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Secret Service Goes Wild On Martha Vineyard

From Fox News:

Secret Service agents partied like rock stars on Obamas’ Vineyard Vacation

By Jana Winter
Published June 19, 2012

MARTHA’S VINEYARD, Mass. – Long before President Obama’s security detail was scandalized in Colombia and new revelations emerged last week about the Secret Service, members of the elite team earned an "Animal House" reputation at the blueblood vacation mecca of Martha’s Vineyard.

Local residents say wild parties, fights and late-night carousing involving Secret Service members have become commonplace in recent years at the Vineyard, a favorite getaway for the First Family and longtime destination for upper-crust members of the Northeastern political, media and business establishment…

Trashed rental homes, bad behavior and barroom brawls that have required the local police to step in have some disgusted Martha’s Vineyard homeowners vowing never to rent out to the Secret Service again. And while none of the disturbing behavior appeared to have any direct effect on the president’s safety, some occurred even as the president and his family were nearby.

One resident called police in the early morning on Aug. 18, 2011, about a party that went on until well past 4 a.m. on the day President Obama arrived for a nine-day vacation. Cars were parked on a lawn strewn with beer bottles and young women went in and out of the house as shouts from a spirited foosball game pierced the wee-hours air, neighbors told FoxNews.com

In response to FoxNews.com’s request for comment, Secret Service spokesman Max Milien in Washington said the Secret Service “has not received any complaints or information regarding alleged misconduct of its personnel operating in Martha’s Vineyard during the summer of 2011…"

[O]ne Vineyard homeowner says… “We would not rent to them again.” …

She described a wake of destruction left by the commander-in-chief’s bodyguards, including the Counter Assault and Counter Sniper Teams, the same elite groups that got into trouble in Colombia. Antique furniture was destroyed, expensive "locally harvested" wide pine flooring was ruined and beer and liquor bottles were scattered throughout the property after agents stayed in the house, one of several stately million-dollar Victorians with pastel-painted wood shingles and wraparound porches of the exclusive East Chop section of Oak Bluffs.

The homeowners and several neighbors described another incident where police responded to complaints about a truck parked half on the lawn, half on the driveway. Cops arrived, spoke to the Secret Service agents inside and, moments later, a half-dressed woman came running out, got in the truck and sped off, said neighbors.

The home police responded to on Aug. 18, 2011, was described by one neighbor as a virtual “party house” for local college girls home for the summer, while another neighbor said she saw young women coming and going during more than one raging Secret Service party.

The owner of a six-bedroom home rented out the last two summers to the same Secret Service team that got in trouble in South America showed FoxNews.com a bullet he said was left behind by the agents and said CAT agents let neighborhood children and other residents handle their weapons.

More alarmingly, he said the men told him details of presidential security plans and logistics.

“They left ammo behind, they told me things they shouldn’t have been telling me, things they shouldn’t be telling anyone about the details about how they protect the president. They let us hold their weapons, see all their stuff, they had huge house parties,” said the man, who spoke to FoxNews.com with his wife on the condition they not be named.

Real estate agents with knowledge of the East Chop homes rented out to Secret Service said a child found a spent shell casing on a front lawn of one of the homes.

Glen Caldwell, the general manager of Offshore Ale in Oak Bluffs, told FoxNews.com about an incident last summer when one of his staff found a Secret Service badge on the floor after the bar had closed at the end of the night. The commission book also included a list of emergency phone numbers — two 1-800 Secret Service numbers, a Department of Homeland Security ID card.

“It was on the floor of the bar for who knows how long, covered in peanuts. It was pretty clear that the guy was drunk,” Caldwell said.

When another worker found the badge, Caldwell said he put it in the bar’s safe. He then got a frantic call an hour or two later from someone asking if they’d found a Secret Service ID. He said the owner soon showed up at the bar and, when he asked for proof that the ID was his, showed a Virginia driver’s license bearing the same name.

“You didn’t call any of those numbers did you?” the agent nervously asked, recalled Caldwell, who had not.

A woman who was close to one of the agents and spent time with a group of them last summer said she was concerned about the national security implications of them bringing home women — many of whom were foreign nationals — nearly every night. She said the agents she spent time with did not bring their weapons out at night to the bars and parties, but that detailed information about the protection plans for the president was on all of their cellphones — as were the phone numbers, locations and contact phone numbers for everyone on the detail…

The women also detailed protection strategies the security team provided for the president.

