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Selected News For The Week June 2 – June 8

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    This article was posted by Steve on Friday, June 1st, 2012. Comments are currently closed.

    18 Responses to “Selected News For The Week June 2 – June 8”

    1. Anonymoose says:


      A gay pornstar who dated a transsexual and a female serial killer, is obsessed with the Eiffel Tower and Moulin Rouge, fed a live kitten to a snake, apparently killed some other kittens in a bag and cannibalized his lover and mailed the body parts to political parties in Canada is on the run from justice disguised as a woman. I don’t think it can get more screwed up than this, and sounds like the result of one of Hollywood’s “enlightened” and “critically acclaimed” movies. And it’s all because he hates his father….where have we heard that before?

      • Rusty Shackleford says:

        Sorry, I stopped reading at “Gay”.

        Was there something important about this?

        No personal slight intended, I have just simply grown tired of, here in America, the party of no labels that insists on getting out the Dymo tape and marking up every shelf, drawer, coffee can and pickle jar.

        Physically challenged
        Mentally challenged
        Single mother
        Senior Citizen
        “The Poor”

        The Romulans,
        The friggin’ Klingons

        On and on and on. Gag!

        Everybody who “just wants to be treated as an equal” spends ridiculous sums of time and money to make sure that’s exactly NOT the case. “I’m different” “I’m special” but don’t single me out while I have a parade where YOU’RE not allowed.

        Congressional BLACK caucus
        Black Urban Studies
        Blacks-only dormitories

        All that argument of “separate-but-equal” seems to be a moot point now, dunnit? I mean, you didn’t want to be separated…..but now you insist on it. Oh, it’s you who’s doing it, so that makes it ok. I see. But if I have a club and don’t want YOU in it, I can’t do that. So, now I get how that “equality” thing works out.

        When is humanity gonna grow the f*** up?

        So you’re gay. So what? I DON’T CARE

        So you’re black/hispanic/asian/irish/jewish, etc etc. I STILL DON’T CARE.

        That’s what EQUAL means. I dislike you just as much as that white, anglo, hetero dude who just cut me off with his 1990 Oldsmobuick while giving me the finger.

        Dislike you cuz you’re not like me? Well, although in most social circles that’s generally a given, I’ll make it more appetizing. I don’t like you cuz you’re an a**hole. How’s that? You get in my face and preach equality to me while putting down everything I worked for and fought for, which, by the way includes YOUR sorry a**, then I think I have a RIGHT to dislike you.

        You also do not have the right to NOT be offended. If I say something that offends you, get over it. I would never intentionally hurt your feelings but if your suit of public armor is rice-paper thin, well, stay away from people who use flame in their daily lives. That includes whoever is sitting next to you at the restaurant and having a private conversation. Just because you can hear it doesn’t mean that you can call the authorities and complain that they used a racial slur or said something about killing commies. It’s conversation.

        70+% of the nation is still conservative. That means we largely feel that our rights end where someone else’s nose begins. We try to conduct ourselves politely but you really bring out the anger in us. Nevertheless, we tolerate your buffoonery and insidious agit-prop and strawmen arguments. We put up with your accusations of “unfairness” while we actually realize that true, actual equal and fair are unattainable utopian wet dreams. What IS attainable is equality of opportunity and the right to FAIL.

        OK…I’m done now. But if you sit next to me at a bar, you’d better be prepared to hear me say disgusting things about your chosen chair-warmer prezideezee. He’s a jerk and needs a wet-nurse. He whines incessantly and can’t wipe himself without getting a paper cut. He’s a died-in-the-wool socialist and yet, he doesn’t even know what that means.


      • Rusty Shackleford says:


        Please don’t misinterpret this rant as being directed at you. When I use the euphemistic “you” in the rant, it’s directed at the flaming idiots on the left.

