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SEIU/La Raza: Everyone Wants Amnesty

From the shameless propagandists at the SEIU:

Arizona Polling Round Up

By Ali Jost

May 14, 2010

Recent public opinion polling on SB1070 underscores the growing frustration of American voters who want the federal government to pass smart, workable immigration solutions that move our nation forward.

Today, SEIU and NCLR released new polling on Arizona Latinos voters’ overwhelming opposition to SB 1070 and the resulting electoral implications.

Key takeaway:

"As Latino voters in Arizona and other battleground states play an increasingly decisive role in federal and state elections, it behooves candidates from both parties to stand up and offer smart, comprehensive immigration solutions."

1. Democrats and Republicans Control Their Own Fate with Latino Voters

Among Latino voters in Arizona, there are real political costs for passage of draconian, anti-immigrant legislation like SB1070. The law, which is seen as a personal attack against all Latinos, has ignited Arizona Latino voters’ frustration with federal inaction on immigration reform and galvanized them to move away from candidates–particularly Republicans–who play politics with the issue.

Luckily, the SEIU, La Raza and least of all the Democrat Party – never “play politics” with this issue.

Latino voters are increasingly frustrated with both parties’ failure to lead on immigration reform. Leadership on the issue is essential for Democrats if they want to nurture the support they gained from Latinos in 2008. And leadership is crucial for Republicans if they want to address and move the issue off the table so they can start repairing their relationship with this critical electorate.

In contrast to Anglo voters, Arizona Latino voters see SB 1070 as personally threatening:

  • A whopping 81 percent of Arizona Latino voters oppose SB1070.
  • Even among 4th generation Latinos, more than 2/3 of Latino voters oppose SB1070.
  • Over 85 percent of Latino voters believe that legal immigrants will be profiled and stopped or questioned by the police following SB1070’s implementation.

Given the generic polls in Arizona, which has a huge ‘Latino’ population, does anyone believe these numbers? How can up to 70% of Arizonans favor the bill if 81% of the Arizona ‘Latinos’ are strongly opposed to it? The numbers simply do not add up.

2. SB 1070 Has Ignited Latino Voters’ Frustration Over Both Democrats and Republicans’ Failure to Move Immigration

As a result of the law’s passage, the issue of immigration has jumped to the number one issue for Latino voters, where it was only the third most important issue prior. In fact, 59 percent of Latino voters believe immigration reform is the most important issue that President Obama and Congress should address over the next year, up from just 36% percent before the bill was signed into law…

“Immigration reform” is an extremely ambiguous phrase. One that could connote anything from amnesty for illegal aliens to enforcing the Arizona law. Which is probably why they chose to use it.

The polling also shows a tremendous opportunity for candidates to galvanize Latino voters’ support if they present a workable and practical immigration solution and make it a key priority on the campaign trail. As it stands, only 36 percent of Latino voters believe that Democrats are working to pass immigration reform, down from 46 percent who thought Democrats were working to pass a bill in April. Likewise, just 21 percent of Latino voters think Republicans are working to pass legislation, which is down from 28 percent in April.

As a growing number of Republican state legislators introduce SB1070 copycat legislation nationwide, Republicans further paint themselves as the party of intolerance and anti-immigrant, anti-Latino sentiment. If this continues, it will galvanize Latino voters nationwide to move away from the Republican Party.

Again, this is fallacious, since SB1070 itself may be viewed as “immigration reform.” (See below.)

3. Support for Arizona’s SB 1070 among Anglo and other non-Latino voters reflects growing frustration over the federal government’s continued failure to act.

While 60 percent of Arizona voters express support for SB1070, a whopping 73 percent also support federal reform that includes both enforcement and a path to citizenship. Asking about support for SB1070 without also asking about comprehensive immigration reform fails to reveal voters’ underlying motivations. As a result, the vast majority of polling data on SB1070 belies what public opinion research has repeatedly shown: that a majority of Americans–across regions and party lines–believe a federal overhaul of our broken immigration system that includes a path to legalization is the only way to end illegal immigration and move our country forward

Again, what shameless bold-faced lies. If support for SB 1070 is a actually a call for amnesty, why are SEIU and La Raza so furious about it? Why are they calling for a boycott of all things Arizonan?

If people want amnesty so much, why can’t its supporters even use its name? Why do they have to hide behind the phrase "immigration reform"?

