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Selected News For The Week Jan 15 – Jan 21

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This article was posted by Steve on Saturday, January 15th, 2011. Comments are currently closed.

31 Responses to “Selected News For The Week Jan 15 – Jan 21”

  1. Reality Bytes says:

    The Financial Times reports rightly that US debt put us in more danger than Europe. I found it interesting though this quote as part of it’s graph.

    “The debt to GDP ratio peaked in the second world war & fell until it hit a low in the early 1970’s. Under Reagan, & into the early 1990’s, it rose gradually before falling in Clinton’s second term. It rose again with IT ROSE AGAIN WITH GEORGE W. BUSH’S TAX & accelerated following the financial of 2008 & Obama’s subsequent stimulus bill. The aging of baby boomers is expected to send the debt spiraling”.

    How subtle huh? Our selfishness for the money we earn in exchange of our work & enterprise is the reason for our drowning in debt. Huh! Let’s see:


    Like the Reagan cuts, the Bush cuts increased revenues. They didn’t cause debt. The congressional crack whores’ insane spending did.

    I have to wonder. Like Reagan who gave a wink to the increased spending in exchange for congressional funding of his arms build up, did Bush do the same for the sake of Iraq & Afghanistan? Like Reagan, did Bush have more faith that American enterprise’s increase in wealth could out accelerate the CCW (congressional crack whore’s) addiction to populist spending?

    If Paul Ryan & Boehner learn anything about this it is that nothing can out pace the growth in Washington’s addiction to spending. It is what keeps them in office. It is what gives them power. Like vampires who live off the blood of others, it’s what keeps their political lives from dying.

    If RB were president, I’d privatize everything I could. “That’s right! Step right up! We got federal land, we got post offices, border crossings, space programs, armed forces, roads & nice bank for crying out loud. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to own a piece of Americana – the Statue of Liberty – and I don’t mean the one in Las Vegas. No sir re Bob! I’m talkin’ about the real thing, the real enchilada (no pun intended) the doll herself, Lady Liberty right here in beautiful New York Harbor (funny, llike Snooky, Miss Liberty is from New Jersey).

    Thiink it’s crazy? How much would Mitsubishi pay for a lease on the Stature of Liberty. Think like Jerry Jones or Ted Cashin for a minute. You have any idea what the license rights can bring? How about the revenue generated from common area maintenance costs on the Grand Canyon, or the Mexican border?

    For cryin’ out loud! We’re sittin’ on a gold mine here!!!! And I haven’t even mentioned ANWAR.

    Here’s the link that started me off – it’s been a while. I’ve been busy Living the Dream! (Their Dream. My Nightmare).

    Nice to chime in.


  2. canary says:

    Obama’s new Military Leadership Diversity Commission releases reports and recommendations.
    You can go to their site with the colorful logo and click on draft report.
    This will take care of the transvestites loop hole.

    Harold-Mail: AP: Report: Women should be allowed in combat units
    Jan 14, 2011

    WASHINGTON — A military advisory commission is recommending that the Pentagon do away with a policy that bans women from serving in combat units, …

    Though thousands of women have been involved in the fights in Iraq and Afghanistan, they have done so while serving in combat support roles — as medics, logistics officers and so on — because defense policy prohibits women from being assigned to any unit smaller than a brigade whose primary mission is direct combat on the ground… the final draft of a report that recommends the policy be eliminated “to create a level playing field for all qualified service members.”

    “It’s something whose time has come … a logical outcome of what women have been doing in Iraq and Afghanistan, where the Army and Marines have been essentially ducking the policy,” said Lory Manning of the Women’s[sic] Research and Education Institute…

    The current policy “represents a huge glass ceiling for servicewomen,” Anu Bhagwati, former Marine Captain and executive director of the rights group Service Women’s[sic] Action Network, said. “It is archaic, it does not reflect the many sacrifices and contributions that women make in the military, and it ignores the reality of current warfighting[sic] doctrine.”…

    Gates said he expects women will eventually be allowed into special operations forces in a careful, deliberate manner…

    …Lainez said in an emailed statement. “Women will continue to be assigned to units and positions that may necessitate combat actions (even within the current restrictions) — situations for which they are fully trained and equipped to respond.”


    If men and women were equal the entire world wouldn’t have the Olympics separated into genders. And in sports it’s not life or death threatening situations such as the combat or fighting fires.
    Fact is women do not have the physical strength that men have. It’s not right for Firefighters whose ability to save lives depends on strength, lifting ladders, little children, pulling up heavy debris to free someone trapped lose.

