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Selected News For The Week Apr 16 – Apr 22

This thread is for the busy bees of S&L to post news articles that expose the rampant distortions and biases of our media watchdogs.

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This article was posted by Steve on Saturday, April 16th, 2011. Comments are currently closed.

44 Responses to “Selected News For The Week Apr 16 – Apr 22”

  1. canary says:

    If it wasn’t on video you’d never believe the Ballistic Burqa wearing muslim abuse if police all caught on video. She was pulled over because she had a Pu plate that wasn’t displayed correctly. She is the abusive one towards police. After she is given ticket, she goes to media with a whopper story claiming racism and police tried to pull her burqa off. Then in court after tape played she said it was another lady wearing a burqa. Now charged for false reports against police officers.
    Burqa bungle

    aca nine msn/ a current affair: Burqa bungle
    Apr 15 2011


  2. canary says:

    The Muslim of Brotherhood has renamed itself the “Party of Freedom and Justice,” with their leader Mr. Mohamed Badie running their election campaign in Egypt, and backed by Obama. Mr. Badie’s title in a sermon last year was titled “The U.S. is Now Experiencing the Beginning of its End.” Badie reminds
    muslims waging jihad is mandatory. For this and more bad news story read at link below

    The Wasington Times: Erstwhile U.S. ally Egypt is moving toward Shariah law

    by Arnaud de Borchgrave is editor-at-large of The Washington Times and United Press International.
    April 11 2011


  3. Petronius says:

    Atlas Shrugged in Connecticut. Where production is punished, production will cease. Where investment is confiscated, investors will flee. Where employment is undesirable, no employment will be offered. And where science, technology, and industrial development are deemed evil, civilization will wither and die.


    Conn. tax plan could shut nuclear plant

    by Scott DiSavino, 13 Apr 2011

    * Dominion could shut Millstone if state passes tax

    * State seeks $340 million from proposed tax

    * Power rates in Connecticut second highest in nation

    Several state and local politicians in Connecticut on Wednesday challenged the fairness of a proposed state tax that would disproportionately fall on Dominion’s Millstone nuclear power plant and could force the shutdown of the two reactors.

    The proposed legislation, An Act Concerning Electric Rate Relief (Senate Bill 1176), aims to raise revenue, provide ratepayer relief and fund clean energy projects.

    The money would come from a tax on the power produced at nuclear, coal and oil-fired generators in the state.

    The bill is expected to raise about $340 million a year, but Dominion said $330 million of that would come from Millstone, the only nuclear plant in the state.

    “If the tax passes we will be forced to shut Millstone. That burden of $330 million will make the plant no longer economically viable to operate,” Dominion spokesman Ken Holt told Reuters.

    * * *

    The shutdown of Millstone could have a major impact on the state.

    The 2,022-megawatt plant produces enough power to meet about half the state’s energy needs without any greenhouse gas emissions.

    Dominion said it provides about $1.2 billion in annual economic benefits to the state and employs 4,230 direct and indirect jobs….

    Dominion also said a shutdown of the plant would not only cut tax revenues for the state but lead to higher electricity costs for consumers due to more expensive replacement power.

    Connecticut consumers already pay the second highest cost for power in the nation….


    The Connecticut tax is an “Atlas Shrugged” tax, in that it is a production tax on the amount of power generated by the plant, rather than on the electricity used by consumers. In other words, it is a tax that punishes producers. The bill is opposed by 74 percent of Connecticut residents. Presumably the other 26 percent prefer to freeze to death in the dark next winter. Even so, Democrats in the General Assembly are charging ahead with their killer tax; the bill has already passed committee. Looks like it may be another triumph for the Liberal Death Wish.


    “I saw the tax-collecting vermin that had grown for centuries like mildew on d’Anconia Copper, draining us by no right that anyone could name––I saw the government regulations passed to cripple me, because I was successful, and to help my competitors, because they were loafing failures––I saw the labor unions who won every claim against me, by reason of my ability to make their livelihood possible––I saw that any man’s desire for money he could not earn was regarded as a righteous wish, but if he earned it, it was damned as greed….” Francisco d’Anconia in “Atlas Shrugged.”

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      Connecticut used to be a bastion of NE manufacturing. Vought Aircraft, Berol, Kimberly Clark, many, many more corporations used to be based there. The tax system there ran them all off. Democrats could not see that the money that was prevalent in Connecticut was the result of having a favorable business climate, and they decided to “get in on the game” and tax businesses into oblivion. So they left. Yet these same democrat/socialists (Chris ‘the dud’ Dodd comes from CT) still have no clue as to why that happened.

    • SinCity says:

      I am reading “Atlas Shrugged” now. When I read that speech my initial reaction was that he was describing today’s situation. I find it amazing how Ayn Rand had predicted the socialists, but then again they rarely have an original thought.

    • beautyofreason says:

      This bill sounds like a deliberate effort to kill jobs and raise the cost of energy. It’s shameless. 10 to 1 the people pushing for it are environmentalists who want to ban nuclear by targeted regulation. This bill will do it for them.

