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Selected News For The Week Jan 22 – Jan 28

This thread is for the busy bees of S&L to post news articles that expose the rampant distortions and biases of our media watchdogs.

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This article was posted by Steve on Saturday, January 22nd, 2011. Comments are currently closed.

60 Responses to “Selected News For The Week Jan 22 – Jan 28”

  1. Illusions says:

    Olbermann gets his walking papers….

    From what is sure to be a saddened and shocked AP

    NEW YORK – Keith Olbermann, MSNBC’s most successful and controversial personality for his outspoken liberal prime-time program, gave an abrupt goodbye to viewers and said Friday was his last show.

    It was not immediately known if he quit or was fired. Olbermann did not address the question, and MSNBC said only that they and Olbermann had ended their contract. He signed a four-year contract two years ago.


    A spokesman said Phil Griffin, MSNBC’s president, would not comment on Olbermann’s exit. Spokesman Jeremy Gaines would say only that the acquisition of NBC Universal by Comcast, which received regulatory approval this week, had nothing to do with the decision.


    Now take into context the buyout by Comcast. It looks like they did want Olbermann gone.

    From Deadline Hollywood;

    The move is simultaneous with new owner Comcast starting to show its hand over the broadcast network and cable after receiving FCC approval. “He’s been very problematic,” an NBCU source told Deadline about Comcast’s attitude to Olbermann. Officially, the Comcast takeover is next week. But word has been circulating for months now that the new owners have wanted to “tinker” with MSNBC and had many changes in store, including a right turn for the left-wing cable channel so that it represents both political points of view more evenly. It is well known that both Comcast chief Brian Roberts and NBCU chief Steve Burke have donated heavily to the Republican party with Burke more recently donating money to a few Democrats as well as heavily to Republicans. Roberts was a co-chairman of the host committee at the 2000 Republican Convention while Burke raised at least $200,000 for George W Bush’s re-election campaign.


  2. Liberals Demise says:

    Wow.. they certainly are falling on their Hari-Kari knives all of a sudden.
    Keith, please feel free to pass that knife on to the next victim of the
    Lefts’ purge.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      I’m thinking it’s all a “vast right-wing conspiracy”. Yeah. Let’s start that talking point up again. :-)

  3. Liberals Demise says:


    If you can stand another turd polishing by the New York Times
    then this is it and the article names just about every criminal
    in the Bamsters regime. I will admit it is quite a bit long as it is 7 pages.

    Published: January 19, 2011

    Three days before Christmas, President Obama gathered his economic team in the West Wing’s Roosevelt Room to review themes for his State of the Union address. The edge-of-the-cliff crisis he inherited had passed, but with more than 14 million Americans still out of work, he was looking for bold ways to bring down unemployment. The ideas presented to him, though, seemed familiar and uninspired. “You know, guys,” he said, according to someone in the room, “I’ve told you before, I want you to come to me with ideas that excite me.” Nothing he was hearing excited him.

    Obama’s frustration could set the tone for the remainder of his term. For all the trials of war and terrorism, the economy has come to define his presidency. During the first half of his term, he used the tools of government to shape the nation’s economy more aggressively than any president in 75 years. As the national debt rises and Republicans assume more power on Capitol Hill, it won’t be easy finding ways to juice the economy that are exciting, effective and politically viable. Every day, in briefings, in trips around the country, in letters from the public, Obama is reminded of the many people who are still hurting. And he surely knows that if he cannot figure out in the next two years how to create jobs, he may lose his own.

    Obama is fighting to keep Republicans, fresh from their fall electoral triumph, from reversing what he has started while prodding his own team to come up with something, anything, to put people back to work. “The president wanted to lower unemployment but didn’t see a way to get more money out of Congress,” one adviser who sat in on many such meetings told me. “He grew frustrated because the economic team didn’t have that magic combination.” Or as another adviser put it, “He was really frustrated that there weren’t solutions on the cheap.”

    Obama has been casting about for ideas. He held two unpublicized meetings last month with outside economists, a group of liberals one day and a group of conservatives the next, soliciting suggestions while deflecting criticism. (He was “a bit defensive,” one participant told me.) He likewise met with labor leaders and convened a four-hour meeting with chief executives from Google, General Electric, Honeywell, Boeing and other corporations. Obama was so intent on the conversation that he canceled a lunch break and asked the executives to bring their chicken, fish and pasta back from a buffet so they could keep talking.
    Peter Baker is a White House correspondent for The Times and a contributing writer for the magazine.

    (He is not Barney Fwanks chef)

    • RabidAmerican says:

      “During the first half of his term, he used the tools of government to shape the nation’s economy more aggressively than any president in 75 years…”

      > What channel were they watching?

      “And he surely knows that if he cannot figure out in the next two years how to create jobs…”

      > CREATE JOBS! I want to scream. I guess they’re all admitting we’re committed to economic Fascism. Unshackle the economy by getting government taxes and regulations out of the way and let the marketplace create jobs.

      Unshackling includes rescinding our involvement in WTO, NAFTA and GATT. Then deal with the daemon known as the Federal Reserve which ain’t Federal nor a Reserve.

      It’s so simple, that when you see no attempt to move in a direction to unshackle the economy, you know it’s by design by the Ruling Class.

  4. rakkasan says:


    China’s ‘stealth fighter’ flies – brown trouser time, or not?

    O noes! China has finally got to where the US was in 1985, and the UK was in about 2000! Surely time for a big military panic?

    A force of J-20s would find this hedge impenetrable: as soon as they penetrated to any depth, the “stealth” planes would be showing a non-stealthy aspect to radars on their flank or behind them, or would find their hot exhausts picked up by US/allied IRST. The lumbering Chinese jets would then be pounced upon and eliminated. If somehow the J-20 is as capable as a Raptor and the People’s Republic should manage to inflict any damage on US forces or their allies, the responding shower of seaborne cruise missiles would wipe China’s air capability off the map – leaving Beijing a stark choice between humiliation and suicidal escalation to nuclear ballistic-missile strikes on the US mainland.

    The reality is that western global hegemony over the seas and the skies above them would be pretty much unchallenged even if the J-20 actually was a rival to western stealth technology. America alone, even following the just-announced reining in of defence spending, intends in the near future to field a force of more than 2,000 genuine modern stealth warplanes backed by many hundreds more modern combat aircraft of other types. A thousand more stealth fighters (F-35s) are set to be ordered by US allies worldwide, and these allies also dispose of yet thousands more highly capable, modern non-stealth planes.

    The USA and her allies in the 2020s will have more than 3,000 genuine operational stealth fighters and many thousands more highly capable, sophisticated non-stealth aircraft plus warships, cruise missiles etc in profusion. China and Russia, by that point, will probably not have any substantial numbers of real operational stealth aircraft at all – both nations have only just got early prototypes flying, putting them where the USA was in the 1980s and Europe was a decade ago. Both nations together possess no more than 3,000 functioning combat aircraft, mostly obsolete, all poorly maintained, and in Russia’s case at least, flown by pilots who log no more than a few hours a year. The Russian and Chinese navies are in even worse shape.