      • DW says:

        OK…I’m done now. But if you sit next to me at a bar, you’d better be prepared to hear me say disgusting things about…

        Rusty, I really hope some day I get the opportunity to occupy that bar stool. Well said, Sir. Very well said.

      • mr_bill says:

        Well said, Rusty! The label-people are thoroughly disgusting. They are a bunch of people with inferiority complexes in search of something to make them “special” (except actual achievement, that would be hard). They are the sort of people who hold the Guiness record for largest collection of toe nail clippings. They feel that having some innane “record” catapults them into the category of “firsts” like Neil Armstrong, Sir Edmund Hillary, or Ferdinand Magellan.

        Alexander Graham Bell: Historically significant
        First adopted black transgender lesbian single mother with twins to have tea with the second black president in the Oval Office: popcorn farts are more significant.

        These people cling to their labels like a child to a teddy bear, instead of actually achieving something that might make them notable. If Bell had been the first gay bearded man to ride the trolly in San Francisco, he wouldn’t have ranked so much as a footnote in the pages of history.

        The labels were given to us by liberals and statists in order to divide and pander. Those who willingly embrace their labels and wear them like a badge of honor are self-loathing underachievers who are no more special than a pair of shoe laces. They claim to be empowered, when in fact they are weak and ignorant. Rather than define themselves by accomplishment, they are content to allow others to define them with labels like those you listed.

        This decay of achievement is another blight on society brought to us by liberals, socialists, statists, and democrats.

    2. Anonymoose says:

      That’s okay, Rusty, I feel the same way. With this guy he epitomized all the things liberals demand us to accept as normal–up until he committed the animal cruelty (which people are rightly upset about and he should have been jailed for) and the murder. Now they act like it somehow just all came out of the blue rather than having been there all along.

      • DW says:

        Well, if nothing else, Moose, this whole bizarro incident will probably result in some reporters dragging Karla Homolka out into the sunlight for a few days.

        Not that that’ll do any good for anyone but at least it’ll annoy the little cockroach.

    3. Curiosity says:

      Apparently Dayton opened a Domestic Partner Registry yesterday. I thought that was new to Ohio, but I guess Cleveland has had one since 2009, probably among others.

    4. Curiosity says:

      While I’m posting, a few weeks back the Army was looking into making the ranger school co-ed.

      One of the commenters said it well:

      “[T]he services are either bending to PC or doing their due diligence in showing the sexes actually are different.

      If the standards aren’t the same we’ll know if the generals are more interested in advancement than ensuring the military can do its mission. “

    5. Anonymoose says:


      The New York Slimes examines the theory of “gaydar” which would be funny if they weren’t so serious. For example look at the brilliant snippets:

      “That would be consistent with how our society applies gender norms to men: very strictly. (Decades of research has established that, at least in our culture, it is considered much more problematic for a boy to play with Barbie dolls than for a girl to play rough-and-tumble sports.) ”

      I thought that Barbie dolls were an unrealistic body image thing for girls as it’s something they could never achieve…wait these are boys….well, I’m sure there’s some imaginary culture where it’s OK.

      “We know that gaydar research may elicit discomfort. To some, the idea that it’s possible to perceive others’ sexual orientation from observation alone seems to imply prejudice, as if having gaydar makes you homophobic. We disagree: adults with normal perceptual abilities can differentiate the faces of men and women, and of black and white people, but such abilities do not make us sexist or racist. ”

      Really? I’d been told my whole adult life you can’t tell if someone is gay or not but now I guess it’s as simple as looking at them.

      Lastly, the meat of the article:

      “Though gaydar may not be driven by homophobia, it is relevant to discrimination policy. One of the arguments against nondiscrimination protection for lesbian, gay and bisexual people is that if sexual minorities concealed their identities — à la “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” — discrimination would not be possible. We believe that such policies are unfair. But fairness aside, scientific experiments like ours indicate that such policies are also ineffective: discrimination against sexual minorities would not be eliminated by nondisclosure of sexual orientation, since sexual identity can be detected through appearance alone. ”

      Everyone should be out and proud I guess.