    From the report:
    Recommendation 9—
    DoD and the Services should eliminate the “combat exclusion policies” for women, including the
    removal of barriers and inconsistencies, to create a level playing field for all qualified
    servicemembers. The commission recommends a time-phased approach:
    • a. Women in career fields/specialties currently open to them should be immediately
    able to be assigned to any unit that requires that career field/specialty, consistent with
    the current operational environment.
    10 • b. DoD and the Services should take deliberate steps in a phased approach to open
    additional career fields and units involved in “direct ground combat” to qualified
    • c. DoD and the Services should report to Congress the process and timeline for
    removing barriers that inhibit women from achieving senior leadership positions.

    • Liberals Demise says:

      As I have stated many times here before, the United States Military is not the place for social engineering……..PERIOD!

      It is absolutely crazy that this is even considered. As Mae said below;
      females in a combat situation (unconditioned) is and will be the weak link.
      (Not to include Mr. Limbaughs platoon of Amazon women during PMS)

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      Well, as long as the tal-ee-bahn only fights and shoots at the male soldiers, we’ll be alright. I’m sure Joe Bite-me will send out a memo notifying all enemy combatants to not aim at or otherwise intend harm on female combat troops. Or gays, or lesbians, or transgendered types. He will issue a directive to identify said soldiers with pink, bright green and chartreuse armbands and ascots so the enemy know who they are and won’t try to hurt them.

      There, that should fix everything.

      Problem solved in the best, liberal, flying unicorn, rainbow-laden way.

    • JohnMG says:

      As predicted, the repeal of DADT was/is just the beginning of all manner of social engineering to be visited on the military.

      Here you see another chink in the armor, and the people agitating for women in combat roles are fully intent on bringing about the downfall of our nation. They care little for equality and fairness. After all, they have an agenda to pursue.

    • canary says:

      Problem is the female officers will be safe like the men officers and get their promotions.

      Also, they want minorities particularly Mexicans who have poor English to be allowed. I guess they’ll have to memorize some English. “Don’t shoot”. “Shoot” “Incoming”.

      Also, Obama’s panel (and John Kerry will love this) feel that people that can barely read or write and have no schooling should be allowed.

      Also, they want to get rid of the “age” discrimination. I suppose they mean baby’s up to 100 years old.

      And while I agree with them that there might be a place for those in “wheelchairs” serving in the military,
      I hope they don’t have to combat.

      On the bright side. This could do away with death panels by the govt.
      Now if we have a terminal illness, we can go into battle and do some real damage. What would there be to lose. None of that wait til the terrorist with the gun fires at you first, is what I’m saying. What is there to lose. Could even get away with some oops. Oops, I saw him beating as woman and thought he was a terrorist. What, they have Sharia law? Whats that.

    • canary says:

      Mae, I did boot camp with women in the ole WAC. We had to do the same tests as the men. But, know way the women got the times in running fast, which is pretty important in battle.
      After wards women became officially called “soldiers”.
      They started training women and men together in boot camps and it was such a failure. They even reduced the push-up requirement for women, that they could do “women push-ups”. These are done on your knees. I could knock out 100 of the “mens’ push-ups”, but I think they they made the change of push-ups because of the general lack of strength. I don’t know no what kind of push-ups women do now. Maybe they changed it back to the same requirements as men. I don’t know if they are trying to train them together in boot camp again, or if they learned their lesson the first time.
      Just as the gays who have intention in joining the military have screamed, the men and women who don’t serve in combat will give women and men no choice.

  3. Mae says:

    If they’re determined to put women into combat units, then absolutely no shaving of requirements should be tolerated. As it is, women do not have the same level of difficulty as men in boot camp; don’t have to carry equal loads, don’t have to do the same or as many push-ups, etc., etc. IT IS NOT A LEVEL PLAYING FIELD. Women are catered to and get to wimp out in many areas. If they cannot pass the exact same tests of endurance as the men, then no go. If you’ve ever watched The Military Channel programs of boot camps involving women, you’ve received the pleasure of watching the whining, crying and bellering around. Pathetic!

    They gonna have special bandolier holsters for birth control pills or tampons? The idea that women should be in on-the-ground combat is ridiculous. Talk about weak links.

  4. Gila Monster says:

    Liberal moonbats, the gift that keeps on giving.
    From the AZ Republic;

    Man wounded in Tucson shooting arrested at meeting
    by Amy B Wang – Jan. 15, 2011 04:58 PM
    The Arizona Republic

    A victim in the mass shooting north of Tucson attending a special town hall today was arrested after his outburst at a tea-party supporter who favored delaying talk about gun laws until emotions over the shooting have died down.

