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Selected News For The Week Mar 24 – Mar 30

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This article was posted by Steve on Friday, March 23rd, 2012. Comments are currently closed.

4 Responses to “Selected News For The Week Mar 24 – Mar 30”

  1. canary says:

    U.S. Military sadly may have led to training and arming of Muslim Youth taking over Mali democracy.

    Coup in Mali poses dilemma for US efforts against al-Qaida

    McClatchy Newspapers (MCT)

    Friday, March 23, 2012

    NAIROBI, Kenya _ The sudden military coup in the West African nation of Mali has thrown an inconvenient wrench into the regional counterterrorism strategy of the United States, which now will have to decide how to deal with a military junta it has vowed to reject in a country that is a major front in the regional war against terror.

    Unless they face a backlash among their military peers or a regional effort to unseat them, the international community might have no choice but to deal with the young new rulers, like it or not.

    The U.S. military has supported the Mali military extensively over the past decade, and the country has become a significant partner in the U.S. efforts to curb North Africa’s shadowy al-Qaida affiliate, al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb, or AQIM.

    Mali also recently hosted U.S. soldiers in a joint logistical exercise named Atlas Accord 12.

    That raises the possibility that the country’s apparent new leaders may have received direct training from U.S. soldiers, a possibility the U.S. military says it has yet to determine.

    If it suspends the counterterrorism programs for a lengthy period of time, the U.S. risks a weakened effort to counter AQIM as the Malian military tries to push back a major revolt by nomadic Tuareg tribesmen who have seized much of the country’s north. Tuareg control of the north could also give AQIM a safe haven there.

    But if the U.S. chooses to continue its close military ties, it would be bolstering a regime it has vowed to reject in line with longstanding diplomatic precedent to discourage military coups.

    Nuland said the Obama administration would support a team of African officials now attempting to mediate the dispute “and hope for a restoration of democratic rule.”

    The group’s push southward from Algeria has alarmed some diplomats and terrorism experts, who fear the group could bring al-Qaida’s brand of militant anti-Western Islam deeper into Africa. Washington believes the group already has forged ties to the Nigerian Islamist movement Boko Haram, which was behind the suicide bombing last year of the United Nations headquarters in Abuja, the Nigerian capital.

    (Boswell is a McClatchy Newspapers special correspondent. His reporting is underwritten in part by a grant from Humanity United, a California-based foundation that focuses on human rights issues.)

    Visit the McClatchy Washington Bureau at http://www.mcclatchydc.com

    The Global world of terrorism has spread so fast under the muslim worshiping Obama.
    What country isn’t worse off under Obama’s leadership.

  2. canary says:

    Media reports German hostage in Nigeria video as disheveled, ignoring video’s posted by arrogant terrorists & bloggers on youtube showing he has life-threatening wounds.

    International Breaking News

    The Canadian Press – Kidnap claim shows 2 terror groups now operating in Nigeria’s increasingly violent north

    By: Jon Gambrell, The Associated Press 3/24/2012

    LAGOS, Nigeria – Al-Qaida’s North Africa branch this week claimed the January abduction of a German hostage in north Nigeria, and provided a video of the terrified man begging for his life as men carrying Kalashnikov rifles stood behind him.

    The claim is a first in northern Nigeria for the group known as al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb and signals the rising influence of the group among extremists in Nigeria, as well as the growing threat of terrorism in the nation that also sees rising attacks by the radical Islamist sect Boko Haram.

    Gunmen kidnapped German engineer Edgar Fritz Raupach in January from the north Nigeria city of Kano, where he worked for Dantata & Sawoe Construction Co. Ltd. Police said his abductors took him from a construction site, but offered no other details.

    This week, al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb released a statement claiming they had Raupach, as well as a video showing him disheveled and asking in German and English for his country to help win his freedom. The group, also known by the acronym AQIM, demanded that German officials release Filiz Gelowicz, a German woman convicted last year of supporting a foreign terrorist network. Gelowicz’s husband was among a group convicted of plotting unsuccessfully to attack U.S. soldiers and citizens in Germany.

    However, the group’s real impact began to be felt with the rise of Boko Haram, a locally focused Islamist sect that wants to implement strict Shariah law across Nigeria, a multiethnic nation of more than 160 million people. The sect began gun attacks from the backs of motorcycles, but in the last year has advanced to a string of suicide bombings targeting churches, government buildings and even the United Nations headquarters in the capital Abuja.