      • Rusty Shackleford says:

        I simply prefer to stay the f*** away from them when my “gaydar” is making my screen explode. I am a mammal. That means my instincts are for self-preservation and to shun things that I don’t like, for whatever reason.

        But in current world-idiocy, I am the pack animal that is left to fend for itself because the pack goes off and drinks the water that they all s*** in and leave their other refuse, so it works out for me. Human mammalian behavior is not very different than it was in Roman times, in Greek times, in Lycian times.

        There was myth, religion, “magic” and tribal leaders and government. Men were soldiers, charged with protecting people, places and things. Women were mothers, charged with raising families and the two worked together to educate their offspring and prepare them for the nasty, cruel, unfair world.

        That gays have existed all this time is testimony to a particular problem with the complexity of the DNA strands. But I do get sick of one day they say “I was born this way” and then on some other day it’s a “lifestyle choice”.

        The one thing that has changed in human society is the fact that people have bastardized language to get words to mean something they don’t. Sure, you might be a very able mechanic or even a soldier but when I go out with the guys to meet women, I don’t want you along because you insist on fruiting up the whole party by picking up your boyfriend along the way. How can we stand in the bar and smack-talk while two peter-puffers are in our midst, or, if we decide to do it anyhow and to hell with them, who’s to say they don’t take such serious offense as to want to punish the whole group? That could be with violence, vandalization of personal property, spreading rumors, etc.

        As I said in another blog, the root cause of problems that people have these days is their own misdirected anger. Starts often enough with self-loathing and anger at their situation, and grows when they don’t learn that they aren’t accepted. So they instead form groups that DEMAND they are not only accepted but EMBRACED. What a crock.

        Now, to be perfectly reasonable and fair, I’m all about reasonable and fair but why is it that queers end up in interior decorating, wait-staff, flight attendants, the fashion market, both men’s and women’s, and also gravitate to Hollywood and other places where the social norms are skewed?

        I have no problem with a construction worker who’s gay but keeps it to himself. He doesn’t need to know my personal private sex-life and I damn sure don’t need to know about his.

        In other words, I DON’T CARE. Keep it to yourself.

        However, when I see the flannel-shirt, work-boot wearing, crew-cut bull dyke smoking a cigar and talking like a recruit, it’s disturbing. No, not that I think of them as “less of a person”, they have all the same rights I do…or do they? They seem to demand that I ACCEPT them. Well, I can do that which includes that I do my thing, you do yours. I don’t hang out with NASCAR fans because I don’t care for NASCAR, not because I think they are horrible or odd. But by the same token, there are people I don’t hang out with because they ARE horrible and odd and bull dykes are included in that discrimination. Yes, discrimination.

        People discriminate as a natural part of being a mammal. If I didn’t discriminate, I’d eat yard-grass for salad and use gasoline for dressing. So to the degree I can pick and choose who I accept to be around and have for friends, gays are not included. I don’t think like them, see the world the way they do and I couldn’t care less if they were here or not, other than they tend to ruin certain, otherwise pleasant tourist locations. I’ll never go to San Francisco again.

        I also don’t hang around gang-bangers, dope-heads, car-thieves, child molesters, tax-cheats, car-salesmen, cops, and on and on. My interests are different than theirs and I’m using some of the absurd to make that point. I don’t bowl so…should every bowler in the country have a “bowling pride parade” and DEMAND that I recognize their avocation? Sounds silly doesn’t it?

        Well, it’s just as silly to demand I ACCEPT your sexual ways, gays. And, another thing, you ruined the word “gay” for the rest of us. You’re homosexuals. I’ll not go on the long list that society has for the euphemisms that are so appropriate for your behavior.

