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Selected News For The Week May 28 – Jun 3

This thread is for the busy bees of S&L to post news articles that expose the rampant distortions and biases of our media watchdogs.

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This article was posted by Steve on Saturday, May 28th, 2011. Comments are currently closed.

38 Responses to “Selected News For The Week May 28 – Jun 3”

  1. canary says:

    The guardian.co.uk: Osama bin Laden death: CIA to search Abbottabad compound

    Declan Walsh in Islamabad 26 May 2011

    The fate of Bin Laden’s house in Abbottabad, 35 miles north of Islamabad, had been one of many sensitive points in tense relations between the two countries. Some Pakistani officials favoured demolishing the three-storey house, which they believed had become a symbol of humiliation.

    Now CIA agents could enter the house in the coming days – a sign of a slow thaw in relations that Clinton will seek to build upon

    Previously, the CIA has only viewed the house from satellite images or from a safe house that it operated in Abbotttabad for months without Pakistani knowledge.


    Better dress like muslims and hide their cameras in carts. Surely, the #1 terrorists sacred belongings and dwelling has been stripped of everything inch to be auctioned off to include that garden dug up.


    The Times of India: US bows to Pak demand,cuts troops

    May 27, 2011

    WASHINGTON: US has said it has begun pulling out American troops out of Pakistan,after Islamabad officially asked to reduce troops from its soil amid tensions over the American raid that killed al-Qaida chief Osama bin Laden.

    Pakistan informed the US in the last week or two that it would not need some US special forces trainers advising the Pakistani military,the Pentagon said.Pakistani security officials said the decision came three days after the al-Qaida leaders death.

    Meanwhile,while hinting that Pakistan could do more in its counter-terrorism efforts,US secretary of state Hillary Clinton praised its strategic ally as a good partner.

    They have been actively engaged in their own bitter fight… and we are going to look to put our partnership on as strong a foundation going forward as possible,”she said.


    “They have been actively engaged in their own bitter fight… and we are going to look to put our partnership on as strong a foundation going forward as possible,”she said.

    How many more billions will Obama throw into this coup with the angry former Pakistan leader
    announced he’s re-running.
    Former Pakistan leader says he running to be top dog

  2. canary says:

    Napolitano pretending to overcome challenge in terming terrorism with help from India. Someone tell Hillary.

    The Times of India: Lashkar as big a threat as al-Qaida, admits US

    28 May, 2011, 09.56AM IST, Himanshi Dhawan,TNN

    US secretary for homeland security Janet Napolitano said, “I think in my judgment, the LeT ranks right up there in the al-Qaida and related groups as terrorist organisations, one that seeks to harm people and takes innocent lives.”

    “Our perspective, the US perspective, is LeT is very very, I do not want to say important as that gives it too much credibility, but an organisation that is of the same ranking as the al-Qaida related groups,” Napolitano said after the first homeland security dialogue with home minister P Chidambaram on Friday.

    Pre-26/11, Pakistan had consistently held that Lashkar, being devoted to the “liberation” of Kashmir, posed no threat to the US.

    She, however, did not respond to questions on if the US should influence Pakistan in extradition of one of the most wanted men — Hafiz Saeed.

    Earlier in the day, Chidambaram had described Pakistan as the most “difficult neighbourhood” in the world…

    The minister added, “Today, different terrorist groups, operating from the safe havens in Pakistan, are becoming increasingly fused. The society in Pakistan has become increasingly radicalised[sic].”

    Terming terrorism as the “principal challenge” for both the countries, Chidambaram pushed for the need to address challenges, including counterfeit currency, narcotics trafficking, threats and risks in cyber space.


    “Chidambaram pushed for the need to address challenges, including counterfeit currency, narcotics trafficking…”

    India’s talk of oil deal with Iran has led to lip service from the U.S.

  3. canary says:

    Obama gives the go. New Egypt opened border into Gaza, and as nothing is enough, rockets were fired on Israel.