  4. usmcmgb says:

    Rusty and Pet, 100% correct. The Dems have brought this once great hub of industry to it’s knees. Rusty lists just a small fraction of the companies once located here and have now fled for friendlier climes (west and south). Doesn’t look like it has any hope of changing ever. The dems have basically gerrymandered the voting districts to insure a majority of dems always get elected. I know, big shock there. They’ve drawn the lines insuring that at least one of the larger, heavily democratic cities are in each district. So one district has Bridgeport, one has New Haven, one has Hartford, etc. This insures that the majority of smaller towns (majority republican) are basically shut out of the game now. And now this new dickwad who has been elected governer (after running the city of Stamford into the dirt as mayor) has proposed millions (900 million to be exact) in new taxes that his lapdogs in the legislature are pushing through. Meanwhile, as Rusty pointed out, companies like Remington, Winchester, Marlin, Lipton, have all fled or been driven out of business. There are even rumors that the state’s last large employer, United Technologies (Sikorsky Aircraft, Carrier, Otis, Pratt & Whitney) is thinking of leaving. Sikorsky where I work has already spread it’s operations throughout the US and overseas and is building some of it’s models in Florida and Poland (Poland for God’s sakes!). The unions at UTC are slowly but surely, along with their dem friends in Hartford and DC, bringing the last of the big CT employers to the realization that they are just food for the sharks. I’m curious as to who’s going to be left to foot the bills after the producers have all left. There won’t be any “rich” to tax and the productive members of the population will all be gone. I guess we’re going to find out soon enough.

    • proreason says:

      Here’s what is happening.

      The marxist-statist alliance has split the state. The rich don’t care because they will always be rich (or so they think). To increase and institutionalize their power, they have bought off the poor (with their $200 sneakers, i-phones, tax rebates, free health care and 300 pound bellies). The middle class is therefore disenfranchised and is on a rapid path to oblivion. No job growth no middle class.

      Conneticut, because of it’s size and proximity to Wall Street is probably the most extreme example of the process, more extreme even than California, Massachusetts or NY. The wealthy aristocrats are more powerful there than anywhere.

      When the middle class is destroyed, the next phase begins. Those giddy 300 pounders better enjoy the sneakers and i-phones while they got em, cause they ain’t gonna have them for much longer.

      The final phase will be the shock that nobody foresees. Those wealthy aristocrats? Good luck to them. How did that group do in the USSR? just reminding

  5. Mithrandir says:

    What is amazing to me,is that people (unions) would willingly allow the country to be transformed into a bankrupt socialist landfill, as long as they are the last ones to get paid.

  6. canary says:

    The Guardian: Malcolm X by Manning Marable – review
    a radical rereading of the life of Malcolm X

    Peter James Hudson -16 April 2011

    Few figures have received plaudits from both the former New York City mayor Rudolph Giuliani and the al-Qaida operative Ayman al-Zawahiri. Fewer still have found their likeness on the postage stamps of both the US and the Islamic Republic of Iran….

    For Marable, who died just days before this biography was published, the myths and misinterpretations begin with the publication of Malcolm’s The Autobiography…. Marable seeks to “deconstruct” The Autobiography to find some semblance of the “true” Malcolm…. Fastidiously researched, and with access to previously closed archives,…with the politics of pan-Africanism and pan-Islam in the final years of his life.

    … Marable only briefly addresses Malcolm’s homosexual encounters during his hustling Detroit Red years…

    Marable unearths new information from FBI and NYPD surveillance files regarding Malcolm’s assassination…. Marable’s research points to a conspiracy organised by members of the Nation of Islam’s Newark, New Jersey mosque; some of the conspirators remain alive and unindicted. The assassination was tacitly endorsed by the Nation’s leadership,… With Malcolm dead, Farrakhan was able to assume Malcolm’s exalted position within the Nation before taking over the leadership of the organisation after Elijah Muhammad’s death.

    … But Marable demonstrates how Malcolm’s experiences in Saudi Arabia slowly distanced him from the Nation of Islam’s fantastical eschatology and its avowedly anti-white theology….

    entire review
    Peter James Hudson teaches at Vanderbilt University, Tennessee.

    another review is from The National by David D’Arcy Apr 17, 2011

    Is this what Obama meant by America getting better in 1965. That’s when Malcome X was murdered for turning into a moderate muslim. Who knows.

    • canary says:

      This struck a chord, because of Obama’s Dreams when the reading Malcome X as Obama wrote in Dreams 1994 how Malcome X’s Autobiography changed his life, and he too wished he could purge the white blood from him. He started dabbling in Islam again, but his friends made fun of him, so he kept it a feverish secret and read everything he could in the secrecy of his bedroom as a youth pretending to do his homework. Malcome X murdered by Black Power, etc. as he pulled away from Islam, and that of course is a hundreds of year old problem leading to the civil war amongst muslims. Obama won’t have to hide read this new book from his white grandparents. He can read it in the White House.

      The author Marable died a couple of weeks ago, before it was published. It made him sick.