    The Pima County Sheriff’s Department said it arrested Eric Fuller, 63, who was wounded in the knee a week ago in the shooting rampage that killed six and wounded 13. He was being held Saturday for alleged threats of intimidation and disorderly conduct and will undergo a mental-health evaluation.

    The incident took place near the end of a taping of ABC’s weekly “Town Hall” with news anchor Christiane Amanpour.

    The program, which airs Sunday and is called “Tragedy in Tucson: An American Conversation Continued,” reunited many victims, initial responders to the shooting scene and witnesses. Open to the public, the forum at a Catholic church was designed to promote conversation and healing a week after the grocery-store shooting.

    Most of the of taping was calm and at times emotional as witnesses recounted the events in which a gunman opened fire at a local Safeway, killing six and wounding 13, including U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords.

    Toward the end of the taping, Amanpour brought up the issues of gun safety and mental health. One member of the audience who identified with the tea-party movement stood up and said debate over the shooting’s political and gun-law implications should be delayed until emotions settle down. Fuller, seated near the front in an area reserved for victims and special guests, appeared increasingly frustrated and agitated.

    Fuller then swiveled in his chair, raised his camera and took a photo of the pro-gun speaker, muttering, “You’re dead,” according to Joel Tranter, who was sitting behind him.

    “I told him, ‘You need to be respectful. You need to calm down,'” Tranter said. “He said, ‘What’d you do, vote for this guy?'”

    As police officers approached to escort Fuller outside, he turned and shouted at the audience: “You whores!”
    The rest of the taping continued without incident and wrapped up about five minutes later.

    Outside, Fuller was arrested for making threats, said Capt. Byron Gwaltney of the Pima County Sheriff’s Department.
    “He’s currently in our custody and we’re in the process of dealing with that investigation to see what charges will be made,” Gwaltney said.

    Fuller’s actions could be a response to the trauma he suffered a week ago, said Dr. Laura Nelson, deputy director for the behavioral health sciences division at the Arizona Department of Health.

    “Grief after what happened here in Tucson last week is a completely normal reaction, and … anger is a very common symptom of grief,” said Nelson, who had been invited to speak at the forum. “I hope that he’ll get the help that he needs to get through this very difficult time.”

    Fuller, who works as a signature collector for political initiatives, was about 10 to 15 feet away from Giffords, talking to her volunteers, when the shots erupted on Jan. 8. He said earlier this week he was hit by a bullet when he dove to the ground to play dead. He decided that because he didn’t have any medical training to help others, he walked to his car and drove himself to the nearest hospital.

    About 100 people attended the taping, which took place at St. Odilia Church less than a mile from the Safeway where the shooting occurred.


    According to the drive by media, the Tea Party followers are the ones who promote violence.
    What a laugh!

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      “Fuller’s actions could be a response to the trauma he suffered a week ago…”

      Whereas Loughner’s actions were “clearly” the result of violence-inducing vitriol on the part of Palin, Beck and Limbaugh.

      Frankly, quite sick of the whole thing. Although I did read this morning that Green’s organs were successfully donated and that is something to be thankful for. Her father, I’m sure is inconsolable as any parent would be. The focus for this whole thing, as reported by the media has been minimal as regards the victims and 99% on “political rhetoric”. Odd, because the most hateful, inflammatory and violence-provoking speech has (as always) come from the left. That ol’ double-standard rears its head once again. When they say such things, they are “clearly” using symbolism and metaphors. When the right does it, they are “inciting violence”. Again, the left possesses the biggest megaphones and blasts the crap over the airwaves. I work with a “libertarian” who is of the opinion that “both sides” are responsible….as he reads the local rag, left-oriented newspaper. An otherwise very critical thinker, his uptake on politics is pathetic. His desire for national healthcare centered entirely around a child of his, coming of age that he couldn’t put on his healthcare plan anymore and that same child would be unable to afford their own healthcare plan. Yup, they’re out there and they actually believe they are right and no amount of reasoning is going to change that. And yet, he’ll vehemently, rabidly, passionately stand his ground and not sway on anything if he thinks he’s right. So I ask you, Who’s to blame?

    • tranquil.night says:

      Compare and contrast how John Green, father of 9 year old Christina and scout for the LA Dodgers, deals with his grief next to Eric Fuller, a 63 year old ground-level Community Organizer. Make your own psychological and ideological conclusions.