“The women talked about all the layers of protection — what they do, how they protect the president — the secret things that nobody is supposed to ever know about,” the chef said.

Several locals said they were disturbed the agents seemed to treat the president’s vacation as their own, even though the agents were on duty. Among the complaints are that some agents used their status to skip out on bar tabs, or using restricted parking areas while out boozing it up at local bars.

“They think they own the place, that they’re above the law,” said a bartender at the Wharf, a bar in Edgartown across the road from where White House advance team and Signal Corp communications teams set up shop in the month before the president’s arrival on the Vineyard. “[They’ll say], ‘I kill people for a living,’ ‘the President of the United States is alive because of me,’” the bartender said…

But you really have to wonder why we are only getting stories like this now. What has changed?

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8 Responses to “Secret Service Goes Wild On Martha Vineyard”

  1. Mithrandir says:

    This is exactly what is wrong with government, ANY worker in government.

    Oh sure, people pick sides they like: police/fire/Secret Service/military, meanwhile liberals back the public sector unions for their kick-backs, however ALL of them are sucking tax money in order to exist, and if they are not humble in their work, their dealings with those that pay their salaries through taxes, or are greedy in their demand for more pay and benefits…..then who puts them back in line? Who watches the watchmen?

    The whole point of public service is to serve the public, not serve themselves. We give them power and our complete trust (bad idea) to maintain and monitor fairness and our safety, without any real penalties if they fail, and what do they generally do? —crap like this!

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      When a republican is president, the average liberal hates the people at the DMV. When a democrat is president, schoolteachers and public servants are suddenly gifted, wonderful necessities. Yet, they are the same person, administration to administration.

      It’s odd, innit?

      No Child Left Behind was a horrible “manipulation of the children to gain votes” when sponsored by the republican president, Bush. Now they claim that Romney will want to do away with that self-same program. (The fact that it’s a monumental failure matters not here for the purpose of this exercise)

      When Obama wants intrusive spying stuff to keep an eye on US citizens, it’s perfectly acceptable but wiretapping by the Bush administration was a “serious breach of ethics”.

      I’m so sick of the national socialists claiming ownership of the narrative.

    • Mithrandir says:

      I never liked any of the big gov’t plans that were enacted no matter who did them, and I never liked the things they DIDN’T do, such as Reagan NOT eliminating the Dept. of Education, or GW Bush NOT trying to get rid of affirmative action.

      They all want to add one more straw to the camel’s back, then blame the other team for all the straws they added.

      You can love whatever part of gov’t service you want, but if it’s killing the camel, you need to cut it, change it, or just get rid of it. –That however, is not what gov’t is, it is the slow, creeping, menacing incrementalism that shuts down your natural defenses so that you don’t bother to move from the danger until the 11th hour.

  2. GetBackJack says:

    Although popular now to cast a gimlet eye at the Secret Service, my friends know I’ve ranted for years that the idea of a federal agency with the title of “Secret Service” is fricking anathema to all that is American.

    Secondly, if you believe as I do, that the “Federal Reserve” is no more federal than Federal Express and is the greatest organized crime in the history of the world, exceeding even the mafia that called itself the CCCP … then …

    … understand the Secret Service is a unit of the Treasury and in charge of insuring no one screws around with the privately issued, privately owned, interest bearing notes called Federal Reserve Notes, which means a federal agency is empowered by force and law to crush anyone who screws around with a private commercial venture …. no matter how you slice it.

    Oh, and they “protect” the President.

    So … an agency named Secret Service protects a private currency the nation is saddled with and is gathered round the President at all times like a smothering blanket. This “Secret Service” has weapons and force majeur and license to kill in regards to the money we’re condemned to rely on and our President.

    If you don’t analyze that as a Praetorian Guard then you’re willfully blind.

  3. BigOil says:

    A tone that determines the behavior of members of any organization is set at the top. We are saddled with the king and his court.

  4. AcornsRNutz says:

    Another take. These guys just don’t care that much about the president’s safety. Dark and deeply incongruent with their job description, but this sounds like the behavior one would expect on a ship on the verge of mutiny.

  5. xdannyh says:

    MY feeling is that any bad press that the secret service is or will get is a prelude to their dissolvement, in order to establish the kind of protection agency he needs from possible assassination but even more to put into place a one man one party Praetorian guard. This essential to all despots.

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