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Sheehan Helps VFP Pals Grift Katrina ‘Relief’

Once again, from gay beard Zsa Zsa Huffington’s site:

Back On The Road Again

Cindy Sheehan

Well, after what turned out to be a few days’ rest, instead of a week, I am heading back out on the truth trail.

[Huh? A few days rest? How many vacations does Cindy need?

Moreover, Mother Sheehan’s events in Colorado were cancelled on her. She didn’t take the time off voluntarily. That was a very short trip on the "truth trail."]

Camp Casey III in Covington, La, is really hopping. [Did I miss Camp Casey II?]

Members of our Camp Casey group took 10,000 pounds of supplies to Covington which is a poor African-American town in La.

[What is an African-American town? Notice too that we have not seen one shred of evidence–no photos, no newspaper accounts, no anything to document that the Veterans For (a) Peace (of the action) have done anything. Yet they claim to be multimedia mavens. All we have is their claim, and we know that their point man in this, Ward Reilly, tends to make false claims.]

The Vets for Peace bus is also doubling as the communication’s center since it has satellite internet and a satellite phone.

[These are the same people who were asking for a 5KW generator. Who used "donations" to buy a starter for their truck. I don’t imagine they are providing much technical service to anyone. Which is maybe we haven’t seen any documentation of their heroic deeds.]

Members of [the Stalinist group] Code Pink from Austin and Houston [have taken off time from harassing wounded soldiers at Walter Reed and allegedly] collected clothes, baby formula and diapers and delivered them to Camp Casey III.

[Lest we forget, Cindy Sheehan, the VFP and Cope Pink raised $600,000 for the terrorists in Fallujah. It doesn’t sound like they have gotten anywhere near that number for Katrina victims.]

The situation is dire, but we are glad that we can provide some of our fellow Americans with the basic comforts of home that our government is not supplying to them.

[Like what? What is the government not supplying that your pals are? Name one item.]

We are putting our money, time, and energy into helping the people of Louisiana.

[Cindy wrote this from Chicago, where she was hectoring Dennis Hastert about the Iraq War.]

Because of the misplaced priorities of the administration, they have become the collateral damage of this occupation of Iraq.

[I hope Cindy’s legal counsel, pretend Vietnam Combat Veteran, Ward Reilly, had warned her that by using the term "we," she is legally binding herself to the VFP’s fraud. And I hope the FBI remembers this during their investigation of these outrageous scams that have been exploiting the Katrina disaster.]

I was stunned at the level of corruption, incompetence and callousness that was exhibited by this administration towards the disaster of Katrina.

[Cindy missed her first bus tour stop because she got stuck in traffic. And several of her subsequent targets have cancelled on her.]

How many more innocent people are we going to let their greed and indifference take down with them?

[Corruption? Greed? Callousness? Like asking for donations "to support the Red Cross" when they are in fact for your hate America campaign? How about pretending to be a tax-exempt charity, when you are not?]

The first stop for me as I join the Bring Them Home Now Tour ( www.bringthemhomenowtour.org ) is Chicago. During the tour, we are going to ask members of congress the following questions: 1) What Noble Cause are our children fighting for, dying for, and killing for in Iraq? 2) What are our elected officials doing to end the occupation of Iraq? 3) How many more innocent Iraqis and Americans are we willing to sacrifice?

Should be an interesting trip. I’ll keep you posted.

[From most accounts fewer than 100 supporters showed up at Mother Sheehan’s stop in America’s third largest city. Which undoubtedly includes the media.]

Here’s how to help:

[Here Cindy copies and pastes another version of the VFP’s absurd requests for donations:]

Right now we can use your dollars, trained volunteers & specific donations (This list will change!):

(We Do NOT need clothes at this time) [You sure, Cindy? Winter’s coming. Some of your pals, like Ward Reilly, are looking a little ragged.]

Canned Goods
Baby Supplies – Baby Food Formula, diapers #4, #5, Wipes, Pedialyte
Hygene [sic] Supplies
Adult Depends
Steril [sic] Gloves
Electrolites [sic] [What the hell are electrolites? Do they mean Gatorade?]
Food bank & delivery volunteers with trucks, vans or cars
Self contained kitchens with generators, utensils, workers
Office & media equipment

At this time we do not need additional medical professionals – PLEASE CONTACT THE RED CROSS

[By additional, Cindy means "any." How laughable it was that the VFP would provide doctors for the Red Cross.]

Our Mobile Media Center is on the bus with wireless Internet via Satellite. We are using our computer to communicate needs and direct displaced people to services and document damage in the poorest effected areas.

[Bullshit .]

We need the following to be truly effective:

Apple iMac G5 Computers 20" Monitor
500 Gigabyte Firewire Hard Drives
Canon XL2Digital Video Camera
Digital Projector (3000 lumens)
Apple iPods with recording
Monthly Satellite Access and Website Hosting Fee

[This is effectively the same list the VFP has been dreaming about since long before Katrina. This was their wish list long before they even drove Cindy down to Camp Casey I.

But suddenly the price tags for these lux items have been stripped out of the list. No more mention of $3,000 monitors and $600 iPods. Greed? Corruption? This is criminal. The VFP and now Mother Sheehan are shameless thieves.]

Donations for our multi media equipment will support the displaced people volunteers, Red Cross, staff, press as we halp everyone keep in touch through via email, web, blogs, and teleconferencing.

[Again, I call bullshit. These incompetents are claiming they are supplying communications support for the Red Cross. That is justlaughable –and a flat-out lie. And the lowest kind of fraud.]

Volunteer Kitchen, Food Bank and Distribution Center
Pine View Middle School
1115 West 28th Avenue Covington, LA. 70434

UPS & FEDEX (U.S. Postal Service Not Yet Deliverable)
Veterans For Peace Chapter 116 C/O
645 Kimbro Drive, Baton Rouge, LA. 70808

[This last is America-hating, pretend Vietnam War Combat Veteran, Ward Reilly’s, home address. That they have such a fraud as their point of delivery for their scam speaks volumes.]

Online Donations Via PayPal

Veterans For Peace Chapter 116
28500 Sherwood Rd
Willits CA 95490

[Hilariously, despite their vaunted communications system, Ward Reilly had to ask on one of their bulletins boards for the address of Veterans For Peace.]

By the way, I wonder if they ever got any volunteers to clean up Camp Casey I? And were they ever able to put that plastic storage shed together ?

Their challenges have been daunting.

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