    Even if Russia and China could cooperate effectively (they can’t or won’t) and had some reason to take on the West (so cutting their own economies off at the knees) – even if Russian and Chinese technology and military readiness was equivalent or superior to Western (it plainly isn’t anywhere near) – the west would still win a conventional air/sea war by simple weight of numbers. In the case of Russia or China acting alone, the fight would be even more one-sided.

    • Liberals Demise says:

      Why mess with Stealth when you already have the means to
      strike without impedance?
      Chi-Com missiles have our gyros and guidance systems thanks
      to Bill Clinton when he was President.
      Very scary stuff then…..very frightening today!

    • Exactly LD!

      If folks don’t believe it, then all they need to do is ask Ron Brown.

      Oh wait..

    • confucius says:


      China could take out Japan before lunch and then round out the day with Taiwan.

      I’m also willing to bet that should this happen and America attacked China, Russia would help China.

    • proreason says:

      “China could take out Japan before lunch and then round out the day with Taiwan.

      I’m also willing to bet that should this happen and America attacked China, Russia would help China.”

      Just speaking for myself, my loyalties are to America, not to the countries my ancestors migrated from. That doesn’t seem to be the case for many Americans.

      That phenomenon was one of the chief causes of the fall of Rome. Nobody knows for sure, but it may have been the primary cause, or at least the cause that precipitated the final destruction of the the only country that has ever rivaled Britain and America for positive impact on the human race.

    • confucius says:

      Good to hear you say it, proreason. Americans should be loyal to America. They should not to be loyal to their country of origin. Or a political party. Or an individual.

      So tell me, how does your reply relate to rakkasan’s or my post?

    • proreason says:

      You are slow today, confucious. You missed Steve’s and my obvious meanings on the Walmart flyers.

      And my post above has nothing to do with Rakkasan’s post. Your post and his bear no relationship other than the fact that you took it as an opportunity to cheerlead for Red China.

      I always wonder why you so consistently lead with ethnicity; it dominates your thinking; it’s a sore that won’t heal. There isn’t another commenter here who does anything like that, and very few on any conservative website, for any race or nationality. Even people who discuss white vs black issues only do so in reaction to the non-stop accusations of racism in the msm miasma. We just don’t think about race first…that’s how liberals and people who can’t get over grudges think.

    • confucius says:


      You are even slower. First, you misspelled my name. Second, you posted your thoughts on the Wal-Mart flyers in the wrong thread.

      Regarding the Wal-Mart story, you want me and everyone else to ignore what was posted and mind-read what you and Steve are thinking? You sound like tranquil.night.

      Still up to the “we” business are you? Unless you are Steve, why do you speak for him? Again, you sound like tranquil.night.

      And who is Steve? Are you referring to Mr. Gilbert?

      I read your post the same you wrote it—i.e. it bore no relationship to either rakkasan’s (note the spelling) or my post. This is why I asked the question in my second post.

      I read my reply to rakkasan again and saw no cheerleading for Red China. If I loved China, as you assert, then why would I live here in America? I have the means and know-how to emigrate and live in China. But I don’t.

      I concur with rakkasan’s point that China is no military match for the U.S. However, China shouldn’t be ignored. They have the military strength to wipe out Japan and conquer Taiwan tomorrow. It is not unreasonable to think they will rival us in a few more decades. (This is particularly true given the likes of Barack Obama and Robert Gates.)

      I also happen to think that if there were a world war started by China invading a neighboring country, then Russia would ally itself with China. Both are communist countries who share a common border and enemy—i.e. us.

      On reviewing my earlier posts on this thread, I also saw no ethnicity. This is twice now you’ve injected race or ethnicity in the discussion and then blamed me for it. I’m starting to think you are race-obsessed and projecting your ill thoughts on me. Once again, you sound like tranquil.night.

      You shouldn’t be so quick to claim that S&L is free of racist comments. You also shouldn’t be so quick to speak for all the S&L posters. You are not “we.” (And again, you sound like tranquil.night.)

    • confucius says:

      Hey proreason!

      Did you see the posts from tranquil.night and canary below?

      Now, what do you have to say?

    • proreason says:

      “Now, what do you have to say?”

      I say you are a card-carrying member of the professional victim class, standing right next to Al Sharpton.

    • confucius says:

      And I say you are a hood-wearing member of the Klan.

    • proreason says:

      Of course you would call me a member of the klan. Everybody who disagrees with the professional victim class is always called a racist. That’s what many people who can’t win an argument on merits do. The commonality of people like you and Sharpton demonstrates that it takes a rational adult to resist the childish urge to cry and call names. I don’t doubt for a second that in your heart you believe it. But as you already know, I don’t care what people like you think of me.

      However, I am happy that you have finally been able to whip up the courage to say it after posting here for 2 years, and that you are now fully out of the closet as a victim and a racist yourself. You can now be free to attack at will.

      And oh yes, I wasn’t linking myself with Steve on the Walmart matter. I was simply pointing out that you don’t seem to have the mental capacity to detect satire and sarcasm, which we both employed.

      You inability to understand common rhetorical devices makes me wonder if you are really a doctor. My mental model is that doctors are smart people who are capable of advanced thinking. Since you regularly misinterpret posts that aren’t completely straightforward, you don’t appear to have that kind of mental ability. On the other hand, it’s easy for minorities to get into med school, and some people have to be at the bottom of their class. Maybe you are an affirmative action doctor. (If that’s too subtle, confusious, it means I think you are too stupid to have become a medical doctor on your own merits.)

      Keep your response short please. I won’t read it if it’s as didactic and accusatory as you have a tendancy to be.

    • confucius says:


      Of course you’re going to call me a member of the professional victim class. You call anyone who is not white and disagrees with you that–and stupid. That’s what white supremacists do when they lose an argument.

      But there is good news. I agree with your assessment that you are not a rational adult.

      I am also relieved that you are out from under the sheet and able to declare your white supremacy. It must be a relief to be out from under what must be a stifling white sheet, not to mention any encumbrances remotely resembling classiness.

      And you were linking yourself to Steve on the Wal-Mart thread. You did it by claiming to explain Steve’s intended thoughts.

      I understand satire and sarcasm quite well. (The above paragraphs were a short demonstration.)

      I also understand nuance and can see a veiled slur for it is—a slur. Unlike you however, I want evidence before leveling a charge as serious as racist. (Something you should consider before calling me a traitor.) This is why I have dogged you, tranquil.night and others for clarification. (And before I forget, thanks for answering! Your replies have been informative.)

      It doesn’t surprise me that you think I am an affirmative action doctor. White supremacists, like yourself, think non-whites are sub-human and incapable of doing anything productive. Consequently, if non-whites succeed, you supremacists explain it away as affirmative action.

      So, it is really going to suck when I tell you that I am a medical doctor and was educated, trained, board-certified and licensed—all right here in America and in some of the best schools to boot. It is also going to suck when I tell you that I didn’t need any help with either my studies or the tuition. Or do you seriously believe that all those tests I took were scored by affirmative action-conscious computers?