        If you like interior decorating, fine. But don’t expect me to call you up and figure out how to make my apartment more “warm” or “inviting”. I tolerate the way you’re wired, you damn well better tolerate the way I am. There are far more people on the earth like me than like you. I won’t take away your basic constitutional rights so don’t get in my face and tell me that because I called you a faggot, I somehow violated them. You are what you are. The majority of society doesn’t like it. And your being loud about it just makes it worse for you. Makes us not like you all that much more.

        Doesn’t mean I’m gonna try to hurt you but if I choose not to hire you, that should be MY choice, not the government’s. Not yours, either. I worked at a law firm where we had a flaming homosexual who had to interview clients and the class-action case was suffering because they took objection to having to talk to him. He was to the point of actually igniting spontaneously, he was that “out” with it. Couldn’t understand why other people were bugged about it.

        But that’s part of their selfish little world.

      • mr_bill says:

        Well the “gaydar” seems to work because the homosexuals won’t shut up about being queer. When some swishy homo walks in wearing an earring, a NAMBLA T-Shirt, and ass-less chaps with a rainbow tattoo on his forearm and won’t stop lisping about the gay pride parade, I think it’s a pretty safe bet that person is a flaming homo.

        Nobody wants to hang out with the fanboy who can’t stop blathering on about the newest iPhone, or the newest video game, or whatever. This applies to homos, too. Go be gay and shut up about it. I don’t march around in straight pride parades. I don’t make out with my girlfriend in public and I don’t want to see that behavior from others, unless you are the bride and groom in a wedding.

    6. Anonymoose says:


      “Inequality Dates Back to Stone Age”

      This is actually one of the more depressing articles I read. For a long time “Global Warming” has been polluting science as researchers try to find things to prove it true rather than look at it objectively or just admit it’s to complex to sort out. Now it looks like the left wing critical social theory is taking root in real science also.

      “It seems the Neolithic era introduced heritable property (land and livestock) into Europe and that wealth inequality got underway when this happened. After that, of course, there was no looking back: through the Bronze Age, Iron Age and Industrial era wealth inequality increased but the ‘seeds’ of inequality were sown way back in the Neolithic.”

      Reality check here people. The world’s not a nice place and until recently there wasn’t enough to go around for everyone to even live. People looked out for their own family or tribe first, and forget everyone else–because guess what? Split up what you have with them and everyone starves. Or they may decide they can use your stuff better than you and just take it. You also look out for and provide for your own children. If you’ve got some good farmland why the not would you give it to your children when you’re gone?

      The article also complains about “patrilocality,” the idea of male centered families and ownership of property. Guess what, that’s the way it was back then, and still is in many parts of the world. You can argue one way or another (matriarchies have also existed) but to say it’s all part of some bad thing that has continued to the present is ridiculous. It’s bluntly a researcher taking the “modern” idea of distributing the wealth and applying it to history.

    7. canary says:

      Saudis Demand Punishment for McDonald’s Toy They Say “Insults Muhammed”

      by Raymond Ibrahim May 28 2012

      According to the Saudis, the designs that appear all around the base, where the figure stomps its foot, is really the name “Muhammed” written several times in circles.

      Saudi Arabians are angry at a McDonald’s toy which they say mocks their prophet Muhammad. According to a report appearing today (5/27/12) on the Arabic news website, Kermalkom.com, the McDonald’s fast food restaurant “abused the Prophet Muhammad by placing his name at the base of a toy that is being distributed as part of the Happy Meal, a toy which steps on the name ‘Muhammad.'”

      The toy consists of a blue superhero figurine (apparently a Power Ranger Samurai; click here for pictures).


      The Saudi Arabs better check to see if something is in their water making them see things that aren’t there.
      Dang. Come out with an Obama figure bowing to the Saudi King to pacify the blind lunatics.

    8. canary says:

      Rusty, I think it’s “special needs” not “challenged”. Great post!

      Once again, just as last election I see the lack of people willing to discuss who they will vote because they don’t want to be labeled racist and evil words.

