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Selected News For The Week Apr 2 – Apr 8

This thread is for the busy bees of S&L to post news articles that expose the rampant distortions and biases of our media watchdogs.

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This article was posted by Steve on Saturday, April 2nd, 2011. Comments are currently closed.

39 Responses to “Selected News For The Week Apr 2 – Apr 8”

  1. Liberals Demise says:

    Federal Agents Told to Reduce Border Arrests, Arizona Sheriff Says

    By Jana Winter

    Published April 01, 2011
    An Arizona sheriff says U.S. Border Patrol officials have repeatedly told him they have been ordered to reduce — at times even stop — arrests of illegal immigrants caught trying to cross the U.S. border.

    Cochise County Sheriff Larry Dever told FoxNews.com that a supervisor with the U.S. Border Patrol told him as recently as this month that the federal agency’s office on Arizona’s southern border was under orders to keep apprehension numbers down during specific reporting time periods.

    “The senior supervisor agent is telling me about how their mission is now to scare people back,” Dever said in an interview with FoxNews.com. “He said, ‘I had to go back to my guys and tell them not to catch anybody, that their job is to chase people away. … They were not to catch anyone, arrest anyone. Their job was to set up posture, to intimidate people, to get them to go back.”

    Dever said his recent conversation with the Border Patrol supervisor was the latest in a series of communications on the subject that he has had with various federal agents over the last two years. Dever said he plans to relay the substance of these conversations when he testifies under oath next month before the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs.

    Election time is just around the corner and there are new voters to be had.

    • untrainable says:

      I wonder how long it will be before Obie, or Holder start calling this guy a racist.

      If you want to scare illegals back into Mexico, America needs to be scarier than Mexico. We’d have to shoot them, or capture them and behead them, or hang them from poles and set them on fire. Otherwise, no matter how postured the border agents look, America (with its free Obama giveaways, free education, free healthcare, and immunity from the law) ain’t as scary as Mexico and is worth the risk of possibly running up against some guys standing around looking scary. Good luck with that posturing plan. I’m sure it’ll be great.

  2. canary says:

    Al JaZeera: Venezuelan government takes over farms

    by Craig Mauro 02 Apr 2011

    Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez is following through on a controversial plan to seize farmland from wealthy ranchers in the country’s agricultural heartland.

    Many landowners say the plan will leave prime farmland idle and decrease productivity.

    Al Jazeera’s Craig Mauro reports from Santa Barbara.

    So, 8 years of Chavez’s stealing the land from the wealthy and redistributing it to the poor has failed, so
    he will try a regulated slave trade union to work the land?

  3. canary says:

    As civilians in Kandahar commit violent murders, Canadian humanitarians spend 50 million and hard working to aid the city, while the farmers complain in spite of best crops in memory. Sad to read their amazing progress and the farmers complaints and impatience.

    The Vancouver Sun: Canada pours money, effort into Afghan irrigation project

    By Keith Gerein April 2, 2011

    — The Arghandab River is barely a trickle as Claude Desilets scrambles down the bank to inspect recent repairs on the Dahla Dam water network — arguably the most important infrastructure project in southern Afghanistan.


  4. Petronius says:

    New revelations about the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Rip-Off Act and Cram-Down :


    Banks, Merchants Debate Debit Card Fee Reduction

    by Sarah N. Lynch, 29 Mar 2011

    Opponents of a U.S. government crackdown on debit card processing fees called for delaying its implementation on Tuesday, with one top MasterCard executive equating the proposal with “creeping socialism.”

    * * *

    Banks and debit card networks like MasterCard and Visa are fighting against a proposal … that would cost them billions in revenue, by restricting them from charging more than 12 cents per debit transaction — a 75 percent decrease from the average amount charged in 2009.

    Bank of America Corp, the largest U.S. bank, has said the cap could cost it as much as $2.3 billion in fee revenues annually. * * *

    The debit “interchange” fee rules were included in the Dodd-Frank Wall Street reform [sic] law at the initiative of Senator Richard Durbin, an Illinois Democrat.

    * * *

    “In a free market system, businesses are going to do what they need to do to protect the economics that they built their business on. That is the free enterprise system. It’s America. It’s apple pie,” said MasterCard president Chris McWilton. “Creeping socialism is going in and saying we are going to set the price.”

