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SEIU Ad Compares AZ Law To Berlin Wall

From the execrable thugs at the Service Employees International Union:

VIDEO: If Republicans Had Their Way on SB1070…

By Kate Thomas

July 29, 2010

Despite the good news of yesterday’s ruling temporarily blocking key parts of Arizona’s controversial anti-immigrant law SB1070, this fight is far from over.

Over the past few months, the so-called immigration ‘solutions’ that extreme GOP politicians have suggested include micro-chipping illegal immigrants, ending birthright citizenship and using their ‘sixth sense’ to spot illegal immigrants by the clothes and shoes they wear. Oh, and did we mention militarizing the border with landmines and shutting off utilities?

We think you’ll get the picture once you watch this video, featuring an anti-immigration All-Star cast that includes Fearmonger of The Year Glenn Beck, Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer, candidate Barry Wong, Sen. John McCain and Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. They tell the story of the type of America that Republicans want to create for us in a way we never, ever could.

If we don’t stand up, these types of extreme laws could be coming to your state. It’s time for Republicans–especially Senators John McCain and Jon Kyl in Arizona–to stop playing political games and join Democrats to push the bipartisan immigration solutions that Americans demand.

Watch this video and then share it with your friends.

And they call other people ‘fearmongers’?

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11 Responses to “SEIU Ad Compares AZ Law To Berlin Wall”

  1. blindboygrunt says:

    Typical leftist drivel. Instead of addressing the real issue — THEY’RE HERE ILLEGALLY — they put together a propoganda film that would make Goebbels proud.

  2. fallingpianos says:

    Over the past few months, the so-called immigration ‘solutions’ that extreme GOP politicians have suggested include micro-chipping illegal immigrants, ending birthright citizenship and using their ‘sixth sense’ to spot illegal immigrants by the clothes and shoes they wear. Oh, and did we mention militarizing the border with landmines and shutting off utilities?

    They want extreme? Let’s show them extreme. We wouldn’t want them to be shameless liars now, would we? But instead of illegals, let’s microchip SEIU thugs, end their birthright citizenship, and use our very ordinary eyeballs to spot them by the purple clothes and shoes they wear. We wouldn’t even need a “sixth sense” for that.

    After we’ve had our fun making their so-called fears reality, then we get serious. Try them and convict them. Make an example of these treasonous thugs.

    These people are getting way out of hand.

    • beautyofreason says:

      LOL if they want to see extreme, show them Mexican immigration law. Just being an illegal is considered a felony there.

      But it’s only bad when the United States has an immigration law that’s 1% as strong as other countries. Give me a break SEIU!

    • wardmama4 says:

      Sad thing is – if the Border Patrol did shoot to kill (and not get sent up to the big house for it) – the wave of illegals would stop.

      Back in 1954, Ike started the program Operation Wetback (irony noted) based on a program termed Mexican Repatriation during the Great Depression (PARTY anyone – hmm, perhaps the same Party who interred Americans of Japanese ancestry – hint, they are conservatives) which stated in CA & AZ, when they decided to move to NM & TX – more illegals self-deported than were being found & deported. All without the use of computers, helicopters, cell phones and all the technology we have today.

      Just Enforce the law, it’s just that simple – but hey I guess no one wants to be the ‘one’ deporting The Won’s Aunt. So nothing will get done at all – except allowing the criminal illegal aliens to continue racking up the crimes and taxpayer dollars. And as for being here to make a better life – see the story from CA about a billion (yes that’s billion with a B dollar marijuana bust on farms controlled by Mexican drug gangs.

      Shoot to kill is too nice – most especially for the treasonous SEIU.

    • wardmama4 says:

      Hey my bad – the bold should end – hint, they are NOT conservatives.

      Talk about being human – and after I make such a stink about the Journolists not proofreading.

      Re A headline I saw on some email this AM (an anti-Immigration group (Americans for Legal Immigration)) wants a ‘Safe Passage’ (one border checkpoint where ILLEGAL immigrants can pass south without being prosecuted for Immigration crimes) – 1) I am not anti-Immigration – and until We The People (and those representing us) force the proper use of the proper words, this invasion of criminals problem will probably end with AMNESTY) – I am against Illegal Immigration and 2) Enforce the Laws – did you see Sheriff Joe in AZ – when the UNION bussed in Anti-Immigration Laws Protesters to protest in front of his jail – he went out and arrested them (the illegal ones)!

  3. canary says:

    Biased AP Headline covers-up violent rioting by thugs & immigrants across the country.

