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Selected News For The Week June 2 – June 8

This thread is for the busy bees of S&L to post news articles that might not warrant their own thread.

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    This article was posted by Steve on Friday, June 8th, 2012. Comments are currently closed.

    11 Responses to “Selected News For The Week June 2 – June 8”

    1. Mithrandir says:

      Parties locked in ‘McCarthyism’ row
      From the Korea Times: http://www.koreatimes.co.kr/www/news/nation/2012/06/116_112512.html

      President Lee Myung-bak vowed in his Memorial Day speech, Wednesday, not to tolerate forces that deny the order of free democracy, alluding to opposition lawmakers who sympathize with North Korea.

      For those keeping score at home, add South Korea to the list of countries whose liberals follow the same template:

      ►Former student activists, who become activist lawmakers.
      ►Communist regime sympathizers.
      ►Failure to condemn communist human rights atrocities.
      ►Voter irregularities.
      ►Accused of trying to undermine the constitution of Capitalistic societies.

      Conservative President Lee Myung-bak ended the policies of past liberal presidents who opened the floodgates of food, industrial and monetary aid to N.Korea for……..NOTHING IN RETURN! They basically fed Kim Jung Il’s soldiers and appeased a tyrant, for what? Well, in the last few years, N.Korea attacked a small island in “disputed waters” and sunk a S.Korean naval ship, the Cheonan. I guess sending food to stop terrorism is the only answer I can think of.

      Where are the negotiators doing their job? Where is Hillary Clinton who is doing “a fantastic job.” What has Hillary done? Anything? Other than some harsh words to Iran, honestly, WHAT has she done in 3.5 years?
      The U.S. and U.N. are technically still at war with N.Korea too, why allow this abuse to happen?

    2. GetBackJack says:

      I miss ProReason

      • potus4 says:

        As semi-regular visitor to this site, I too, miss his keen insight and sharp commentary. What are/were the circumstances of his absence? I am truly ignorant of his situation.

      • JohnMG says:

        Regardless of how insightful my commentary might be, or how passionately I might feel toward a topic of discussion,and no matter how much I may or may not agree with the host of this (or any other) site, I consider it only proper to remain respectful toward the party who makes the bandwidth for personal commentary possible.

        To all who were witness to the running commentary some months back, I feel Pro pushed the limits of Steve’s patience. Just my observation.

      • GetBackJack says:

        Oh my. I missed that. Went right over my head.

        I’m usually the guy who gets banned. Lucianne banned me for going after W’s historically catastrophic idiot position to refuse to enforce our borders, do anything about the vast surge of illegal aliens infiltrating us and implementing a Globalist agenda about population migration instead of defending the US and it’s Laws.

        And when I say banned … people who defended my position also got banned. Amy, Lucianne’s web-ogre is one pissy broad, let me tell you. I respect Lucianne, but the crew over there has been less than cordial.

        And then there was …. never mind. I still miss Pro.

      • JohnMG says:

        Wasn’t his position, Jack, nor were people who agreed with him banned. I agreed with him more often than not. But I learned a long time ago a number of adages that fit this circumstance, to wit;

        1. Never get into a pissing-contest with a skunk. You’re gonna lose.
        2. Don’t let one’s alligator mouth overload one’s hummingbird ass.
        3. Don’t let your (one’s own) mouth write a check your ass can’t cash.
        4. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

        I could go on. I’ve been banned from a site or two, not for my viewpoint, but for what the moderator thought was aggressive or inappropriate content. Never for insulting the host. I consider that bad form.

        But then, maybe that’s just me.

      • GetBackJack says:

        Lucianne didn’t kick me out because of my attitude of my conduct. She threw me under the bus for my opinions.

        I do know how to behave myself in another man’s house.

    3. Anonymoose says:


      “He steadfastly supports conservative candidates. He also steadfastly supports gay rights in general and marriage equality in particular. Along with a few other leading Wall Street financiers, he contributed and helped drum up the majority of the money — more than $1 million — that fueled the campaign for same-sex marriage in New York.

      He has given nearly $10 million of his own money to gay-rights initiatives, including the same-sex marriage efforts not only in New York but also in New Hampshire and New Jersey.”

      This is dangerous, and scary, as to why an otherwise Republican hedge fund manager is backing so many gay causes. Even further is the comments; in particular one guy saying that many gay couples don’t engage in sodomy while straight couples do. What, are we supposed to believe that in addition to being snapper dressers, morally superior, smarter, and more wholesome than straights that they’re chaste, too?

      I live in a town where it seems every other car has a rainbow bumper sticker, and this is the one of the few places I can vent about it all, but I imagine soon everything will be a hate crime.

      Put a bunch of any race of people on an island and as long as there’s food and shelter they’ll continue. Gays would always die out–yet they’re somehow supposed to be the same as any other minority.

      Gay is behavior, and from what I’ve seen is caused more by dysfunctional backgrounds and delayed development than some magic gene. Some of these dim bulb liberals I don’t think realize gays can’t reproduce on their own. Societies have tolerated gay behavior, but have never considered it “normal,” especially the idea of two adults as a couple with kids.

      I’m so tired of this all that why don’t we just go ahead and give them their “marriage,” just with no provision for divorce or separation. That’s right, I want to see them back up about how important this is and how the world is just going to come to an end unless they can just get “married.” After all the histrionics, screaming, and hatred, I don’t think it would be even a year before they would be screaming just as loud about the inequality of being stuck together for life.

    4. David says:

      Thought I would share this incite with this community, it seemed a bit hypocritical. So Michelle Obama is encouraging people to send money to for Father’s day because he is such a great dad (See this).
      Yet my school had to change our commencement date t specifically allow Michelle to come speak on Sunday instead of the traditional Saturday (see ). So why should we give money to a guy you won’t even spend Father’s day with and instead will be on the other side of the country. The talk is that their daughters will be with her to visit their uncle (our basketball coach).

    5. Rusty Shackleford says:

      What Obamacare Will Look Like in 2020



      Greek health system crumbles under weight of crisis

      By Karolina Tagaris

      ATHENS | Thu Jun 14, 2012 4:09pm EDT

      (Reuters) – Greece’s rundown state hospitals are cutting off vital drugs, limiting non-urgent operations and rationing even basic medical materials for exhausted doctors as a combination of economic crisis and political stalemate strangle health funding.

      But the “experts” in the US say, “This could never happen here.”

      With Greece now in its fifth year of deep recession, trapped under Europe’s biggest public debt burden and dependent on international help to keep paying its bills, the effects are starting to bite deeply into vital services.

      “It’s a matter of life and death for us,” said Persefoni Mitta, head of the Cancer Patients’ Association, recounting the dozens of calls she gets a day from Greeks needing pricey, hard-to-find cancer drugs. “Why are they depriving us of life?”

      Why indeed?

      Greece, a member of the euro zone that groups some of the richest nations on earth, has descended so far that drugmakers are even working on emergency plans to keep medicines flowing into the country should it crash out of the currency bloc.

      The emergency has grown out of a tangle of unpaid bills, with pharmacists and doctors complaining of being unable to pay suppliers until competing health insurers clear a growing backlog of unfilled state payments.

      Greece imports nearly all its medicines and relies heavily on patented rather than cheaper generic drugs, making it vulnerable to a funding squeeze that would grow sharply worse if it were forced out of the euro

      This doesn’t look anything like the brochure!

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