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Selected News For The Week Jun 11 – Jun 17

This thread is for the busy bees of S&L to post news articles that expose the rampant distortions and biases of our media watchdogs.

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This article was posted by Steve on Saturday, June 11th, 2011. Comments are currently closed.

33 Responses to “Selected News For The Week Jun 11 – Jun 17”

  1. Petronius says:

    Another triumph for the Liberal Death Wish.


    AEP to Retire 6,000 MW of U.S. Coal Generation

    by Soma Das, Antonita Madonna Devotta, and Eileen O’Grady, 9 June 2011

    • AEP warns of compliance costs, unrealistic deadlines
    • Industry estimates show 30,000-MW of coal could shut

    American Electric Power, one of the country’s largest coal-burning utilities, said on Thursday it plans to retire nearly one-quarter of its coal fleet and retrofit other units at a cost of as much as $8 billion to comply with proposed environmental regulations.

    To meet stricter pollution limits for air, water and coal waste, AEP said it will retire 6,000 megawatts of coal-fired generation in Virginia, West Virginia and Ohio in 2014.

    * * *

    The Columbus, Ohio-based company, which operates utilities in 11 states serving 5 million customers, warned that costs of the proposed regulations to customers and local economies have “been vastly underestimated,” especially in Midwestern states that rely heavily on coal to produce electricity.

    “Because of the unrealistic compliance timelines in EPA [the Environmental Protection Agency] proposals, we will have to prematurely shut down nearly 25 percent of our current coal-fueled generating capacity, cut hundreds of good power plant jobs, and invest billions of dollars in capital to retire, retrofit and replace coal-fueled power plants.” said Michael Morris, AEP’s chairman.

    * * *

    Industry studies have indicated that between 30,000 and 70,000 MW of coal-fired generation in the U.S. may be forced to shut, depending on the final EPA rules.

    While supporting the environmental benefits of the regulations [he’d better support them, if he knows what’s good for him], Morris said AEP electric rates could jump from 10 percent to 35 percent as its utilities comply with the rules.

    * * *

    Morris also said electric reliability in the Midwest could be affected as utilities juggle the need to retire plants, shut others to install new pollution equipment and develop new gas generation.

    “The proposed timelines for compliance aren’t adequate for construction of significant retrofits or replacement generation [because] so many coal-fueled plants would be prematurely retired or idled in just a few years,” Morris said.

    * * *

    “With more time and flexibility, we will get to the same level of emission reductions, but it will cost our customers less,” Morris said.

    “You could save billions in capital costs if you had until 2020 for compliance as opposed to the timeline in the proposed rules because you can stagger the work, you won’t have to idle plants or buy power on the market.” said AEP spokeswoman Melissa McHenry.

    * * *


    Vast industrial resources are being slated for demolition on a nationwide basis, with loss of thousands of jobs, waste of tens of billions of dollars, risk of power outages, and whopping hikes in customers’ electric bills. And it is being crammed-down on an accelerated schedule that will maximize the losses. And we see all this destruction happening during a period of economic hardship.

    Liberals will never be happy until we have dismantled our civilization and returned to the Stone Age.

  2. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Yes, we must save Gaia. Not only is man the sole cause for gore-ble warming, but only the uber-elite, brilliant socialists in the US can save it. It matters not that while the US’s energy production is destroyed from within and assets sold to other nations, that China, India and Russia continue to produce more coal-burning plants than the US shuts down at a rate of 3 or 6 to one. This is because the atmosphere over the US, according to uber-elite “scientists” only stays over the US and is not part of the global weather or environmental system.

    It’s kind of like, well, painting one side of a house, thinking it makes the whole house look great.

    • Petra says:

      Soon we’ll reach their goals for us and change into a third world country. We will be equal except for them of course. .

  3. Mithrandir says:

    Meanwhile, this guy makes a blow torch, and partly fuels his car with WATER: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HF__Qlhtnws

    So, don’t believe all the squabbling about cap & trade, global warming, gas prices, foreign oil, drilling etc. We have MANY forms of alternative fuel, but they just like playing this game with us, to rob us of our tax money, and control the market.

  4. Liberals Demise says:

    Here’s how messed up the situation has gotten at the Obama DOJ when it comes to racial discrimination. As you may recall, the DOJ abandoned its own lawsuit against members of the radical New Black Panther Party who threatened and intimidated white voters on Election Day 2008. (The leftist NAACP appears to have helped call the shots on the case dismissal.)

    And now these new documents detail a scheme by DOJ officials to bully the City of Dayton, Ohio, into lowering testing standards for firefighter and police recruits because minority candidates did not perform well enough on the written exam. (One of the most shocking claims by the DOJ is that it’s not all that important for firefighters to be able to read and write!)

    Racial Quota Scandal at Obama Justice Department
    by Tom Fitton

    Judicial Watch uncovered hundreds of documents from the City of Dayton, Ohio, showing that Department of Justice (DOJ) officials pressured the Dayton Police and Fire Departments to lower testing standards because not enough African-American candidates passed the written exam. On May 25, Judicial Watch also filed a lawsuit against the DOJ to obtain additional records related to the Dayton program after the DOJ failed to respond to a Judicial Watch Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request (Judicial Watch v. U.S. Department of Justice (No. 11-971)).
    This “racial quota” scheme, while clearly shameless in its intent, also seems to violate laws against discrimination and Supreme Court precedent.