    • canary says:

      This is a new tactic the liberals to include the radical global warmers are taking at town hall meetings. Then they pick the photos and twist. Such as at a recent meeting the liberal scared everyone and charged a conservative for no reason. Everyone gathered around the poor victim, and looked upset at the liberal man running the meeting, and so the pictures made us the good guys look angry. We became even more mouth dropping when the tyrant ran back to the podium taking pictures while we gathered around the man he attacked. At least I looked freaked, one guy covered his face with his arms when he realised the maniac liberal was taking photos. No doubt that was twisted that made it look like he was being beat.
      We can’t figure out whose doing the bomb threats in town. Muslims? or Global warmers.
      Shame on the media too. They weren’t there, but ran the story based on the one lunatics version.

      This is to discourage and intimidate people not to go to the town meetings. It’s slanderous and evil.

  5. Liberals Demise says:

    Many Russians here aligning with Republicans
    Published: Sunday, December 26, 2010, 6:26 AM Updated: Sunday, December 26, 2010, 6:32 AM
    By Tom Wrobleski

    STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — Many Russian immigrants to the “red borough” of Staten Island are flocking to the Republican Party, saying that the national Democrats’ “socialistic” policies remind them too much of the top-down oligarchy they fled in their native land.

    With many of the borough’s Russian arrivees already owning businesses and active in civic organizations, their muscle could help the Island GOP solidify electoral gains made this year, when the party took back congressional and Assembly seats.

    Businessman Arkadiy Fridman said that the newly formed Citizens Magazine Business Club, a confederation of more than 50 Russian-owned businesses here and in Brooklyn, has aligned itself with the Molinari Republican Club (MRC) in an effort to increase the Russian community’s political and economic clout.

    IVAN the RED (State)
    This was over looked but I thought it of interest seeing how our former adversaries who have migrated here “LEGALLY” feel about the Democrat Party and how they compare it to what they left behind.
    Here’s the quote of the year:

    State Sen. Diane Savino (D-North Shore/Brooklyn) said she understands the Russian aversion to anything that looks like big government, but thinks the criticism of the Democratic Party is off-base.

    “You can’t ignore the fact that the Russian population here came of age during the Soviet era,” said Ms. Savino, who counts many Russians among her Brooklyn constituents.

    “They have different thoughts on what communism and socialism mean. They are a little more sensitive to it.

    “But, that being said,” she added, “you can’t compare the policies of the Democratic Party with communism. It’s absurd.”

    Spoken like a true Card Holder, comrade Senator!!

  6. BannedbytheTaliban says:

    Yet another example of the democrats trying to subvert the democratic process:

    From WRAL Raleigh:

    Democrats pressuring Ellmers on health care

    RALEIGH, N.C. — Democrats in North Carolina are trying to pressure Republican U.S. Rep. Renee Ellmers to support the health care overhaul that passed Congress last year.

    The Democratic National Committee’s Organizing for America project is holding a phone bank Tuesday to call constituents in Ellmers’ district.

    Republicans are looking to repeal the health care measure this week. Ellmers is career nurse and North Carolina’s newest member of Congress after ousting a Democratic incumbent in November.

    That would be Bob “who are you” Etheridge who has started his own attack on GOP financial backers.

    Her campaign message largely focused on repealing the law.

    Ellmers is the only North Carolina member of the delegation that the Democrats are trying to sway.


    Don’t give in Renee! Tell them to blow it out their you-know-what.

  7. canary says:

    World News Austrailia: One Year on Where did all that Haiti Money go

    12 January 2011 | 06:27:01 PM | Source: AFP
    International donors pledged almost 10 billion dollars to reconstruct Haiti. So, one year after the earthquake, where is all that money and why has so little progress been made?

    Broken promises

    Most of the 5.3 billion dollars pledged for the first 18 months has been legally committed, but only 1.2 billion has been allocated to specific reconstruction projects and donors are reluctant to disburse funds.

    Future cash commitments are drying up as confidence evaporates in an effort that has only managed to clear five percent of the rubble, leaving more than one million survivors subsisting in tent cities that look more and more permanent with every passing day.

    Of 2.1 billion dollars pledged in 2010 for reconstruction, less than half has been given. The United States, the biggest single donor, has delayed disbursing most of its 1.17-billion-dollar pledge until 2011, spending only one-tenth of that.

    … The US Congress made the State Department prove money would not be stolen or misused before allowing American aid pledges to be honored.

    The Interim Haiti Recovery Commission (IHRC), co-chaired by former US president
    Bill Clinton and Haitian Prime Minister Jean-Max Bellerive, was established in April, giving the international community strong oversight over aid funds.

    Tellingly, the IHRC only this week proposed an anti-corruption office to vet potential aid projects.