  4. tranquil.night says:

    Okay, the House Republican Study Committee has put together a comprehensive list of targets regarding lifting the debt ceiling, which if we haven’t forgotten, was passed over ten days ago with little to no cohesive, centralized Republican demands or leadership between House and Senate.

    “Cut, Cap, & Balance;” via Erick Erickson – http://www.redstate.com/erick/2011/05/27/cut-cap-and-balance/

    If there are Republicans out there ready to go ronin like this on the leadership, they need to take their case to the national media and grassroots for broader support. Otherwise it’s symbolic and irrelevant.

    We’ve noticed the symbolic ploys with the Presidential candidates too. Eager to focus the narrative around their specific message – be it a general tone or personality, or their unusual stance on some cookie-cutter issue from 30 years ago – their leadership becomes completely absent in any pragmatic way to the problems currently facing the country and the Republican Party.

    Mittoast, T-Paw, hell, even several of the grassroots candidates at the moment – all talk good games when honed in on the message around which they’re focussed – but when it comes to current affairs and the battles on which the Tea Party is currently engaged with the Republican establishment over the debt limit negotiations and the Ryan Budget, they remain inconspicuously on the sidelines, walking the rhetorical tight-rope; overall afraid of the political cost of taking any definitively partisan positions, whether they’re right or not.

    Get a spine guys. We’re in the majority and the Tea Party wants to make peace so together we can take on the Statist Death Star. Drop the political double-speak, be candid and knowledgeable about your views, let’s debate them respectfully, so we can act on our best conclusions, ideas, and solutions. If you’re just going to pull us along with the BS string, keeping us guessing – we’re going to have problems, and our candidates/activist leaders will call you on it.

  5. canary says:

    Al-Jazeera: Saudi Arabia pressed to free woman driver
    Rights groups say detention of Manal al-Sherif for defying driving ban opens kingdom to condemnation and mockery.
    24 May 2011

    Manal al-Sherif, 32, was arrested on Sunday after a video clip was posted online of her much-publicised drive last week, part of an effort to bring attention to her campaign to encourage women across Saudi Arabia to collectively protest against the driving ban.

    Her Facebook page, called ‘Teach me how to drive so I can protect myself’, was removed after more than 12,000 people indicated their support for its call to women drivers to take to the streets on June 17. The campaign’s Twitter account also was deactivated.

    Saudi Arabia is the only country in the world that bans women – both Saudi and foreign – from driving.

    The issue is a highly emotional one in the kingdom, where women are also not allowed to vote, or even travel without their husbands’ or fathers’ permission.

    One young woman, identified only as Ruba and dressed in the all-encompassing black abaya all women must wear in public, was shown driving inside a compound in Riyadh.

    There is no written Saudi law banning women from driving, only fatwas, or religious edicts, by senior clerics that are enforced by police.

    But the Saudi monarchy relies on Wahhabi clerics to give religious legitimacy to its rule and is deeply reluctant to defy their entrenched power.

    Al-Sherif was initially detained for several hours on Saturday but was released after she signed a pledge agreeing not to drive. She was taken into custody again before dawn on Sunday and ordered held for five days while the case was investigated.


  6. canary says:

    BBC: Afghanistan: Suicide blast kills top police commander

    The police commander for northern Afghanistan has been killed in a suicide bomb attack on the provincial governor’s compound in Takhar.

    Gen Mohammad Daud Daud is one of at least six people killed in the attack, claimed by the Taliban.

    Two German soldiers were killed and Gen Markus Kneip, commander of foreign troops in north Afghanistan, wounded.

    Afghanistan has seen a series of attacks in recent months by militants on police and military targets.

    Takhar provincial Governor Abdul Jabar Taqwa is among those wounded, officials said.

    The attack will heighten concerns over the Taliban’s campaign to assassinate key Afghan figures.

    Gen Daud was in charge of all interior ministry forces in northern Afghanistan and is the most senior figure to be killed so far in a Taliban “spring offensive”.

    Gen Daud was a former deputy interior minister for narcotics.

    The bomber, wearing a police uniform, was waiting in the corridor when officials came out, our correspondent says.