    On June 29, 2009, the Supreme Court ruled that city officials in New Haven, Connecticut, violated the rights of white firefighters when they discarded the results of a promotions test because minority firefighters performed poorly on the test. “The city rejected the test results solely because the higher scoring candidates were white,” Justice Anthony M. Kennedy wrote for the majority. (Ricci et al. v. DeStefano et al. (No. 07–1428)).

    But that didn’t stop the Obama DOJ.
    This is how dingleBarry evens the playing field and proves Darwin’s Theory
    in one fell swoop.This would never stand the sunshine test in any other Presidency.
    Obamao shows his true colors and does not stand for a UNITED America……EVER!!!!!

    • preparing4theworst says:

      Firefighter Application Process:
      Step 1) Have the motivation to go to city hall and get an application (we be goin city hall.izzat down by da welfare office??..)
      Step 2) Read and fill out application properly (wait did you say READ???, dammit Jim, I’m a prospect, not a scholar!!)
      Step 3) Show up for the test (??!!) at the right time and dressed appropriately (yeah, right!)
      Step 4) Read all instructions and understand them completely (WHAT? we are back to READ…AGAIN????)
      Step 5) Pass a physical test (speaks for itself)
      Step 6) Pass a drug screen (you are kidding, please say you are kidding…)
      Step 7) Show up for the interview (Sober is REALLY good), dressed appropriately (what, again??) and prepared to answer responsibly for who you are, what you are, and possibly how you have lived your life.
      After you are hired be prepared for a rookie year that includes hours of class time, followed by hours of practice of what you have learned in class, followed by (these days more often than not) EMT school…first EMT-Basic,
      then over the next several years- EMT-Intermediate (be prepared for some math and critical thinking), then (and there are departments that require this) EMT-Paramedic (LOTS of MATH/CRITICAL THINKING/Reading/Study/PRACTICEPRACTICEPRACTICE). Then the Driver/Engineer class with pump operations (still MORE math), map reading, Intro to officer operations (often the D/E is the scene commander until a Lt. or Capt arrives) = still MORE critical thinking plus a fairly thorough knowledge of fire ground operations
      SOPs. And all of this is below officer (Lt and above) level. AND these guys want to LOWER the bar for entry level???? I have nearly 18 years in and I can say with absolute certainty that is NOT what you want….these are firefighter/emts and you WANT them smart, motivated, educated because they may one day be responding to you or your family’s emergency. Dear Dayton Ohio, Stand strong for high standards, your citizens will thank you for it.

    • Chase says:

      The failed applicants would probably also object to wearing their trousers up at their belt line, putting their hats on straight, wearing anything that covers up the tats, having to remove the bling for safety reasons, submitting to drug tests, and then having to stay up all night and not having a party at the same time….

  5. Petra says:

    When one thinks the WaPo can’t sink any lower they hire ex-Palin staffer Frank Bailey as an “expert” to discuss her emails.
    He’s currently being investigated by the Attorney General…



  6. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Obama Feeds Us More BS

    From FOXNews: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2011/06/11/obama-economic-recovery-is-going-to-take-time/?test=latestnews

    Obama Pleads for Patience on Economic Recovery

    President Obama on Saturday continued to make his case for patience about the economic recovery following a spate of disappointing news last week that suggested a turnaround wasn’t as close as expected.

    Woah….woah…woah…… I thought we were in a recovery. Since TRAP II and QE II all we’ve heard is that the economy is recovering. So what’s all this then? Oh, yes…FOX is telling us the truth. How refreshing.

    Job growth slowed sharply in May, unemployment inched up to 9.1 percent and housing prices dropped to a new low. Economic indicators also showed that manufacturers cut 5,000 jobs last month. Those were the first job losses in that sector in seven months.

    In his weekly radio and online address, Obama said people need to be patient about the economic recovery and that training workers for manufacturing jobs will help with the turnaround.

    So, after they’re trained and with manufacturers cutting jobs, they’re going to go to work….where again?

    “It’s going to take time,” he said, arguing that the recession didn’t happen overnight and won’t end that way, either.

    Or, he’s actually hoping that people will just get used to being out of work, as they did in the old Soviet Union and that will fit in more with his plans of destroying the nation from within.

    Recent polling found broad disapproval with Obama’s handling of the economy as the 2012 presidential election takes shape. It reached 59 percent in a Washington Post-ABC News poll.

    Coming from WaPo and ABC, you can rest assured the numbers are probably closer to 75% given the way they manipulate the data. Or, even that they just couldn’t find people to openly claim they approve of Hambone’s actions.

    No president since World War II has won a second term with a jobless rate above 7.2 percent, and Obama’s options for achieving faster economic growth before the November 2012 election appear limited.


    Last Wednesday, Obama announced an effort by the private sector, colleges and the National Association of Manufacturers to help half a million community college students become trained and certified for manufacturing jobs. They would get a credential guaranteeing that they are skilled.

    “If you’re a company that’s hiring, you’ll know that anyone who has this degree has the skills you’re looking for,” the president said Saturday. “If you’re a student considering community college, you’ll know that your diploma will give you a leg up in the job market.”

