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Selected News For The Week Mar 31 – Apr 6

This thread is for the busy bees of S&L to post news articles that might not warrant their own thread.

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    This article was posted by Steve on Friday, March 30th, 2012. Comments are currently closed.

    17 Responses to “Selected News For The Week Mar 31 – Apr 6”

    1. canary says:

      Eric Holder, Fast And Furious, and the Oklahoma City Bombing

      Dec 21, 2011, in Barack Obama 2012, by Vanguard of Freedom

      The on-line weekly, American Free Press, is alleging that the Attorney General of the United States, Eric Holder, “managed an FBI operation that provided explosives to Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols just prior to the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah building in Oklahoma City on april 19, 1996 .”

      AFP says this is according to official documents released under the Freedom of Information Act, during an ongoing investigation into government foreknowledge of the terrorist attack.

      The allegations published by AFP bear similarities to allegations in the ongoing investigation by the Congressional Oversight Commitee of the Justice Department and the Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms Department’s botched “Fast and Furious” gun-tracking program.

      … a similar project was made up to influence legislation and government action against citizen militias. That source and AFP reports, the project resulted in the 1995 Oklahoma City Bombing.

      While today The Oversight Committee’s allegations are that the Fast and Furious program went awry resulting in the deaths of at least two American law enforcement officers, and numerous others, at the hands of cartel operatives that utilized the weapons that the ATF and the Justice Department lost track of, the AFP source claims that the Oklahoma City Bombing was also a Justice Department project that went awry, that it got away from the government handlers, which resulted in the mass murder at the Murrah building in Oklahoma City.

      In the case of the Oklahoma City Bombing,…, so that those individuals would, with the help of covert operatives of the FBI, attempt to bomb the Murrah building in Oklahoma City, with the FBI stepping in at some point before the bombing took place, arresting those involved, and making their case against militia groups, and convicting those who were involved.

      That is exactly what the AFP source is alleging happened with the Oklahoma City bombing, and indicates that additonal information which verifies his claims, points to similarities of just such a thing happening with Operation Fast and Furious, resulting in the deaths of the two American Law Enforcement officers with guns from Fast and Furious.

      That additonal information obtained from documents released under the Freedom of Information, AFP’s source, Jessie Trentadue, alleges, points out that the common denominator in Fast and Furious and the Oklahoma City Bombing is Eric Holder.

      In an interview with the Radio Program, the Corbett Report, Trentadue flags the Justice Department with botched programs that include the tragedy and deaths at Ruby Ridge, the Branch Davidian tragedy and deaths at Waco, Texas, and he states that during the time those operations were conducted by the government, the Second-In-Command at the Justice Department, under then Attorney General Janet Reno, was Eric Holder.

      The Trentadue family filed suit against the government to find out what had actually happened to Kenneth Trentadue, and settled with the government for a sum of money, but his brother, Lawyer Jesse Tentradue did not stop there, but requested further information via the Freedom of Information Act, and when the Justice Department was not forthcoming, sued in Court for pertinent documents.

      Trentadue says, when he proved to a Judge that the FBI was covering up their misdeeds and lying to him, to the public and to the Judge, the Judge then ordered all documents found and released, which provided information about his brother, the Justice Department, the Oklahoma City bombing, and specifically the ties to Eric Holder.

      Details of these developments are available at the Corbett Report radio interview HERE… This web site includes the interview with Trentadue and a list of links to documents and reports about this case.

      The significance of these allegations in conjunction with the current questions arising from the Congressional Oversight Committee’s investigation Of Eric Holder’s Justice Department, raise even more serious doubts and suspicions about the Obama Administration and Eric Holder’s Involvement via the Justice Department,…

      At this time (to our knowledge) the Trentadue allegations are not part of the investigation by Congress into the Fast and Furious program, but Congressman Darrell Issa has recently expanded the investigation to include allegations that the Justice Department has been laundering money for the Mexican Cartels.