    * * *

    “My bank is road kill,” said John Buhrmaster, the president of 1st National Bank of Scotia, of Scotia, New York.


    In a broadcast interview, McWilton called the Durbin Amendment “price fixing by the US Government in a marketplace that has worked very well for forty years.”

    He said the Durbin Amendment was “put in without any dialogue or discourse or due diligence, no economic studies or no consumer impact studies…. [It was] inserted in the Dodd Frank Bill in the eleventh hour, 59th minute, the dark shadows of politics in Washington that has huge consequences on the American public….”

    McWilton said the new law will shift $14B in debit card transaction expenses from retailers to consumers.


    “Creeping socialism”? That’s putting it mildly. “Road kill” is perhaps the better term.

    But it’s good to see that some of these businessmen are finally getting the message. Soon the charade will be over for all the bankers, credit card companies, mortgage guys, home builders, auto company bondholders, oil drillers, coal miners, utilities, health insurance companies, doctors, farmers, hedge fund dudes, and aerospace corporations.

    Their roles are played out and they’re all headed for the slaughterhouse. The look on their faces as they get the message is really memorable.

    Each group thought it was so different from the others, but now they are all beginning to look the same to each other. All equally meaningless. And now they know it.

    Now they’re all mere taxpayers. Just like the rest of us. Just “road kill” waiting to be picked clean by the buzzards.

    And who cares what happens to them? Certainly not the Liberal base. Not that vast army of vultures, moochers, looters, parasites, immigrants, and blood-sucking ideologues.

    Yes, as MasterCard president Chris McWilton is beginning to realize, we now live in a country where laws are being made without dialogue, without discourse, without due diligence, and without constitutional authority — and by eleventh hour politics in the dark shadows. Where we always have to pass the law to find out what’s in it. And then forum-shop for a Liberal judge who will tell us to shut up and stop wriggling.

    Yes, now we’re all just road kill alongside the road to serfdom and permanent impoverishment. Nerobama and his Bolshevik thugs have given America a perfect government command economy, complete with take overs, shut downs, crony capitalism, redistributions, Byzantine regulations, and price fixing. Where even the air we exhale is regulated.

    Where there’s no more apple pie for these bankers and credit card dudes.

    And where they can’t avoid the message. Going, going, gone.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      Last year I racked up some horrendous overdraft fees due to an error on my part. I continued to use my debit card, having forgotten about an automatic bank debit from my car insurance company. It cost me hundreds of dollars because every transaction that’s an overdraw cost me another $36. Well, in January I got a letter from the bank saying that the government says they overcharged me and had to return some of it and so were crediting my account $XXX.XX. I was actually angry because the fault was mine, that the contract I signed when I opened the account years ago was very clear about it and that I didn’t see how this was at all legal. Sure, nice to have a surprise in the bank…but I was ticked over the principle of the thing. It was my fault that I was overdrawn, not the bank’s. Their policy was clearly outlined. They did as was agreed to by me and them. What business did the government have in it? And did the government think I would vote for chairman O because of it? I took satisfaction in the notion that I got to play them for suckers instead of the other way around.

    • proreason says:

      if you had neutralized those pesky capitalist food, gasoline, utilities and commodities inflations by buying some ever more affordable i-phones with multi-media text, inet/gps download sg7 capability, family and friends mega discount revolvable spinner packages, then you could have had your i-phone wake you up in the middle of the night with your up-to-the-mili-second debit balances in life-like colors, complete with an appropriately somber downloadable i-tune warning ring-tone of your choice…unless your phone was relaxing with a smoke after some other service it had provided you.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      Interestingly, I do not use a cellphone, I do not have cable or satellite TV(Though I do have satellite radio in the car–no commercials during my commute) and I don’t see the need for all the products you mentioned. I love my PC at home and obviously read a great deal on it. I’m not technically cripple, I teach the finer points of a very complicated piece of machinery…I just have no need for techno-gadgets. I shop online a lot, avoid paying sales tax and I shop carefully, factoring the cost of shipping into the mix. Where I live there aren’t a lot of stores and resources but my interests are many and I figure it’s just as practical to have shippers burn the gas as it is for me to go running thither and yon looking for things. However, I do have a lot of boxes that pile up after some time. So I do my contribution to global warming by burning them when they accumulate.