    Again, how is this going to happen if the economy continues to crater due to Hambone’s policies and there are no jobs to go to?

    Obama said other steps, such as providing students with a quality education and investing in new jobs in the clean energy sector, will aid economic growth.

    There it is! Yes, we, the taxpayers are spending billions of dollars on green energy boondoggles, the likes of which have destroyed Spain’s economy.

    In the weekly Republican message, also on jobs, Rep. Adam Kinzinger, R-Ill., recalled the administration’s promise that unemployment would go no higher than 8 percent after Obama pumped billions of dollars into the economy soon after taking office.

    Kinzinger said the “road to refueling our economy and creating jobs” includes tackling government debt, simplifying tax laws, limiting regulations, passing free-trade agreements with Colombia, Panama and South Korea, and boosting domestic energy production.

    “These are some of the steps we need to take to get government out of the way and let our economy grow and get back to producing jobs,” he said.

    The Associated Press contributed to this report.

    Hey, Hambone…..What a load. Hurry up and get off this bus, would ya?

  7. canary says:

    Liberal Canadian spin sympathy for former Taliban fighters vowing to return to terrorism due to lump sums and a day late food stipend.

    The Brandon Sun: Former Taliban furious with stumbling peace and reconciliation bid

    By: Murray Brewster, The Canadian Press 06/12/2011

    KANDAHAR, Afghanistan – Three former Taliban fighters came storming up the polished, marble steps of the Kandahar governor’s palace on Sunday looking for anyone in authority to deal with their grievances, vowing to rejoin militant ranks if nobody listened.

    The fighters seemingly appeared out of nowhere and button-holed the fractured city’s mayor who was leaving the palace.

    Mullah Azizullah, a cold-eyed cleric, bomb-maker and gunslinger, hauled Ghulam Hayder Hamidi aside to hear his complaint.

    Living in a Kandahar city safe house with 14 other former insurgents for almost eight months, Azizullah claimed the Afghan government had unexpectedly cut off their stipend for food over the weekend.

    “You are forcing us to go back and join the Taliban.”

    It was not an idle threat, he insisted, but western military officers said crossing back over would be like Azizullah signing his own death warrant.

    Graan, 23, who carried a machine gun and like many Afghans goes by only one name, surrendered with Azizullah. He said they received a lumpsum payment off the top, which has had to last them since the fall.

    “I am ready to go back (to the Taliban),” he said. “At least there we could eat.”

    “We know in the Koran there is jihad and we fight,” said Azizullah, who several times quoted from Islam’s holy book and rejected even the development assistance of western governments, including the building of schools and clinics.

    “If you make it 70 times, it will be removed 70 times because it was made by infidels. If the money goes to Afghans and they make it by themselves, it is less problematic.


    “..crossing back over would be like Azizullah signing his own death warrant.”

    (more signs of more coups

    “If you make it 70 times, it will be removed 70 times because it was made by infidels. If the money goes to Afghans and they make it by themselves, it is less problematic….”

    Exactly.Our soldiers die & lose limbs rebuilding schools, hospitals, mosques, what the Taliban blows up, just to have them blow it up to include the muslims that commit sin using anything an infidel gives them.
    Obama is wasting billions and billions of dollars in humanitarian service to people that s*** in their own food.

    The “70 times” they will be removed’ 70 time quote of literally blowing up what infidels give them is bizzare as the Christian Bible has a verse Jesus talking about forgiving 70 times 70 times. Something like that.
    We need to make an agreement. For every IED that goes off, we randomly bomb the hell out of them. They’d love it. They love fire and bombs going off.
    Missing a meal means blowing you up.

    • Chase says:

      Most Afghans don’t know what is in the Quran. They don’t read or write or speak Arabic, which is the only language in which the Quran is allowed to be written (in Caliphate-ready countries.) So, they learn by rote memorization what is essentially gibberish phrases, being told what it means and then throw them in their Dari or Pashtun conversations. Very much like pre-Tyndal in England when one had to rely on one’s parish priest to interpret or share only those parts of the scriptures that suited his needs or moods. These yokels are reaching for something religious sounding to give basis to their warring, non-productive lazy, whoring (boys) lifestyle.

    • canary says:

      Chase the growing propaganda is muslims writing versions in English, while muslims only count the Arabic version as real. The English versions become more and more watered down in last few years.
      The muslims are twisting what the Quran says about Jesus too, to fool Christians.
      The 70 times 70 thing is bogus. I guess making fun of Christians.
      Also, the real thing reads from the right to the left, or reading backwards. Start with the last page and read to the left ending with the first page.

      And in spite of the original all the muslim countries make rules differ a bit. There are so many fractions.
      The Muslim Brotherhood has changed their name to “Freedom & Justice” in light of the coups they are taking advantage of.

  8. canary says:

    The Republic: 2 Pa. high school grads sit out commencement after not allowed to wear Army recruit sashes

    June 09, 2011

    LEESPORT, Pa. — Jordan Marker and Joel Hunsicker had long looked forward to their graduation from Schuylkill Valley High School.

    They said school administrators gave them an ultimatum: take off the black and gold sashes their Army recruiters gave them to symbolize their pending service or don’t walk at graduation.

    They chose the latter.

    Two other graduates who joined the Army — Austin Strohl and Alexander Malobicky — made the decision to walk at graduation without the sashes.