  7. proreason says:

    Rinos despair as Trump begins shutting down every rival except Palin:

    “Karl Rove: Birther Issue Turned Donald Trump Into A ‘Joke Candidate’”


    When they wheel out top rino genius Rove to disparage the Donald, their desperation is palpable. Karl is probably sceduled for a few remarks by Donald this week.

    The Donald yesterday pointed out on CNN that Romney’s job as a small business guy / consultant was to close businesses and kill jobs. Bulls-eye. Huckabee is next on the firing line. Look for a brief description of Huck’s tax policies and treatment of criminals (Trump has already declared he is a big big proponent of capital punishment – did you wonder why he made such a big deal about that?). Then Newt. Look for him to be damned with praise about how effective he was 20 years ago and what a good think tank guy he turned himself into after being driven out of office. He’ll probably swipe the others with a single swatter to save energy. Something to the effect of people from small states who were good at maintaining the status quo.

    Maybe he’s a stalking horse for Sarah, or maybe Rick Perry or Christie.

    (btw, I like all of the candidates. They all would be infinitely better than the Moron; but their weaknesses are obvious to the world. At least Tpaw is beginning to come out of his shell a little bit. The Donald’s weaknesses are also evident, but he isn’t letting anybody put him in a shell, is he?)

    Who do you think the veep will be? I’m leaning toward Guilianni, but already there is talk about Alan West. The reason I think Guilianni is because the Donald will want to pick somebody with significant governing experience, who he will position as his primary political advisor and a person capable of stepping in if something happens to himself. He will have already executed all of the Republican candidates. Oh no!! could it be Bloomberg to take a stab at NY state? or even Cuomo. The Donald won’t be playing by the rino playbook.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      In many respects, the fact that Trump is a brazen outsider with financial influence is perhaps the best way to attack the current regime. He’s not afraid to call things as he sees them and really doesn’t have to answer to anyone, unlike the way that the current president feels the same way, but for different reasons.

      However, I am fearful that Trump will not necessarily listen to such notions as held dear by the tea party, instead navigating a path of centrism, which invariably allows the slow creep of socialism. The fact that it’s still 1000% better than what’s happening now is, I suppose, important and absolutely necessary…but I don’t want to return to Bush politics, either.

      There is no doubt that Trump would be a much better negotiator than the scar-headed man-child. Almost anything is better than chairman O. And that he’s seen as a threat by the left is now evident, which I like immensely.

    • proreason says:

      “I am fearful that Trump will not necessarily listen to such notions as held dear by the tea party”


      If the Trump phenomenon continues, people will be faced with a tough choice: their principles, or the certain destruction of the country.

      At least with Trump, there would be a chance for a positive outcome.

      (btw, I am NOT predicting that he will win the nomination. At this stage, he still only has about 15-20% in the polls, and obviously, there is an array of forces aligned against him.)

    • tranquil.night says:

      “Maybe he’s a stalking horse for Sarah, or maybe Rick Perry or Christie.”

      Yes, that is exactly the way to term it, Pro. It’s precisely how I’ve been trying to look at it too. Donald isn’t swindling the Tea Party, we have a mutually beneficial relationship working right now stemming from common cause.

      As you said, the smear coming from the establishment ‘gurus’ like Rove, et all, is that Trump is an unserious joke – not because of any policy position or even pesonal history – but mostly because of the out-of-the-margins talk on Birtherism.

      By the way, if we want to talk about jokes, let’s talk about Rovian GoP politics over the last decade. A establishment of professional politicos, demographic gerrymandering which ceded control of whole regions and states to unaccountable criminals, and only landed more and more hardcore Leftists into Congress in perpetuity, while we got apparatchik tow-the-line candidates whose corruption just served as PR fodder for the Dims in an era of Compassionate conservatism that alienated more Conservatives from the GoP than the combined terms of Nixon and Ford which yielded Carter; coincidence? Compromise after compromise while they savaged your boss (and our philosophy by proxy) into Cthulhu – compromises including over regulatory issues that ended up giving the Marxist Party a supermajority with which they put their boot on the throat of this nation.

      Yeah, so excuse me if Rove’s continued blah-blahing elicits nothing but a chuckle. If anything, he’s a consistent bell-weather to what the New Era GoP must never return at all costs.

      West’s actual answer to the Trump posit was that he’s ready to serve as VP regardless of our candidate. He’s saying he’s ready for the big show, because he knows it’s first and foremost about defeating Obama and Liberalism at all costs and believes himself an effective asset towards that end. I seriously pray that Mrs. Palin considers him as a running mate (and if memory serves me correct it was the dream ticket I posted around last year’s election).

      Two important editorials from Dan Riehl yesterday, who previously had been channeling Levin’s desires to focus on ripping the Donald’s candidacy. Now, he too sees that it’s a native response to the inadequate machine candidate field.

      The Importance of Donald Trump to GoP politics: http://www.riehlworldview.com/carnivorous_conservative/2011/04/the-importance-of-donald-trump-to-gop-politics.html

      Dr. Reynolds picked up Dan’s next one, and for obvious reasons – it’s the crux of the matter.