    The Christian Science Monitor: Haiti Earthquake Anniversary Highlights Faltering Aid Effort

    By Alice Speri, Correspondent / January 11, 2011
    Port-au-Prince, Haiti

    …Why the delay at the hospital? …

    Echoing the sentiment of many Haitian citizens, Oxfam was fiercely critical of the Interim Haiti Recovery Commission (known by its French acronym, CIRH) co-led by Bill Clinton, established in the aftermath of the earthquake to coordinate reconstruction. “The Commission has failed to live up to its mandate,” Oxfam said in a press release.

    “The idea to have donors and the government sit around a table is great, but it hasn’t worked yet,” Martin Hartberg, author of the Oxfam report, told the Monitor….”

    The commission’s work is also marred by slow delivery of promised aid. Of the $2.01 billion pledged for recovery efforts in 2010, only $1.28 billion was disbursed, according to the UN Office of the Special Envoy for Haiti, and not all of that has been spent.

    Organizations on the ground, too, need to account for their expenditures, Mr. Redlener says in response to questions on high NGO salaries and operational costs – a lot of which pay for private security and expensive cars…

    “There were thousands of NGOs roaming around and you would see reporters with their trucks and behind them Haitians in the rubble and you wondered, ‘How did these reporters get on the scene and we can’t even get a search and rescue team in there?’…

    “It was a long process of negotiations and now we are in the final phase,” says Mr. Timothée.
    ‘We have nothing’

    There were those that said Clinton should not lead the Recovery.

    Clinton-Led Recovery Is the Last Thing Haiti Needs
    Unofficial aid czar has a record of corrupt dealings
    By Jane Yager, Newser User

    Posted Jan 25, 2010

    update: According to Bill O’Reilly on FOX, claimed Mr. Bill Clinton is refusing to give comment on
    where the money went. He’s always been so tight with Haiti, with his cocktail in 1 hand & a women underneath the other. Those were the trips without Hillary.

  8. canary says:

    ConsumerAffairs: Feds Green Light NBC-Comcast Merger
    01/18/2011 | Mark Huffman |

    Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has granted, with some conditions and enforceable commitments, approval of the ownership of NBC/Universial and its affiliated networks from General Electric (GE) to Comcast…


    The Dept of Justice made the joint adventure.

  9. canary says:

    Electric Cars cost a lot in electricity, and many of Obama’s GM autos are recalled do to dangerous defect.

    ConsumerAffairs: Electricity Costs Make Electric Cars Even More Expensive –
    Green doesn’t mean cheap even though it may save gasoline
    01/17/2011 Mark Huffman

    Wally Tyner, the James and Lois Ackerman Professor of Agricultural Economics, says California policies aimed at reducing electricity use and curbing greenhouse gas emissions have the unintended consequence of making new plug-in hybrid vehicles uneconomical.


    ConsumerAffairs: GM Recalls 2011 Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC Trucks, SUVs : Rear axle may lock up, causing driver to lose control

    Jan 17 2011

    • Liberals Make Great Speedbumps says:

      “Dealers will install a new rear axle cross pin free of chargge when the recall begins on or before January 25, 20011.”

      I guess I won’t hold my breath on this one.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      Coal-powered cars aren’t the answer. Moron greenies have no idea where electricity comes from. I think they actually believe it is created by evil and thus want to avoid it. You know, like in “Monsters, Inc.” where kids’ screams of fear power the place where the monsters live? Yeah, like that. So instead, at the end, they make kids laugh, thus finding that their laughter creates even more power. The message being that “evil businessmen” only want us to fear and loathe them. Nice message to send to kids but they’ll grow up and many will learn it’s not true. For what the left message center is going to actually succeed in is the same thing that happened in the Soviet Union–several generations who learned never to believe the state-run media; To get their information from trusted sources only and if you were stupid enough to believe the SRM, you deserved whatever happened to you. Thus, the generations coming up may surprise us in being far more suspicious of what the news is trying to lay on them for consistent lying only works for a very short time. Then, everyone catches on and searches elsewhere for information. Yeah, like what’s happening now. So even if the government is successful in monitoring and controlling the internet, which they won’t, people will still find out the truth. May take longer, but ultimately, anyone who is a government representative will be treated as they were in the USSR with “contemptible respect”….that is to say, “Yes, I cannot stop you from coming into my house, but I do not have to be nice to you, or even speak to you.”

      If this is the goal that they are shooting for, they are well on their way.