    They were unavailable for comment.

    The only exception is National Honor Society students, who can wear their Honor Society sashes around their necks.

    While they were disappointed to not walk, both felt they made the right choice.

    Most districts allow graduates to wear them, but others don’t, he said.

    Sgt. David Woodruff, recruiter at the Fairgrounds Square Mall station, said he is thankful some districts permit graduates to wear the sashes, but has no issue with those that don’t.

    Commencement is the recruits’ only opportunity to wear the accessory in a public ceremony, he said.

    Lausch insisted that the district is not anti-military. Recruiters are allowed to speak with students in the high school, he said, and in his commencement remarks he mentioned that some students were entering the armed forces.

    “They say they respect us,” Hunsicker said. “And then they just shove us in a corner.”


    I imagine burqas are allowed for religious purposes, though graduation speeches saying Lord or God is prohibited.

  9. spudmom says:

    You are forgetting about the BACKGROUND CHECK required for licensure as an EMT or paramedic. Can’t get the medical training needed at hospitals, nursing homes, etc. with that drug conviction, B & E, etc. It’s also hard to explain to prospective employees that most fire departments don’t want to hire someone with a DUI to drive their fast, expensive trucks, either. That’s why I pre-screen all of my prospective students before I enroll them in our education programs. Does wonders for our graduation and placement rates.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      Oh, but that also makes you the quintessential racist in the minds of the left. *sigh*…..

      I know, I know…you’re absolutely right to do it…but almost half of our population thinks otherwise. I dunno, maybe I should just blame TV.

    • canary says:

      Great points. Obama care for ya.

      Dimwits Obama and his DOJ forgot records have to be entered into computer data bases. Being able to type, write, and use computer skills are important to saving lives, getting word to the hospital ahead of time of patients condition, notifying other emergency personnel & law enforcement.

      “come to the crib on Jaxson street. someome on the scene has a piece . 2 have 3rd 0 burns.
      on ox’s gin.

      Still waiting on those school computers and lessons.

      Ohio Fireman’s qualifications of written technology skills.


      most important is not being able to write reports correctly, could put Ohio Fire Dept in a liable position.

    • preparing4theworst says:

      Right on Spudmom, and some departments use the MMPI to see if you both stable enough AND crazy enough to run INTO a burning building. I managed to get in without that tho…and being able to write a really good/comprehensive report will sooo save your ass in court too, and possibly convict someone who really needs convicting (see Eng 101- English as a FIRST Language), and there is another strange concept….we have to keep taking classes to keep our licenses (school NEVER stops and every response is a test). This is not an occupation for the weak or fainthearted. (“This is NOT a job, it is NOT an occupation…it is a calling. ” from the trailer for the final episode of Rescue Me)
      I guess you work in higher education? (Spudmom=Idaho??) When I was in Paramedic school we had to take the “Be a Good Student” course and it worked out that the college created a class just for us and the instructor told us that she had never a group that was as individually and collectively motivated or a group that had worked as well togather…anyhow good comments…

  10. canary says:

    AirForceTimes: VA vows to address sexual assaults in hospitals

    By Rick Maze Jun 8, 2011

    In the face of a damaging congressional report that disclosed 300 sexual assaults in VA hospitals, with patients often the victims, Veterans Affairs Department officials say they are committed to improving protections and prosecuting those who violated the law.

    GAO slams VA sex assault reporting (June 7)

    … lax or nonexistent surveillance and alarm system that malfunctioned or did not notify security or other people nearby in the same unit when someone feared assault.

    The report show there were 67 allegations of rape, 185 allegations of inappropriate touching, eight allegations of “forceful” medical examinations, 13 allegations of forced or inappropriate oral sex, and 11 other alleged sexual assaults. The report did not say how many of the reports of sexual assault were substantiated, nor did it mention the outcome of complaints.

    Jeff Miller, R-Fla., the committee chairman who requested the report, said, “Most disturbing is a question that has yet been answered: How widespread is this problem? I am committed to finding the answer to that question and ensuring that our veterans and VA employees are safe from offensive sexual attacks.”

    The full report can be found online.

    (rest of article)

    “… How widespread is this problem?…”

    My experience last week pushing a relative in a wheelchair with one leg, is being the first at an elevator.
    I watched 2 tall young men, dressed like lolly pops parading and strutting their stuff around. I couldn’t help but, notice their dress, I mean clothes. So, next thing I know the elevator finally gets they just clobbered us getting in that elevator first. This left my father and me last, as I held the elevator open, but it meant we’d be the first ones out. You’d think. I was prepared for another incident to prevent us being knocked around.
    Sure enough the lolly pop gays started climbing over us, and I loudly said how rude to treat a 1 legged vet in such a manner, yet alone the elderly. Did no good. And everyone else wouldn’t give us a chance to get out either.

    Next time I will report it (request camera footage) and they can put the perverts on lock down. They would have claimed discrimination based on both race & sexual identity.

    Now we know Obama, Congress & General Gates who pushed the “gay agenda” in the military knew for several years there is a problem of unwanted touching and forced sodomy. The idea that the marines are getting training to accept gay peers is pathetic in every way, as military training should take precedence.

  11. canary says:

    Obama’s hero muslim Malcolm X subject of new book on women & multiple wife problem as a muslim.