    AP: Ariz. files appeal as sheriff launches new sweep
    By Jacques Billeaud & Amanda Lee Myers
    July 29, 2010

    PHOENIX –… angry protesters chanted that they refused to “live in fear.” Dozens were arrested.

    A federal judge’s decision a day earlier to block the strict law’s most controversial elements didn’t dampen the raging immigration debate.

    The judge has been threatened. Protesters rallied in cities from Los Angeles to New York.

    In Phoenix, hundreds of the law’s opponents massed at a downtown jail, beating on the metal door and forcing sheriff’s deputies to call for backup.

    Officers in riot gear opened the doors, waded out into the crowd and hauled off those who didn’t move. They arrested at least 23 people, and more were detained elsewhere.

    Outside his downtown office, marchers chanted “Sheriff Joe, we are here. We will not live in fear.”

    Sheriff’s spokesman Brian Lee said deputies were able to start the sweep Thursday afternoon and arrested four people: two had warrants for suspended licenses, one had a suspended license, and one was illegally carrying a firearm.

    Activists, armed with video cameras and aided by others listening to police scanners, roamed the county’s neighborhoods, saying they were ready to document any deputies harassing Hispanics.

    About 200 protesters blocked a busy Los Angeles intersection, with police arrested about a dozen who were linked with plastic pipes and chains.

    In New York, about 300 immigrant advocates rallied near the federal courthouse in lower Manhattan.

    “It’s one step closer for us, but I think the fight is still ahead,” said Adelfa Lugo, a 56-year-old Mexican-born Brooklyn resident who joined the protest.

    …, the U.S. Marshal for Arizona. Gonzales said his agents are taking some of the threats to Bolton seriously….

    In Phoenix, demonstrators had promised nonviolent civil disobedience, and they gathered in front of the sheriff’s office by the hundreds, blocking traffic and swarming around several cars caught in the protest.

    Police moved in to try to allow the drivers to leave, as the crowd shouted, “We will not comply.”

    Over the next hour, the crowd surged, chanted, yelled and some protesters forced the arrests. They then moved on the to jail. [SIC]

    Then he turned to reporters: “As I said, we’re not going to allow our jails to be held hostage by these activists, so they’re going to jail.

    The agency’s civil rights attorneys and investigators were in Phoenix Thursday as part of their probe, DOJ spokeswoman Xochitl Hinojosa said. .


    Seems the AP excuses illegal immigrant riots, but condemns legal tea parties. The AP prefers stone throwing over flag waving.

  4. Liberals Demise says:

    Where is the credibility of SEIU putting anything out as the word?
    THEY are just a U-N-I-O-N!!

    Personally, I compare the SEIU to the Gestapo Jackboots.

  5. BannedbytheTaliban says:

    YEAH! Landmines!

  6. proreason says:

    Don’t forget that the SEIU’s stated mission in life is to be the representative of government workers.

    So this is brought to you courtesy of your bureaucracy.

    Just in case you still harbor any sympathy for gubamint workers.

    • wardmama4 says:

      Pro – isn’t it ironic (not) that two of the most dichotomous groups (in terms of allegiance to the Constitution, America, dedication and love of America and her freedom) are ‘government’ workers – The US Armed Forces and the Unionized government workers?

      And oh btw, the first one – can’t Unionize – which is why they get the crappy poverty level pay, working, living and medical care conditions.

      And they are willing to give their lives for it.

      And for the SEIU Thugs to accuse patriotic Americans of being racist, fascist Nazis.

      They are indeed better Men & Women than I think I could be – I’m too judgemental of liars, cheats and thieves masquerading as ‘social justice do-gooders’.

  7. untrainable says:

    …Arizona’s controversial anti-immigrant law…
    Hey… Mzzz Thomas… In writing your article you seem to have forgotten one word when describing the Arizona law. It’s not an anti-immigrant law. It’s and anti-illegal-immigrant law. Nobody has said that we need to shut down the borders and never let anyone in again. THAT would be anti-immigrant. There is a big difference. If you want everyone who wants to come to this country to have unfettered access at will, maybe you should take your protest to Washington and have them repeal EXISTING FEDERAL LAW. Until then, the federal government, under our beloved dictator, is refusing to enforce the laws that they swore to uphold. THAT’s the real problem here. And when one of those “undocumented” immigrants (future democrat voters) as you so fondly refer to them, decides he wants to help out with that whole jihad on America thing, you’ll have not a leg to stand on to complain to anyone. Your very life is in danger because of our “ignore the open border” policy. But until someone dies, I guess that doesn’t matter. And what’s sad is that even then, it probably still won’t.

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