      Speaking of medical school, I didn’t know it was easy for minorities to get in. The application process was the same. So were the entrance exams and requirements. And here’s a puzzler: if it were so easy, as you say, then why was the majority of my class white?

      It might also interest you to know that the only two students in my class to fail the National Board of Medical Examiners were both white. Or do you believe that the National Boards were also scored by affirmative action-conscious computers?

      One last point. I’ve enjoyed a lot of success in my career. I’ve also made a lot of money. My point is not to brag (although Ching Chong Rush Limbaugh says it’s not bragging if I can do it); my point is that I have a patient and referral base that willingly comes to me for care. Here is where it is really going to suck for you: 98% of my patients and referral base are white. So much for your affirmative action theory.

      In closing, I don’t take directions from white supremacists like yourself. I will be as didactic and right on as I want to be. (Uh, oh. Am I hearing that sucking sound again?)

    • proreason says:

      Too long and rambling. But the start was very poor and confused, confuseous.

      You clearly are not a medical doctor (at least I hope not for the sake of the profession), which is a relief.

      I was beginning to worry about your patients.

      ps: I can tell you that at least 90% of the forum thinks you are a nut. What kind of physician has time to spout racist screeds on a web-site? You need help son. Get it soon for your family’s sake.

    • confucius says:


      Still having trouble with facts, I see. Don’t despair; most racists do.

      It’s hilarious you called the start of my reply “poor and confused.” It was worded similarly to yours! ROTFLMAO!

      So tell me again, who doesn’t get satire and sarcasm? Do you understand irony?

      Also tell me, how do you know that “at least 90% of the forum thinks [I’m] a nut”? Facts please; otherwise, you need to take the blue pill too.

      Isn’t it interesting that when we argue, you always turn it into a popularity contest—i.e. “we,” “us,” and now this poll? It must be true that alpha-males have delicate egos. I wonder if what they say about their penises is true too.

      P.S. I have the week off, and it’s no sweat for me to set aside some time to (metaphorically) kick your butt and put your panties in a twist. I rather enjoy it.

      P.P.S. I’m not your son. Save your plantation-like mannerisms for your rallies.

    • proreason says:

      Sonny, you are hypervenilating. It can’t be good for your health, or your “patients”.

      It doesn’t matter to me how many times you puff up and call me a racist or white supremisist. That’s what I expect from someone consumed with race. You must have had a bad experience with a white girl, sonny. Did she reject you because your, oh never mind.

      Here’s an exercise for you to calm yourself down, List all of the achievements of Chinese culture. There are many. Enjoy thinking about them. Then, list all of the achievements of Western European culture. Enjoy them. Your red communist friends certainly are.

    • confucius says:

      Projecting again, proklan?

      My physical features are of no threat to you. My ethnic origin is of no threat to you. The Mandarin language is of no threat to you.

      The fact that I can think and do for myself, here in America and in spite of you, is.

      Sucks to be you.

    • proreason says:

      “The fact that I can think and do for myself, here in America and in spite of you”

      Where do these kooks come up with this stuff? He has an entire fantasy life in his mind somewhere. Next thing you know he will be trembling about me kicking in his door.

      He must see himself as some kind of Chinese Captain America fghting the slurs of racist posters on obscure blogs. Maybe he fires chop sticks out of his little fists instead of lightning bolts.

      But I have to give him credit, he’s no quitter. He’s gonna gnaw this to death until he gets the last word.

      I’m starting to think of myself now as the White Supremicist Offensive Lineman to his tiny minority defensive back. He keeps coming and bouncing off my toe, over and over, but I have to hang in there even though scores of chopsticks are hanging from my pads, because my Supremicist teammates are depending on me to buy time so their nefarious plot to ban chinese food from zenophobe America has time to come to fruition.

    • canary says:


  5. Rusty Shackleford says:

    “A thousand more stealth fighters (F-35s) are set to be ordered by US allies worldwide, and these allies also dispose of yet thousands more highly capable, modern non-stealth planes.”

    But therein lies the rub. They want the best money can buy but only a select few of those “allies” have the stomach for fighting, as shown by the war against terrorism. Their deeply embedded socialists have done their best to avoid having to really commit to any hostile action and, quite frankly, I have no confidence that any attack upon the US would be met with anything other than solitary US forces. When I served in Europe, the Danes, the Swedes, the Italians, the Spaniards had nothing but dripping contempt for the US. They liked their bouffant hairstyles and macho mustaches as they tried to cram them into their flight helmets and oxygen masks, and their flying skills were that of a weekend skateboarder. Perhaps they knew that if the USSR decided to push the button down, their homeland would be radioactive for some time and they had to count on the US to stop them. But then, they wouldn’t be able to enjoy all that socialism that the taxes provided without the US being there to provide the military deterrent. In other words, they wanted it both ways.

    So now they’re all broke. And they are whining about the delays of the F-35. Tough darts. Spend the money and develop your own high-tech jets. Those nations that do have found themselves smack up against their socialist mental cases who don’t want to spend the money and they end up with extremely compromised weaponry. New, to be sure…but compromised in terms of capability. In other words, they have only now been able to build and operate fighter aircraft similar to what the US developed over 30 years ago.

    Sadly, thanks to the socialists in this nation, we are now sliding down the slope of Europe where “social programs” have sucked all the money away from defense and advancement. All by design. One must always remember that socialist nations refuse to pay for guns unless it is guns that allow them to appear strong militarily. Nazi Germany, USSR. They did so at the expense of butter. In our society, we could do both, having great resources and technical ability, but the government and the whining wadded up panties of the left have now manipulated it so that our defense technology is hampered by regulations, rules and other laws. Of the hundreds of aviation-related companies of the 1950’s, only about five remain. And of the manufacturers of aircraft, only two. There used to be Lockheed, Martin, Consolidated, Vought, Boeing, Convair, North American, Republic, Fairchild, McDonnell, Douglas, Brewster, etc, etc. Now there is Lockheed/Martin and Boeing and only one of those builds transport aircraft.

    Granted, a few other manufacturers have appeared on the international circuit: Embraer, Airbus but I wouldn’t want to count on them for anything having to do with a national emergency. If our stance disagreed with their political bent, they would cut us off in a heartbeat. Both of the aforementioned aircraft makers cannot function without tax subsidies. In other words they are heavily government funded. I am not debating the quality of their products, I am simply stating the political reality of depending on a foreign nation to supply us war materiel.

    Then, the socialists are of the mind that there is “no need” for a strong military”. I disagree. Never has a strong, well-trained, well-equipped military been needed more than now. A dynamic enemy, that never sleeps that evolves and changes daily, with new members, new tactics and a neverending hatred of the West, is a pure indicator that we need the strongest, most capable and versatile military possible. That means the most cutting-edge technology all the way down to extreme proficiency in hand-to-hand combat. The whole spectrum. To be able to see them where they think they are hidden and to kill them when we find them.

    But the lefties have taken their message and gotten the mush-minded public to agree that “we’re the bad guys”.