      Sarah Palin Goes Where the Battle is – http://www.riehlworldview.com/carnivorous_conservative/2011/04/sarah-palin-goes-where-the-battle-is.html

  8. canary says:

    While UK allows the closing of public streets on Friday’s for muslim prayers, company won’t allow Cross on worker dash board anymore. .

    BBC: Job loss fear after cross put in Wakefield company van

    April 17 2010

    Colin Atkinson, 64, who works for Wakefield and District Housing (WDH) put the cross on the van’s dashboard.

    WDH said he failed to comply with company policy which prohibits employees from displaying personal items in vehicles.

    The company said it had started an investigation into the incident which could result in disciplinary action.
    Personal faith

    “I have always had that cross in my van. It’s a symbol of my personal faith. It’s not offensive. It’s in a discreet place and I am acting lawfully.”

    WDH, where Mr Atkinson has worked for 15 years, asked him to remove the 8ins (23cm) cross and started an investigation after a tenant complained about it.

    “Mr Atkinson has failed to mention that it is permissible for WDH employees, including himself, to display religious artefacts and other personal possessions on their desks and themselves.”

    “When a man can’t display a palm cross in his van in a historically Christian country, it should give people serious pause for thought.”

    The palm cross is so called because it is usually made from the fronds of a palm leaf,…Easter


    UK: a “historically Christian country”. Yes, it’s history now. Now, the UK is a country of Islam.

    That’s okay. My son’s school put a muslim religious holy day on school calender in Dec. It is a day they fast, and some flog themselves til they are bruised and bleeding. Something to do with one of those Mohammad story.

    Yet, a school dance on a school night Ash Wed not on it.
    Easter Sunday was not on the calender. Not even a bunny.

  9. Reality Bytes says:

    News for today is S&P’s Downgrade US Debt from Stable to Negative.


    Course, the spin is not only do we cling to our guns & religion, we also get to hold onto our AAA rating….for now.

    Cue the other shoe.

    • proreason says:

      Oh that bushhitler. Wll his legacy never end?

      He was so diabolical that he maneuvered things so that his successor would have to add more debt (by far) in 2 years than he added in 8 years, even though he ran 2 hot wars, had to contend with 9/11, Katrina, the Internet stock market crash, the “unfunded” Medicare Plan D, the Enron et al Business Accountability crisis, and the Loans-to-Deadbeats market crash / TARP, all the while making sure his wall street pals got rich at the expense of the poor, who can just barely afford their plasma tv’s, $250 sneakers, $150 a month iphone plans, ipads, eating at McDonalds, pornography accounts, drugs, free medical care and some occasional concert tickets.

      Now THAT is a man who knows how to perpetuate evil.

    • Petronius says:

      This is a big story RB.

      DJIA is down 226 points this morning, S&P Index is off 21 points, and bonds are sinking. Gold setting another record high today. A taste of things to come.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      “Now, this is not the end. It is not even the beginning to the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.”

      Sir Winston Churchill, London, November 10, 1942

    • tranquil.night says:

      So you’re saying we need to raise taxes, right?!

  10. proreason says:

    Stephanapoulus to interview the Donald today; soliciting questions.


    A survey of the weekend news reveals about 2 neutral stories on the man who is one of the most successful businessmen in the world….and about 20 that basically call him an idiot clown. How dare he become a billionaire while building some of the most beautiful buildings in the world, and a successful media empire that doesn’t owe a nickel to the Make Believe Media. What a dunce.

    Somewhow, a near raving lunatic has lucked himself into a position where he can challenge the world’s smartest man (Occidental, Columbia, Harvard, Acorn).

    George’s interview will probably set the tone for the MBM’s next assault. Will they choose to display his ignorance of the minutia of public policy; reveal his past political inconsistencies, unlike our other much loved politicians; hone in on the evilness of some of his business dealings ; or laugh at him as he spouts things that the majority of rubes in this country know to be true, but which the MBM have declared to be false.

    My prediction is that our betters will begin to stear away from the birther / book / grades issues and begin to attempt to shred him on minutia of policy. After all, the public’s interest is already sparked about whether little lenin was a common con man for 44 years…no need to fan that flame more than it has already been fanned. But, of course, I could be wrong.

    • proreason says:

      This is one of the better articles about why not to support The Donald, from the excellent AmericanThinker (Steve’s former home).


      I think he is right about everything he says, but nobody wants to take on the underlying issue, and the real reason Trump is emerging…the other candidates, with the exception of Palin and Bachman, don’t seem to have the cojones to take on the Moron, and it isn’t at all clear that either of the two dear ladies can defeat little lenin either.

    • tranquil.night says:

      If you’re going to play by Obama’s rules, or even by the old establishment rules, you’re going to lose. He’s got your number, it is an understood certainty, no matter what polls say now – he’s a master of manipulation and he’s got a lie machine.

      Tea Partiers aren’t lining up behind an honorable loser. It’s as simple as that.

      The only path to victory is with a total defense of Liberty and the Truth. We have to be willing to risk everything to fight this cancer – you can’t reason with it – because it will take everything.