    At least six people were killed in the explosion, including Gen Daud and the provincial police chief Shah Jahan Nuri.

    The province was until recently a relatively quiet area of Afghanistan, but tensions rose in May after a Nato-led night raid in Taloqan which killed four people.

    A crowd of 2,000 people took to the streets to protest against the attack, claiming the victims were civilians.

    Police opened fire on the demonstrators, killing 12 people and wounding 80.


    Obama should be more specific as to his meanings of the Arab Spring and Spring Offensive and give a formal outline as who can & can’t protest. Afghan’s president Karzai had better get out dodge
    now, for soon Obama will be telling him to step down. Catch 22

  7. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Iran Goes ‘Isolationist’

    From the WSJ via FOX:


    In New Form of Censorship, Iran Moves to Disconnect its Internet From World

    Iran is taking steps toward an aggressive new form of censorship: a so-called national Internet that could, in effect, disconnect Iranian cyberspace from the rest of the world.

    The leadership in Iran sees the project as a way to end the fight for control of the Internet, according to observers of Iranian policy inside and outside the country. Iran, already among the most sophisticated nations in online censoring, also promotes its national Internet as a cost-saving measure for consumers and as a way to uphold Islamic moral codes.

    In February, as pro-democracy protests spread rapidly across the Middle East and North Africa, Reza Bagheri Asl, director of the telecommunication ministry’s research institute, told an Iranian news agency that soon 60% of the nation’s homes and businesses would be on the new, internal network. Within two years it would extend to the entire country, he said.

    The unusual initiative appears part of a broader effort to confront what the regime now considers a major threat: an online invasion of Western ideas, culture and influence, primarily originating from the U.S. In recent speeches, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and other top officials have called this emerging conflict the “soft war.”

    On Friday, new reports emerged in the local press that Iran also intends to roll out its own computer operating system in coming months to replace Microsoft Corp.’s Windows. The development, which couldn’t be independently confirmed, was attributed to Reza Taghipour, Iran’s communication minister.

    It’s own computer operating system? Yes, that will work. They are so “technologically advanced”. Can anyone say “massive database crash”, given their ability to eradicate the virus in their computers at their “peaceful” nuke plants.

    Talk about taking the most innovative, universal thing to happen to Earth ever, the invention and widespread usage of the personal computer, and tying a boat-anchor around it. The words “epic failure” come to mind.

    Well, if the new government computer system is to be implemented, the hackers and under-the-radar users in Iran can’t be far behind. But of course, to be caught at that, one’s head would become forfeit.

    • canary says:

      Yes, the virus technology to attack Iran’s nukes capability, is an example of the military technology we receive from Israel. Obama is endangering Israel and the U.S. Border problems. It really appears Obama is against the U.S. Perhaps Obama’s religion is so bigoted he feels it would be better for the U.S. to be attacked than deal with his religion’s enemy.

    • jimreport says:

      Now if we can just partition off China, and other sub human regimes off on their own network we’ll be getting somewhere.

    • jobeth says:

      Canary…I’ve been saying he’s working against America for a long time now. If you view everything he’s done TO America through the prism of someone who is out to destroy America, everything he has done makes perfect sense.

      Otherwise you would be scratching your head wondering if he is that stupid.

      No…he’s not stupid…just evil and NOT America’s friend. Clear as a bell if you look at it correctly. My question to anyone who says otherwise…Name one…just one thing he has done that has benefited America or Americans.


  8. Rusty Shackleford says:

    M.O. is a PITA to work for

    Politico: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0511/55832.html

    Spotlight takes toll on first lady’s staff

    Less than three years into the job, first lady Michelle Obama is on her third chief of staff and third social secretary. She is on her second communications director, the White House chief usher recently departed, and her press secretary’s last day is Friday.

    On Friday afternoon, the first lady’s office announced that the executive director of Obama’s signature campaign to fight childhood obesity also is leaving.

    Wonder why that is…..