    So we live in extremely dangerous times. Times when an ignorant “journalist” waddles across the Iranian border under the naive assumption that no one would seek to do them harm simply because they, themselves are unarmed and “a really nice guy”. Yet they end up in a dank, bug-infested cell and starved and accused of spying. They don’t get it and never will. They instead, if they are released, blame their horrible episode on that “evil George Bush”.

    So somehow we have to get our manufacturing base back and the first step is to stop taxing industry and the second is to destroy unions that break the banks of manufacturers. Shoot, 1/2 of the parts of all Boeings are built in China. Thanks be to the state of Washington taxing the crap out of the legacy builder of aircraft. In fact, they aren’t even considering building the 787 in Washington. They are opening a plant in South Carolina. Why? Taxes are extremely low and the people here need jobs and are willing to work. SC is decidedly anti-union, especially after seeing what it did to the textile industry.

    And finally, the notion that profits are “evil”. Well, there’s no explaining that to a socialist. Not everyone can be the CEO of a large company. Nor on the board of directors. But socialists think that those who are are categorically bad, malformed and evil people, unless they happen to have their own money wrapped up in the company. Hypocrisy, thy name is democrat/socialist. No, they instead want all kinds of rules and punishments to suck money away from companies. I remember a time when major corporations used to have their names prominently displayed in the credits of the NOVA series on PBS. Not so much anymore. I wonder why. In other words, many/most large corporations donated millions of dollars for social programs and to the public benefit. David Koch still does and I am so grateful for his contributions but the left has vilified the man so I wonder how long it’ll be before he simply says “fuggit, I’ll keep my money, thankyouverymuch.” I do notice that any episode that even hints at AGW doesn’t have his monetary input. But I digress.

    But as for the US and her “allies”. Heh. I count us as a party of one. I do not see even the remotest possibility that any show of force would be mounted by Canada, the UK or any Euro-trash. We are partners in name only and when the balloon goes up, they will happily watch as the US is decimated because they, themselves, despise our countenance and everybody hates whoever’s on top. Plus they are jealous of our freedom and our love of it.

  6. River0 says:

    Chinese Pianist Plays Anti-American Propaganda Song at White House State Dinner

    ‘In Your Face’ Performance Thrills Millions

    The world famous musician, Lang Lang, performed it much to the delight of Hu Jintao and the other delegates. The name of the song is “My Motherland,” originally titled “Big River.”, and dates from the Korean War. In an interview broadcast on Phoenix TV, the first thing Lang Lang is quoted as saying is that he chose the piece himself, to deliberately provoke. A video of the performance has been played all over the Chinese-speaking world, electrifying anti-Western audiences.

    He said, “I thought to play ‘My Motherland’ because I think playing the tune at the White House banquet can help us, as Chinese people, feel extremely proud of ourselves and express our feelings through the song. I think it’s especially good. Also, I like the tune in and of itself, every time I hear it I feel extremely moved.”

    Here’s a link:


    • canary says:

      Obama bows big with several dip bows to China’s president Hu Jintao.

      Go 60 seconds in, China Hu Jintao is in middle with microphone. Obama is at right of screen. He gives repeated bows & dips. as he smiles.


    • confucius says:

      Which came first? Lang’s propaganda piece or this:

      Rush Limbaugh mocks Chinese president; Lawmakers demand apology

      NEW YORK – ABC News’ Huma Khan reports: Conservative radio personality Rush Limbaugh is at the center of controversy once again, and this new one goes beyond U.S. borders.

      The talk show host is taking heat for mocking a speech made by Chinese President Hu Jintao at the White House Wednesday.

      “Hu Jintao — He was speaking and they weren’t translating. They normally translate every couple of words. Hu Jintao was just going ching chong, ching chong cha,” Limbaugh said, before launching into a 17-second imitation of the Chinese leader’s dialect.


      There are approximately 3.5 million Americans of Chinese descent, and many speak the same dialect as Hu Jintao.

    • tranquil.night says:

      So our president basically throws a 5 star party for our enemy, bows to them repeatedly, while publicly touting how even more jobs are going to them.

      But a popular media personality does some phonetic mimicry, not unlike anything you won’t find on Comedy Central are several other media outlets daily, and we get played a revised Ol’ Chi-Com tune about how young men with grand visions are waking the mountains and changing the rivers to build a new realm – that is, “We wirr bury you!” This actually makes a lot of sense. After all, the Conservatives are the only one’s that care to acknowledge that the Chi-Coms are in the process of systematically neutering us without one bullet. What dialect is it that you’re all speaking again? Maybe we need to rethink the possibility of whether there reary is some mass secret invasion prans. There’s some magic behind those chings and chongs, for they surely have the American Left swooning. Why there’s an editorial a day now espousing the autocracy, or at least how it’s not as broken as our system.

      Oh and here’s that doofus Colbert grabbing credit for Rush “ripping off his impersonation” from 2005. http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2011/01/colbert-limbaugh-ripped-offensive-chinese-impersonation/

      Christ Almighty, help us, for we are losing the war for freedom to abject tools and idiots.

    • confucius says:


      I’m not understanding your post. What are:

      –“We wirr bury you!”[sic]
      –“chings and chongs” [sic]

    • tranquil.night says:

      Watch Clint Eastwood’s “Gran Torino.” It’ll help you translate, if it doesn’t piss you off so much that the message completely flies over your head.

    • confucius says:


      I prefer you to translate–not a movie, not canary. It’s your post.

    • tranquil.night says:

      Okay. Let me help by proposing a critical thinking excersize using a more PC situation. Dave Chapelle, Eddie Murphy, or Richard Pryor do a comedy show in which they stereotypically impersonate your average white family. King Shabaaz of the New Black Panthers intimidates voters while pronouncing his hate for crackers and cracker babies. Who is being truly “offensive”?

    • confucius says:


      I am glad you agree with me. It’s offensive.

      So why did you do it?

    • tranquil.night says:

      Why do you think I did it? You, who claim to understand how 3.5 million hyphenated Americans are going to respond to an off-color joke while disavowing the notion of “mind-reading.” Enlighten me, O Confucius!

      Here’s another hint: maybe it’s because there’s a BIG moral difference between choosing to offend one’s emotions by poking fun at them with mildly incendiary racialist rhetoric and choosing to actually hurt someone physically, publicly or professionally based solely on a belief in their racial inferiority. That difference is MOTIVE, which you are ascribing racism to Pro and I (Rush too?) because of your emotional reaction. In reality, you have no substance to validate this because you don’t know anything about our personal activities, and don’t believe in mind-reading. The other difference is that one is also clearly a criminal decision, while the other is just in really bad taste to some. No moral equivalence whatsoever.

      “There are approximately 3.5 million Americans of Chinese descent, and many speak the same dialect as Hu Jintao.”

      It’s not our fault you’re a sensitive little Beta. But that’s pretty cold to ascribe the same charachteristics to your fellow 3.5 million hyphenated Americans. Dare I say it, that’s a bit racist and conceited to want to think everybody of the same genetics is going to think like you in a given situation.

