Texas could benefit even further if the state expanded Medicaid, and with it access to coverage for 2.5 million people, many of whom work in jobs which either don’t offer insurance or don’t pay enough to make it attainable.

You see? Obama-Care is all about making more people dependent on the government. The vast majority of these ‘sign ups’ are getting subsidies for their premiums or getting Medicaid of CHIP. There are very few people who are buying private insurance for the first time.

With so many Texans lacking affordable coverage, now is not the time to be putting up roadblocks. We should be helping navigators and other assisters in their important work, not demonizing, demoralizing or deterring them.

In other words, it’s sabotage to point out the rampant fraud in the system. The Navigators have been told to get as many people dependent on the government and the Democrat Party as possible.

And who cares how much lying and cheating it takes to accomplish that?

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One Response to “Sebelius: Investigating O-Care Fraud = Sabotage”

  1. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Because she must get the people dependent on the government or it all falls apart.

    Doesn’t matter that it will all fall apart eventually anyway when the people are dependent on the government for their most basic of needs.

    Remember, folks, that healthcare is a right not a need.

    By redefining what basic human rights are, the national socialists have convinced even republicans that it’s necessary to have the government control everything. Thus, you see Boner’s conundrum; He cannot figure it out and has to go play with himself for hours-on-end to get to the mental stability needed to even talk to the press.

    And even then he displays a monumental FAIL.

    By losing the basic tenets of our God-given rights, or, creator, if you will (which still keeps it a conservative principle), we open the door to letting our “betters” decide what’s a right and what’s not. In the 60’s the basic tenet was upheld with keeping people as equals and preventing the government from preventing people of different colors from getting jobs, etc. but now we’re walking on thin ice by having the government decide that basic healthcare is now within the government’s purvue.

    It’s not.

    Life, Liberty and pursuit of happiness is to be protected by both the individual and the government but is not the government’s responsibility….and, if you want to take to this far, then explain to me why so many national socialists are unhappy.

    The answer is easy. Pursuit of happiness is up to the individual. Happiness is, in and of itself, both elusive and also easy to find. Because it comes from within. Not from any controllable resource.

    Like was said to me by my parents, or friends or strong leader-types, “If you’re unhappy, I suggest you look inside yourself first. What’s making you unhappy? And what part of that are you responsible for?”

    It’s easy, really. If I’m unhappy because someone where I work is antagonizing me, then I have to do what’s necessary to fix that. If the antagonist is a “superior” then I need to either a) find a different place to work or b) figure out how to keep that person from antagonizing me or c) live with it as it is and choose to be happy in spite of that jerk’s manipulations and control-issues.

    So, at the end of it all, it comes down to me. Not the government.

    I realize that the government is inflicting harm on my pursuit of happiness and it comes down to a simple, basic, philosophical (or even ideological) premise, if you will. But at the very basic construct of it, I will continue to pursue happiness in spite of them and not let them ruin my day because Pelosi and Reid and the whole hee-haw gang desire control over me.

    In fact, it’s sometimes fun to realize that, because I don’t smoke, I don’t support the government-run machine of taxation to support some garbage they want money to go to.

    However, when it comes to healthcare, they have gotten their stinky fingers on it and won’t let go. Thus, if I need an operation, I must find an alternative to their methods. This may mean selling one of my expensive toys to go someplace else to have it. However, it still beats them at their own game. I neither solicit their help nor partake of it.

    At the same time, I will never display gratitude for “providing” me anything because they do so at the expense of others and I would’ve done better to provide it for myself in the first place.

    This is why I hate them with every fiber of my being. They lust after control of others so that they can claim superiority. This is the basic tenet of their existence and why they hate the Constitution so much; it identifies them as the evil surrogates that they are.

    Obama’s statement, “The Constitution is a list of negative rights” is very telling. He wants a world where everyone’s rights are given to them by (and administered by) the government.

    The arrogance is astounding.

    When a person believes that he/she is the only one or one of the only ones who is capable of determining who gets what, when and how much, then you have the making of a Marxist. The notion is, for all intents and purposes, fairly noble…but it falls flat whenever it is employed by well-meaning “superiors”.

    And it always goes like this:

    “I am the one who will make you happy.”

    “But what about me? You took away from my happiness to make them happy…and by the way, they aren’t happy, still!”

    “They will be”


    “When everyone is equal.”

    “Nobody is ‘equal’. Not in the sense that you mean it.”

    “Yes…they are.”

    “As decided by whom?”

    “As decided by me (or us).”

    “And who the f**k are you?”

    “I am your superior.”

    “But you said ‘all are equal’ .”

    “And you are.”

    And on and on it goes. But anyone with a lick of sense sees it fail and fail and fail.

    I like capitalism. It allows me to fail….all on my own. And it also allows me to pick myself up, try again and find that which suits me. Not decided by any administrator or controller of any kind.

    Socialism prevents failure of the individual to allow failure on a much grander scale. While each individual is “successful” the entire nation in which they live fails.

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