    The turnover, greater than under recent first ladies, underscores the pressure and high expectations of working in an operation known for its polish and discipline. A crucial political asset to her husband and his administration, Obama has enjoyed consistently high job approval ratings because of charm, activism — and by avoiding mistakes and controversy.

    “She is, if possible, under more scrutiny than even other modern first ladies, being the first African-American first lady,” said Katherine Jellison, a history professor at Ohio University who specializes in first ladies. “She also represents a new generation, really the first post-boomer generation of first lady.”

    Is this a “reason” or an “excuse”? I remember when I was a kid and my teachers would ask me that question, causing to think about my position. Here, obviously, the drooling sycophant writer is making excuses for M.O. at every turn.

    Sources familiar with the East Wing, who asked not to be named discussing internal dynamics, described the first lady’s office as a challenging workplace, where grueling hours and the expectations of a formidable boss intensify the demands of managing a popular first lady’s schedule, image and agenda.

    “The first lady is a lovely woman, but she’s tough as nails, and that can be hard for some people,” said a source familiar with the office. “She has really high expectations.”

    The first lady’s office declined to comment for this story.

    What would you have them say? There comes a point when things become glaringly obvious to even the most casual observer.

    Some of the nine departures from the East Wing reflect routine attrition. Press secretary Katie McCormick-Lelyveld, for example, leaves Friday after more than three years on the first lady’s staff, dating back to the 2008 campaign. Julianna Smoot left the social secretary’s office to serve as deputy campaign manager for President Barack Obama’s 2012 campaign.

    Robin Schepper, executive director of the first lady’s “Let’s Move!” anti-obesity initiative, is departing after less than a year on the job.

    “Routine attrition”. Yes, when one leaves a position after less than a year on the job, the first word that jumps to mind is “routine”.


    “I need people who are energetic and forward-thinking and not afraid of new ideas and are constantly keeping their pulse on what’s going on out in the community,” she said. “I need people who know me, but [also] people who don’t know me and will push me, and push me to think differently and say, ‘Oh, that doesn’t make sense, and you’ve been talking about that for a year, but have you thought about it this way?’”

    What the hell is wrong with her?

    • Liberals Demise says:

      Cold, calculated Prima Dona with the eyes of Tookie Williams. (beast)

    • proreason says:

      she isn’t getting as much publicity as she would like.

    • JohnMG says:

      ……”described the first lady’s office as a challenging workplace, where grueling hours and the expectations of a formidable boss intensify the demands of managing a popular first lady’s schedule, image and agenda…….”

      In other words, she’s an impossible bitch.

      …..“She has really high expectations…….” which could be the reason why it took her so long to be proud of her country. Or it could be that she’s an impossible bitch!

      Huh? Wha……? Oh, I did say that once already, didn’t I.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      “Your mission, Mr Phelps is to serve the first lady and tend to her every need, even if she hasn’t thought of it yet. As always, if you or the rest of your IB (Impossible Bitch) Force should be discovered, the secretary will disavow any knowledge of your actions….this tape will self destruct in five seconds”.

    • jobeth says:

      Lordy…that explains her popping up on TV with Biden’s wife. Guess she’s had to resort to Mrs ‘ol Joe. Ummm, you KNOW she’s feeling the pinch when that happens.

      I have no idea what they are peddling together because I quickly get busy
      ‘pushing” my kids around and telling them to ‘get moving’ (translated…get those dishes done).

      I can’t stand to even watch that woman, so I wouldn’t know what she’s peddlin’.

    • canary says:

      “I need people who are energetic and forward-thinking and not afraid of new ideas and are constantly keeping their pulse on what’s going on out in the community,” she said. “I need people who know me, but [also] people who don’t know me and will push me, and push me to think differently and say, ‘Oh, that doesn’t make sense, and you’ve been talking about that for a year, but have you thought about it this way?’”

      All she needs is someone with a cattle prod behind her. roll em roll em roll em. Get those doggies rolling.