  10. canary says:

    Reuters: Mutilated bodies found near Mexico’s richest city

    By Robin Emmott Jan 18, 10:28 pm ET

    MONTERREY, Mexico (Reuters) – …

    Gunmen dumped the five dead men, their arms and legs chopped off, on a street in the town of Montemorelos south of Monterrey just before dawn,…

    One woman died of a heart attack after witnessing that multiple homicide,…

    At least 60 people have died in drug violence in just 18 days across Nuevo Leon,…

    Explosions, apparently from grenades or bombs placed inside of cars, were set off…

    With some 4 million people just 140 miles from the Texas border, Monterrey’s slide into the drug war marks a dramatic unraveling of security in just over a year.

    Home to global cement maker Cemex and foreign factories including General Electric, the region generates 8 percent of Mexico’s gross domestic product with just 4 percent of the country’s population.

    Entire article at link below

    • canary says:

      Of course Obama has given orders in the past such as “Get in their Faces” and “hand to hand combat” against the GOP enemies.

  11. Melly says:

    Lowey: wholesale repeal is a ‘political charade’

    With a House of Representatives vote expected today on repealing the federal health care law, Congresswoman Nita Lowey, D-Harrison, came to its defense, saying any repeal would give too much power to insurance companies and costs families far more for basic coverage.

    Though she is open to some changes, an outright repeal would hurt working people, she said.

    “Repealing health insurance reform would put insurance companies back in the driver’s seat, increase senior citizens’ prescription drug costs, rescind tax credits for small businesses and individuals, and cost families and the government billions more in health care in the coming years,” Lowey said. “I am happy to consider good-faith changes or amendments to health insurance reform, but full repeal is a political charade that would hurt the middle-class and our economy.”……………..


  12. JohnMG says:

    ….. “I am happy to consider good-faith changes or amendments to health insurance reform, but full repeal is a political charade that would hurt the middle-class and our economy.”……………..

    Why did Nita feel compelled to pass this POS legislation if it was only a simple matter of a few amendments or good-faith chages?

    Political charade? Bring in the clowns. I’m in need of some diversional entertainment. Meanwhile………..

    IDIOTS! We’re being ruled (YES, RULED) by idiots!!

  13. canary says:

    Obama holds PLO Flag raising in D.C.. A statement ruffling feathers of U.S. Representatives.

    The Jerusalem Post: Palestinian flag in Washington ruffles feathers
    By Hilary Leila Krieger Jan 19 2011

    WASHINGTON – For the first time, the PLO hoisted its flag above its Washington mission on Tuesday, saying the symbolic step shows progress in the US-Palestinian relationship.

    “It’s about time that this flag that symbolizes the struggle of the Palestinian people for self-determination and statehood be raised in the United States,” PLO Chief of Mission Maen Areikat said… ”

    He said US permission to officially raise the flag at this time “means that the administration is serious,…”

    …House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairwoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-Florida).

    “Raising this flag in DC is part of the Palestinian leadership’s scheme to manipulate international acceptance and diplomatic recognition of a yet-to-be-created Palestinian state, while refusing to directly negotiate with Israel, or accept the existence of Israel as a democratic, Jewish state,” she said in a statement…

    She also criticized the Obama administration, saying, “The US has reinforced Ramallah’s rejectionism through economic and political support – including support for the PLO office in Washington, instead of requiring that they meet all conditions in US law.”


    Obama has to give a “pro-muslim terrorists- I’m on your side” signal occasionally.
    Palestine is not even on the globe.

  14. canary says:

    Obama’s SEIU army handing out fliers with gun range targets against Walmart and Walmart workers in Washington D.C. They tell Walmart business man’s home address, pushing their troops to target his home and family too. See photo at link below.

    us4palin: Obama’s Civilian Army, SEIU et al,
    by Pamela Jan 18 2011

    Below is a flyer[sic] targeting America’s favorite retailer. Notice the target the left was decrying after the Arizona shooting. Worse, they are attacking the man doing business with Wal-Mart at his home. His home with his family….

    … in Washington, D.C. A company called Pratt Development is leasing land to Walmart for the store.

    A group called ?Wal-Mart Free DC?, a union group that has SEIU involvement, is circulating a flier with the home address of Dick Knapp, the head of Pratt Development, to send people out to protest and intimidate him.

    Oh, and yes, the flier has a gun range style target on it.

    Back in May, you will recall, the SEIU sent out 500 purple people beaters to the home of a Bank of America Executive.

    for photos of SEIU targeting American workers go to bottom link.
    As published at: Atlas Shrugs: Obama’s Civilian Army, SEIU et al, “Targets”…

  15. canary says:

    BBCnews: Dr Kermit Gosnell ‘killed babies’ at abortion clinic

    19 Jan 2011

    A Philadelphia doctor performed thousands of illegal late-term abortions and murdered newborns after inducing labour, prosecutors have said.

