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Selected News For The Week Feb 18 – Feb 24

This thread is for the busy bees of S&L to post news articles that may not warrant their own thread.

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This article was posted by Steve on Friday, February 17th, 2012. Comments are currently closed.

10 Responses to “Selected News For The Week Feb 18 – Feb 24”

  1. canary says:

    Consumer Affairs: Food Safety Experts Decry Moveon.org Smear
    Feb 17 2012

    Organization is accused of using “character assassination” against deputy FDA commission


    I’m having difficulty opening this article as it keeps closing. The Obama clan maybe be to blame.

  2. canary says:

    Update: Number of Americans and others held hostages continue to rise in Egypt. 6 Americans up to 16 Americans total with others now 46.

    The Washington Post: Egypt sets trial date for pro-democracy workers

    By Ernesto Londoño, Feb.18, 2012

    CAIRO — The trial of 43 people charged with unlawfully conducting pro-democracy work will begin Feb. 26, state media reported Saturday, in the latest sign that the Egyptian government is disinclined to heed Washington’s warning that failure to drop the matter could lead to a cut off of U.S. aid.

    The announcement of a trial date for the defendants, including at least 16 Americans, came as the state-run newspaper, al-Ahram, published several stories that portrayed the work of the non-government organizations as underhanded and a threat to Egypt’s sovereignty.

    The newspaper also said that Gen. Martin E. Dempsey, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, had asked Egyptian officials during a recent visit to the country to let him take the seven Americans under indictment who remain in Cairo on his military plane.

    A spokesman for Dempsey declined to comment on the report.

    The highest-profile defendant in the case is IRI’s Egypt director, Sam LaHood, the son of U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood.

    Special correspondent Ingy Hassieb contributed to this report.

    A military plane for only 7 of 16 Americans? With possible life insurance policy on a high profile hostage who can say which Americans our country is biased in saving.

  3. canary says:

    update on Asian al-Qaida’s connections from one of Obama’s several home countries

    Kompas: Umar Patek Frustrated in His Quest to Fight American Soldiers

    Jimmy Hitipeuw | Senin, 20 Februari 2012

    JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com — A top Indonesian terror suspect captured in the Pakistani town where Osama bin Laden was later killed insists he was unaware of the al-Qaida leader’s presence there, according to the video of his interrogation obtained by The Associated Press.

    Alleged master bomb maker Umar Patek also described his frustration in re-establishing militant ties in his quest to go to Afghanistan and fight American soldiers.

    Patek, whose trial resumes Monday in Jakarta for his alleged role in the Bali bombings that killed more than 200,…

    “Islamist radical groups in Southeast Asia, particularly those in the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia have been damaged but they are still dangerous,” she told the AP.

    “They can stand their own ground. They are not linked to al-Qaida in any traditional way, but we have seen new waves of groups — to which al-Qaida is not connected at all — emerge and become more of a threat in Indonesia,” she said.

    The 30-minute video of the interrogation by Indonesian police in September on his return home shows the 45-year-old insisting he was in Pakistan on a personal mission to go to Afghanistan with his wife and conduct jihad there.

    A smiling Patek, dressed in a white robe and a gold-white striped skull cap, says in the video: “This was a personal mission of mine to journey to Afghanistan….”

    “It was pure coincidence that I was in the same town as Osama bin Laden … It had to be God’s will.”

    Patek admitted to building the bomb during an earlier interrogation in Pakistan immediately after his arrest. He could face death by firing squad if convicted of various terrorism-related charges.

    Akhtar was deported from Indonesia on August 27, 2010, for overstaying his visa. Three days later, Patek and his Filipino wife followed, using forged passports and stayed in Akhtar’s house for two months. He later moved to the town of Multan to learn honey production and also got a visa extension for another three months.

    During his five month stay in Pakistan, Patek said, he didn’t do anything except trade in honey while waiting for his militant contact, Badar, who finally came to pick him up from Multan.

    Badar and another man who identified himself as Haidar, took Patek and his wife to Abbottabad in January 2011, he said.

    Nine days later, a squad of heavily armed Pakistani intelligence agents raided the house and captured Patek after shooting him in the thigh.


    Interesting Indonesia has the firing squad

    Sticking Patek in a giant hive of killer bee’s might be more honorable and more acceptable among the go greenies.

    note. While, Obama, friends, and his mother visited Pakistan several times in his college years it’s not one of the home countries he staked claimed to.

    U.S. Marine foot soldiers increasing their fighting al-Qaida in the Philippines. Whose next.

  4. Anonymoose says:


    BAGRAM AIR BASE, Afghanistan — Deeply angered over the improper disposal of copies of the Koran by U.S. troops, thousands of Afghans on Tuesday tried to storm the largest U.S. base in Afghanistan.

    The protests erupted early in the morning, after Afghans working inside the Bagram air base reported to local residents that a number of copies of the Koran had been burned.

