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Selected News For The Week Dec 31 – Jan 6

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This article was posted by Steve on Friday, December 30th, 2011. Comments are currently closed.

19 Responses to “Selected News For The Week Dec 31 – Jan 6”

  1. BillK says:

    Just to show the Occupy protesters won’t be the only ones trying to subvert New Year’s Events, this article from the Associated Press:

    Wisconsin recall organizers to stake out Rose Bowl

    MADISON- Wisconsin residents won’t get a respite from recall mania at the Rose Bowl.

    Organizers of the drive to oust Republican Gov. Scott Walker from office plan to travel to Pasadena for Monday’s big game, which pits Wisconsin against Oregon. They plan to hold a rally before the game and solicit signatures from Wisconsin residents and students attending the game. …


    This all, remember, for (horrors!) stripping public employees, with a specific exemption for fire and police personnel, of collective bargaining rights.

    You can guess who’s likely bankrolling these trips…


    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      At the very bottom of this occupy BS is this: “If you can’t have things your way, bitch about it.”.

      This behavior is probably as old as humanity itself but in the US, since the 60’s, it has taken on a very unique form and format.

      I speak specifically of the protests against Vietnam. And they were all about Vietnam, except the ones about segregation. But all the protests that were “ban the bomb”-oriented, etc were all kids whining about obligatory military service. Oddly, many or most of their parents volunteered to serve in WWII but their kids, for some reason, reaping the incredible rewards that freedom gave them felt no noble instinct to help a nation avoid communist rule. I suppose I can see the difference where young men in 1941 volunteered because of the attack on Pearl Harbor but they went off to lands they’d never heard of nor ever really gave much thought about in order to free people they didn’t know (or care about) in the name of liberty. The possibility that the war would end up on US shores was very unlikely, aside from the one incident in Hawaii which Japan would’ve been hard pressed to repeat.

      But, the kids all bitched and whined and moaned about having to go to Vietnam. I suppose that’s a natural instinct, especially when they just wanted to go to grad school or get a job at some well-founded corporation but my uptake is that they were (and are) the core of “spoiled America”. I have watched them all my life and generally they have had the attitude of “all about ME”.

      Unlike their parents who were not only leaders but also givers and who understood loyalty, fidelity and morality.

      The occupado losers are attempting to expand on the false credibility of the 1960’s spoiled whiners by complaining about a problem largely of their own creation. Add to that their gullibility of getting a college degree in some “discipline” that has no practical real-world application. Then the hypocrisy of whining about “big business” when they wear designer clothing, text on their iPads, listen to their iPods, laptops and what-have-you. It’s a Cindy Sheehan kind of derangement syndrome and there are more people in the country who are like this all the time.

      I work with a guy who says he’s a conservative but thinks that being able to keep his daughter on his healthcare plan is just peachy. I asked, “Why doesn’t she enlist in the military” and he responded, basically, with the indication that he “forbids” it. He, himself is a veteran. Yet he cannot see his hypocrisy. How long is he going to make decisions for his daughter? And why?

      Lots of people like this. Thinking they are conservatives without knowing the meaning of the word or…even worse, denying that they are socialists-at-heart. “Yes, I WANT the government to provide healthcare. Dammit, I work hard all day….why should I have to pay for it?” This is the argument I hear.

      And this is the argument coming from the occupied mentality. “I live here in the richest nation in the world…where’s my cheese? You’d better give it to me or I’ll create such a stink that you’ll give it to me just to shut me up”.

      Which, interestingly is the Dr Spock method of child-rearing. Appeasement…let the child have their way….let them “explore” their emotions. That boat didn’t float in my youth. The second I “explored” my emotions I found myself standing in the corner, or getting a swat on the ass. And this nation seems to be sorely lacking in discipline. By letting kids do whatever the hell they want…..we have the adults that swell the ranks of occupied toilet. How to fix it? A return to parental discipline, removal of the government from letting parents decide HOW to discipline their kids and pretty much removal of the government from all things.

      Nanny statism has ruined us. This is why there are no leaders. This is why republicans won’t speak out against tyranny in our midst or criticize Moochelle’s fat ass while she dictates that we all need to eat grass.

      Fortunately, I live in an area where even many blacks say, “I wish they’d just shut up and go away”. The black middle class here does pretty well in SC, by and large and they know why. And it’s name is NOT Obama or democrat.