      Thanks for continuing to serve as an educational jewel of colossal ignorance.

    • confucius says:

      My dearest Sybil,

      I see you haven’t found your marbles yet. Nevertheless, I am going to attempt a reply and hope something gets through.

      I don’t just think you did it. I know you did it. It’s in your post—in black and white!

      I never claimed to understand or mind-read how 3.5 million hyphenated Americans think. (I’ll leave the mind-reading to you and proklan.) I also never referred to 3.5 million Americans of Chinese descent as hyphenated Americans. You did. (Still hallucinating, I see.)

      Regarding the Black Panthers crime, I don’t think they actually hurt anyone physically. They bullied—much like you and proklan. Their motive is also the same—i.e. hate for another race.

      I’m glad though that you, along with proklan, have admitted to your racism. Healing starts with admission. (It also wouldn’t hurt if you took a pill or two.)

      And thank you for serving as the poster child for untreated schizophrenics.

      Take care, you crazy whackjob.

      P.S. If none of this makes sense to you, try this pictorial for an answer: http://fineartamerica.com/images-medium/picasso-sheridan-furrer.jpg

    • tranquil.night says:

      More worked up than I’ve ever seen you about the systematic destruction of the very principles that give us the ability to bicker on the interwebs. Aw, is the mean and crazy little cyber-bully intimidating you? Well, it has nothing to do with race – your assertions on that matter are nothing but ad hominem.

      As Pro said, it’s all but clear at this point that racial identification is closer to your prerogative. Here’s a recount:

      – You were the one that inserted the report – establishing a link – between Rush Limbaugh’s racialist mimicry into a discussion about a potential diplomatic message that wasn’t in any way being framed as racial.

      – You were the one to state the fact that 3.5 million Chinese-Americans speak the same dialect as Hu in the same post, thereby correlating and establishing a relationship between that statement with the report of Rush Limbaugh’s mimicry (by the way, without making any note of the media’s role or culpability in repeating the “offensive” act until everyone had a chance to hear it). What is a reader to interpret from these basic circumstances of what you said in your post, other than that there are 3.5 million Chinese-Americans out there who were potentially offended by Rush Limbaugh, and that his act is to be considered some sort of provocation to which the subliminal messaging behind ‘Oh Motherland’ was a justified response? That is the tone of your post: threatening – because your argument doesn’t make sense in the rational world, therefore it smells of alterior agenda.

      – Yes, I was the one to use the term “hyphenated Americans;” that was never in question as it’s quite clear to literate people that I was paraphrasing you and not quoting. I used it because saying Chinese-American falls under the very concept of hyphenating Americans, with which Conservatives and myself in particular have a big philosophical problem. Note however that I didn’t comment on how offended I am by how you choose to group and speak for people, because your right to do so ultimately trumps my feelings about whether you should. And really getting worked up over a non-issue, that ultimately I have no control over or power to influence anyway, is a rather painful excersize in futility. It’s also that I don’t allow people who don’t think highly of me anyway to have the power to affect my emotions like that with something as basic as their worthless words.

      Goodday, until next time, Confoolshus.

    • confucius says:


      Take the blue pill.

  7. canary says:

    NPR: Climate Change Linked To The Fall Of The Roman Empire


    Media headline and notation is misleading.

    Click on to headline and you get the next link.


    So, I’m guessing these brilliant scientists with too much time on their hands chopped down the biggest trees in order to find trees that were thousands and thousands of years ago. Trees 2000 years would be new trees that grew after the fall.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      The one thing that absolutely infuriates me about “global climatology” is the huge number of “scientists” who, instead of investigating the facts, looks for “facts” that specifically support their hypothesis. And AGW is, at best, merely a hypothesis. And the word itself is malleable. In fact, googling “hypothesis, definition” yielded that the first seven hits also yielded seven different definitions for the word itself. But when “scientists” come up with “evidence” that “clearly” points out AGW, I’m afraid I have to say, “Now wait a minute. What about this…and what about that?”. The bottom line is that they are overly dependent on the notion that our technology is capable of finding and proving their hypotheses to be correct and although that maybe true, there is not sufficient evidence to do so. And, global temperature has only been studied for about a hundred years or so, and the vast majority of that study has been done over the past 20. There’s not sufficient recording of temperatures due to empirical data gathering before that. And what data they have, must be inferred from anecdotal references, not hard data. Even if Galileo himself had taken rigorous measurements every day for his entire life, it would only be significant for isolated temperature data in his little small area of Italy. But such temperature data was only gathered regularly, and scientifically (not the temperature at the airport you hear on the news) as of about 20 years ago. The next “most accurate” measurements go only about 100 years into the past. Hardly definitive proof of AGW.

  8. Tater Salad says:

    America is being placed at risk by the far left wing loons, atheists and radical Muslims who want to bring America to anarchy.


  9. canary says:

    Confusious [sic] I’ve seen no similarities as you repeatedly claim, between tranquil.nite and Pro Reason

    tranquil.nite I’m not understanding your post. What are:

    –“We wirr bury you!”[sic]
    –“chings and chongs” [sic]

    Chinese language doesn’t have a “L” they use the “R” sound in it’s place. The accent makes will; wirr
    “reary” is urban and retro rap honoring the Chinese who say things like “I reary like that”.
    prans is reference to the Chinese cinema the anti-American song played at the WH. It’s a song to a movie.
    Chings and chongs is plural for the ching chong description of American’s trying to imitate speaking in Chinese. Movies make fun of other races accents all the time. Ever listened to rap or the the way black people joke with other people. Yo go girl. Whad up, dude.

    And as to your question as as to who went first Rush Limbaugh imitating the Chinese accented language or that Cha Cha or Chay Chay [sic if I got his name name wrong] piano player playing an ant-American song – It was the Chinese piano player that explained he put great practice and foresight into playing
    the song. He did however change or major misspelled the name of the song.

    America has spoken up for the oppressed Chinese. Americans have sorrow over students being murdered in China. Americans think China is inhumane to it’s people. They do not value life.
    So, I don’t see how Americans are racist towards China, just unhappy with the Communist who run China.
    Asian people are very smart people. Hard workers too.
    Ya know, people in America make fun of each other a lot. Friends tease friends.
    A true American would find it appalling for Obama to bow to the Chinese President, just as he the Saudi Arabian King, that is a religious tyrant.
    It doesn’t mean your racist to discuss cultural differences of language, bizarre rituals, music, art, dances.

    What a sad thing for the way the Asian men in countries treat their women. Having to walk behind them, and cover their mouth if they smile. Being bad women if they give birth to girls, but good women who give birth to men. Giving the father money and gifts if it’s a boy. Looking sad if it’s a girl. Chinese Parents killing baby girls, because they are allowed one child and would rather have a boy.
    Our President’s man called us cowards for not talking about race and diversity. He complained how people go home from work (where there’s diversity) and then mow their yards and don’t seek out diversity
    and minorities and discuss race with them. Chill out turkey. Remember how Whites laughed when Blacks called us Turkeys, like on TV and movies.

