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CIA Says EU Secret Jails Report Is “Distorted”

From those spokesmen of terror, Al Jazeera:

Iliescu of Romania, left, and Kwasniewski of Poland, have both denied the reports allegations.

CIA: rendition report distorted

June 9, 2007

The CIA has called a European report that says the US ran secret prisons in Romania and Poland “distorted”, but stopped short of denying the existence of the prisons.

Poland and Romania have also denied the accusations from the report, released on Friday, that officials knew of the facilities and the US extraordinary rendition programme.

Paul Gimigliano, a CIA spokesman, disputed the report’s portrayal of CIA activities, calling it “biased and distorted”.

“Our counter terror partnerships in Europe are very strong,” he said, but he did not address whether there were secret detention centres.

“The CIA’s counter terror operations have been lawful, effective, closely reviewed and of benefit to many people, including Europeans, in disrupting plots and saving lives,” said Gimigliano.

Lech Kaczynski, the Polish president, speaking after a meeting with George Bush, the US president, in Gdansk, told reporters: “I know nothing about any CIA prisons in Poland.”

His predecessor, Aleksander Kwasniewski, who was Poland’s president between 2001 and 2005, said: “I deny it. I’ve said as much several times.”

Meanwhile, Ion Iliescu, the former Romanian president, who was mentioned in a list of ranking officials who allegedly had knowledge of the prisons, dismissed Marty’s report as “stupid”.

The report by Dick Marty, a Council of Europe investigator and a former prosecutor, said the CIA operated prisons in northeastern Poland and southeast Romania part of a “global spider’s web” of detention centres and illegal prison transfers.

It said that “high value detainees” such as Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, who is said to have confessed to being the mastermind behind the attacks on the US World Trade Centre on September 11 2001, and Abu Zubaydah, a suspected senior al-Qaeda operative, were held in Poland, while lesser detainees, but still of “remarkable importance”, were taken to Romania.

Although the report did not give specific locations for the alleged jails, it gave graphic descriptions of conditions.

It told of prisoners being kept naked for weeks and sometimes attached to a “shackling ring” in cells.

Cells, sometimes equipped with video cameras, were cramped and kept extremely hot or cold, the report said, with prisoners sometimes made to listen to “torture music”, and “distorted” verses of the Quran.

Bush acknowledged the existence of a secret detention programme last September, when he announced the CIA had moved Sheikh Mohammed and 13 other suspected terrorists to the US prison at Guantanamo Bay.

The report, which included CIA sources, also said there were “sufficient grounds to declare that the highest state authorities were aware of the CIA’s illegal activities on their territories”.

Marty did not rule out the CIA having more such prisons in Europe, but told reporters he did not include that in his report because his sourcing was insufficient.

He accused Germany and Italy of obstructing investigations into secret detentions.

European involvement in clandestine prisons and secret CIA flights would breach Europe’s human rights treaties, although the Council of Europe, which is separate from the EU and was set up to promote democracy and human rights in Europe, has no power to punish countries… 

Notice how Mr. Marty’s report presents no proof whatsoever that any alleged secret CIA jails ever existed. Not a shred of evidence.

And why would such prisons even be necessary? Aren’t there already jails in these countries? Why couldn’t these terrorists be held there?

Instead, we are supposed to believe that an elaborate international network of secret prisons was (instanteously) constructed and staffed to hold 14 prisoners. And of course fitted out with the latest in torture technology.

This is a preposterous bit of terrorist agit-prop that will not die. Because our watchdog media will never let it die.

Instead they bestow Pulitzers on those who parrot it.

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