    The Root: Did Malcolm X Hate Women?

    Manning Marable’s controversial book takes a hard look at Malcolm’s complicated relationship with women.
    By: Natalie Hopkinson June 10, 2011

    Malcolm X was furious to learn at the last minute that a speaker had decided not to appear at a rally at the Audubon Ballroom in Harlem, N.Y., on Feb. 21, 1965. A flustered aide said that he’d phoned Malcolm’s wife, Betty, with the information, according to Manning Marable’s controversial biography, Malcolm X: A Life of Reinvention.

    Malcolm exploded: “You gave that message to a woman?! … You should know better than that.”

    The fact was, Betty, pregnant with twins, did not know how to reach him. She and her four daughters had been living with friends since they were evicted from their former Nation of Islam-owned home — which had just been firebombed.

    Malcolm, for his part, was likely spending his final night at a hotel with his 18-year-old secretary and alleged mistress, according to Marable. At the time, the woman, Sharon 6X, was living with Linward X Cathcart. Both had connections to members of the NOI mosque in Newark, N.J., who hatched the assassination plot.

    In his brief career as a house robber, Malcolm used his white lover as a front; later, she betrayed him in court to save herself.
    As he rose through the ranks of the NOI, Malcolm was constantly pursued by women drawn to his magnetism, a charm that “physically unsettled” women such as Maya Angelou, who returned from exile in Africa to join his fledgling organization, the Organization of Afro-American Unity. (The secular group was run by a woman named Lynne Shifflet, who abruptly resigned in 1965 after Betty accused her of sleeping with Malcolm.)

    Then, too, Malcolm had a complicated relationship with his sister Ella, who bailed him out during his Detroit Red days. After he was kicked out of NOI and lost his platform and source of income to support his massive family, it was his sister who threw him a life preserver by financing his trip to Mecca, and later his tour of Africa and the Middle East.

    “Malcolm largely viewed his wife as a nuisance,” Marable wrote.

    His followers were being beaten and, in one case, killed in the war against the Nation of Islam… Yet through his comments to the press, he continued to escalate the public beef against his former mentor Elijah Muhammad with a venom that he had once reserved only for white people.

    If it does turn out that his alleged mistress was implicated in his murder, it would be the culmination of a life filled with deep distrust toward women.


    oh my. Found more Obama & even his mother disliking whites in his Dreams book, though I meant to focus it was at age 12 or 13 that Obama hid his mother after reading Malcome X and above all
    relating to Malcome’s wish to purge the white blood from his body. As Obambi dove into the world of muslims, pretending to do his homework in his bedroom, being made fun of by his friends who informed him being a muslim was not fun, and the decision to keep his secret feverishly to himself.
    And it was President Ronald Reagan and his minions carrying out their dirty deeds that lead to Obama really digging into Black Power. Oh wow. After being disappointed at a Kwame Toure (formerly Stokely Carmichael of SNCC and Black Power fame at Columbia, Obama went into like a trance where he pictured himself at the Lincoln Plaza. He described this trance as a moment as a bad dream or just plain crazy when he came out of it and found himself talking out loud to himself with people walking by. He doesn’t say if he was stoned or not. He was broke, eating out of cans, depressed, so he might have been coming down during this out of body experience.

  12. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Boehner Blasts Obama on Libya (And he really means it this time)

    From FOX : http://politics.blogs.foxnews.com/2011/06/14/boehner-blasts-obama-libya?test=latestnews

    House Speaker John Boehner blasted President Obama Tuesday for not giving Congress any sense of whether the Executive branch will comply with federal law that calls for congressional approval of war operations. In a letter to the president, the Ohio Republican said Sunday marks 90 days since the start of military operations in Libya. Boehner asked the president to explain to Congress how the operation is outside the scope of the War Powers Act, which requires congressional approval for military action, and if he can’t, Boehner warned the White House to get on the right side of the law.

    And how does he intend to do this? Perhaps a less comfortable golf cart?

    “On June 3, 2011, the House passed a resolution which, among other provisions, made clear that the administration has not asked for, nor received, congressional authorization of the mission in Libya,” Boehner’s letter says. “Therefore, it would appear that in five days, the Administration will be in violation of the War Powers Resolution unless it asks for and receives authorization from Congress or withdraws all U.S. troops and resources from the mission.”

    Yes, passing a resolution is how you deal with a criminal act. You warn them, and when they give you the finger, you sigh heavily and then you really warn them….sternly. That should do it.

    The White House has argued for months that NATO is leading the way in Libya and so the president doesn’t need permission from Congress to keep American forces fighting in the battle to topple Muammar al-Qaddafi’s regime.

    Woah…..woah…….I was told that the “kinetic military action” in Libya was to protect civilians, not topple Qaddafi. This is certainly news to me. Thanks, FOX. I’ll rearrange my point of view.

    White House spokesman Jay Carney has also argued at multiple press briefings that the administration is working within the parameters of the act. And National Security Council Spokesman Tommy Veitor says the White House is finalizing a more detailed report.

    Yes, that should do it. A “report”. A detailed one at that. Should pretty much cover all the bases and keep the (stupid) republicans busy while they press on with making fertilizer out of the Constitution.