      I did write a letter to my bank telling them that I disagreed with the fact that the government was making them credit my account for fees that I was responsible for. Like the big mukkity-mucks are noticing, this Cosa Nostre they thought they had going with king Blabbermouth is backfiring and he’s taking them all for suckers. Pity they are so surprised.

      That which worked for business in the past, doesn’t work now. That which guaranteed opportunity has been erased. There is no reliable gauge for business. There is only doubt, uncertainty, huge risk and danger. As the chairman wants it.

      (Oh, Pro…I got the humor there… :-)

  5. canary says:

    Reuters: Libyan authorities accuse al-Qaida of sending in drugs

    Mar 3, 2011 )
    TRIPOLI – Libyan authorities accused al-Qaida on Thursday of trying to smuggle 37 million painkillers into the country to alter the minds of young people to join a revolt against Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi.

    Mahmoud Ali, who said he was the head of Libya’s anti-narcotics department, said authorities had intercepted shipments of Tramadol which had originated in Dubai and were purchased by a Libyan drug dealer with ties to al-Qaida.

    Libyan officials showed journalists cartons of the drugs seized, including ones with images of King Cobra snakes.


  6. canary says:

    New global Jihadist Terrror group with same strength of al-Qaida but more clever outed. They do charity work in the same disaster areas that U.S. provides aid. They recruit. Haiti? Does Obama know?

    AP: Pakistani militant group a global terror threat
    Apr 02, 2011


  7. canary says:

    Rueters: Al Qaeda members hide in Brazil, raise money – report

    Sat Apr 2, 2011
    (Reuters) – Al Qaeda operatives are in Brazil planning attacks, raising money and recruiting followers, a leading news magazine reported Saturday, renewing concerns about the nation serving as a hide-out for Islamic militants.

    (Reporting by Raymond Colitt)

    Reuters: Israel urges Russia to review Syria missile deal
    April 3 –

    Russia, world’s second arms exporter, said in February it would press ahead with plans to sell two surface-to-air rocket units armed with P-800, or Yakhont, missiles to Damascus in a deal worth $300 million.

    Hezbollah used a surface to air missile in the 2006 Israel-Lebanon War to hit the INS Hanit warship, killing four sailors. Russia maintains a naval base in Syria.

    Moscow delivered Bastion anti-ship missiles to Syria in 2010 despite protests from Israel.

    Moscow’s arms contract portfolio was estimated at $45 billion at the end of last year, including $15 billion in contracts signed in 2010 alone, as Russia’s arms exports were expected to stay at levels of $10 billion a year until at least 2014, leading military think tank CAST said in February.

    Read more: http://www.kyivpost.com/news/world/detail/101475/#ixzz1IYnhYVB3

    On a good note the UN and Goldman Report have found Israel to have done nothing wrong and regret
    their actions.
    U.S. Congressman Keith Ellison the first muslim to swear oath to the Koran pushed viciously for Israel to be prosecuted. It has been noted in Islamic journalism that Keith Ellison has recently been having some melt downs. After all the work and tearful visits in Palestine documenting their scratches and cuts after 2008 battle in which Israel finally defended itself against a major Hamas attack which took place as soon as Obama won election. Reminds me of maj Hassan who massacred Ft. Hood, who showed signs that were ignored. ho hum.

  8. proreason says:

    Paul Ryan went and done it.


    I guess the dodo Republicans could no longer resist their one member who has a unique idea (well, Rand Paul makes 2).

    It isn’t my prefered approach, but ya gotta give Mr. Ryan credit for trying. I would have prefered to see them attack the 1 Trillion that has been added to the budget since the Moron took over first, and avoid the not-really-entitlements fight until 2013, but it is what it is.

    The video is pretty good, but it should have stated the very key point that the plan doesn’t touch anybody already collecting SS or Medicare.

    Let the demagoguery begin.

    We will soon see that what Sarah Palin endured was just a warm-up. Expect crocodile tears from Make Believe Media news anchors, outrage at Paul Ryan, endless National Enquire like investigations into his family back to the age of 3, and specific table-pounding endorsements of the vilest marxists spokes criminals.