    Analysts believe the rapid change in attacks, including a military-style assault on Kano in January that killed at least 185 people just before the German’s kidnapping, shows Boko Haram is receiving some outside instruction or assistance.

    AQIM has purchased hostages before from other groups. It has made an estimated $130 million by kidnapping at least 50 Westerners and holding them for ransom.

    The group that kidnapped the British and Italian killed in a failed hostage raid in northwest Nigeria this month implied they belonged to an al-Qaida group, though officials later said they believed them to be from a Boko Haram splinter group.

    “The tendency will be to label anything bad that happens as the work of Boko Haram right now, when in fact, no one is quite clear who is Boko Haram and what is Boko Haram,” Cooke said.

    (entire article)

    “The tendency will be to label anything bad that happens as the work of Boko Haram right now, when in fact, no one is quite clear who is Boko Haram and what is Boko Haram,” Cooke said. ”

    Let’s be fair and blame Obama administration for Jennifer G. Cooke’s lack of knowledge


    Sounds like Obama may have undone a lot of the Bush years progress in Africa. Obama who while Senator flew to Africa and campaigned for a radical muslim who wanted Sharia law. After losing the radical muslims slaughtered hundreds of thousands and was given a make shift position to stop the slaughtering.
    Might interest that it was Republicans who pressured Obama to do something about the spreading of al-Qaeda in Africa. The Republicans didn’t even seek congressional approval making up a law for Hillary. No excuses.
    Still let’s stop throwing money down the drain. You can build a toilet but it doesn’t mean some will know how to flush it, and the first time it get’s clogged they will probably throw dirt over it.

    I’m venting. I want the media to start showing graphic civilian muslims attacks on their own people, in their own mosques, women and children, supermarkets. No more U.S. apologizing for a blip against hundreds of thousands of muslims killing innocent muslims.

  3. canary says:

    In Flordia, a 17 year old black American teen in hoodie senselessly murders two white men, after he’d just been released after another of his gun shooting incidents. .

    Shawn Tyson’s He stalked, robbed, then pounded bullets till the innocent young men died.

    No hoodie or gun waving protests were held.

    BBC: Shawn Tyson guilty of murdering two Britons in Florida

    Mar 27 2012ent

    Shawn Tyson’s guilty verdict is read out in court

    An American teenager has been jailed for life after being found guilty of the first degree murder of two British tourists in Florida.

    James Cooper, 25, from Warwickshire, and James Kouzaris, 24, from Northampton, were shot in Sarasota.

    It also emerged that hours before the murders, Tyson had been released after his arrest following a shooting on 7 April.

    “I’ve had to listen to how you stalked them, made them beg for their lives and then unload a gun on them.

    “They wouldn’t hurt anyone because, like I say, they were good men, the most amazing men you could have ever met. Maybe if you were more of a man that night you would have known them long enough to find that out for yourself.”

    “Ours is a life sentence, with no chance of parole from a broken heart, and a shattered soul.”
    Release criticised

    The families also criticised the Sarasota court system that had freed Tyson after a judge had warned the teenager was a danger to the public following the earlier shooting, in which no-one was hurt.

    In the statement, the families said: “The evil of the killer is one thing, but the fact is, he would not have been on the streets had instructions to keep him incarcerated been passed from one judge to another.”

    When the mistake came to light the Mayor of Sarasota, Kelly Kirschener, vowed the city’s prosecutors would never let anything similar happen again.

    The prosecution said they were confronted by Tyson who tried to rob them and then shot them when he realised they had very little money.

    The court heard Tyson had boasted to his friend Latrece Washington, who testified against him, that one of the men had begged for his life but he shot him anyway.
    Buried casings

    The teenager was seen by neighbours running to his house and climbing in the window just after the gunshots.

    He also told another friend, Marvin Gaines, he had killed the men.


    So, far no hoodie protests condemning the 17 year black mail who committed gun rampage has occured.

  4. canary says:

    North Korean fire rockets in response to Obama’s mic-gaff and S. Korea visit.

    Reuters: North Korea test fires short-range missiles: reports

    Mar 29 2012

    SEOUL (Reuters) –

    North Korea launched two short-range missiles believed to be surface-to-ship missiles from its west coast Thursday morning, South Korea’s Chosun Ilbo newspaper quoted government officials as saying.

    Reclusive North Korea has said it is merely sending a weather satellite into space, but South Korea and the United States say it is a disguised ballistic missile test.

    The secretive North has twice tested a nuclear device, but experts doubt whether it yet has the ability to miniaturize an atomic bomb to fit inside a warhead.


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