    Dr Kermit Gosnell, 69, was charged with murder and other offences in the deaths of a patient and viable babies born as late as the eighth month of pregnancy.

    Prosecutors said he made millions of dollars…

    Nine clinic workers are also charged with murder and other counts.

    “A doctor who cuts into the necks severing the spinal cords of living, breathing babies, who would survive with proper medical attention, is committing murder under the law.”

    … the remains of 45 foetuses were found stored throughout the clinic – in bags, milk and juice containers,…

    Performing abortions well past the state’s statutory cut-off of 24 weeks, his clinic would induce labour, then killed the babies, the grand jury said in its report.


    Senator Obama voted against giving viable early born newborns sustainability. The reason he gave was over the writing of the bill which referred to the blob as a “human being”. Then what does he do after excusing his vote, begins full term partial birth abortion.
    Obama passes some things to appear he has compassion, he’s throwing the money out ASAP to
    bankrupt and destroy America.

    • wardmama4 says:

      Correct me if I am wrong but I thought, I remember that the hew and cry prior to January 22, 1973 (how ironic is it that this story appears so close to an anniversary date?!?) and every ‘Pro-Choice’ rally since then – has been that ‘legalizing’ abortion would end back ally/barbaric abortions and make the life and health and safety of these women the most important part of the abortion procedure?

      Go Here and Read All the Details as to how the DOH, Local Hospitals and State Agencies – failed since 1979 – to bring this dangerous man to justice:


      And let us lead this discussion forward (since Obamacare is so into the news):

      If, this occurs in PA – Is it happening elsewhere? Probably

      If, this occurs to minorities – Why are not the minority ‘protectors’ (the Rev Al Sharpton for example) rising up and decrying this? Why is not NOW rising up and decrying this?

      And IF Obamacare stands – Might not the Elderly, the disabled/handicapped, the mentally ill/retarded all be considered for various hospital/clinic/institutional treatment such as this – because they are not productive and a drain on ‘limited resources’? Because – when those who are in charge of investigating and controlling these situations – will continue to have their jobs, not be held accountable and care not about other human beings – being solely divested in the ‘law’ that they are ‘following’ – this horrible, barbaric, debase, inhumane and disgusting situation will be repeated again and again. This story is and should be the POSTER CHILD for the REPEAL of Obamacare – THIS is what happens to the patient – the human beings – involved when Government is in control of their health and well being.

      And can you tell me – if these women can scrape up in excess of $1000. (procedure w/medication) – Why they are going to such a scummy place? Do they really believe that every abortion ‘clinic’ looks (or smells) like that – or that one that doesn’t will cost MORE?

      This story disgusts me – as we were lied to that the stupid Roe v Wade would end this horrible and disgusting assault on women once and for all – Just another lie – Historically – the Liberal Left is nothing but a LIE.

    • confucius says:

      Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was pro-life. So is his surviving niece, Alveda King. Ms. King characterizes the pro-life movement as the civil rights fight of today.

    • canary says:

      WardMama, That is one very long (graphic heartbreaking beautiful babies) engrossing Grand Jury investigation read.
      2 times it refers to how it took “THE MEDIA” to finally get something done over decades and 3 Democrat Governors who ruled abortion clinics did not need to be inspected, and the PA Public Health
      Medical Board, all ignored something that could not have been. For this clinic to be in a building with other medical offices, the death stench to include that of cats that wondered around. The drugs being given out during the day. The technical murders that went through the night at health clinic. Cash money
      that may have found it’s way into some inspectors hands who did not follow up and inspect when pressure was mounting.

      Since, Dr. Kermit Gosnell was African American, (doesn’t give his religion or place of worship) it can’t be racism on the part of the death of the non-speaking English immigrant that had just arrived by Humanitarian Resettlement Program July 19, 2009. Dumb idiots sat there while the staff pretended she wasn’t dead, hooking her up to machines that didn’t work, giving her IV’s even though they knew she was dead, waiting for the Dr. Death to appear, as
      laymen were doing the abortions and handing out the drugs at that. Why even the part-time janitor & his
      wife were a jack of all trades.

      …”He also killed live, viable, moving, breathing, crying babies. He killed them by
      cutting their spinal cords after their mothers had delivered them after receiving excessive
      amounts of medication designed to induce active labor. This report documents multiple
      murders of viable babies. The evidence makes a compelling case that many others were
      also murdered.”

      Perhaps if the Republicans had put in the language “babies” instead of the “human beings” term which Obama gave reason for voting against saving viable babies.