    • proreason says:

      hmmmm. hmmmm. Trump willing to spend “tens or millions of his own money”.

      That won’t cut it. It will take hundreds of millions of his own money, and hundreds of other millions. Certainly he knows that.


      This clip also clarifies that he is unlikely to run as an independent. Only if he is sure he would win. He must feel like he has already terrified the rino establishment enough.

  11. proreason says:

    Tax compliace costs are nearly as much as National Defense:


    He’s not kidding: $431 billion

    “as of 2009 the income-tax industry employed “more workers than are employed at the five biggest employers among Fortune 500 companies—more than all the workers at Wal-Mart Stores, United Parcel Service, McDonald’s, International Business Machines, and Citigroup combined”

    but that doesn’t include the costs associated with tax avoidance; i.e., the costs of activities to reduce people’s or business’s tax burdens.

    Isn’t big government swell? What would unemployment be without the tax industry?

  12. proreason says:

    Volt catches on fire. Twice.


    Nobody was hurt, nothing to worry about. A little fire here, a little fire there. Maybe the fact that the thing is active while charging had something to do with it.

    And anyway, nobody should expect that there won’t be a few little problems. Afterall, internal combustion engines have had 100+ years to work out the kinks. Check back with me in 2111, and I’ll let you know whether there is anything to worry about.

    • tranquil.night says:

      Is it even worth the time and bandwidth to ask the obvious – like whether the ‘management’ of Government Motors will get the sticky pedalled Toyota treatment where public hari-kari is commanded by Inquisitor Nostrilitis Waxman?

  13. tranquil.night says:

    A lot of buzz out there about the SarahPAC Redesign, complete with updated (and very impressive) personal resume and political resume featuring all office holders who won probably in no small part because of her PAC’s attention.

    Also, her Madison Speech, which hit every relevant nerve in politics and went even a step above that by how she affirmed her own credentials and love for the union – and how Scott Walker was in fact helping them, not breaking them.

    Needless to say, this soldier has found his Queen Bee. We don’t even have to line up behind her because she’s standing side by side with us.

    • proreason says:

      I’m beginning to wonder if Rush might be involved in the Trump thingee. Rush has been an outlier among conservatives in not savaging the Donald. Almost everybody else has jumped on with both feet. Yet today, a lengthly caller tried to get Rush to knock him, but Rush simply wouldn’t. At the end of the call, Rush said something strange. This may not be exact quote, but it’s close “All of this will come clear in due time”.

      It seemed a strange thing to say, since Rush isn’t given to predictions that he isn’t confident about. Of course, he might just have meant that the field will sort itself out in due time, or some other generic thought to end the conversation. Or maybe it is a meaninful comment.

      Other data points:
      – Rush freely admits knowing Trump fairly well. He tells stories about him.
      – Rush has frequently chastized the Republicans to go after Obamy more agressively.
      – Rush hasn’t endorsed Sarah, but clearly likes her and often defends her
      – I don’t think Trump has commented on Sarah, but he has commented negatively about Romney
      – Sarah had a very good and quick response when the press tried to lure her into a Trump / Birther trap
      – So far, the Donald hasn’t spent a dime, and isn’t likely to spend a dime for another 6 weeks
      – Donald is flooding the airways with all of the stuff about Obamy that the MBM would never publish
      – Sarah is out of the news, punching tickets, building websites, polishing her policy chops
      – the MBM is consumed with the Donald. Sarah hasn’t had so little hatefllled scrutiny since July, 2008.
      – Ann Coulter has publicly urged the talk radio guys to get involved to prevent another McLame, but Rush has publicly agonized over endorsing anybody. He really can’t win if he does that.

      I wonder whether Trump and Rush may have cooked up a way to get Donald some free publicity while taking the spotlight off the conservative candidates and raising the profile on the strangest life that has ever been lived in America.

    • tranquil.night says:

      Ah Pro, you are awesome for how you can voice your observations so clearly. I’ve noticed the signs too, especially since it was only days after Donald appeared on Rush’s show that he went on the Birther offensive (Rush NEVER has guests and why would he seriously entertain this with other legitimate Conservative candidates on the field?)

      Who are the MBM and even the Conservative Literati demonizing? Well by everyone’s own sneering characterization, they’re savaging a celebrity blowhard personality with a hilariously inconsistent political history that leans Left, if anything. Why? Because he’s talking about the birth certificate, believes he could be a better President than Barack Obama, and says he’s considering running.

      That’s all it takes and within two weeks we know everything about the guy’s every failure and every reason for why he SHOULDN’T be President, compliments of all wings of the media. It’s laughably sad when put next to how little we still know about our current President, which I think is the point. And yet, using a simple business tactic he’s published books about and some good ol’ populism, Donald manages to pull better polls than the machine candidates who’re still running on Election 2000 software, no service packs, no firewall, no spyware or virus protection from the malignant Leftist worms whatsoever.

      The Slimes do their thang with Trump? He calls ’em out for the goons and apparatchiks they are.

      Romney tells Donald to “Get Real” on the Birther issue? Trump hilariously responds that he’s a much bigger man than Mittoast and calls out his so-called business credentials.