    Personally, I think he has put his life on the line. From this moment forward, he is the most likely person in the country to be executed.

    But if he catches on with the public, he may be drafted to be the next president.

  9. tranquil.night says:

    It has to see a vote in the Senate to even be worth reading. Rush kinda tweaked me yesterday by echoing the Republicans’ desires that we should drop the current budget fight. No.

    What’s the use to an adult conversation about our budget when we’re not conversing or dealing with adults? We voted definitively about all of this; conversation over. I don’t want to watch another six month ideological food fight in which nothing gets accomplished except more demogoguery, another chunk of TWMBR funding flying into the abyss, and Harry Reid still giving any bill we pass the middle finger instead of a fair vote.

  10. canary says:

    New Egypt has “modesty police” to enforce virtue & modesty.
    New Egypt now calls Iran their new friend,
    New Egypt warns Christians to covert if they want to be safe.

    The Jerusalem Post: Post-Mubarak Egypt has Islamists calling for modesty police

    By David E. Miller 04/04/2011

    Officials of the Al-Gama’a Al-Islamiyya, one of Egypt’s leading Islamic groups, have called for the establishment of a Saudi-style modesty police to combat “immoral” behavior in public areas in what observers say in another sign of a growing Islamic self-confidence in the post-Mubarak era.

    “This is incredibly worrying to many Egyptians,” Maye Kassem, a political scientist at the American University in Cairo (AUC), told The Media Line. “The salafis were always undercover in Egypt and now they are emerging as a political force. They are getting too vocal.”

    The conflict mirrors those taking place elsewhere in the region.

    Issam Durbala, a member of the Gama’a’s Shura council, told the Egyptian daily Al-Masri Al-Youm on Sunday, that he supported the establishment of a virtue police, or Hisbah, which had existed in medieval Islamic societies to oversee public virtue and modesty, …

    “If the Christians want safety they should submit to the rule of God and be confident that the Islamic sharia [law] will protect them.”

    Last Tuesday, Egypt’s foreign minister, Nabil Al-Arabi, said his country was interested in “opening a new page with all countries, including Iran,” which he said was “not an enemy state.”…

    In a four-page essay titled “The Tsunami of Change,” American-Yemeni cleric Anwar Al-Awlaki, an Al-Qaeda propagandist, referred last week to the popular protest movements sweeping the Arab world.

    More about: Upheaval in Egypt, Ali Akbar Salehi, Anwar al-Awlaki, Anwar El Sadat
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    (read entire article)

    *”The Tsunami of Change,” written by American-Yemeni cleric Anwar Al-Awlaki.

    Where have we heard “Change” before. Once again the media forgets to point out out Anwar al-Awlaki is a terrorist with a dead or alive warrant .

  11. canary says:

    Obama’s stark new assessment of the war effort. Obama’s change of war plans after taking office, droning Pakistan, which was once used to keep our soldiers safe for in and out mission, has now made Pakistan unsafe. It appears Obama has put our troops in a place of being surrounded. Obama meant to lose this war, to back up his withdrawal of troops.

    The Washinton Post: Taliban has strengthened along Pakistan’s border with Afghanistan, report finds

    by Scott Wilson Apr 5 2011

    The Taliban insurgency has gained strength in Pakistan’s border regions with Afghanistan in recent months despite a sustained government offensive against it, the Obama administration said in a stark new assessment of the war effort.

    The report, sent to Congress on Tuesday, praises Pakistan’s military for confronting the insurgency in several border regions, which Taliban forces use as training and staging areas to attack U.S. forces in Afghanistan.

    “There remains no clear path toward defeating the insurgency in Pakistan,” the report says.

    This one comes as the administration prepares to withdraw some of the roughly 100,000 U.S. troops from the country in July and as domestic support for the war has reached new lows.

    That warning is also in this report, which emphasized that “the challenge remains to make our our gains durable and sustainable.”

    But the report also evaluates U.S. efforts over the first three months of this year, and it underlines alarming trends in that period beyond the “deteriorating” security conditions in Pakistan’s tribal agencies.

    It notes that in recent weeks, the Taliban has carried out more suicide bombing missions in Afghanistan against soft targets, such as army recruiting centers, government buildings and market places, leading to a “spike in civilian casualties.”

    wilsons@washpost.com Staff writer Greg Jaffe contributed to this report.