    “We are in the final stages of preparing extensive information for the House and Senate that will address a whole host of issues about our ongoing efforts in Libya, including those raised in the House resolution as well as our legal analysis with regard to the War Powers Resolution,” Veitor said in a statement. “Since March 1st, Administration witnesses have testified at over 10 hearings that included a substantial discussion of Libya and participated in over 30 Member or staff briefings, and we will continue to consult with our Congressional colleagues.

    Yep, that should do it if the “detailed report” won’t. My god these people are &$#!* stoned out of their minds.

    Boehner’s letter acknowledges that military officials have briefed members of Congress on the tactical and operational aspects of the Libya action, but Boehner suggested he’s not convinced by the administration’s logic.

    “The White House has systematically avoided requesting a formal authorization for its action. It has simultaneously sought, however, to portray that its actions are consistent with the War Powers Resolution,” the letter reads. “The combination of these actions has left many members of Congress, as well as the American people, frustrated by the lack of clarity over the administration’s strategic policies, by a refusal to acknowledge and respect the role of the Congress, and by a refusal to comply with the basic tenets of the War Powers Resolution.”

    Boehner and Obama are set to take to the golf course this weekend in what has been billed as a chance for the two men to talk federal debt and deficits. But with Sunday marking 90 days since the March 18 start of the operation, the speaker’s letter will likely loom large on the links.

    There is so much wrong here that there isn’t enough internet space to discuss it. “Hey, Barry, you’re a criminal…Wanna go play golf?”

    I think somehow the mysterious theory of parallel universes is actually true. It was developed by the best theoretical physicists in the past 20 years, and it strongly accompanies string theory. Many experts scoffed at first but I’m starting to believe that the uncertainty principle and other dimensions have crept into our own, making it impossible to understand what’s actually happening.

  13. Illusions says:

    Every one remember when this site got hit by Righthaven?

    Judge Rules Righthaven Lacks Standing to Sue, Threatens Sanctions Over Misrepresentat
    A federal judge in Las Vegas today issued a potentially devastating ruling against copyright enforcer Righthaven LLC, finding it doesn’t have standing to sue over Las Vegas Review-Journal stories, that it has misled the court and threatening to impose sanctions against Righthaven.

    Because he found Righthaven doesn’t have standing to sue, Chief U.S. District Judge for Nevada Roger Hunt dismissed Righthaven’s copyright infringement lawsuit against the Democratic Underground.

    But he’s allowing the Democratic Underground to continue its counterclaim against Stephens Media LLC, owner of the Review-Journal. That could be expensive for Stephens Media as the Democratic Underground attorneys from the Electronic Frontier Foundation are asking to be awarded attorney’s fees.

    “The court believes that Righthaven has made multiple inaccurate and likely dishonest statements to the court,” Hunt wrote in his ruling, citing specifically Righthaven’s failure to disclose Stephens Media as an interested party in the litigation as Stephens Media clearly had an interest in the outcome of the copyright lawsuits.


  14. BillK says:

    Somewhere, Al Gore is shaking his fists at the sky, screaming “Nooooooo!”

    From the UK Register:

    Earth may be headed into a mini Ice Age within a decade

    By Lewis Page

    What may be the science story of the century is breaking this evening, as heavyweight US solar physicists announce that the Sun appears to be headed into a lengthy spell of low activity, which could mean that the Earth – far from facing a global warming problem – is actually headed into a mini Ice Age.

    The announcement made on 14 June (18:00 UK time) comes from scientists at the US National Solar Observatory (NSO) and US Air Force Research Laboratory. Three different analyses of the Sun’s recent behaviour all indicate that a period of unusually low solar activity may be about to begin.

    The Sun normally follows an 11-year cycle of activity. The current cycle, Cycle 24, is now supposed to be ramping up towards maximum strength. Increased numbers of sunspots and other indications ought to be happening: but in fact results so far are most disappointing. Scientists at the NSO now suspect, based on data showing decades-long trends leading to this point, that Cycle 25 may not happen at all.

    This could have major implications for the Earth’s climate. According to a statement issued by the NSO, announcing the research:

    An immediate question is whether this slowdown presages a second Maunder Minimum, a 70-year period with virtually no sunspots [which occurred] during 1645-1715.

    As NASA notes:

    Early records of sunspots indicate that the Sun went through a period of inactivity in the late 17th century. Very few sunspots were seen on the Sun from about 1645 to 1715. Although the observations were not as extensive as in later years, the Sun was in fact well observed during this time and this lack of sunspots is well documented. This period of solar inactivity also corresponds to a climatic period called the “Little Ice Age” when rivers that are normally ice-free froze and snow fields remained year-round at lower altitudes. There is evidence that the Sun has had similar periods of inactivity in the more distant past.

    During the Maunder Minimum and for periods either side of it, many European rivers which are ice-free today – including the Thames – routinely froze over, allowing ice skating and even for armies to march across them in some cases.


    • canary says:

      But…Obama just regulated sun screen.

      News3: WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH, NC (WWAY) — Your bottle of sunscreen will soon look different. That’s because the Food and Drug Administration introduced new guidelines today.

      The FDA’s concern is that some products may not tell the whole truth when it comes to protecting you. The new guidelines would even prevent companies from using phrases like water-proof and “sweatproof.”