    • tranquil.night says:

      “Nanny statism has ruined us. This is why there are no leaders.”

      Or why our ‘leaders’ are scared little weenies at least, and constantly have to be chided to ‘fight like girls’ when it comess to standing up for what’s right.

      The Wisconsin Ranger is a rare and refreshing exception.

      Good post Rusty.

    • sticks says:

      Bring it on, Scott Walker was elected by a majority in his state and that majority is going to get sick to death of seeing these ows whiners and union louts trying to ruin their game as well as their state, so will also a great many people in our country. Some of us were raised better then descibed above and others of us actually grew up after having to work for a living. There is still a sizable number of us that are ready to vomit because of how the government vacumes money out of the private sector and uses it to corrupt the nation and buy the vote.

    • Mithrandir says:


      Perhaps all of you are not aware, let me break down some of the fog of the teachers in Wisconsin.


      Ever wonder why teachers ALWAYS show up for rallies, even if it isn’t their union?
      Ever wonder why people are BUSSED in to protest? –why would they do that?
      Ever wonder why teachers get arrested ON CAMERA?
      Ever wonder why the NEWS MEDIA always shows up for union discontent no matter how small?

      ANSWER: SCORE-KEEPINGIt’s all about gathering points in the big book of democrat score-keeping. People are competing with others for job security, future promotions, and favors they may need to call-in sometime in the future.

      ►Want to GET a teaching job? –Better join the college democrats (points) better show up for protest rallies on campus (points) better join the teacher’s union when you are a student (points). YOUR NAME GOES TO THE TOP OF THE LIST when you apply for open job positions. Those that don’t do this, are not reliable union members, and are weeded out.
      ~When a job position is opened, a “list” of names of potential candidates gets sent from the state teacher’s union to come in for interviews.
      ~700 people apply for a job, yet only 10 are chosen. How do you think they are chosen? And then how do you think that one person is picked among the 10? —LOYALTY POINTS.

      ►At rallies, a manager is there taking attendance to give you “points” for showing up. The louder or more risky, the better. These are loyalty points the CIA, or a biker gang would use to get truly motivated members to move up the chain. Present situations and assess performance.
      ►Want the union to vigorously defend you when you slap a student? Better show up for rallies.
      ►Want your daughter put on the top of the list when she graduates from education school? (or any other favor you call in) Better have enough points towing the union line.
      ►Want to get promoted to the national level in broadcasting? Better dedicate 15 minutes of news coverage to union issues.
      ►Want to get that job at the N.Y. Times? Better have enough pro-union / democrat articles published under your name before applying.
      ►All those people at the Rose Bowl trying to recall Scott Walker? They are earning points for their future prosperity.
      ► Ever wonder why someone substituting for 10 years, is NEVER hired for a permanent job, after all those years of experience? And some dumb-butt right out of college gets in no problem? –points.
      They flip the excuses to get the person they want: “Oh we were looking for someone with a high G.P.A. We need someone with experience. We need more diversity. We need someone fresh out of college with the latest skill in theory/technology.” –whatever is your strongest skill, they will hire someone based on your competitions strongest skill, and keep changing it to get the people they want.
      Not a meritocracy, –all rigged.–and that is why the school system is filled with political HACKS instead of truly qualified people.

      ALL THAT VOCIFEROUS SCREAMING AND HOLLERING, drum beating, sign holding etc? —people trying to earn points. Who is REALLY sacrificing for the party when called upon, who is reliable, instead of those who just want a job?

      ~~And, who is the enemy. Make a long enemy list of those needing to be destroyed. Who is loudest on their side? Who is making a difference? –One of our people will accuse them of sexual harassment, and we will eliminate them. We will destroy them like Cain, Thomas, Joe the Plumber, and all the bill clinton accusers.

      ♣ All those political bundlers?–that get sweet ambassador jobs, or paper-pushing jobs? They earned enough points in the democrat system.
      ♣ All those planted people in the audience giving softball questions to democrats? They are asked to earn points by doing so, and they oblige.
      ♣ All those people who seem to get government loans, and grant money? They earned enough points in the system to qualify.

      IT’S ALL A RIGGED SYSTEM, it always had been.

