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SEIU Airs Pro-Amnesty/Anti-GOP Ads In Spanish

From the Politico:

SEIU to air Spanish-language ads on immigration

By SEUNG MIN KIM | July 8, 2013

The Service Employees International Union is hitting a dozen House Republicans with radio ads this week, urging them to back comprehensive immigration reform with a pathway to citizenship.

The midterm elections have officially started. Still, there is probably nothing more craven in American politics today than watching all of these so-called labor unions supporting amnesty.

Those 10 Republicans include: Jeff Denham, David Valadao, Gary Miller and Buck McKeon of California; Scott Tipton and Mike Coffman of Colorado; Daniel Webster of Florida; Joe Heck and Mark Amodei of Nevada, and Randy Weber of Texas.

The Spanish-language ad uses quotes from Weber and Rep. Paul Broun (R-Ga.) critical of undocumented immigrants. For example, Broun says in the clip: “These illegal aliens are criminals and we need to treat them as such.”

“This is offensive and an insult to our community,” the ad says, according to an English-language translation. “Fortunately, on the other side are true patriots -business owners, religious leaders and elected officials from both parties – who have declared themselves firmly in support of immigration reform.”

Patriots to which country?

A similar ad is running in the districts of Reps. Ted Poe and Pete Olson, both Texas Republicans, but those ads don’t specifically name them.

“A bipartisan agreement on immigration reform is possible, and these House members have an opportunity to lead their party into the broadest movement for a 21st century immigration system,” SEIU Secretary-Treasurer Eliseo Medina said in a statement…

The labor union said Monday that it is targeting 10 House Republicans whose congressional districts have sizeable Latino populations. The total size of the buy is $200,000, the union said, and the ads will run through this week.

Amnesty will drive down wages. It is going to throw US citizens out of work. It is going to hurt blue-collar working men and women. Especially, since there will be no penalties for not giving them healthcare. It is going to hurt union rank and file members. (Which is something even Cesar Chavez knew. Which is why he adamantly opposed illegal immigration.)

But, on the other hand, amnesty will swell the underclass. Which will mean more Democrat voters and foot soldiers. And that is what the Democrat Party’s bosses want and need. And it’s far more important for the unions to please their Democrat Party bosses than it is for them to please their own rank and file members.

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One Response to “SEIU Airs Pro-Amnesty/Anti-GOP Ads In Spanish”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    Because the Service Employees Union International is all for lower paying jobs that disappear quicker. That … and more money and perks for Mary Kay Henry

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