    • canary says:

      Said it was an accident.
      The video starting with apology from the top U.S. commander in Afghanistan Gen. John R. Allen officially speaking in front of the Afghanistan Flag (puke) starting and ending his speech in Arabic Language to include a better middle-eastern accent than Obama’s “kerrrrrrOnnn”.

      I hope it wasn’t a delusional defense mechanism that I thought I saw I twinkle in 4 Star General Allen’s ending, hinting that maybe afterward he cracked up laughing with others of his performance. lol!.
      So was their a twinkle? Can’t bare to watch again.

      Like everyone or anyone is going to officially escort the accidently charred KerrrOn’s to Kabul for the great Karzai to personally inspect and investigate to see if was an accident. They should take them to an area or cave our brave U.S. soldiers need destroyed.

  5. canary says:

    Iran’s Ahmadman advising Hugo Chavez to blame the Jews for upcoming Venezuelan spring.

    The Washington Post: Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez faces an uprising at the ballot box

    (entire article at link below)
    By Jackson Diehl, Published: February 19

    On Feb. 12, Henrique Capriles Radonski, a 39-year-old Venezuelan state governor, won a primary election to become the opposition’s candidate against Hugo Chavez in October’s presidential election. He won 1.8 million of an astonishing 3 million votes — double the turnout predicted by most analysts.

    The next day, Capriles, a devout Catholic, was greeted by a commentary on the government-run Web site of Venezuelan National Radio titled “The Enemy Is Zionism.” Capriles, it explained, is the descendant of Jews. (In fact, his grandmother was a Holocaust survivor who emigrated from Poland to Venezuela.)

    …And so on.

    “Zionism,” it concludes, “is owner of the majority of the financial institutions of the planet, controls almost 80 percent of the world economy and virtually all of the communications industry, in addition to maintaining decision-making positions within the U.S. Department of State and European powers.”

    Thus began the latest — and what will surely be the ugliest — political campaign by Chavez, a ruler who has served as a friend in need to Moammar Gaddafi, Bashar al-Assad and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad — and who now is facing his own homegrown democratic uprising. But Venezuela’s spring differs from those of Libya, Syria or Iran: Instead of pouring into the streets, Venezuelans — fed up with the chaos and violence of Chavez’s 13 years in power — are marching to the polls and trying to restore the country’s crippled and compromised institutions.

    The opposition Capriles now heads has learned lessons that might benefit some of the revolutionaries of the Middle East….

    The opposition could have turned savage; instead it grew civil. Capriles, lanky and somewhat wonky, has insisted on pursuing power peacefully and by electoral means, even when the playing field is tilted.

    Chavez has responded by importing the rhetoric of the Holocaust-denying Ahmadinejad, whom he recently welcomed to Caracas.

    A lot of Venezuelans worry that one way or another, the country is headed for an implosion.

    entire article

    Chavez’s fights Venezuelan’s Spring claiming the Jews own the globe. With their media the people might believe the fantasy.

  6. canary says:

    Iran will shoot first their enemies, if their national interests are endangered, not allow inspections only talks.

    CBS/AP Iran: Pre-emptive strike against enemies possible

    Feb 21 2012

    In a clear shot across the bow, the deputy head of Iran’s armed forces, Mohammad Hejazi, told state media on Tuesday: “Our strategy now is that if we feel our enemies want to endanger Iran’s national interests, and want to decide to do that, we will act without waiting for their actions,” according to the Reuters news agency.

    Hejazi’s comments come as another Iranian official said that a U.N. team visiting Iran has no plans to inspect the country’s nuclear facilities and will only hold talks with officials in Tehran.

    The remarks by Ramin Mehmanparast cast doubt on how much the U.N. inspectors would be able to gauge whether Iran is moving ahead with its suspected pursuit of nuclear weapons.

    The official news agency IRNA said the four-day air
    defense war games, dubbed “Sarallah,” or “God’s Revenge,”
    were taking place in the south of the country and involve anti-aircraft batteries, radar, and warplanes. The drill will be held over 73,000 square miles near the port of Bushehr, the site of Iran’s lone nuclear power plant.

    Iran has held multiple air, land, and sea maneuvers in recent months as the tensions increase.


    Sarallah (muslim god’s revenge) over 73,000 square miles. Where’s Pink Code & the greenies.

  7. canary says:

    FoxNews: Pentagon: Iranian ship didn’t dock at Syrian port

    Feb 21 2012
    Published February 21, 2012

    Iranian state-run Press TV said Saturday that an Iranian navy destroyer and a supply ship had docked in the port of Tartus to provide training to ally Syria’s naval forces, as Syria tries to crush the opposition movement.

    Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2012/02/21/pentagon-iranian-ship-didnt-dock-at-syrian-port/#ixzz1n9iZX5Oo

    The headlines are splashing that al-Qaida are moving to Syria for the revolution; Iraq happy their leaving as violence has dropped.

    The Holy Bible’s book of Zechariah makes this look more like a WW III.

    Obama just doesn’t want to give it a name. He’s too busy having Brad & Angelina to discuss a Hurricane worn city they chose to reside at.