      *Want to start a new business? If you are part of the rigged system, you should be ok. If not, it’s all red-tape, mysterious lawsuits, fines and penalties.
      *Want to get out of court for a crime? Are you part of the system? A union police officer? A reliable democrat who got caught? Well, let’s see if you paid enough in to your lawyer and the lawerocracy. No lawyer? Rot in prison, that’s your problem.
      It is an efficient system of kick-backs, and there are plenty of people wanting the money. Not Capitalism at all, just your typical communist system with levels of commissars, and goodies for party members only.

      *Republicans had ample opportunity to stop the gamesmanship.
      ~The Cloward-Piven “over flowing the system” immigration policy tactics that kills America, and gives votes to the democrats to boot!
      ~The democrat dependents on welfare and unemployment compensation for 199 weeks.
      ~The police who can’t seem to arrest a single Wisconsin protester.
      ~The voting booth that rewards illegals, felons, dead people, college students who vote on campus AND absentee ballot in their home state.
      ~The courts, and campus, that are unaccountable.
      ~The teachers and school system.
      ~The kick-back system for democrats.

      Outmaneuvered, and out-tacticed, out-thought once again. Republicans are just paper tigers, displaying their tough-talking matador defensive skills, getting steamrolled on every winnable issue…..

  2. canary says:

    Raids on Democracy in Cairo worse than before muslim youth’s revolution and Obama’s Arab Spring.

    Rueters: Egypt police raid U.S.-backed pro-democracy groups

    Dec 29 2011 By Marwa Awad and Sherine El Madany

    CAIRO (Reuters) –

    The official MENA news agency said the groups had been searched in an investigation into foreign funding.

    “The public prosecutor has searched 17 civil society organizations, local and foreign, as part of the foreign funding case,” MENA cited the prosecutor’s office as saying.

    Among groups targeted were the local offices of the U.S.-based International Republican Institute (IRI) and National Democratic Institute (NDI), a security source and employees at the organizations said.

    The U.S. State Department said the raids were “inconsistent with the bilateral cooperation we have had over many years” and urged Egyptian authorities to immediately halt “harassment” of non-governmental organization staff.

    “We do have a number of new reporting and transparency requirements on funding to Egypt that we have to make to Congress,” Nuland said.

    The groups added that such a campaign was “unprecedented even in the era of Mubarak and aimed to cover the failures of the military council in its management of the transitional period.”

    Images of troops beating demonstrators as they lay on the ground brought thousands of Egyptians onto the streets in protest. The harsh treatment of women protesters attracted particular attention.

    The NDI and IRI, which are loosely associated with the U.S. Democratic and Republican political parties and receive U.S. government funding, say they take a neutral political stance, fostering democracy in Egypt by training members of nascent parties in democratic processes.

    Other groups that were raided included U.S.-based Freedom House and local groups set up to defend judicial independence, individual freedoms and democracy, according to the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights.

    “For this to happen after what we call the ‘revolution’, I am astonished.”

    Egypt’s military has vowed to investigate how pro-democracy and rights organizations are funded and has said repeatedly it will not tolerate foreign interference in the country’s affairs.


    Hold on there muslim young ones. Even the muslim youth leaders behind the revolution said weren’t sure want Democracy really was, but they did not want the U.S. to dictate to them. And continuous announcements they do not want U.S. aid or funding, but Obama and Hillary just insist they take America’s money, and now look where it’s going. Obama is a traitor. Hillary turned into a zombie veggie as soon Obama picked her. Spent the term preparing for a wedding and hiding out.

  3. canary says:

    Obama’s newest War in Africa is appearing official as another order of U.S. ground Troops, more than Iraq was ordered. So much for the recent deployment of U.S. Troops to Africa for “training purposes”

    UPI: Panetta visits U.S. troops in Africa
    Dec 13 2011

    * U.S. defense chief blasts Israeli policy

    CAMP LEMONNIER, Djibouti, Dec. 13 (UPI) — U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said more U.S. troops will be stationed in the African country of Djibouti than in Iraq as priorities shift.

    “Djibouti is a central location for continuing the fight against terrorism, and we’ve made a hell of a lot of progress,” Panetta said.

    “This trip will also look at a turning point after 10 years of war. We’ll be touching a lot of key places that will reflect a lot of the achievements that have been accomplished over the last 10 years.”

    Read more: http://www.upi.com/Top_News/World-News/2011/12/13/Panetta-visits-US-troops-in-Africa/UPI-82951323790997/#ixzz1i9EkQt44


    BBC: Boko Haram attacks prompt Nigeria state of emergency

    Dec 31 2011

    Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan has declared a state of emergency in parts of the country following attacks from the Islamist group Boko Haram.