      Rove calls the Trump candidacy a joke? Donald says Rovian politics gave us Obama http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2011/apr/19/trump-gop-dont-raise-debt-ceiling/ Gosh I love it, it had me so giddy I wanted to post my Ha Ha’s in Haiku.

      Palin gives her personal opinion on the matter and says all the more power to his efforts? ….

      I believe there is a code of ethic here very clearly being illustrated for those that can see it. Respect, even in disagreement. For Donald Trump may be a lot of things, but he hasn’t hurt people like the Marxist Party does and seeks to do, therefore he has not earned my animus. Certainly not for daring to talk about a would-be non-issue like the Birth Certificate.

      Rush also dropped a bunch of other interesting remarks – mentioning Operation Chaos and that if Trump ‘supporters’ really like someone with big hair, loud mouth, etc to support Hillary Clinton. Obama is standing on top of a house of cards; if it starts to look like he’s going to face a real strong challenger and his polls keep diving, we’re not the only one’s in the blogosphere noting that it could drive the self-preservationist wing of the Democrat Party to draft Hillary to primary.

      But when push comes to shove, I believe Rush when he says they haven’t talked about this outside of their recent interviews, although it might have been a mutually understood plan. One story in particular was very interesting how Donald asked Rush about Obama, he answered straightly “He’s a bad guy” and from thereon Trump had appeared to be changing his tune in his own way.

    • canary says:

      I think it was yesterday or day before Trump made announcement he would strictly run as a Republican.

      so…Is Trump recounting he’d run an Independent if he lost Republican primary; a play to put fear in Republicans to vote for him no matter, knowing the fear of Obama getting 4 mores years over rides anyone would be better than Obama. If Trump ran 3rd party and lost, he could become the 2nd most hated American.

      Could Trump get past his need to win, and make a partnership to run as a VP.?
      I still like Glenn Beck. His show on our financial future was on target last night.
      It’s just the liberal media is making Trump appear he is joking.

      The question is are there conservatives wanting media exposure not getting it? The media and their power of planned questions and fielding conservatives may be in the way. Just as the debates questions are poorly worded. Or are those the questions they brag they’ve taken from their viewers?

  14. canary says:

    Illegal Chinese immigrants in California paid money to join fake U.S. Army. Scammed by Chinese con-artist to pay for their illegal documents, weapon training, higher ranks, and rel-enlistments fees.

    Army Times: AP: Army reaches out after Calif. recruiting scam

    By Noaki Schwartz – Apr 18, 2011

    SOUTH EL MONTE, Calif. —

    … Deng, who also goes by the name David, was arrested on charges of obtaining money, labor or property under false pretenses, manufacturing and selling phony identification documents and using a counterfeit seal.

    Prosecutors believe Deng recruited Chinese immigrants by saying it would improve their chances of obtaining green cards and U.S. citizenship…

    Deng’s attorney, Daniel Deng, no relation, has said his client was just trying to help members of the Chinese community show their appreciation for their new country. The lawyer said his client joined a military support groups six years ago after he won asylum for facing religious persecution as a Christian and wanted to share the experience with other immigrants.

    … Members paid to enlist in his military group, renew their membership and made additional donations to ascend in rank.

    Yupeng Deng had an office in Temple City decorated as a real recruiting station — complete with a rug featuring an Army seal. After paying their application fee, recruits were trained using mock weapons and were issued bogus ID cards they were told could help them avoid traffic tickets and earn airfare discounts.

    (entire story at link)

    (Deng’s lawyer named Deng too) “The lawyer said his client joined a military support groups six years ago after he won asylum for facing religious persecution as a Christian”

    I’m stunned. Deng is one slick Obomie con man. It’s unbelievable that he won a lawsuit, yet alone asylum for saying he was a persecuted for being a Christian.

  15. canary says:

    Google Yupeng Deng April 2011 under images and you can see he and his troops posing and his arrest.

  16. proreason says:

    God bless Texas:


    The Moron doesn’t like it when reporters don’t bow down. This Brad Watson guy probably knew he wasn’t going to get a front row seat for the next joyride on AF1 anyway.

    But I would have liked it better if Brad had called him a liar. Anybody who thinks Houston didn’t get the shuttle for anything other than hardball politics is a bigger fool than the Moron is an ass.

  17. canary says:

    In a hurry to land after Gayle King Show taping, 1st lady Michelle’s plane a Boeing 737, nearly hit cargo jet.

    AP: Plane With First Lady Came Too Close to Cargo Jet
    Apr 19, 2011 – 6:35 PM


    The Federal Aviation Administration said a Boeing 737, one of the fleet of presidential passenger jets, came within three miles of a massive C-17 as the planes were approaching Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland to land.

    Andrews air traffic controllers ordered Mrs. Obama’s plane to abort its landing and circle the airport to give the larger plane time to clear the runway.


    Michelle with perfect fingernails directing child laborers to plant food they don’t want to eat. (video)
    Michelle on cover of Newsweek “Feed Your Children Well”
    Easter Egg logo on White House eggs this year, and it’s not religion or bunnies. Think green peace.
    Mrs O to release book. on gardening?