    “soft targets, such as army recruiting centers, government buildings and market places, leading to a “spike in civilian casualties.”

    It left out enormous death toll of U.S.Soldiers getting slaughtered to build toilets, wells, and schools, markets, farms, mosques.

  12. Rusty Shackleford says:

    And here’s the FOX News story:


    Fox News Announces New TV, Digital Projects With Glenn Beck

    Published April 06, 2011

    FOX News and Glenn Beck announced Wednesday that they will team to produce a slate of projects for FOX News Channel and FOX News’ digital properties.

    Beck will “transition off of his daily program, the third highest rated in all of cable news, later this year” to pursue the new opportunities, FOX News said in a press release announcing the agreement.

    “Glenn Beck is a powerful communicator, a creative entrepreneur and a true success by anybody’s standards. I look forward to continuing to work with him,” Roger Ailes, Chairman and CEO of FOX News, said in the release.

    Joel Cheatwood, SVP/Development at FOX News, will be joining Beck’s production company, Mercury Radio Arts.

    “I truly believe that America owes a lot to Roger Ailes and FOX News,” Beck said in the release. “I cannot repay Roger for the lessons I’ve learned and will continue to learn from him and I look forward to starting this new phase of our partnership.”

    “Glenn Beck” began airing on FOX News in 2009 and has been one of the top rated programs on cable, averaging over 2.2 million total viewers during its run.

    Full release follows…

    So…ratings must be the only reason. Hm…..so far only Reuters notes the falling ratings. Didn’t see it in this article but that doesn’t mean it isn’t so.

  13. tranquil.night says:

    Best of fortunes to Mr. Beck in his future endeavors. He and Fox have endured quite a vicious effort to be silenced for quite some time. He still continues to have a successful online outlet in theBlaze, so unlike Olby, he’s unlikely to fade out.

    Also, unlike say Maher or Olby I’m not seeing the same childish antics that characterized their departures from the cable scene.

  14. proreason says:

    and unlike Olby, people who listen to Beck don’t all live in their mothers’ cellars….as well as outnumbering Olby’s “audience” by about 100 to 1

  15. canary says:

    Confucius???? what is so funny about Glenn Beck losing his show. The ratings were not down. His show came on 3:00 in the afternoon while most people worked. I’ve had to watch it 1 am or at least I leave it on, to help his ratings. I was taking notes before he told people to take notes. I’ve read alot of Obama’s books before he told people to read a copy.

    Obama tells in his book when he was a teen and read muslim marxist malcomX, that he first became interested in being a muslim. Hello, check out his friends growing up. And he said the biggest thing he could relate to MalcomX was his (Obama’s) desire to purge the white blood from his body. Talk about
    holocaust cleansing talk. Obama tells this was at age 13 that he started hiding that his mother was white.

    His remark of Obama was just he felt Obama was racist towards whites, and Obama admits that all through his 1994. And not just whites. In his 2006 books he admits the illegal Mexicans angered him all the time, until he realized he needed them to get elected. He was angry they couldn’t speak the language. He was going to chew some out when he was Senator, but the people around him would tell him it wasn’t in his best interest.

    To me Glenn Beck has a true heart for human beings. He’s not an O’Reilly it’s all about me guy that gives people like Beck a hard time.

  16. canary says:

    Another AKA muslim name for pres Barak Hussein Obama and a new title given to him in new letter Qaddafi sent his Dear son excellency.

    Graveling no doubt coached by Obama to keep the blame on NATO. And to think I thought Obama embraced Qaddafi because they were VBFs.

    Entire letter at the link below.

    The Business Insider: READ QADDAFI’S LETTER TO OBAMA: “Our Dear Son, Excellency, Baraka Hussein Abu Oumama”

    Gus Lubin | Apr. 6, 2011.

    … stop the airstrikes, according to the AP. He also wished him luck in the 2012 election.

    Our son, Excellency,
    President Obama

    We have been hurt more morally that physically because of what had happened against us in both deeds and words by you. Despite all this you will always remain our son whatever happened. We still pray that you continue to be president of the U.S.A. We Endeavour and hope that you will gain victory in the new election campaigne[sic]….