    International borders in the affected areas have been temporarily closed.

    It bombed the headquarters of the UN in August 2011, leaving at least 21 dead and has targeted police as well. It has also in the past targeted Muslim leaders.

    At least 42 people died in the Christmas Day bombings of churches and other targets. Tens of thousands of people have fled their homes in Maiduguri in Borno State, as well as other cities.

    The armed forces will provide a special unit with “dedicated counter-terrorism responsibilities” to be deployed to these states.

    The president added that his chief of defence staff had been instructed to take other “appropriate” measures, including setting up a special counter-terrorism force.

    “Nigeria being the body, they want to kill it,” Mr Jonathan added. “But nobody will allow them to do that.”

    While offering his condolences to victims’ relatives at St Theresa’s Church in Abuja the president said: “We will crush the terrorists.”

    Boko Haram, which originated in Maiduguri, wants to impose strict Sharia law across Nigeria.

    Earlier this week, Nigeria’s main Christian group warned that the community might have to defend itself if the security forces could not protect it.


    Just like senator Obama campaigned for Odinga to win election and make Sharia Law.
    Obama spent his adult hood pulling for Sharia Law in Africa and now sending our finest skilled U.S. Troops.

    More evidence Christians taking a beating globally and the main media not reporting on our soldiers being in another war. Why are our Republican leaders so quiet about this, instead of showing Obama has started more wars than Bush did.

  4. canary says:

    Obama looks forward to the arrival of “Obama Arab Spring II”

    Obama’s NATO summit to be held in Chicago IL most likely to fail against the growing Taliban movement which has partnered with Pakistan.

    Today’s News-Herald: AP – US wants 2012 talks for Taliban political office

    by Anne Gearan & Kathy Gannon Dec 30 2011

    WASHINGTON — The Obama administration hopes to restore momentum in the spring to U.S. talks with the Taliban insurgency that had reached a critical point before falling apart this month because of objections from Afghan President Hamid Karzai, U.S. and Afghan officials said.

    The U.S. officials spoke on condition of anonymity to describe the sensitive and precarious American outreach to the Taliban leadership.

    The trust-building measures under discussion involve a would-be Taliban headquarters office and the release from the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, of about five Afghan prisoners considered affiliated with the Taliban.

    The Taliban remains a potent fighting force and has shifted operations to other parts of the country.

    Although top U.S. military commanders say they cannot kill their way to military victory in Afghanistan,…

    With Obama planning to host a large NATO summit in his hometown of Chicago this spring, the administration would like some good news to announce.

    The Associated Press has learned the identity of some of the proposed transferees, including Khairullah Khairkhwa, former Taliban governor of Herat, and Mullah Mohammed Fazl, a former top Taliban military commander believed responsible for sectarian killings before the U.S. invasion that toppled the Taliban government in Afghanistan in 2001.

    “As soon as I was released, I met President Karzai and he promised that he would not allow Afghan prisoners to be sent anywhere except Afghanistan,” said Haji Ruhollah, an Afghan who was released from Guantanamo in 2010.

    The Associated Press is not identifying U.S. officials involved in the direct talks, in consideration for their safety.

    One member of the Taliban negotiating team has been publicly identified as Tayyab Aga, an emissary of Pakistan-based Taliban leader Mullah Mohammed Omar. Other participants include a former Taliban ambassador to Saudi Arabia and a former Taliban deputy health minister, the senior Afghan official said.


    “… before the U.S. invasion that toppled the Taliban government in Afghanistan in 2001.”

    gosh. This is what we get thanks to Obama and Biden’s soft approach.


    News 24: Afghan Woman Cuts Off Father-in-Law’s Penis


    * Wife cut off husband’s penis over guests
    * Woman takes ‘attacker’s’ penis to police

    Kabul –

    “One day when the husband was away from home he attempted to have sex with his daughter-in-law and she cut off his penis with a knife,” the doctor from a private hospital in Ghazni said on condition of anonymity.

    The man went for treatment at the private hospital but was sent on to the capital Kabul for specialist treatment, he added.

    According to figures in an Oxfam report in October, 87% of Afghan women report having experienced physical, sexual or psychological violence or forced marriage.


    Afghanistan women need to get on facebook and plan a revolution the Year of the muslim Women.
    U.S. Troops should aid them in this humanitarian effort.