    Last but least.

    America fought a war for the South Vietnamese.
    America fought a war for the South Koreans.

    • tranquil.night says:

      Beautifully done Canary. You get it.

    • confucius says:


      I’m not understanding “Confuscious [sic].” Please explain.

      The similarities between tranquil.nite (a.k.a. tranquil.night) and Pro Reason (a.k.a. proreason) refers back to a thread concerning Jared Loughner. This is likely why you did not understand.

      The Chinese language doesn’t have an L or an R. It doesn’t have any alphabets. I’ve never heard a black person, rapper or not, “honor” the Chinese by confusing the two. My entire family is American, and the younger ones who don’t speak Chinese have never uttered “ching chong” or “chings chongs.”

      The pianist’s name is Lang Lang and not Cha Cha or Chay Chay. (Cha Cha is a dance. I don’t know what Chay Chay is.)

      I am glad that you see China’s government as oppressive and inhumane. I would ask that you not confuse China’s communist government with the entire diaspora of Chinese people. Some of us are Americans.

      I do not confuse racism with Americans. (Remember that I am one.) I also don’t confuse racism with the entire diaspora of white people.

      If you or anyone else wants to have a serious discussion about race, diversity or anything else, then leave the jokes aside. One person’s joke is another’s taunt. It may even be a thinly disguised but intentional slur.

      Last but not least,

      America fought a war for the South Vietnamese. (Good.) America then retreated allowing all of Vietnam to fall. (Bad.)

      America fought a war for the South Koreans. (Good.) My grandfather and grand-uncle fought in that war (as Americans and for America).

    • canary says:

      Confusious[sic] you addressed Pro Reason “….Second, you posted your thoughts on the Wal-Mart flyers in the wrong thread.”…your post on this thread “…you want me and everyone else to ignore what was posted and mind-read…”

      sorry, I could not mind read your Pro Reason/tranquil.nite connection and don’t want to labor to find it on a Jared loughner thread.

      I don’t listen to rap as it’s horrendous, racist, violent, degrades & encourages violence and rape towards women.
      But, such as when the news reports several visits by rapper Jay Z to the White House I looked up his mind and was shocked to see the lyrics in his music. It speaks volumes of our President’s taste and friends.

      Thank you for correcting me on getting Chang Chang Lang Lang’s name wrong. ‘
      But, I didn’t know who the heck Ga Ga was until the news started reporting her political sayings, and Hawaii uses her music to make learning history fun for school children.
      I call Ga Ga Gag Gag, and she’s very white all over.

      And black people, not just rappers, have been racist against the Asians & other minorities that prosper and run businesses. You should read Obama’s families feelings in Africa of the Asians & minorities who prosper in Kenya. Obama’s own words on returning to Chicago after Hartford was how so many Mexicans had settled there. He didn’t like the Mexican fixing his car not being able to speak English. He did not like the non-legal Mexicans coming to his office wanting favors. And aid warned him he needed to change his attitude, and Obama himself realized his success depended on all minorities and he & his aids joked about how what he’d say in his speeches to the minorities. Obama’s best buddy during his Chicago organizing bragged they had their own mafia as the Italians so that if some Asian store owner dissed a black, they’d pay a visit. Obama wrote he would have his daughters learn Spanish. How about he learn it first. His parents too busy learning Russia and teaching him Arabic & the quran. He’s too busy catoring to Islam.

      So, I love every race in man kind. And white Americans make fun of white Americans everyday, and it’s not racism. But, if you make fun of a minority it’s automatic racism. Everyone jumps on you. If you want the borders closed you are automatically a racist. Mexico have muslim Mexicans coming into our country. Look at dirty bomber AKA Jose Padilla. Can’t remember his moama bama middle-eastern name he was using when caught.

      Clint Eastwood’s Gran Torino movie rocked. My young son, not familiar with the John Waynes of America kept asking me why Clint Eastwood talked “that way”. I kept explaining that’s the way he’s always talked. And Clint Eastwood is white. Human beings just notice dialect and speech. and Rush Limbaugh was just giving a description of a famous tyrant.

      America fought a war for the South Vietnamese. (Good.) America then retreated allowing all of Vietnam to fall. (Bad.)

      But, the (bad) retreat was not do to “racism” towards the Asian…
      unless those that opposed America saving the S. Vietnamese from the N. Vietnamese baby killers, may have had underlying racial reasons in helping people that weren’t white.

    • confucius says:


      Thank you for your reply. I understand your confusion on my proreason/tranquil.night references. That Jared Loughner thread was quite long and some time ago.

      I’m with you on Lady Gaga and rap music. I don’t like their music, and I especially don’t like all the gratuitous sex and violence.

      I didn’t know Hawaii was using Lady Gaga as a learning tool. I’m not suprised though. The University of Virginia has a class devoted to the study of Lady Gaga.

      I don’t watch much television. Just the news. I also don’t go to the movie theater much. Don’t care for the sticky and smelly seats. My family prefers board games, music and reading.

      I’m also with you on President Barack Obama. He and the rest of his gang denigrate the title and office of U.S. President.

      Finally, I agree with you on the racial slurs. It shouldn’t (and in my book doesn’t) matter who said it, why and to whom. I don’t even like it when long-time friends say it to each other. A slur is a slur.

      What I don’t understand is: why do people do it? It’s counter-productive to achieving anything useful. Are racial slurs the holy grail of free speech? Is that the litmus test for being a patriotic American? Someone tell me, please.

    • canary says:

      Confucius, I rarely hear racial or unpolitical slurs. Obama agenda is divide and conquer to whatever benefits himself.

      Obama was paranoid with obsession that he was constantly being judged by his color. a white man smiled at him after a speech, but Obama believed he had the power to read minds, and would write an entire conversation the white man was really saying. He constantly, obsessed in this manner. He would angry if a bi-racial girl said I’m an individiual, I’m an American. I don’t care to attend the black student meeting with you. Obama was critical of every human being he came into contact with. Relatives, mentors, all of them fell short and didn’t have the abilities he had. The only person he looked up to was MalcomX. And they felt King was not radical enough. Obama admits to using the race card to benefit himself.
      Sociopaths are proud of their deviant behavior. They have no remorse. This can only explain Obama’s
      belief that he is so important to the world, that he believes people should know his faults, while not admitting they are faults, but others are to blame for them. It is the white man’s fault. He considered his mother selfish to date his father because she found black men exotic and dreamy. How dare her spoil
      his African blood heritage. He was a mean, ungrateful, disrespectful spoiled brat. Still is. Recall even the presidency has not filled the hole in his heart from his absent father. His father constantly asked him to move to Africa, and you darn well, he wanted to claim that heritage, but stay where things were comfortable and prosperous. Party party.

      So, Obama has lived a life of racism and slurs against white people. He was angry at every white person he saw on his first visit to Africa. What right did they have to be in his country. He hated their safari clothes. Prejudged white men in his mind what they did for a living, to later learn one was doing missionary work, one a doctor who truly cared about black people.