  18. proreason says:

    Robin of Berkeley at AT has interesting insights.


    Her article today is partially about one of my concerns, which is that Sarah may have been too Palinized to win.

    She extends it to other nice guy candidates; Romney, Huckabee, Pawlenty, etc….and Bachman. She says the Left will shred them.

    She says Obama won in 2008 whereas Kerry didn’t in 2004 because the evil marxist has no morals whatsoever. He’ll do whatever he can get away with. She certainly is corrrect about that. Obama would kill his opponents if he could, and wouldn’t lose a moments sleep about it.

    She cites 4 possible candidates who can’t be Palinized because they are street fighting guys. Those are her picks: Trump, Christie, Alan West and Herman Cain.

    Robin’s line of reasoning has some echos of Ann Coulter, who likes Christie because he defends his positions so ably, and Rush, who has been urging the candidates to fight back.

    It’s something to keep in mind.

    btw, others may still emerge. Trump wasn’t on the horizon 3 weeks. You may not like him, but there is no question he has shaken things up. Others may come from left field as well. Petraeus is an example of that, even though he has stated he won’t run. Never say never.

    • Petronius says:

      If the Republicans need a mean street fighter, maybe they should nominate Barbara Bush.

  19. canary says:

    Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel chooses incompetent, inexperienced, inside his circle President to run Chicago’s new global Transportation Team.
    Only qualification is he came up with the “share a bike program”. Rahm Emanuel’s new unqualified Pres pick will be in charge of Chicago’s global transportation “hub” for the world’s greatest transportation system.

    Chicago’s Union also gives worry they won’t be contracted to do the work.

    Union most apt to be worried after Obama met with Chinese diplomats in D.C. he then flew them to Chicago to tour their city. oops. I meant Chicago’s city, not the Chineses’ city.
    April 19 2011 news & video


  20. heykev says:

    From a saddened AP

    NY mansion linked to ‘Great Gatsby’ being razed

    By FRANK ELTMAN, Associated Press – Mon Apr 18, 7:03 pm ET
    SANDS POINT, N.Y. – A 25-room Long Island mansion that some believe inspired F. Scott Fitzgerald’s portrayal of lavish lifestyles in his Jazz Age classic “The Great Gatsby” is being razed, the latest in a long cadence of estates disappearing from what’s known as the Gold Coast.

    Known as “Land’s End” and sitting on a 13-acre lot on Long Island Sound, the 24,000-square foot house is being torn down to accommodate five $10 million custom homes.
    he trend in recent decades has moved away from mega-mansions, he said, largely because even for millionaires, they are very expensive to maintain.

    David Brodsky, who bought the home with his father Bert Brodsky for $17.5 million in 2004, told the Long Island newspaper Newsday that taxes, insurance and maintenance on Land’s End became prohibitive — about $4,500 a day — prompting the decision to build anew.

    http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20110418/ap_en_ot/us_gatsby_mansion >

    While I do not really care if this house is razed, I do find it interesting that the real reason this house is being torn down is that it costs $4,500 a DAY in taxes, etc to maintain. With the lion’s share of the money going to taxes.

    $31,500 a week
    $135000 for the month of May
    $1,642,500 for the year.

  21. mr_bill says:

    An interesting story from the Detroit Free Press:
    Pastor Terry Jones’ rally becomes battle over free speech
    Niraj Warikoo and Naomi R. Patton
    Apr. 21, 2011

    With some of metro Detroit’s biggest political and religious leaders united behind Muslims in Dearborn, Florida Pastor Terry Jones is expected to appear in court this morning for a jury trial that will determine whether he can hold a rally at the largest mosque in the city.

    This “bigot does not represent” us, Imam Hassan Qazwini, head of the Islamic Center of America in Dearborn, declared to a crowd of about 700 metro Detroiters at a rally that drew U.S. Rep. John Dingell, a Dearborn Democrat, and the local heads of the Catholic and Episcopal churches.

    I wonder if this gathering had to post a $100,000.00 bond to stage their protest? They used the same location that Terry Jones is not being allowed to use. Why the differential treatment? Jones has requested a permit on Public Land near the Mosque.

    Qazwini’s mosque is where Jones wants to rally today against what he calls “the radical element in Islam.”

    Jones appeared in court Thursday and refused to post a bond for the massive security effort Dearborn says it would have to deploy if Jones were allowed to rally. The judge then ordered the trial.

    As Jones addressed reporters during a chaotic day, Dearborn residents shouted at him.

    “Shame on you!” yelled Leyla Abdul-Ghani, 40, who is Muslim. “We are decent, hardworking people.”

    Questions remained as to whether the pastor would be able to carry out his plan.

    Dearborn officials and Wayne County prosecutors sought to convince Jones to post a bond for security costs if he wants to protest in Dearborn. And they urged him to rally not at the Islamic Center of America — his desired spot — but instead in front of their City Hall or civic center.