    … democracy and building of civil society cannot be achieved by means of missiles and aircraft, or by backing armed member of AlQuaeda in Benghazi.

    Our dear son, Excellency, Baraka Hussein Abu oumama, your intervention is the name of the U.S.A. is a must, so that Nato would withdraw finally from the Libyan affair. Libya should be left to Libyans within the African union frame.

    Mu’aumer Qaddaffi
    Leader of the Revolution
    Tripoli 5.4.2011

    read entire letter and more at
    Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/qaddafi-obama-letter-2011-4#ixzz1IozcG0mz
    Fox reported this letter too.

    lol. Gaddafi even points out that Obama is following Ronald Reagen. He had to be coached by Obama.

    ooohhh. Obama’s birth certificate secret solved?
    His real birth name is Baraka Hussein Abu Oumama ?
    and his father is listed as Mu’aumer Qaddaffi who now claims Obama is his son excellency?.

    I call the 27th amendment as Obama has lost his marbles,
    we don’t know who the man of aliases really is.
    I can’t bring myself to google Obama’s new AKA.

  17. proreason says:

    Trump may destroy the Make Believe Press.


    If the link goes to Chris Matthews, click on the Trump interview on the left.

    The interesting thing here is the utter utter contempt that the MBM fool holds him in. But Trump just runs all over her. The guy can’t be intimidated.

    Whatever his policies, he has the Kahunas to defend himself, even in the teeth of the most vicious interview conceivable. This is a good thing for America because it exposes the hopelessly corrupt MBM.

    There is also a report out this morning that he is sending his own investigators to Hawaii.

    You can’t make stuff like this up. It’s beyond delicious.

    • proreason says:

      Here is more of the interview, including the part where he talks about his investigators in Hawaii.

      It’s beyond delicious.


    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      Looks like he’s looking for a good fight….and one he can win, I should think. Hopefully it will at least uncover some basic info. I also noted that one of chairman O’s bff’s from high school got arrested on prostitution charges, posted bail and who here thinks he’ll ever get convicted or even arraigned? And…how’s come we never heard of the guy til today?

    • proreason says:

      I shouldn’t be surprised, but it is rather amazing to me that the Donald has received so little attention from the conservative press, including the blogosphere.

      This tells me that my fear that he would hurt Reps more than Dimwits is probably correct.

      I mean, really, here we have a guy who overnight has jumped to #2 in favorability among all Republicans, and who is saying some things that no other Repub has the guts to say…and it’s like a tree falling in a virgin forest…nobody hears it.

      The fact that the MBM is giving him lots of publicity is the nail in the coffin of the “he hurts Repubs” theory.

    • tranquil.night says:

      Wow, that was really well done.

      “This tells me that my fear that he would hurt Reps more than Dimwits is probably correct.”

      Yes, but if I may combine that with some points Erick Erickson is noting – it’s because Republican polwatchers are rejecting the current field as is more than signing onto Trump ’12. That couples with the point I made when we first noted Trump’s rising numbers: out of all the declared candidates, he’s not shaping his public image off the polls and criticism.

      Whether voters can be swayed back to a candidate based off of substance and style depends on how the competition learns and adapts. In my opinion, the campaign doesn’t even start until Ms. Palin declares her intentions, but I even think she could pickup a few things from the Donald’s magnate presence. Regardless, everything going on now is still foreplay, so there’s still a lot that could happen. Having the Donald out there blowing up the narratives of the machine is layman’s work that helps all of the cadidates’ causes, even with the risk he poses.

    • proreason says:

      I agree the Donald is wooing voters more with his persona than his policies, but still think his policies aren’t getting the notice they deserve. As previously stated, I don’t agree with his policies, but I seem to be the only person currently recognizing the power of a 3rd way between Marxism and Constitutional Conservatism. To me, that approach has a built-in constituency of people who are simply disgusted with both parties. Trump is tapping into that and the idiot press doesn’t even begin to see it. Now, those policies may have a short shelf-life; I’m not predicting that, but novely is frequently something that wears off.

