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Selected News For The Week June 23 – June 29

This thread is for the busy bees of S&L to post news articles that might not warrant their own thread.

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    This article was posted by Steve on Friday, June 22nd, 2012. Comments are currently closed.

    10 Responses to “Selected News For The Week June 23 – June 29”

    1. Anonymoose says:


      Well goodness, I hope these poor, oppressed, helpless, bullied and picked on gay people feel better about themselves. You know nothing really gives you a moral victory more than making an obscene gesture at an image of a man who’s been dead for eight years. Showed him, didn’t they? And where’s the portrait of Eisenhower?

      Yes, even thought Reagan turned the country around after the debacle of Carter, stood up to and ultimately stared down the Soviet Union, and there’s still no cure for AIDS, Reagan is somehow at the fault for the whole thing as he should have turned the entire resources of the country to stopping it–nothing could have been more important. Still…no….cure. Despite all the money spent since then.

      And it goes without saying that if anyone makes a gesture at a portrait of patron saint Clinton they’re just crude, wild, unstable crazy haters. Matter fact, I think they’ll say the same thing to anyone who critiques this bold gesture for intellectual rights.

    2. GetBackJack says:

      Ron White – “You can’t fix stupid.”

      I’m not entirely sure those are actual human beings.

    3. Anonymoose says:

      It says a lot this was from the White House’s first ever “gay pride” event. It also gets me these people were delivering letters from citizens about issues completely unrelated to their “pride,” like this young man who was concerned about the urban violence in Philadelphia:


      Guess what people are noticing instead? They couldn’t resist the opportunity to do something for their own egos. Do any of them ever think that if you act rude and arrogant that’s how people see you?

      There’s also this picture of a couple of them making out under Reagan’s portrait:


      As time goes on I’ve come to despise almost everything about gay people, especially the never ending inferiority complex that they have to get in your face, and the perpetual victim hood.

      Looks like they’re really oppressed and held back here. It also gets me that at least the woman, Zoe Strauss, has closed her blog and Facebook profile to outsiders. If you pull a stunt like this you better be prepared to own it, not run for cover.

      • beautyofreason says:

        They no longer need the consent of the people; they can simply get their legislators to ram gay marriage down the citizen’s throats. It’s a power trip for them to behave like sexually stunted adolescents in the face of the values they despise. There’s a reason there is so much self-loathing, fetishism, promiscuity, and “shock value” among their numbers. I am sure that liberals in the university system will rewrite history to cast these petulant egoists as victims, and to condemn the “heteronormative” majority in the same way they regard “patriarchy” or “white privilege.”

      • canary says:

        To have pride in deadly risky unnatural sex that requires protection and tests all the time?

        Yet, the govt is controlling eating to save health care costs? What is the medical death panel on this?

    4. canary says:

      Obama invites NBA Miami Heat to the White House


      Obama is an avid basketball player who plays with celebrities and coaches his daughter’s team?

      He’ll be holding his pockets open between golf and basketball

    5. canary says:

      Obama’s gestapo keep Supreme Court health care decision secret


    6. heykev says:

      News you can use – World Economic history in One Chart:


      A case study why Capitalism is Good. Excellent chart!

    7. Curiosity says:

      Air Force command asks members to tighten belt

      This was written (or at least signed by) a Four Star, who could have been doing other things. Many genuine optimizations are out of the DoD’s hands – for example, changes to accounting structure require an act of Congress, I believe (such as an electronic pay system).

      His ideas are all appropriate. Good stewardship of resources is important. It’d just be nice if he could focus on his mission of warfighter education and research in support of other warfighters, rather than worry about saving $37M when there are any number of articles describing fraud exceeding that to be found on this website.

    8. artboyusa says:

      Someone please, please, please tell me that Romney has not allowed Trump to hold a $50K a plate ‘Dine with Mitt and Donald’ fundraiser for himat the Pierre Hotel on Thursday. Yuck. I mean, there’s no way Romney could be that stupid, right? I mean, he gets that any association with that fluff haired fool reflects badly on him, does he not? I mean, he really does want to be president, right? Say it ain’t so, Willard…


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