    Interesting…its not like he wants to build a victory mosque at ground zero or anything, why the outrage? The really sad thing here is that the courts, politicians and the brainwashed citizens have made it harder for an American citizen to exercise his First Amendment right than they have made it for terrorist-affiliates to build a victory mosque on top of the site of the worst act of terrorism this country has ever seen.

    Dearborn District Judge Mark Somers sided with government officials, finding their arguments compelling. The officials argued that for logistical and security reasons, Jones should not be allowed to rally at the Islamic center.

    Jones declined to post the bond, prompting the judge to order a jury trial for 8:30 a.m. that will decide whether Jones can hold his rally this evening.

    Earlier today, the American Civil Liberties Union of Michigan and others criticized authorities, saying they had overstepped and were wrongly denying Jones his constitutional rights.

    The government should “not impinge on a person’s right to protest, even when their speech is as distasteful and offensive as Rev. Jones’ is,” said Rana Elmir, communications director for the Michigan ACLU. “We should combat hate speech with more speech. I disagree vehemently with Rev. Jones’ message, but I believe wholeheartedly in his right to express himself.”

    Dearborn Police Chief Ron Haddad said there are serious problems with having Jones protest outside the Islamic Center of America, noting that Jones has received numerous death threats and has a $1.2-million bounty on his head from a Pakistan-based terrorist group.

    There’s just far too much irony in that sentence to summarize with one pithy remark.

    Moreover, the mosque is surrounded by several churches that have Good Friday services, making traffic an issue, he argued. The site also is logistically a challenge because of its layout, he said.

    Evidently it wasn’t a logistical challenge because of its layout on Wednesday. Have the building, roads and sidewalks changed since then? It seems that with all the traffic, Dearborn police will already be in the area directing traffic.

    The city already had denied Jones a permit to protest.

    “It would have been chaos,” Dearborn Mayor Jack O’Reilly Jr. told the Free Press on Thursday. “We just couldn’t do that….”


    The story goes on to describe some unlikely supporters for Terry Jones’ right to free speech (including a muzzie who burned Jones in effigy last year) but steers well clear of any comparisons to burning the US flag or building a mosque at Ground Zero. I really don’t have much of an opinion on Terry Jones but I think its interesting that the government granted a permit to protest against his protest (at the same exact location) apparently without requiring a cost-prohibitive bond. If Terry Jones is such a whacko, why wouldn’t the counter-protestors fear for their own safety? Obviously they didn’t, because the city granted their permit.

    If the muslims are peaceful, why fear for his safety? If he is only denouncing radical islam and the “moderate muslims” are against it, why don’t they join him in the protest? There’s so much going on here that doesn’t even pass the common-sense test, but it is Dearbornistan, so I don’t know why I would expect much common sense. I’m not a big fan of lawsuits but I think Jones should sue the pants off Dearbornistan if they refuse to allow his protest.

  22. sheehanjihad says:

    http://planetfreedom.org/?p=157149 Here’s one for you all! Kind of like the mandatory adoration of Obama song…..this one smacks of indoctrination the likes of which you could never have imagined before the cancer of socialism metastaticized itself into our government…..these are first graders….and I would imagine that every one of them is going to cast a vote for obama in 2012…..

    It’s appalling. They are winning.

  23. proreason says:

    If only Alan West were a governor.


    “third-world dictator-like arrogance.”
    “low-level socialist agitator.”

    That’s what needs to be said by everybody who gets near a microphone

    Until the country hears it every day, the greatest con in history will continue.

    • tranquil.night says:

      Great governor. Even greater VP look; in a sane world, the Republican Party would be giving Col. West as big of a platform as he wanted. Herman Cain, amen.

      But this isn’t a sane world. This is the Republican Roves of old – Rove, who whines how the President mocked Conservatives at some huge cocktail event that nobody outside of the beltway cares about, by playing “Born in the USA.” Hey Karl – Paul Shanklin parodied that song with his Obama impersonation at least over a year ago and Rush had played it just recently in relation to Trump’s crusade. Okay, Obama may have been mocking us, but he (and his team) are sheer idiots – oh and thieves/plagiarists in a matter of speaking, but what’s new there? It’s sad because you’d have known this (along with the fact that wanting Obama to release his long-form birth certificate isn’t some mortal political sin) if you spent a little more time around the people trying to save the country, instead of caring so much about what the people who are destroying it think of you.

      But no matter, lambasting the establishment is futile. This election’s narrative is going to continue to be defined on the right by ‘experts’ like Dr. Krauthammer who gives such a flawed analysis of 2012 and what he thinks is a winning strategy that I don’t even want to respond to the details to maintain a steady blood pressure: http://www.humanevents.com/article.php?id=43096

      Whatever, it’s a debate that’s going to have to play out in the primaries. If Milquetoast wins the day then the Tea Party is going to unite in concerted effort behind them to take Obama down. But if a grassroots candidate wins, can we expect the same tireless support from our supremely rational pundit class? No, we can probably expect lots of ‘constructive criticism’ and analytical lectures about how they should manage their flaws, thinly veiled behind an air of arrogance and contempt at the great unwashed tubes for rejecting their learned perspective.

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