      Such allegations against the Justice Department, particularly the FBI are not unprecedented.…”

      “…A major investigation was launched in 1976 by the Select Committee to Study Governmental Operations with Respect to Intelligence Activities of the United States Senate, commonly referred to as the “Church Committee” for its chairman, Senator Frank Church of Idaho. However, millions of pages of documents remain unreleased, and many released documents have been partly, or entirely, redacted…” (See COINTELPRO Info)


      It forgot dirty pipe bomber Jose Padilla (aka some muslim name) charged by Bush which showed why
      giving terrorists civil trials is a mistake. Padilla was finally convicted. It was all over the news, namely FOX news, that Jose Padilla was John Doe II that the FBI brass said John Doe II had gone so deep undercover they gave up looking for him. Then they changed their story. Not on FOX news.

      The funniest part is Terry Nichols, I think it was the 10 year anniversary wrote where he hid more explosive that were used April 19, 1995, ( not 1996 as the article mistakenly says) told surviving relative where it was hidden in the walls of one of Nichols houses that the FBI missed. He had a house and farm house. Sure enough, they found it in the walls.

      So, after reading this along with other things of OKC tragedy, did the FBI know the fertilizer was and keep it for another day, or were they that stupid. Truth is stranger than fiction.
      I recall Clinton passed some bill after the OKC tragedy.

      The video tape surround the building still has not been released. They weren’t counting on a Ryder truck, and ignored people’s witness there was a muslim dressed in brown and a beard in the truck with McVeigh. And some victims did sue the middle-east for financing it, can’t remember which one they sued, but with CAIR receiving money from the Hamas, and Holder not charging them, there is a pattern of protecting muslims. Just as using Islamic Jose Padilla Mexican name instead of the muslim name he was arrested under. Hat’s off for Bush arresting Jose Padilla after Clinton intentionally turned his eyes from the the growth of extreme Islamic terrorist such as letting Major terrorists run loose.

      • canary says:

        In all fairness it was the ATF played more key roles in both tragedies. The FBI condemned CAIR, it was Obama and Holder who refused to press charges on CAIR’s funneling money to muslim terrorists.

        And what do our present candidates have to say about this?

    2. canary says:

      Pakistani Prime Minisster’s son 7 billion drug scam to cook meth

      The Times of India: Pakistani prime minister’s son in Rs 7 billion drug scam: Report

      Mar 30 2012

      ISLAMABAD: A Rs 7 billion” drug quota allotment” scam allegedly involving Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani’ son has surfaced in Pakistan, Geo News reported.

      A three-member Supreme Court bench headed by Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry heard a case on Thursday against the health ministry illegally allotting a quota of a bronchodilator drug “ephedrine” worth Rs 7 billion to two Multan-based companies.


    3. canary says:

      NewsMax Wall Street Journal: Obama Expands His Executive Power

      by Martin Gould 30 Mar 2012

      Despite campaign promises to refrain from using executive powers to bypass Congress, President Barack Obama is increasingly doing just that, the Wall Street Journal reported on Friday.

      From helping rebels in the Libyan revolution to granting states waivers from the No Child Left Behind education act…

      And that is not sitting well with either Republicans or Democrats who are keen to defend their own turf against what they see as an overreaching executive.

      White House counsel Kathy Ruemmler told the Journal that Obama has developed a broadr[sic] view of executive power since his days as a U.S. senator….,” she said.

      “Until one experiences that first hand, it is difficult to appreciate fully how you need flexibility in a lot of circumstances.”

      Read more on Newsmax.com: WSJ: Obama Expands His Executive Power
      Important: Do You Support Pres. Obama’s Re-Election? Vote Here Now!


    4. canary says:

      Scientists claim the universe is expanding and growing bigger after billions of years of study.



    5. canary says:

      Obama intentionally continues leaks to Iran, giving Israel no option.

      ‘Israel planning strike on Iran from Azerbaijan’

      By Yaakov Katz 03/30/2012

      Leaks regarding Israeli plans to strike Iran’s nuclear facilities continued Thursday, raising suspicion within the political and defense establishment that the Obama administration was intentionally trying to undermine potential military action.

      Quoting current and former US officials, the CRS analysts, who regularly prepare papers for Congress, claimed that the centrifuge workshops were widely dispersed and hidden throughout Iran.

      Due to the dispersion of the facilities, it is “unclear what the ultimate effect of a strike would be on the likelihood of Iran acquiring nuclear weapons,” the report claimed.

      Israeli officials raised the possibility that the reports were being published to try and derail possible plans to attack Iran.


      Simply put, Obama has told Iran where to strike Israel.