      What I’m hoping is that the more mainstream Republican candidates learn from what he is doing. Not the birther thing so much, as the Donalds refusal to bow to the MBM gods. Sarah, for example, probably now has a following large enough that she can vociferously challenge the idiots on their own ground. She may need to practice some of the rhetorcial tricks, since it isn’t her natural style, but by watching the Donald, she could help herself considerably.

      btw, regarding Sarah, it has come to my attention that whe is probably one of the most extraording people in American histroy. I haven’t been focusing on her life, but consider:
      – Led her high school basketball team to a state championship
      – 3rd runner-up in a state-wide beauty pagent
      – worked her way through college
      – mother of 5 including a Downs Syndrome baby that she chose to bring into the world
      – campaing for mayor by walking door-to-door, dragging two babies in a sled behind her
      – married to a modern day Mountain Man who happens to be part Eskimo
      – ran her husband’s commercial fishing operation one summer when he was working on the North Slope (commercial fishing is one of the most dangerous and physical activies in the modern world)
      – took on an entrenched corrupt political oligarchy in Alaska and defeated them
      – rose to be the most popular governor in the US

      and that’s BEFORE she overcame probably the most vicious political attack campaing in American history.

      The story of her life should be the one book that every young child should be required to read.

    • tranquil.night says:

      Exactly Pro. There’s a real history of this woman not bowing down in the face of real challenges, real problems. The content of this woman’s character coupled with her genuine governing expertise and political resilience scares the unholy crap out of the Left because her success and visible joy are anathema and antithesis to their beliefs, narratives, and most importantly their power. I agree with the rest of your assessments on her areas for improvement too.

      Also, your point regarding Trump drawing disaffected voters from all demographics to the “third way” is well taken. Especially if he develops a broader, more coherent and mainstream agenda/campaign, it definitely could take shape that way. Of course, my hope is that when he bowed out, it would come with an endorsement of our candidate, which could end up to their benefit.

    • canary says:

      Remember when Donald Trump fought to have a U.S. Flag to wave at his home.

    • proreason says:

      omg, I heard the Donald’s interview on Hannity today, and he went to THE BOOKs, in addition to the birth certificate. Hannity was clearly nervous, even about the birth certificate, but the Donald brought up the books out of the sky blue.

      In a nutshell, the Donald said that he’s written several books, including the best-selling bus book of all time so he knows a little bit about writing. Donald said the first book was a masterpiece, Hemingway+, but the second could have been written by a guy in his high school; and the Donald doesn’t believe the first one was written by Obama at all.

      He didn’t talk about Jack Cashill or the mountain of evidence, just that the first book was much too good to have been written by Obama, and the second is simply pedestrian.

  18. wardmama4 says:

    Sarah Palin’s Alaska is out on DVD – too bad we have no jobs and therefore can not by luxuries (ARE YOU LISTENING CRAPWEASELS IN DC?!? HINT, HINT HOW TO WORK A BUDGET WHEN REVENUES ARE DOWN) – right now. Can’t wait to buy it though – will go put it on my amazon list – maybe someone will buy it for me as a gift.

    Now there’s an interesting 2012 Ticket – Trump/Palin – garin’ damn teed to last 16 years! America just might pull out of this horrid nightmare – and the imploding of the Leftists – just might make the entire thing worth it.

  19. Illusions says:

    Update on the Wisconsin Election.

    Posser is now leading by 40 votes.


  20. proreason says:


    He has a friend. And the friend isn’t gay.


    Of course he did get picked up for soliciting sex for $100…but it was for a woman. At least, that’s the implication in the story, since it doesn’t cite a “male prostitute”

    But then again, this is the Make Believe Media, so perhaps I’m jumping too quickly to a conclusion. The facts aren’t in. We only have a fairy tale from “journalists” at this point.

    • canary says:

      the hawaii news tells of other runs in with the law, and Obama and his buddy visit when Obama goes there. Seems his buddy has had some other run in with laws. Didn’t finish high school. Obama’s mama warned him about the crowd he was hanging around with in Hawaii, but Obama didn’t listen. This little sex scandal won’t stop their friendship.

      Also, the court knocked down appeal to release Obama’s birth certificate. The paper did put a photo of the live birth memo which we for sure now know is not an official birth certificate. Just saying


  21. canary says:

    Confucious?? You didn’t answer my question. After Glenn Beck discussed the truth about Obama the viewers did not go down. The advertisers did, and many may recall Fox said they had enough money to carry him without the money. Have you not read Beck will do projects for Fox.