      “For years we have been dealing with the problem that so many people are using sunscreen, and the problem with sunscreen is that they don’t know whether they have been getting good protection or not,” dermatologist Dr. Jonathan Crane said.

      The FDA’s new guidelines, though, should make it easier.

      Companies can no longer claim their product is waterproof or sweatproof. Water resistant will be allowed, but would have to claim in minutes the amount of time the product is effective.

      These new rules go into effect next year. Until then, dermatologists say the best sunscreen you can use is one that contains zinc oxide or titanium dioxide.

      news video

      Yet, they leave tanning booths alone?

  15. tranquil.night says:

    As Insty and Drudge have already linked, Righthaven essentially went down in court today. What’s even sweeter is that the link was to the LV Review-Journal, which S&L regs (and I’m sure poor Steve) know and remember with great disdain.

    Add it to the Wisconsin ruling as a good week for Justice.

  16. canary says:

    While Obama states he is not violating U.S.laws, and the U.S. is only aiding by filling up fuel tanks for NATO,
    NATO bombs continue to pound Libya.

    June 16 2011 Reuters

  17. canary says:

    NATO & UK calling on all tweeters in the globe to target air-raid bombs in Libya area.

    Guardian.co.uk: Nato, Twitter and air strikes in Libya

    July 15 2010
    Nato says it has used information from Twitter to help analysts judge which sites in Libya should be targeted….Can you help?

    At a briefing on 10 June Nato revealed it used Twitter as part of its “fusion centre” of intelligence gathering. “We get information from open sources on the internet; we get Twitter,” said Wing Commander Mike Bracken. “You name any source of media and our fusion centre will deliver all of that into usable intelligence.”

    On Tuesday Canadian newspaper the Globe and Mail reported on “How social media users are helping Nato fight Gaddafi in Libya”, speaking to Janice Clinch, a 59-year-old grandmother, from Seeley’s Bay in Ontario, who has tweeted prolifically about the situation in the country since unrest began:

    Months of online activism earned her a role as administrator of the Libyan Youth Movement page on Facebook – the only non-Libyan honoured with the job, [Clinch] says – and on Monday she noticed that a regular member, somebody located in western Libya, had pinpointed a gas station converted into a temporary headquarters for Col. Gadhafi’s forces. She tweeted the co-ordinates, along with the longitude and latitude of a few other targets passed along from the same source, asking NATO to “clean up” the government troops….

    “I don’t believe in dictatorships,” she said.

    NATO staffers also appear to have set up unofficial accounts to solicit information”…

    One man who may be part of that picture is Robert Rowley, a 48-year-old shift supervisor at Dairy Queen ice cream parlour in Tucson, Arizona….

    He began tweeting regularly as @RRowley during the Egyptian uprising, and despite not having a military background – …. says that last month his tweet posting the coordinates of a suspected pro-Gaddafi military base preceded a Nato strike on the same location.

    Rowley said he had been looking at satellite images of Tripoli when unrest in Libya began, when he noticed what looked like military vehicles at a building in the city. Studying the building for over a month, he was able to view “thick bundles of cables” coming from the site, which he said was listed as a commercial warehouse.

    He alerted a Tripoli-based tweeter, who he had met over the internet, who went to examine the building and confirmed a presence.

    “I thought well, …, and later that day there were reports that there was a building behind the school of dentistry that got hit by Nato.

    Rowley said he later posted coordinates for two ships carrying fuel to Libya – the Cartagena and the YM Jupiter. Both were detained by Nato forces. In addition to using satellite imaging he relies on tweets from trusted posters on the country.

    We now know that Nato is using Twitter as a source of intelligence. We know that people are posting coordinates of potential targets to Nato.

    TweeterOBamie……blow up that bus…no.not that one, that’s just a Wiener pic that flashed…that bus..let me check my teleprompter….yeah..that bus…I think…kaa bunga yee haw!.
    HindustanTimes: 12 killed as NATO air strike hits bus in Libya –
    Tripoli, June 16, 2011

    At least 12 people were killed and two injured when a NATO air strike hit a bus Wednesday evening in Libya’s Kikla city, 120 km southwest of capital Tripoli, Libyan state TV reported.

    During the past several weeks, NATO forces have intensified strikes against Tripoli and the neighbouring[sic] areas.


    NATO bombs continue to pound Libya.

    June 16 2011 Reuters

    Meanwhile, King Obama states he’s violated no war laws. He unbelievably said U.S. is merely refueling tanks for NATO.

  18. artboyusa says:

    NEWS FLASH Al Qaeda Number Two kicked upstairs after unexpected promotion opportunity arises! Thanks the Board for its “confidence, welcomes “opportunities”, cites “ongoing challenges”…

    Ayman al-Zawahiri appointed as al-Qaeda leader

    The long-serving second-in-command of al-Qaeda, Ayman al-Zawahiri, has been appointed its head following the death of Osama Bin Laden, the militant organisation said in a statement.

    Bin Laden was killed by US forces in Pakistan in early May.

    Al-Qaeda warned it would continue to fight a holy war against the US and Israel under Zawahiri’s direction.

    Analysts say Egyptian-born Zawahiri, 59, is intelligent but lacks the charisma of his predecessor.

    He is claimed by some experts to have been the “operational brains” behind the 9/11 attacks on the US.