      Even before Obama’s leak went public Iran has been moving things under a guise it’s Iran preparing to let us inspect, when Obama knew they real reason Iran was moving things quickly so Iran can attack.

      Did Hillary cancel her hilarious plans to go to Syria and talk? Like she’d dare set foot.
      Her and Afghan’s Karzai are probably on vacation somewhere spending Karzai’s loot and smoking opium. She has lost her mind, but they are trying to keep it under wraps.

    6. canary says:

      Obama’s decision may lead to slaughter and murder of thousands of U.S. Soldiers and NATO soldiers; handing all power to Afghanistan to run U.S. prison in Afghanistan; fulling acknowledging the move may mean thousands of the most dangerous al-Qadia and Taliban will be released after Obama downsized troops in pullout.

      Reuters: Afghanistan names general to run U.S. prison, asserts control

      By Sanjeev Miglani Mar 31 2012

      KABUL (Reuters) – Afghanistan named a three star general to take over Bagram prison from the U.S. military and with him, final say over which prisoners are released, an issue with the potential to open another rift in relations between Washington and Kabul.

      The issue of the release of any of the 3,200 people held in the prison at the sprawling American base, north of Kabul, is sensitive to both countries as Afghanistan assumes full security responsibilities ahead of departure of most NATO combat forces in 2014.

      Washington fears the prisoners, most of whom it says are mid to high level members of the Taliban, might return to the battlefield as has happened in the past, citing the case of a Taliban commander transferred from Guantanamo Bay to Afghan custody in 2007 who ended up fighting coalition forces again.

      Afghan General Ghulam Farooq Barekzai – formerly in charge of policy at the defense ministry – has been named to take over the Bagram detention centre, a palace statement on Saturday said.

      It was the first step toward handing over control of the prison to Afghan authorities and another move to transferring complete security responsibility to the volatile country before the planned pullout of most Western forces.


      Obama wants masses of U.S. Troops & NATO troops slaughtered immediately, so that he can claim
      he ended the Afghanistan War. But, Let’s not forget the moment Obama took office, he quit using the word war. He has continually given it different names the U.S. Humanitarian campaing in Afghanistan b.s. to the present calling it the U.S. & Afghanistan Partnership.

      or it’s because he hates our troops, knows the fact the extremely high majority of soldiers are white,
      or he’s still the darn Muslim president idiots elected. They can lie to deceive the enemy. Obama’s number 1 enemy has always been the U.S.A. He was raised that way his entire life.

      • canary says:

        The Defense: US signs deal to hand Bagram prison to Afghans

        The accord, which will see authority over the prison transferred gradually over six months, was inked by Afghan Defence Minister Abdul Rahim Wardak and the US commander in Afghanistan, General John Allen at a signing ceremony.

        “This is an important step in the strategic partnership negotiations,” Allen said at the signing ceremony.

        Nato is also under intense pressure after days of protests and targeted killings across Afghanistan – over the inadvertent burning of Korans at Bagram – left at least 30 people dead.

        The US repeatedly apologised over the incident but that failed to quell public anger.

        On signing the agreement, Gen John Allen, Nato’s commander in Afghanistan lauded it as ” yet another example of the progress of transition”.


        There’s a youtube of the 4 Star General John Allen’s in charge of Afghanistan’s speech at the signing that dripped praise on our Afghanistan friends.

        Now! The bleeping muslims will burn Korans at every prison and base since it can get them an entire prison filled with prisons.

        Yep! Some bleeping muslim will set a Koran on fire, throw it over the fence of a U.S. Military Air Force base or Unit, and scream and point Look. Look. The infidels are burning the Koran’s.
        We must have their base so we can do the procedures to make the dirt unholy and do proper cleaning and praying to make allah favor our land.

    7. Anonymoose says:

      In the ever evolving Trayvon Martin case this blog seems to be one of the few sources trying to do in-depth factual reporting. So much for the mainstream media:


    8. canary says:

      NBC-NY: Muslim Terrorist Threat NYC on site that posts Al-Qaeda

      By Jonathan Dienst and Shimon Prokupecz
      Apr 2 2012| Monday, Apr 2, 2012 | Updated 10:09 PM EDT

      The graphic was posted on a radical overseas site, authorities said.