      That’s the best answer I can give you for someone who feeds into racism. I wish minorities would chill and realize that white people are the same as everyone else.

      I namely just do the news thing too. Raising 3 children spread apart gave me insight to a mean vulgar culture we live in.

      Entertainment has shaped a meanness in people. The rap music is poison. The new G rated Pop music is sex and profanity. And children watch a movie like “mean girls” and they go out of their way to trump it up. A violent show becomes a hit, another show moves up the anti and goes further over the top.
      People are becoming famous for doing bad behavior. A delinquent like Loughlin focuses on what he can do to shock the country. He surely intended to kill more. And a rapper comes out with shocker, the next rapper comes out with a greater shocker and they are always trying to kill each other.

      And like Obama who feels religious Americans (particularly Catholics & non-denominational Christians)
      and his fellow Democrats are doing everything to take Christianity principals away from people who don’t get morals taught at home. There are young children starting elementary school that ever heard the name Jesus. Even older children have no idea the original meaning of Christmas. All you have to do is ask a child what else is Christmas about. I recall when you could not find nativity scenes in the stores at Christmas. Walmart was the first to have a few. Now it’s more common. I’ve seen muslims in their drab in a hobby store and complain that there is Christian things in the store. After 9/11 muslims complained about God Bless America teddy bears in the Post Office. Next thing you know they came out with a muslim stamp. The “Mary & Jesus stamps” underneath the counter out of site.

    • tranquil.night says:

      “Are racial slurs the holy grail of free speech? Is that the litmus test for being a patriotic American? Someone tell me, please.”

      Words are meaningless, they change their definition’s all the time because they are just symbolic inventions of man. It’s the intent and substance behind them that matters. Cracking a race-related joke, or doing an impressionist act of another culture’s language, does not automatically make someone a hate-filled racist, unless you’re Rush Limbaugh.

      The problem is that when people start to characterize certain words themselves as automatic racially motivated hate speech or slurs because of their historic connotation, it opens the door for literally any group to regulate speech or behavior off the claim that is emotionally offensive and therefore hateful against them. Case in point: drawing Mohammed.

      So the desire to eliminate the use of certain rhetorical overtones from the public isn’t actually about stopping or defending a group from improper or insensitive discrimination. It’s actually about enshrining and elevating that group within society as a protected victim class of prior and current discrimination. In conclusion, it’s really more about stirring division than healing it because it’s reverse discrimination to tell a racial group what they can’t say in relation to other races, while putting no such restrictions on the other groups. And the goal on behalf of those in power who advocate for this backwards logic is to establish a moral precedent in which they acquire the means to control what people are allowed to think, say and do.

      It isn’t that racial slurs are the holy grail of free speech. It’s that people of different cultures and genetics say and do things that can strike others as odd and humorous when they’re used to their own standards and habits. It is hyper-sensitive, race-obssessed goons, that think they are superior to everyone else and immune to ridicule, who take offense to what is clearly intended to be a mild-natured humorous observation or imitation, and blow it up and misrepresent it as a purposeful slander against an entire people.

      Many are able to recognize the humor in their own stereotypical genetic behavior. For instance, here’s hyper-racist Jo Koy talking about Chinese People: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gw_3O4f5smo

    • confucius says:


      Thank you for your post. I enjoyed it.

      I concur with your views on Barack Obama and pop culture. I especially enjoyed your observations on Christmas.

      In my house, we don’t exchange gifts. Most of my extended family does the same. I don’t much care for the commercialization of Christmas. We have one nativity scene and one Christmas tree. Not much else. On Christmas Day, we all get together, go to church, stop by the cemetery and then spend the rest of the day talking, cooking and eating.

      Thanks again, canary. I like your style.

    • confucius says:


      Words are meaningless? They change their definition’s all the time? This is the kind of thinking common amongst poorly-controlled schizophrenics.

      And your thesis is that racial slurs are healing? And that showing a little class towards your fellow American is divisive?

      I don’t know how to talk to you.

    • tranquil.night says:

      “I don’t know how to talk to you.”

      Pretty common when one person lives in Literalville and the other in Victim Hood.

      But yes, literally speaking, words have no meaning or value other than what we assign to them. “Talk is cheap,” “Actions speak louder than words.” A Chinese man who doesn’t understand a speck of English also doesn’t know that an American is brutally insulting him if it’s done with a straight face. Or vice versa. Same with a deaf person. That’s kind of why we’re wondering if it was intended to be insulting to us to play that song.

      There’s another point that’s been so blaringly obvious that I’m disappointed I missed it until now, especially since I feel continuing to flood Steve’s forum with this drawn out banter is inconsiderate. That point is that doing imitations like adding some r’s where l’s should be isn’t a racial slur. A racial slur is a specific word with an established hateful connotation; as in it’s understood that using the slur is intended to be mean-spirited, a verbal missile of hate. Society has pretty effectively run any non-Democrat out of the mainstream in the past when they’ve dared to use a slur, without caring to consider the context in which it’s said. Case in point: Dr. Laura and Imus.

      Laughter is quite healing, so is making lots of money making people laugh. I enjoy all sorts of politically incorrect humor, including stereotypical Southern redneck portrayals, and am typically in tears when good comedians of different ethnic backgrounds demonstrate how white people look through their perspective, as long as it’s in good fun and not mean-spirited. For me, it’s easy to see where the line of intent is. For you, simply jesting about it is classless and offensive.

      But I still have yet to remember the last time a joke killed someone, again – unless it was about Mohammed.

      However, Pro’s hilarious post nevertheless made me realize that I have never been a legitimate victim of discrimination, and you may very well have, because you clearly are very defensive about it.

      You may genuinely not be able to intellectually see the difference between innocent humor and legitimate racism, because of how much it personally disgusts you. If that is the case, I’m truly sorry for whatever happened and hope you can find some peace with it. But that still doesn’t make everyone who makes an ethnic comment a racist.

      There’s a perfect South Park episode that explores and parodies this whole discussion: episode 1101 – “With Apologies to Jesse Jackson”

    • canary says:

      tranquil.nite Here are some high-lites from Gran Torino

      Gran Torino in 10 minutes

      It has my favorite part about half way in when he saves the Asian girl from the gang.

      My son did not recognize the slurs, but Clint Eastwoods dialect. Raspy whispering.

      note. Clint has lost his wife, and is lonely. His neighborhood is turning into gangs, and one of the new neighbor tried to still his Gran Torino, because the gangs pressured him. Clint doesn’t give anyone a break as to name-calling. Actions speak louder than words as Clint does the right thing to do throughout, and becomes a hero at the end. This clip does not have an end spoiler.

  10. canary says:

    Personally, I’m worried about the growing relationship between China and the Middle-East to include the large muslim population in China for over a thousand years and it’s growth which is the norm.

  11. canary says:

    George Washington University wants to know why more Republican veterans become political candidates
    than Democrat veterans.

    ArmyTimes: Training camp to help veterans run for office

    Staff report – Posted : Jan 24, 2011

    A two-day training camp for veterans interested in running for political office will be held Feb. 11 and 12 at George Washington University in Washington, D.C.