  8. canary says:

    Iranian Scientist’s Wife Says Husband Sought Annihilation of Israel

    By Jeffrey Goldberg – Feb 24 2020

    The wife of Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan Behdast, the scientist was assassinated in Tehran last month, says her husband’s “ultimate goal was the annihilation of Israel.” Why would someone involved in Iran’s peaceful nuclear program have as a goal the murder of six million Jews?

    Bolouri Kashani also underlined that her spouse loved any resistance figure in his life who was willing to fight the Zionist regime and supported the rights of the oppressed Palestinian nation.

    Roshan was killed on the second anniversary of the martyrdom of Iranian university professor and nuclear scientist, Massoud Ali Mohammadi, who was also assassinated in a terrorist bomb attack in Tehran in January 2010.

    The method used for Roshan’s assassination was similar to the 2010 terrorist bomb attacks against the then university professor, Fereidoun Abbassi Davani – who is now the head of Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization – and his colleague Majid Shahriari. Abbasi Davani survived the attack, while Shahriari was martyred.


    Note this Council on Foreign Affairs tells the U.S. what to do, totally not addressing world-wide media blitz that Al-Qaida is now entering Syria in droves. When the “opposition” is behind the attacks against Israel after Egypt’s revolution ended with opening the gates into Israel, along with climbing over barb wire fences. Israel has no friends. Shame on the Council on Foreign Relations, the UN and NATO

    The Council on Foreign Affairs: What Next on Syria?

    by Elliott Abrams Feb 21, 2012

    What should the United States do about the continuing attacks by the Assad regime on the population of Syria? The Council on Foreign Relations asked several Senior Fellows to answer that question, and the short replies are here.

    My own reply was this:

    Pundits are used to analyzing the gap between what our ideals suggest and what our security interests require…. It is also Iran’s only Arab ally, the arms supplier to Hezbollah, and an enemy of the United States that worked hard to send jihadis to Iraq to kill Americans.

    So the fall of the regime should be an American policy goal, and in this we will have considerable Arab and European support. The likely Sunni-led replacement will not have the close relationship with Iran and Hezbollah that the Assad clique has established.

    The so-called Free Syrian Army, which began with little more than press releases, is now a force in the thousands and we should be helping arm and fund it.

    The United States should encourage the arming and funding of the opposition, to give them a better chance to defend themselves and the protesters and to overthrow the regime.

    Moreover, we should avoid the false moral equivalence that leads people to say, “Oh, don’t arm anyone, just call for a ceasefire.” As in Darfur or Kosovo, such calls are in reality an abandonment of people fighting against oppression.

    What should we do? The United States should encourage the arming and funding of the opposition, to give them a better chance to defend themselves and the protesters and to overthrow the regime.


    For the entire b.s. by Abrams read link above. It’s one think to say America should murder Israel by proxy, but the insanity of U.S. aiding Al-Qaida (were not talking under guise of the muslim youth, or muslim brotherhood, we are talking about U.S. providing arms that will end up in the hands of Al-Qaida.
    Brazen for Abrams to write such insanity, and he should be closely watched by intelligence.

  9. canary says:

    Under Obama’s presidency, Children in Africa forced to kill and commit suicide bombing has skyrocketed to include their working for Al-Qaida or else beheaded.

    LA Times: Report shows increase in forced recruitment of children to fight in Somalia conflict

    Feb 23, 2012

    JOHANNESBURG _ Sixteen boys waited on a dusty football field in Hamar Weyne district of Mogadishu, Somalia to play a match. They had put their names down the day before and expected another team would turn up to play.

    Instead, a group of militants drove up on that December day in 2010. They were from Al Shabab, linked with al-Qaida and known for recruiting child soldiers as cannon fodder.

    “They were armed with AK-47’s and told us that playing football was not helpful and they would turn us into jihadis. They took 16 of us between the ages of 10 and 16,” one 14-year-old Mogadishu boy told…

    The report says all parties in Somalia’s long war have pressed children into the fight and that recruitment has increased in recent years. United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has reported that about 2,000 children were forced to fight in 2010 alone.

    “They were sent to the front lines or forced to act as porters, spies and suicide bombers.

    “One of my friends who was older than me, they came and started with him, the same as they did to me, and he refused and they left him,” the boy said. “But another day they found him on the street and shot him.”

    A 13-year-old girl from the town of El Ashabiya said her 16-year-old brother’s head was left beside the family home after he refused to fight.
    “Al Shabab said to my elder brother, ‘Come with us,'” she said. “He refused and they beheaded him.”

    Out of all my classmates, about 100 boys, only two of us escaped. The rest were killed.”

    “The Transitional Federal Government was always meant to be just that: transitional,” Clinton noted. “And it is past time for that transition to occur and for Somalia to have a stable government.”

    “The people of Somalia have waited many years,” she said….

    FYI Hillary and Obama cared less.

    I kid you not, some Christian youth churches are trying to convince Christian youth to go to Syria and hold concerts, telling them it’s safe because the Syrians are to busy killing each other and the Christians are getting a break from prosecution.


    wake up people.

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