      The graphic was posted on a radical overseas website and shows the city skyline and reads: “Al Qaeda Coming Soon Again in New York.”

      NYPD spokesman Paul Browne said the graphic appeared on a site that has hosted al-Qaida material before and is what the NYPD Intelligence Division refers to as a Category 1 website, meaning it is heavily used by Jihadi and al-Qaida adherents.

      The NYPD says there is no evidence of any plot or new specific threat to the region. .

      … said J. Peter Donald. “The FBI takes all threats seriously and at his time there is no specific or credible threat to New York.”


      I Posted this version because all the other media titles stop you from reading by saying Terrorist threat to NY is not a threat. Of Course this article, says it’s a real threat, and then says it’s not.

      It’s a terrorist muslim no matter how you look at it.

      If a White Christian posted these threats he’d have been arrested.
      If a white American posted this stuff they’d be arrested in a heartbeat and tried for threat at minimum.

    9. canary says:

      Obama’s neighbor, friend, and former co-proffessor and convicted homegrown terrorist protests, determined to end Capitalism

      FoxNews: William Ayers: ‘I get up every morning thinking … today I’m gonna end capitalism’

      Apr 1 2012

      William Ayers, in a pep talk to an Occupy Wall Street gaggle, said he wakes up every morning thinking about how he’s going to end capitalism — though he acknowledged he goes to bed “every night disappointed.”

      Ayers’ past ties to President Obama stirred trouble for the Democratic candidate when he was running in 2008.

      Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2012/04/01/ayers-get-up-every-morning-thinking-today-im-gonna-end-capitalism/#ixzz1qyHue9J9

      Why would FOX News water down Bill Ayers criminal violent past he was convicted of. Ayers should pay back every penny he’s ever made and live homeless.

    10. canary says:

      Hillary verbally attacks Rush again, in spite of her not defending her whore husband Bill Clinton that had a girl Monica Lewinski perform oral sex on her, or for the alleged sexual attacks of on other defenseless women.

      Hillary does admit she’s forgotten what it’s like to be a young woman.

      Monica and other victims who can’t forget should contact and tell her what Hillary missed.

      Hillary believes America owed it to pay for Clinton’s running the oval office like a whore house, extending trial time wearing favorite tie to go with little black dress, and sex rehab with adulter Rev. Jesse Jackson session, and Rush is wrong to think otherwise.

      NewsMax: Hillary Targets Rush for ‘Verbal Assault’

      02 Apr 2012 by Martin Gould

      “We need to call people out when they go over the line,” Clinton told MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell.

      “They’re entitled to their opinion but no one is entitled to engage in that kind of verbal assault. Let’s keep it to the issues,” Clinton added. “Whether it comes from the right, the left, up, down, wherever it comes from, let’s all ask for a return to civility and the kind of debate that really enables citizens to make better decisions.”

      Story continues below video.

      Stressing she was speaking, not as a politician, but as “someone who can vaguely remember being a young woman and as a mother of a young woman of that age and generation,” she said, “I thought the response was very encouraging.


      “Clinton added. “Whether it comes from the right, the left, up, down, wherever it comes from,…
      let’s all ask for a return to civility.”

      Another question she could ask Monika Lewinski and the other women and share her own experience
      and how she brought Clinton back to civility. Throwing that lamp at him in the Gov’s office didn’t work. .

    11. canary says:

      Continuous Lapses lead to Afghan police who “poisoned” and murdered 9 soldiers last week.

      News24: Security failures in Afghan shootings: Nato


      Kabul – There have been failures in security procedures meant to identify potential killers of Western troops before they join Afghanistan’s army and police, Nato-led international forces admitted on Monday.

      The International Security Assistance Force (ISAF), which is training Afghans to take over responsibility for security for the whole country by the end of 2014, said the deaths had sapped morale among its troops.

      “The identity papers weren’t checked properly, the papers that were coming from village elders were not sufficient, drug tests were not taken regularly or sufficiently or something like that.

      Asked if some of the incidents could have been prevented, he responded: “Afterwards you always know that you shouldn’t have had that car accident.”

      An Afghan policeman poisoned and shot dead nine of his colleagues in the eastern province of Paktika last week.

      – AFP


    12. BillK says:

      Showing their true colors in a way that should surprise absolutely no one.