    Featuring panel discussions with recent veteran candidates and workshops on the nuts and bolts of campaigning, the event is organized the Veterans Campaign, a non-profit organization affiliated with George Washington University whose aim is to encourage more veterans to seek public office.

    One panel discussion will look at why so many veterans who were candidates last fall were running as Republicans, a change from the typical balance of Democrats and Republican veterans seeking political office.


    Could it be more Republican veterans run for office because they are more of them, and they are patriots.

  12. canary says:

    China still laughing at White House listening to their anti-American song.

    AFP: Praise in China for Lang Lang’s martial White House tune

    –Jan 24, 2011
    BEIJING (AFP) – Chinese web users are acclaiming pianist Lang Lang’s choice of tune for a White House state dinner given in honour of President Hu Jintao — a patriotic theme song from an anti-US war film.

    But web users in China hailed Lang Lang as a true patriot for playing “My Motherland”, the theme of a famous 1956 Chinese film called “Battle on Shangganling Mountain” set during the Korean War.

    “It’s deeply meaningful to play this in the United States, but I don’t know if the Americans can understand? Ha ha,” one web user said on leading portal sina.com.

    “You really voiced our thoughts,” another wrote. “We do not want to see war, but we are really not afraid of war, and to defend our homeland, we are really not afraid of any great powers.”

    “Congratulations!” one said.

    …he wrote that playing “My Motherland” in front of so many dignitaries “seemed like I was telling them about the power of China and the unity of the Chinese”.

    “I felt deeply honoured and proud,” he said,…


    I bought a plaque in French once for a Christmas present for a teacher friend. I went home and googled it, and it was all wrong. I took it back to the store to explain why I was returning it, and the clerk, knew right away. She said she had taken French and that I wouldn’t believe how often China writes things wrong.
    I also have been comparing Arabic in different in the watered down new koran translations which also have a section in Arabic. There’s the writing and the marking Arabic versions and they are different.

    And one leader that is trying to say muslims are like Christians gave me a scripture in the Koran that mentions their belief in Jesus as a prophet. He did not count on me looking it up, and it said absolutely nothing about Jesus. I even looked up some names. This con artist says a lot of arabic words when he could use English, so it’s all a con & scam.

    I have a couple of books written by muslims who say this is the muslims big con to make them think they are
    moderate. They will be dishonest and say the same things Obama & Pelosi gush. They are so much like Christians in America. There are 3 types of muslims. The safe ones are the ones that don’t practice. Just as someone calls themselves a Christian but doesn’t practice it. Anyways, this fake one said only 1 out of 20 in America are radical. Only 1 out of 20? And I guess he should know.

  13. tranquil.night says:

    Like the night follows the day:

    Associated Press via Drudge:

    Asian-American lawmakers demand Limbaugh apology

    SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) – Rush Limbaugh’s imitation of the Chinese language during a recent speech made by Chinese President Hu Jintao has stirred a backlash among Asian-American lawmakers in California and nationally.

    California state Sen. Leland Yee, a Democrat from San Francisco, is leading a fight in demanding an apology from the radio talk show host for what he and others view as racist and derogatory remarks against the Chinese people.

    Yee has been joined by Asian-American state and federal lawmakers who say Limbaugh’s comments are inciting hate and intolerance amid a polarized atmosphere. A number of civil rights groups, including Chinese for Affirmative Action, Japanese American Citizens League and the California National Organization for Women, have joined Yee in calling on sponsors to pull advertisements from Limbaugh’s program.

    An online petition has been created on Yee’s website.

    “I want an apology at the very least,” said New York Assemblywoman Grace Meng, a Queens Democrat. “Making fun of any country’s leader is just very disrespectful for someone who says he is a proud American.”

    Ah, I see. People like Mahmoud Ahmadman, Lil pot-bellied Kim, the Venezuelan Hamster, and Osama bin Laden are worthy of respectful dialogue.

    George W. Bush is of course the exception to the rule.

    She added: “He was, in his own way, trying to attack the leader of another country, and that’s his prerogative as well, but at the same time he offended 13 percent of New York City’s population.”

    Got to hand it to her for admitting that there was indeed no racist motive here, unlike her fellow shamelessly opportunistic colleagues.

    But in some circles of thought – in some “cultures” – it is actually grossly offensive to believe you know and can speak for how a large body of individuals think and feel solely because they’re of the same ethnic background. It’s called demagoguery.

    While Asian-American lawmakers demand an apology from Limbaugh, some are increasingly concerned for Yee’s personal safety. Public officials have been put on alert after the deadly rampage in Tucson where U.S Rep. Gabrielle Giffords was shot while meeting with constituents.

    Shortly after condemning Limbaugh’s remarks, Yee said he received racist death threats to his San Francisco and Sacramento offices.

    Ah, you see – anonymous letters and profanity filled phone calls. Conclusive proof the Tea Party is the racist arm of the vast right-wing conspiracy, and Rush Limbaugh is their white-supremacist quarterback!

    Yee had received similar faxes in April after he called on a state university to disclose how much it was paying Sarah Palin for a fundraiser.

    “We need to stand up for civility and be respectful of one another. Otherwise the consequences are dreadful as we can already see in the death threats against Senator Yee,” said Rep. Judy Chu, a Democrat who represents a large Asian district outside Los Angeles.

    The question begs to be asked again: whose behavior is more offensive – who is truly behaving less civil? The man mocking a murderous foreign tyrant? Or the Liberals purposely misrepresenting the intent of the act to try and incite people along racial lines, for the sole purpose of silencing someone with whose politics they disagree?

    • canary says:

      And yet know one, least of all Latinos demanded an apology from supreme lawmaker Obama recently said prior to Nov elections.

      “If Latinos sit out the election,” the president said, “instead of saying, ‘We’re gonna punish our enemies, and we’re gonna reward our friends who stand with us on issues that are important to us’ … then I think it’s going to be harder.”

      And the applause during Obama’s campaign for in siting violence

      “If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun,” Obama said at a Philadelphia fundraiser Friday night. “Because from what I understand folks in Philly like a good brawl. I’ve seen Eagles fans.”

      As I mentioned after the AZ shooting, there are professions & job places that receive death threats all the time. It’s kept quiet so people aren’t afraid to go to a campaign raiser or speech. And so workers aren’t afraid to come to work. So, for liberals to demonize conservatives is really just stirring up more hostility. Rush is not a lawmaker, and there are lawmakers like Obama that need to apologize.

  14. heykev says:

    Video from Stansberry & Associates Investment Research:

    The Coming Economic Fall of the USA

    Interesting video by the man who predicted GM’s, Fannie and Freddie’s failure.

    Do you believe it will happen – if so when?

  15. canary says:

    Candy from Pakistan distributed by U.S. corp recalled.


    I noticed they cleaned up the toxic popular chewing gums with toxic chemicals from Mexico, who’d think we were buying food from a known terrorist country who harbors and aids Bin-Laden.

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