      RawHide & Clint Eastwood can show her staff how to do it


    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      I had a cartoon pop into my head. One where Obama is driving into Joplin, with all the destruction of the town in front of him, and saying “I have never witnessed such devastation” and behind the limousine are piles of debris labelled “National Debt”, “Healthcare”, “Foreign Affairs”, “Libya”, “Home Mortgages”, “GM/Chrysler”, etc. For surely he has left/is leaving a swath of destruction greater than any Force 5 tornado. As a “margin” cartoon, little reporters diligently trying to cover up the mess.

    • jobeth says:

      Rusty, that’s perfect! I think you should draw that up and put it on a viral email. That is really so perfect.

  9. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Obama Speaks; Nobody Listens

    From FOX News: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2011/05/29/obama-offers-condolences-encouragement-joplin-tornado-victims/

    Obama Offers Condolences, Encouragement to Joplin Tornado Victims

    President Obama received warm applause and a standing ovation Sunday from members of the Joplin, Mo., community after pledging that the nation isn’t going to stop helping recovery from a devastating tornado even when the cameras go away.

    So, he’s aware of what actually happens, then.

    Appearing at a memorial service after a tour of the neighborhoods damaged by an EF5 tornado, Obama said no one can answer when a storm will strike or the severity of the devastation, but that does not mean the community of 50,000 is powerless in the face of adversity.

    Yet another cham-peen level non-sequitur from the boy who sits in the president’s chair.

    “How we respond when the storm strikes is up to us. How we live in the aftermath of tragedy and heartache, that’s within our control. And it’s in these moments through our actions that we often see what makes life worth living in the first place. That’s what in the last week Joplin has not only taught Missouri, or has taught America, it’s what Joplin has taught the world,” Obama said.

    “Your country will be with you every single step of the way,” he continued.”We’re not going anywhere. “

    “Except when I need to go to Ireland, England and Poland. Or wherever else seems more important than this little piss-hole. Where, by the way, my arch enemy, Rush Limbaugh is from.”

    “The cameras may leave, the spotlight may shift, but we will be with you every step of the way until Joplin is restored, until this community is back on its feet.”

    And the only way to get that to happen is through my supreme benevolence and money, money, money, which I will give to you….if you promise to vote for me in November of 2012.

    Sunday’s task by Obama is a recurring one of late. He has offered handshakes, hugs and federal assistance after the mass shooting in Arizona in January in which U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords was wounded, when tornadoes struck Tuscaloosa, Ala., last month and more recently when flooding from the Mississippi inundated parts of Memphis, Tenn.

    After all, what good is a crisis if you can’t use it to “spread the wealth around? Hopefully, when he buys these people, they will stay bought.

    • JohnMG says:

      …..”President Obama received warm applause and a standing ovation Sunday from members of the Joplin, Mo., community……….”

      That statement just pegged the needle on my Bullshit-ometer. He’s in the heart of the Bible Belt down in Joplin. There are billboards along I-44……paid for by the owners of the land on which they stand….openly critical of both him and his policies. He’s about as welcome as a turd in a punch bowl down there. His trash-talk about being there after then cameras leave is par for him. This was nothing short of a photo-op for his 2012 campaign. As usual, expect his actions to be just the opposite of his words. That’s Obama’s trademark. Count on it!

    • canary says:

      “A few hundred people waved to the president along the motorcade route, bearing flags and snapping pictures.”

      Governor Nixon made the smart move talking how people from all over the country volunteered with trucks, equipment, supplies and food, like they didn’t need Obama who must apt won’t provide much aid at the point people think he is.

      Video shows he had to read his b.s. from notes.

    • jobeth says:

      “The cameras may leave, the spotlight may shift, but we will be with you every step of the way until Joplin is restored, until this community is back on its feet.”

      This jerk has no shame. None. Notta. Zilch. Zero

      I have tried to stretch my imagination to think on how Bush, or Regan, or Ford, or even Kennedy (John that is,not teddy) could have the brass gonads to go to a major disaster area, where PEOPLE DIED, people are injured severely, people lost their homes, jobs, precious irreplaceable keepsakes…endured the shock and trauma of staring in the face of such a tragedy and yet still have a ra-ra campaign speech. And that is all that was. Nothing more.

