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Sebelius: O-Care Price Hikes ‘Factually Incorrect’

From an unquestioning Reuters:

Some states’ claims of Obamacare price spike are ‘incorrect’-HHS

By David Morgan | August 5, 2013

WASHINGTON, Aug 5 (Reuters) – Forecasts by some U.S. states that show health insurance costs skyrocketing under Obamacare are "factually incorrect," Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius said on Monday.

Sebelius, President Barack Obama’s top healthcare adviser, did not name the states, but said that the administration will set the record straight on costs for the uninsured in September.

Since she claims to knows the ‘true facts,’ why not tell us today?

She also criticized conservative groups for trying to discourage enrollment in the new health insurance exchanges and lamented that the Obamacare roll-out would not have the kind of marketing budget available for a new Apple product or Hollywood movie.

How much money is usually spent for an entitlement roll out? (Hint: none.) Meanwhile, according to the Associated Press, Sebelius will be getting at least $684 million taxpayer dollars, from federal and state sources, to propagandize for Obama-Care.

And private companies are going to kick in, too. (Somehow Reuters neglects to mention any of this.)

"It’s unfortunate that in some instances, I think, erroneous information is being advanced as if these are the final rates available in the marketplace and that this is what consumers will be paying. And that’s just not accurate," Sebelius said during a wide-ranging conference call with reporters.

Predictions that Obama’s healthcare reform will be expensive for consumers could hamper the administration’s aim to sign up as many as 7 million uninsured Americans via state insurance exchanges for next year…

You see, it will be the predictions that turn people off. Not the actual price quotes.

Sebelius said one unnamed state estimated costs by simply averaging the premiums on all health plans proposed by insurers, while a second provided little supporting data for its conclusions.

"The information statements put out at the state level are just factually incorrect," she said. The secretary vowed to "clarify once and for all what these rates are" by releasing complete information in September…

Again, if she knows this to be "factually incorrect," she must know the correct figure. So she should be able to tell us now.

"I don’t think we’re going to spend a lot of time and effort trying to estimate who they may discourage from getting health insurance," Sebelius said. "It’s a pretty dismal effort under way." …

This from the woman in charge of the Mother Of All Dismal Efforts: the dismal effort to convince the public that Obama-Care is a good deal.

Meanwhile, Aetna does not seem to believe her rosy claims.

From the Associated Press:

Aetna dropping out of Conn. health exchange

By Susan Haigh | August 5, 2013

HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — The Hartford-based Aetna Life Insurance Co. has informed state insurance officials that it has withdrawn from Connecticut’s health insurance exchange, which is poised to begin open enrollment this fall.

In a letter to the state’s Insurance Department, released Monday, the insurer said it "reluctantly" decided to withdraw from the insurance marketplace for 2014.

"Please be assured this is not a step taken lightly, and was made as part of national review of our Exchange strategy," wrote Aetna’s senior actuary, Bruce Campbell. Correspondence posted on the Insurance Department’s website shows Aetna and the agency disagreed over how Aetna had calculated its proposed rates for the insurance marketplace.

Aetna has also withdrawn from offering individual plans in Maryland and Georgia, said Susan Millerick, an Aetna spokesman…

Whom are we to believe, Ms. Sebelius or our lying eyes?

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One Response to “Sebelius: O-Care Price Hikes ‘Factually Incorrect’”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    I heard Dianne Linderman on talk radio say her family’s health insurance premiums in the space of several months skyrocket from $800 to $2,200. And her husband’s medication (singular) went from a $5 co-pay to over $800 in just a few short months.

    Sebelius is going to roast in a very hot place for lying like this.

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