  5. proreason says:

    Wow. Mark Levin pledges to do everything in his power to defeat Rand Paul if his father goes 3rd party.


    I’ve been really hard on Levin for the last couple of months for pushing candidates who can’t win, but you have to admire his guts. This assertion doesn’t strike me as something he is doing to garner ratings. And there can be no question that Levin is a big big Rand Paul fan, so this is a big frigging deal for Levin to say

    He means it when he says he loves his country.

    To the barricades. American patriots!!

    • Mithrandir says:


      Ordinarily, in other countries, smaller parties that can’t win much individually, make coalitions with similar parties to govern.

      NOT IN AMERICA! We are too SMART for that! We are going to screw each other so much, that the disaffected minority is going to take their votes and walk away.

      ~Donald Trump?–Screw him and his supporters, let him run 3rd Party.
      ~Ron Paul and his hysterically fired up legions? –Screw “crazy uncle Ron.” Let’s not find a role for him, let him walk away with his group and run 3rd party if he wants too.
      ~The Conservatives like Palin, Bachmann, Santorum? –Screw them! We will throw them a bone when Romney picks his V.P.
      ~Newt Gingrich? –Screw him, he can’t win, he has had less wives than Obama’s dad, but still more than 1.

      Instead of having 1 final candidate, and 6 enthusiastic runners-up spreading around the U.S.A. gearing up their supporters for a 2012 monster-coalition, let’s devour and separate each group through hatred and division and lose the whole thing to Obama. Let’s not learn from democrat failure of RALPH NADER in the 2000 election, let’s copy it! –Good call Levin!

      Ron Paul or Gingrich will never win in this rigged system! The democrats are the disabled, immobile, 800 pound fat woman, and the Republicans are the enabling husband who keeps shoveling food to her. It’s a dysfunctional co-dependent relationship. And Paul / Gingrich would disrupt that system.

      How can a CONSERVATIVE 2010 voting result have Romney at the top? Ever wonder how that’s possible? The Tea Party candidates gave the liberal Republicans a run for their money, yet a liberal Republican is ALWAYS at the top of the polls? —rigged. Just like how that liberal LOSER, John McCain, somehow got the nomination….the weakest candidate was chosen to take on Obama. No wonder I didn’t bother to vote in 2008.

      The trillion dollar system is rigged, what a surprise…

      UPDATE: Palin Agrees with Me.
      Palin: GOP better not marginalize Ron Paul and his supporters http://www.therightscoop.com/palin-gop-better-not-marginalize-ron-paul-and-his-supporters/

    • proreason says:

      Mith, I agree about Trump, Newt, Palin, Santorum, Cain, Bachman and everybody else except Ron Paul.

      He’s a conspiracy nut and a radical isolationist who is to the left of Obamy on foreign policy and in la-la land domestically, even though he is directionally correct domestically. When somebody is that far on the fringe, he can’t and shouldn’t be accomodated because doing so makes the coalition appear nutty as well. Plus, HE won’t compromise in the slightest way, so why should anybody accomodate to him? It just doesn’t make sense.

    • tranquil.night says:

      Not only won’t he compromise on his views, if you challenge the gospel according to Paul, even in the spirit of genuine debate, not provocation, the most common retort you’ll get by he or his disciples is merely to be demogogued as a statist.

      We don’t say it with the intention of being incendiary or provocative. Conservatives have been almost too humbly tolerant of the Paulbots. In whatever sense that Ron Paul is an effective spokesperson and organizational figurehead, he’s not a good leader for Constitutional Libertarianism but a placeholder, and he’s an awful ally to Conservatives. He is L. Ron Paulard from the church of the Zeitgeist. If he becomes our nominee, then I assume it’s because he’s going to be our intermediary to aliens in B-52s which the government has long known about and covered up.

      It’s good to hear Rand publically starting to poop on third party. Good on Levin for taking the stand.

    • Mithrandir says:


      I read the article. -And they are right, and exactly what I was thinking. It really is just a rigged system of pre-approved candidates with Brinks trucks full of money by big biz & big gov’t types who don’t want anyone to upset their system of things.

      Look at this Ron Paul video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=v8o5soqdCj8
      ~~Look at those career politicians, career lawyers, yucking it up, back-slapping each other, while AN ACTUAL productive citizen, DR. Ron Paul is standing by himself. –makes me sick!