      If Bush had been president…the only focus would have quietly been on those suffering and what needed to be done to get then relief. He understood these folks are self sufficient and resourceful on their own. They only needed a hand up…not a suffocating payoff for votes.

      What a classless creep he is. He’s just proud as punch of himself too. You can bet on that.

      I was wondering how many SEIU members took up seats in the audience. I can’t imagine ANYONE having gone through the trauma they did even wanting to take the time from their personal recovery to hear that jerk. No…can’t convince me he didn’t have to pay those who yelled and clapped for “The Won”. I’ve never seen such a blatant farce…in such terrible a time of such sadness. There’s probably not one person in Joplin that hasn’t been touched by someone who endured the disaster.

      Grrr…he makes me so sick.

    • canary says:

      Jobeth, I think your right about union thugs being called on to attend Obama’s memorial.

      Joplin is a scotch hop skip to surrounding large cities, and no the lack of news and photos, events on his landing. Just a few hundred with signs no doubt saying “Hey Obama, grab a shovel” perhaps kept the media. Saw another clip on news tonight and Some in choir didn’t clap, some barely clapping.

    • jobeth says:

      I’ll be darned!!!! So THAT’s what happened! Son of a gun….! LOL I sure miss Heidi.

      I think I’m going to print a bunch of copies to paper and emails…to edify my progressive lefty friends and family.

      Maybe they will understand then. Naw…they voted for Obama…not too sure they would understand after all. Half of them think he’s doing a great job.

  10. canary says:

    This week’s pictures showing Obama knows no tragedy


  11. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Yemeni Civilians Massacred

    From a democracy-loving AP via FOX News:


    Yemeni Forces Attack Protesters, Al Qaeda

    Published May 30, 2011

    | FoxNews.com

    A Yemeni medical official says soldiers loyal to Yemen’s president, Ali Abdullah Saleh, have stormed a protest camp in the southern city of Taiz and fired on the crowds indiscriminately, killing at least 20.

    fter the attack on the anti-government protesters, residents say Yemen’s air force launched an offensive against Al Qaeda and Islamic militants who overran the city of Zinjibar. Residents also told Reuters that Zinjibar was being shelled with artillery.

    Hospital sources told Reuters that at least 120 were wounded in the Taiz attack.

    Fear not, this is “democracy in action”…or is it “democracy inaction

    And clearly, it’s the government vs. Al-Qadea and “islamic militants”. I see the difference, don’t you?

    The crowds gathered to demand the release of a fellow protester who was arrested Saturday, Reuters reports.

    Security forces first tried to clear the square in Taiz with water cannons, tear gas and sound bombs, sending thousands rushing for shelter.

    Forces from the Republican Guard, which is commanded by one of Saleh’s sons, then moved in before dawn with tanks and bulldozers, said Sadek al-Shugaa, head of a field hospital at the protest camp.

    Republican Guard soldiers along with security forces and armed men in civilian clothes attacked the protesters. Some set fire to dozens of tents used by the protesters, and bulldozers ran over hundreds of other tents without checking whether any protesters were still inside, two witnesses said.

    One of them, Mohammed al-Zarafi, said he saw tents being set on fire while injured protesters were still inside.

    Yes, the Republican Guard went up against a heavily-armed foe….once again, clearly indicating the protesters were Al-Qaeda and “islamic militants”…

    So was it “intense fighting” or was it, more accurately, fighting in tents? Or…even more accurately, fighting against tents, which, as we all know, when they are filled with injured people are heavily laden with arms.

    “The square and the (field) hospital are in ruins,” she said. “The tanks took the place of hundreds of tents that were set up there. The artillery units are occupying the whole space to make it impossible for the youth to return to the square,” she said.

    The violence took place in Freedom Square — a popular gathering point for thousands of anti-government protesters that have been camping there since January to demand Saleh’s overthrow, Reuters reports. As police set two tents in the square on fire, protesters responded by hurling molotov bombs and rocks at them.