      From Milwaukee’s Fox Six TV:

      Milwaukee teachers vote down proposal to modify contract

      By Sharita Erves

      MILWAUKEE — The Milwaukee teachers union voted down a proposal modify their 2010 contract — and contribute a week of pay to Milwaukee Public Schools in an effort to help reduce class sizes.

      3,931 members from MTEA (Milwaukee Teachers’ Education Association) voted on the matter. 2,296 teachers voted against modifying the contract and 1,635 were in favor of the idea.

      Now, Milwaukee Public Schools Superintendent Gregory Thornton is weighing in on the matter. He spoke with FOX6′s Sharita Erves Tuesday. Thornton said, “I was disappointed. Anytime we have an opportunity to lower class size, which I think is a major driver in our reform, it is something you want to look forward to.”

      Why did union members vote down this plan? MTEA President Bob Peterson weighed in and said, “Many people pointed out that they’ve made financial sacrifices and have given to the kids a lot in terms of buying food, office supplies, books and that the kind of request we’re making of 2.6% of their salary was just too large of a request to be in favor of.”


      Remember this the next time you hear teachers are in their profession “for the kids.”

      Instead they prefer to see teacher layoffs, and it’s not like parents haven’t made financial sacrifices…

    13. BillK says:

      Adding to the NBC embarrassment, the Milwaukee NBC affiliate reveals several of their staffers – including on air talent – signed the Walker recall petition.

      From Milwaukee’s WTMJ TV:

      WTMJ staffers signed Governor Walker recall petition

      MILWAUKEE- We have some news we need to tell you about ourselves, and the recall election against Governor Scott Walker.

      TODAY’S TMJ4 and Newsradio 620 WTMJ discovered that several members of our staff signed the recall petitions for Governor Walker. Some of those employees play a role in our news-gathering and editorial process. Several of them also work on-air: One at TODAY’S TMJ4; four at Newsradio 620 WTMJ.

      We want you to know that we consider this a serious issue. We are in the process of dealing with it internally. Our reputation of being a fair and unbiased news source is of paramount importance to both TODAY’S TMJ4 and Newsradio 620 WTMJ.

      We expect anyone involved in the production of news to avoid situations that could compromise our integrity. We don’t allow news employees to sign nomination papers for candidates, display yard signs or take part in a political campaign. …


      Note they’re not the only ones:

      Gannett apologizes after reporters sign Walker recall petitions

      APPLETON, Wis. (AP) — The publisher of The Post-Crescent of Appleton has written an open letter to readers apologizing for 25 Gannett Wisconsin Media journalists who signed petitions calling for the ouster of Republican Governor Scott Walker.

      In a column published Saturday, Genia Lovett says it’s little consolation that none of the employees is involved with directing or reporting political-news coverage.

      She says the newspaper is in the process of addressing discipline, and that it revealed the signatures in the interest of being as open as possible. …


      Recall Walker is subject to a recall because he (gasp!) dared to end collective bargaining for many government workers.

    14. canary says:

      Ex-CIA agent who said water-boarding was torture charged by Obama for leaking it did however catch top al-Qaida figure in his new book.

      The Seattle Times: Ex-CIA officer charged with leaking secret info


      The indictment of John C. Kiriakou, returned by a federal grand jury in Alexandria, Va., is part of an aggressive Justice Department crackdown on leakers and is one of a half-dozen such cases opened during the Obama administration.

      They say he lied about his actions in an effort to convince the CIA to let him publish a book, “The Reluctant Spy: My Secret Life in the CIA’s War on Terror.”

      Kiriakou received public attention for his statements on waterboarding, which he called an “unnecessary” form of interrogation during a 2007 interview with ABC. Kiriakou said the technique had been used effectively to break down Zubaydah, who was waterboarded 83 times, and had been justified in the months after Sept. 11. But he also appeared to express misgivings about whether the harsh interrogation method was still appropriate.

      He has since acknowledged that much of what he said turned out to be wrong…

      And he has acknowledged that he was not present for the interrogations and instead relied on what he’d heard and read.

      “Back when no one was saying anything, back in 2007 when we were arguing about the validity of waterboarding, he was the only CIA official to say waterboarding was torture,” she said.

      Matthew Barakat contributed to this report.

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