      ►Both parties talk about responsible gov’t, THEN WHY DON’T WE HAVE ONE?
      ►Both talk about reducing the deficit, THEN WHY ISN’T IT REDUCED?
      ►Both talk about ‘gettin’ the man off my back’ and ‘don’t tread on me’, THEN WHY DO WE HAVE AN OPPRESSIVE, ‘IN YOUR FACE’ GOV’T?
      ►Both lovingly talk about the Constitution, THEN WHY AREN’T THEY FOLLOWING IT?

      It’s rigged guys. The vote is totally corrupt and untrustworthy, (they want it that way, otherwise it would have been changed already) our candidates are selected for us, they pretend to argue in front of us, but smoke cigars and drink cognac together behind the scenes (Video: you see our ‘humble servants’ Hillary and Giuliani hangin’ together, and dirtbag John Edwards hangin’ with dirtbag John McCain—yech..). For all the money we spend on their salaries every year, what services have they improved for us, streamlined, or eliminated? (Gingrich: welfare reform, balanced budget)

      The crazy people give us $15.22 Trillion in debt, an unworkable healthcare scheme, lifetime appointments for judges and themselves, wars that were never Constitutionally declared, no end to affirmative action, no end to aliens streaming across our border…..AND RON PAUL IS THE NUTTY ONE?Puh! We would be so lucky to have a less insane person at the helm, than they ones that have been handed to us.

      Stay on the U.S.S. Titanic and just change captains every 4 years. See if that makes any difference in your entire lifetime. Gingrich or Paul would make a difference, that is why they are always labeled as “DANGEROUS.” –To who!? Not to me, it can’t get any worse for me, I own nothing. But to the corrupt people and corrupt system of things, they have everything to lose, and I hope they lose it all, as we can only gain from it.

  6. proreason says:

    If China collapses in 2012, Obamy will walk into 4 more years.


    This is one I wouldn’t attibute to the Soros Cabal, but it would be just as effective as bombing Iran. If China takes a serious downturn, the US economy will spurt, if for no other reason that to fill the vacuum. The S&P 500 could double.

    The author of the piece thinks a long decline is more likely. pray for that

  7. Laree says:

    Iowa First of 57 states ;) to vote in caucuses and primaries across the country to elect the republican nominee for President of the United States.

    Iowa First In The Nation, Prepares To Saddle Up & We’re Off To The Races.

    Some video of Imus Guest This Morning, James Carville and Frank Luntz both humping the inevitability of a Romney nomination, and simultaneously pointing how weak a candidate he will be in the General.


  8. DW says:

    From CNEWS:

    ‘Murder capital’ laying off cops
    By QMI Agency

    The city long known as “America’s murder capital” is laying off more than a hundred of its cops.

    Detroit’s police department announced Wednesday it will send layoff notices to 108 officers on Jan. 23, reported the Detroit Free Press.

    Chief Ralph Godbee is trying to have adjustments made to two federal grants in order to avoid most, if not all, of the job losses. But the department has to issue the layoff notices first, “to demonstrate hardship,” the report says.


    I’m not sure what sort of “adjustments” have to be made to the federal grants, but laying off frontline police officers in a violent city is seldom a good idea.

  9. DW says:

    Not that many people really care what the French do, but a heads-up never hurts in case the powers that be (on this side of the world), decide it’s a good idea…
    From Reuters:

    Give slim kids higher marks, diet guru
    By Vicky Buffery, Reuters

    PARIS – Pierre Dukan, the nutritionist behind the popular but controversial Dukan diet, has suggested that France tackle child obesity by giving extra exam marks for slimness.

    Dukan, who has sold 8 million copies of his diet book worldwide, made the proposal in a 250-page book called ‘An Open Letter to the Future President’, which he sent out on Tuesday to 16 candidates for France’s presidential election.

    The plan calls for high school students to be allowed to take a so-called “ideal weight” option in their final year exams, the “baccalaureat,” under which they would earn extra points if they kept a body mass index (BMI) of between 18 and 25.

    Those already overweight at the start of the two-year course would score double points if they managed to slim down over a period of two years.

    “It’s a fantastic motivator,” Dukan told Reuters.

    “The baccalaureat is really important in France. Kids want to get it, their parents want them to even more, so why not get them to work together on nutrition?”


    Silliness from the French -Mon Dieu!

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