The plain truth is that amnesty for illegal aliens is wildly unpopular everywhere in the country.

4. There are Real Electoral Benefits for Candidates to Address Immigration Issues Head On

Passage of SB 1070 has increased all voters’ attention on the urgent need for a federal overhaul of our broken immigration system. In fact, 77 percent of Arizonans believe it is important for the federal government to address immigration before the November, 2010 election.

Given widespread frustration with inaction, there is a tremendous opportunity for candidates to define their support for comprehensive immigration overhaul early. A recent Hart research poll conducted in Arkansas, Missouri, Ohio, and Colorado found that in every state, confidence of candidates to handle the immigration issue grows considerably after voters hear the plan for comprehensive reform and subsequent debate.

On the other hand, failure to lead and define their position early could continue to prove costly to both Democrats and Republicans. In the same Hart poll, voters’ confidence in Democrats ability to handle the issue of immigration is relatively low; in fact 36 percent think Republicans are handling the issue better, while just 24 percent of voters in those states think Democrats are doing a better job on the issue.

Which would tend to indicate that people don’t want amnesty, since as the SEIU and La Raza admit, the evil Republicans are dead set against it.

Again, the same poll shows that voters support a comprehensive reform approach by a solid 14 point margin. A pro comprehensive solutions stance on the issue of immigration that coupled enforcement with a practical program to require undocumented immigrant to register for legal status is well-received by all voters; but action is particularly important for Latino voters.

Er, wouldn’t “a practical program that to require undocumented immigrant to register for legal status” involve asking for ‘papers’ somewhere down the line? Isn’t that supposedly what everyone is upset about with the Arizona law? 

Still, let’s hope the Democrats believe this propaganda from the SEIU and La Raza.

If they thought ‘healthcare reform’ would help them in November, wait until they see what pushing amnesty does for their chances.

This article was posted by Steve on Monday, May 17th, 2010. Comments are currently closed.

5 Responses to “SEIU/La Raza: Everyone Wants Amnesty”

  1. NoNeoCommies says:

    Is La Raza supporting the conquerors from Spain that stole the land and forced their culture on the indigenous people, or is it supporting the Indians that stole the land from each other as each new band arrived?

  2. shapter says:

    We stand a genuine chance of losing in AZ-they’re already feeling the economic pinch from the boycotts.

    The following site is keeping track of AZ-based companies that we can buy from (and also keeping track of the boycotters, so we can boycott them):


    The site also has a Facebook group, twitter feed, & a petition to sign.

  3. Right of the People says:

    We all can go here to help. http://www.securetheborder.org/

    Bring back Operation Wetback before it’s too late!

  4. Mithrandir says:

    This just in:

    91% of winos oppose open container laws. 9% were too drunk to answer.

    85% of pedophiles disagree with child protection laws.

    99% of criminals oppose crime laws.

    WHO CARES what the criminals and their supporters think? We are supposed to take seriously, the people who endorse breaking the law? Gee what’s in it for them? More racial political power to take back land they think is theirs. What could go wrong with that…

  5. Drewmann says:

    This entire situation is driving me insane. Allow me to summarize.
    Mexico is exporting poor people and getting billions of US dollars in exchange. There’s a sweet deal if ever I saw one. So scratch any realistic hope of anyone on that side of the border doing anything helpful.
    The Democrats periodically push through amnesty legislation and magically create more voters for the party’s base. Yeah, they’ll do something about it.
    The Republicans or at least a lot of them like the influx of cheap labor and the help it provides to the bottom lines of more businesses than I care to think about. Any help there? maybe but I’m not seeing it yet.

    The scariest thing is if we actually seal the border and I refuse to believe that we can’t get at least close. Mexico will be convulsed by revolution inside of a year. The safety valve of being able to ship the poor and malcontented up here to work and send checks home is the only thing propping up the incompetent corruptocrats that have been running things since they kicked out the French.
    Truth is I might not have that much of a problem with that, God knows these jackasses have needed to be lined up on the nearest wall for a long, long time. The problem is if they hold a revolution down there the people throwing the party aren’t going to be waving Gladstone Flags and marching in the streets with pictures of Washington and Adams. Nope, bet your ass it’ll be Che Guevara, Castro and “Uncle Joe Stalin”.
    So the sorry mess will continue more or less as is as far as the eye can see. Why not? after all the only losers are the American people and those poor saps who stood in line and came in legally. Anybody care about them?

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