    For years Bin Laden’s deputy, with a $25m (£15m) bounty on his head, he had been widely anticipated to replace Bin Laden at the helm…http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-middle-east-13788594

  19. Liberals Demise says:

    Friday, June 17, 2011
    “Why Aren’t You Speaking English?”
    A Texas senator is receiving praise and criticism.

    During committee testimony this week in Austin, a Texas senator interrupted a Spanish speaker telling him he should “be speaking in English” during a committee hearing.

    Antolin Aguirre of the Austin Immigrant Rights Coalition was testifying against Senate Bill 9 that would help crack down on illegal immigrants in Texas. Aguirre spoke through an interpreter even though he had been in the U.S. since 1988.

    Two minutes into Antolin Aguirre’s testimony, Sen. Chris Harris, a Republican from Arlington, interrupted asking Aguirre’s interrupter, “Did I understand him correctly that he has been here since 1988?” Harris asked. “Why aren’t you speaking in English then?”

    Read more: http://www.ktrh.com/cc-common/news/sections/newsarticle.html?feed=121300&article=8719378#ixzz1PYPPOpWN

    Here it is fellow S&L’ers…..
    Texas Rep. asks a pertinent question but the one not asked was if Antolin is here
    legally. If not, why does he get to be their spokesperson?
    Illegals soapbox for illegals?

  20. Rusty Shackleford says:

    A sickening op-ed from FOX.

    Four Jokers Play Golf Saturday


    The Duffer-in-Chief’s Dilemma

    by Doug Luzader | June 17, 2011

    As President Barack Obama stares out from the tee box on Saturday morning, several things are likely to run through his mind.

    Relax…Keep your head down…Nice, easy swing…Don’t let Boehner win.

    Assuming he can accomplish the first three, what to do about the fourth…

    The White House won’t say much about the highly anticipated golf match-up this weekend between the president and Speaker of the House John Boehner. How the game is played on Saturday and, perhaps more importantly, how it’s characterized later may say a great deal about the spending debate that lies ahead.

    We know that Vice President Joe Biden and Republican Ohio Governor John Kasich will round out the bipartisan foursome, and all are said to take the game seriously with varying degrees of success. Golf Digest ranked 150 of the politically powerful golfers in Washington and that’s where the disparities emerge.

    Mr. Obama, at 108, isn’t particularly good, but for a recent convert to the game, he’s not terrible either. He manages to squeeze in a round most weekends, his motorcade snarling traffic on his way to courses at either Andrews Air Force Base or Fort Belvoir.

    Boehner, though, must be smacking his lips. He approaches the game with a religious fervor, and while his swing is said to be painfully awkward it serves him well, earning him a ranking of 43. Boehner even slyly suggested spotting the president strokes at a steep price: a trillion dollars apiece in deficit reduction. Biden, though, is thought to be even better. Golf Digest puts him at 29. If, as expected, Obama/Biden take on Boehner/Kasich, team GOP should have the edge.

    Nothing makes me feel more at ease than when the powerful elite shit-asses of our federal government make jokes about the most grave of situations. As Queen Vikky might like to have said, “We are not amused.”

    But the White House could consider something different, pairing Obama and Boehner in some variant of team play like best ball or a scramble. The latter option may be the most politically attractive for the administration. In a scramble, both the president and the speaker hit a ball and then play the better lie, shot after shot through the entire round.

    They would have to work together to determine whose shot is better, forcing them to forge dozens of small bipartisan agreements along the way. It also carries the added advantage of plausible deniability. Since there can’t be individual scorecards in a scramble, all four can say they really don’t know who among them played the best round.

    It might just go a long way to preserving the presidential ego. If Mr. Obama doesn’t team up, the only eagle he’s likely to see on Saturday is the one on his limousine door on the way home.

    I’m sorry but if anyone takes this golf BS as anything more than the elites out to out-do one another on the links has another think coming. This is how the ascot-wearing, brandy and cigar pukes “throw down” and whoever shows the best “composure under pressure” is the moral winner.

    Sure, it’d be nice to see Hambone throw a fit, but more likely he’ll be full of smart-ass comments and find a way to cheat and lie as usual when actually having to show some degree of proficiency at a GAME.

    The level of sublime this has all gone down to is beyond my comprehension. Boner, showing no regard for the position the majority of the nation has taken on the financial irresponsibility of the government, and Hambone…well….what can be said that hasn’t been already, multiple times?

    But this isn’t 007 putting the pinch on Goldfinger as in the movie of the same name. No. It’s a very strange outing that is designed to do what, exactly? Boner’s gonna very deftly out-putt, out-drive and out-play Hambone? So effing what? Will that deflate Hambone’s ego? I seriously doubt it. Will it just be the snot-nosed kids having a “yacht-race” on the links? More likely. And don’t try to tell me that there’s some sort of honor involved.

    This is really something. Nation’s financial future is in ruin and these pricks play golf.

  21. beautyofreason says:

    “costs of the proposed regulations to customers and local economies have “been vastly underestimated,” especially in Midwestern states that rely heavily on coal”

    A lot of those states aren’t heavily Democrat, why should Obama care if people pay more for fuel? Better to subsidize $40,000 solar panels and hybrid cars for the environmentally conscious upper class in heavily cities like San Francisco. It ups his “green” credentials.

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