      Some rich Conservative American should make a movie or mini-series on this. It would cheap to make as far as props, and no fancy filmage. This needs to get out to educate people.


      Gosnell took in as much as $10,000 to $15,000 a night, mostly
      in cash, for a few hours of work performing abortions. And this amount does not include
      the money he made as one of the top Oxycontin prescribers in the state

  16. canary says:

    BusinessWeek: Hu Flaunts China Power in Chicago’s Friendly Confines
    Jan 20, 2011
    By John McCormick and Jeff Kearns

    Jan. 20 (Bloomberg) — Chicago is known as a destination for immigrants. Yet in a city with 2.8 million people, the most recent U.S. Census estimates found only about 40,000 Chinese — just 1.4 percent of the population.

    … Pushing them all is a mayor whose brother — a former Commerce secretary and early advocate for China trade — now works for a city resident, President Barack Obama.

    “Here we are, with this enormous economy in Chicago,” he said, and “we are friendly to China in ways that the East and West coasts are not.”

    Daley, 68, who has visited China three times since his first trip in 2004, said he didn’t think that the Chinese were rewarding those who have been less critical.

    “We’re not selling out,” Daley said….

    While in Chicago, Chinese companies signed deals today to buy $1.8 billion of oilseed from the U.S.,..

    The Chinese buyers approved 10 contracts with companies including Archer Daniels Midland Co., Bunge Ltd. and Cargill Inc. Ten additional contracts may be signed at a ceremony tomorrow,…

    …said Howard Rubel, an analyst in New York with Jefferies & Co. ..

    Instead, the White House highlighted a $19 billion package of purchases that referred to the Chinese government’s final approval for orders dating back to 2007.

    Wright’s group is hosting the forum with the Beijing-based China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Machinery and Electronic Products. It’s likely to draw as many as 1,000 U.S. and Chinese business leaders, representing about 60 U.S. and Chinese companies, Wright said.

    About 300 companies based in the Chicago area have offices in China, and 30 Chinese companies maintain operations in Chicago, Wright said.

    Greg Brown, chief executive officer of Schaumburg, Illinois-based Motorola Solutions Inc., was at the White House yesterday and will participate in talks with the China delegation in Chicago.

    entire article

  17. canary says:

    First Lady Michelle Obama Announces Collaboration with Walmart in …
    For Immediate Release. January 20, 2011 … First Lady Michelle Obama joined Walmart executives today to help launch the … Watch President Obama’s full speech at the memorial event in Tucson, Arizona, and read an account of Rep. …

    gag as you read the speech at the at the wh gov site

    Reuters: Wal-Mart, Michelle Obama team up on healthy food

    Credit: Reuters/Joshua Lott/Files
    By Jessica Wohl Jan 21, 2011

    CHICAGO (Reuters) – Wal-Mart Stores Inc will promote and cut prices on healthier food at its stores, a move that was eagerly endorsed by the U.S. first lady and one that could push food companies to overhaul more products.

    The initiative comes as the world’s largest retailer tries to overcome political and union opposition to its expansion in urban areas like New York City, Chicago and Washington, D.C., by touting its ability to bring lower-priced fruits, vegetables and other healthy foods to “food deserts” in cities and to rural areas that lack traditional grocery chains.

    “I hope this move emboldens the Food and Drug Administration and U.S. Department of Agriculture, which should immediately pull the plug on partially hydrogenated oil and set reasonable limits on sodium levels in different categories of packaged foods,” CSPI Executive Director Michael Jacobson said in a statement.

    Wal-Mart’s efforts have the potential to affect everyone from farmers to grocery stores, drugstores and even dollar stores,…

    Jefferies & Co analyst Scott Mushkin, who follows grocers and food makers.

    That move was part of a broader strategy to revamp its global produce supply chain.

    (Reporting by Jessica Wohl, additional reporting by Jasmin Melvin in Washington, Lisa Baertlein in Los Angeles, Ben Klayman in Detroit, Martinne Geller in New York and Brad Dorfman in Chicago; editing by Dave Zimmerman and Gerald E. McCormick)

    What will the unions think? Perhaps they will get 10% off discounts.

    My oh my, Jefferies & Co from NY is sure hanging out with the Obama entourage, such as the China visit
    in Chicago.

    Walmarts packaging is deceitful. More and more food from Mexico and South American countries.
    Packaging is made to look old fashioned and from USA produce. Note their “packaging” meets federal standards. I’m telling you, food from Mexico is going through Delaware, then through another state that packages & distributes it. And Wal Marts great value products which are poor food wise get’s a lot of their food from other countries too.

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