    Beck has spoke of the death threats he’s received ever since he started running the ACORN scandals, and exposed Van Jones speech that got him removed from his Obama czar job. He exposed how Obama went to papers like Denver Co and threatened to sue them if they got something wrong.
    Obama’s own written words show he strong armed people, if it meant going to a meeting with his friends and staring at people. Like the black panthers without a stick.

    First Reuters and now the AP. They’ve walked on egg shells for Obama. Obama also says in his book that other organizers before him, such as Martin Luther King were to passive. That’s when he found his former felonist gang-banger muslim convert that explained he and his body guards had their own little mafia like the Italians did to go to stores if one disrespected a black person. Then he was lead to his church with former muslim Rev Wright. The one was always saying violent things against violent g.d. the whites, g.d. the jews. g.d. America. You dont’ call that racist and bigotry.

    I’m waiting for your answer as to why you don’t like Beck.

  22. canary says:

    U.S. agrees to continue dropping bombs over Libya at NATO’s. Something about the weather. It’s okay Gaddafi knows NATO is making his son of excellence bow to them. It’s not like they are Americans.

    Detroit CBS Michigan Rep Urges Caution On Arming Libyan Rebels
    April 3, 2011

    ………….NATO spokeswoman Oana Lungescu said
    the U.S. approved a request from the alliance to extend until Monday its role in flying strike missions over Libya. In an emailed statement, Lungescu said Sunday that “poor weather conditions over the last few days” were the reason for the request.” She did not elaborate, saying she couldn’t discuss operational details.

    “These aircraft will continue to conduct and support alliance air-to-ground missions throughout this weekend,” she said.

    U.S. participation in strike missions against Libya was to end Sunday unless NATO officials specifically asked for assistance and authorities in Washington gave their approval….

    article at this link

  23. canary says:

    Libya rebels furious at NATO as air strikes hitting and killing them. Some suspect U.S. will send U.S. ground troops to Libya to join CIA. Let’s not hope we lose another mass number of CIA agents with 30-35 years experience as in Pakistan. Especially, with bombs landing on the believed innocent rebels.

    CBS: General: U.S. may consider troops in Libya

    (CBS/AP) Apr 7 2011

    WASHINGTON – The United States may consider sending troops into Libya with a possible international ground force that could aid the rebels, according to the general who led the military mission until NATO took over.

    President Barack Obama has said repeatedly there will be no U.S. troops on the ground in Libya, although there are reports of small CIA teams in the country.

    Asked if the U.S. would provide troops, Ham said, “I suspect there might be some consideration of that.

    Meanwhile, rebel fighters claimed NATO airstrikes blasted their forces Thursday in another apparent mistake that sharply escalated anger…

    The attack – near the front lines outside the eastern oil port of Brega – would be the second accidental NATO strike against rebel forces in less than a week and brought cries of outrage from fighters….

    “Down, down with NATO,” shouted one fighter as dozens of rebel vehicles raced eastward from the front toward the rebel-held city of Ajbadiya.

    A rebel commander, Ayman Abdul-Karim, said he saw airstrikes hit tanks and a rebel convoy, which included a passenger bus carrying fighters toward Brega. He and other rebels described dozens killed or wounded, but a precise casualty toll was not immediately known.

    But rebel discontent with NATO appears to be growing.


  24. proreason says:

    More information about Dear Leader that only the UK rags will print:


    I first heard something about the apparent scars a couple of days ago, but it has probably been floating around for a much longer time.

    They certainly look like scars and the fact that he has only realeased a 1/2 page summary of his medical history makes it curiouser and curiouser.

    I would speculate that the apparent scars are either a rare natural scalp condition or that the boy king’s head was so huge when he was young that they had to relieve the pressure somehow or he wouldn’t be with us today leading us into the promised land.


    I looked at all the pictures available of him as a child, and didn’t see the scars in any of them, but that may be just a function of the pictures, since it would be unusual to take a picture at an angle where they would show up.

    • tranquil.night says:

      “Is he actually an alien from another planet?”

      Ahaha! It’s too easy!

      Edit: Could also be the surgical scar from when the puppetmasters inserted the V-Chip.

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