      After Obama was elected I never recalled this ever before when someone won the presidency that someone did not like say this.

      “Well, no matter what we must support and stand behind our President”.

      What the heck does that mean. Did I miss some class or article that I was suppose to say this. I ran into one of the most conservative people I know, a compassionate, fair, and honest man, and I overheard him say this. I said, “It’s okay. You can speak to me freely, because I voted for McCain too. Our country has a terrible president and we will have to try and stop many of the plans he has”.

      Give me liberty or give me death. So many times I’ve asked myself, if I can adapt. I happened to see Dr. Zhivago for the first time, and was stunned, because common since led me to tell my son how we’d all be told where to live and all. And watching his house get filled with people, and then he got in trouble for finding an old board to burn for fire. That’s it. That’s what I pictured especially with Obama’s EPA. If students watched Dr. Zhivago it would tame compared to the Great Gatsby book plus movie. I can’t believe our children are watching it and other “R” rated movies without parents consent & guidance.

      • Rusty Shackleford says:

        Special needs. Whatever.

        Point is that the left has to rename everything every five to ten years or even earlier because the oh-so-clever, non-discriminatory term they just came up with has gotten a “negative connotation”.

        There was a time, oh, back say about forty years ago when people just used good, common courtesy and people who were crippled and retarded were given the courtesy they needed. Few people used them as a doormat. In fact, if anyone is doing that, it’s, of course the left that does that in order to ride the morally superiority train.

        I’ve been sick of it for some time and the nastiest little part is that I don’t watch or read mainstream anything so I’ll get caught in the little landmines that the left sets for people. A few years ago I referred to an “oriental” fellow. The gasps were heard throughout the room and I was told later that the term is “Asian” now. WTF? Who gives a damn? Who decided that the left controls the narrative? Oh, that’s right..the LEFT did and if you don’t toe their line, you are persona non-grata.

        It’s hard for a guy like me who doesn’t really pay attention to the bullsh*t the left spews about this garbage and the constant new words I’m supposed to avoid or use. Yet they can still call me a honky or a cracker or round-eye and whitebread all they want and they are never held to account. Not that I care. I actually delight in our differences but not to the point of making a federal case out of it.

    9. canary says:

      Rusty, I’m with you. Obama is white trash as the following incident proves.

      The Blaze: President Obama Insults Former President Bush At His Own Portrait Hanging

      President Barack Obama Insults Former President George W. Bush At Bushs Portrait Hanging at White House

      President Barack Obama points to former President George W. Bush during a ceremony to unveil his official portrait, Thursday, May 31, 2012, in the East Room at the White House in Washington. (AP Photo/Charles Dharapak)

      Apparently, as with so many other things, some people who hold the Presidency have class and some don’t.

      President Obama on Thursday twisted the knife he‘d stuck in his predecessor’s legacy, reminding former President George W. Bush that he left the economy a mess and al Qaeda mastermind Osama bin Laden alive when he left the White House three years ago.

      “The months before I took the oath of office were a chaotic time,” Obama told a crowd of mostly former Bush administration officials and members of the Bush family, including Bush’s parents, former President George H.W. Bush and former first lady Barbara Bush.[…]

      Bush, however, was the picture of grace, not saying anything remotely insulting about Obama or his wife, and instead treating them with all the deference a sitting President might expect. Indeed, the only place where Bush could have been construed to say anything insulting was when he named his own wife the best First Lady ever, with his mother Barbara Bush maybe tying her. And as to himself, he didn’t pull any punches there, using his typical self-deprecating humor.

      “Madame First Lady, thank you so much for inviting our rowdy friends to my hanging,” he joked.

      article and video of President Bush’s class act after Obama’s white trash act.


      • canary says:

        Rusty, thanks for the heads up. I did not know Oriental was wrong and I’ve been using the description more and more, and will continue to do so out of respect as Asian is to broad. I’m stick’n to my guns (my opinion) on this.

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