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Selected News For The Week May 26 – June 1

This thread is for the busy bees of S&L to post news articles that might not warrant their own thread.

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    This article was posted by Steve on Friday, May 25th, 2012. Comments are currently closed.

    2 Responses to “Selected News For The Week May 26 – June 1”

    1. canary says:

      New book about Obama called “Amateur” is on #1 seller. This is the book I hear that Obama’s former doctor is very critical of Obama and his Chicago b.s. and that his health care plan won’t work.



    2. canary says:

      The 2nd U.S. military pfc muslim soldier arrested as he tried to carry out mission (with child pornography on him), to commit another mass murder of U.S. Soldiers at Ft. Hood, TX trail to begin.

      He had pornography on him, as is so common with Middle Eastern terrorists like Osama bin Laden.

      My SA: Trial begins today in GI’s terror case

      By Sig Christenson – May 21, 2012

      An AWOL soldier accused of plotting a terrorist attack off Fort Hood has one advantage as his trial begins today in a federal court: Prosecutors have to prove he was poised to commit mass murder.

      Pfc. Naser J. Abdo was arrested July 27 at a discount hotel within walking distance of Fort Hood with weapons, enough gunpowder to make at least one bomb and step-by-step directions from an al-Qaida magazine on how to do that.

      “The government is going to have to prove its case, and the defense is going to be looking very closely at making the government show that he knowingly and intentionally engaged in this violence,” said Jeffrey Addicott, who heads St. Mary’s University’s Center for Terrorism Law. “That’s a little hard for the government because the act didn’t take place.”

      A Muslim infantryman who claimed conscientious objector status, Abdo, 22, is charged with attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction and attempted murder, among a host of allegations, and faces a life sentence in prison. The Army said Abdo fled his post after being charged with possession of child pornography.

      … Abdo also violated a gag order Dorsett sought after telling a television station in Nashville, Tenn., that he had planned to kidnap and kill a top commander at Fort Campbell, Ky.

      At his first hearing, Abdo cried out in apparent support of Army Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, who is accused of killing 13 people at Fort Hood. The Associated Press said he later threw a wad of paper into the gallery and said “press release” before a lawyer retrieved it, and he recently was accused of spitting at a U.S. marshal after a hearing.


      Read more: http://www.mysanantonio.com/news/military/article/Trial-begins-today-in-GI-s-terror-case-3572802.php#ixzz1vxZCtHbi

      My gosh another U.S. muslim soldier spitting he was against the war and not discharged!
      Check out his picture. This article will make you sick with the comments attorney’s are saying in support of him. God Bless our U.S. Soldiers.
      Chief Commander and Dept Homeland Security have not learned anything from the worst massacre on a U.S. Military Base in U.S. history.

      Be sure and check out Abdo’s scary photo in the article. Scary.

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