    Again, this is typical behavior for Al-Qaeda. They frequently gather in public squares and protest peacefully after setting up tents and field hospitals.

    Troops also attacked the Majeedi Hotel overlooking the square, where journalists were detained, al-Shugaa said. Then snipers took over the top of the building to shoot at protesters. Amateur video aired by Al-Jazeera TV showed masked men with rifles shooting from rooftops at the protesters in the street.

    Al-Shaga said “most of the injuries are critical in the head, chest and neck.”

    He said several dozen of the injured were dragged away by security forces and vanished.

    Yup, sounds like “democracy in action to me”. And the Yemen government was right to do it. Pesky jouranlists.

    The city of Taiz has been a hotbed of anti-government protests since crowds began calling for Saleh’s ouster in early February.

    Look out, Saleh. Obama may be demanding you step down any day now. Yup….any…..day…..now.

  12. canary says:

    Rusty, I think everyone agree you should draw a cartoon you described. Perhaps it can be posted on Sweetness & Light.

    I searched with key words and could only find pictures of Obama in Ireland toasting between every gulp of beer.
    His message from vacation, aside the MO Governor on FOX telling they were getting no help.

    “We have everyone affected by the Tornado Storm Damage in the USA, in our thoughts at this time. We hope those who have lost their homes and businesses can stay strong and rebuild.”

    Also, at the memorial speech Obama did not note those still buried and missing.

    Survivor at site looks ready to pound him


  13. BillK says:

    Remember, we need to funnel your tax dollars to PBS because other channels have those nasty commercials… right?

    From the New York Times:

    PBS Plans Promotional Breaks Within Programs

    By Elizabeth Jensen

    FOR decades, the uninterrupted programming on PBS has been one of its most distinctive selling points to audiences and philanthropic and corporate supporters alike.

    But those leisurely stretches of break-free programs could be going away.

    PBS officials told member stations at its recent annual meeting in Orlando that beginning this fall, the Wednesday science series “Nature” and “Nova” would contain corporate and foundation sponsor spots, promotional messages and branding within four breaks inside the shows, instead of at the very beginning and end.

    The longest period of uninterrupted programming, according to a plan shown to the programmers, would be just under 15 minutes, compared with the current 50 minutes or more. Based on what PBS learns in the fall, the new format would continue to be introduced night by night through the year, officials said. …


    This seems like the perfect time to pull PBS funding once and for all.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      I suppose it was only a matter of time. They have so badly managed the money they get, in order to get socialists elected, they have killed to goose that laid the golden egg. Our nation’s welfare system in microcosm. In a way, I’m glad of it but in another, I’m not. “Nature” and “Nova” are clearly the most watched PBS programs. And, they know their “news” programs would crater the moment they started putting commercials in them (mustn’t interrupt that stream of intellectual gibberish on the news hour).

      Their need for cash to replace that which they have squandered has yanked them to—(wait for it)—capitalism which, I’m sure, must have Charlie Rose turning over in his grave (I know he’s still alive, which is my point entirely). A determined socialist like him must be absolutely livid, as are all the socialists for, if you can’t turn to PBS to get your (uninterrupted) fill of propaganda, where can you turn?

      It’s just as well. I scan what NOVA has put out most recently and buy it on DVD. I made the mistake once, and only once, of buying the DVD direct from PBS. Not only did I pay three times its retail value, but it took three months to get to my house. I now buy them from Amazon.com. Fast, cheap and commercial free. In the future, if I really want to see it when it first comes out, I’ll record it and blip through the commercials.

      On a side note, I once asked my dad why TV had so many commercials. His reply was that’s how it got paid for. Yet, when I got cable some years later, I noticed the same number of commercials and my cable bill was pretty high and going higher. So today, I simply get TV off the airwaves. I have a lot of channels. I don’t miss the sports channels and/or the dedicated movie or sci-fi, which now calls itself “syfy” or some ridiculous thing. I have no cable or satellite bill and I’m able to pretty much watch whatever I want.

      It’s not that I’m against commercials per se; It’s that they are written to 1)appeal to some basic, emotional need 2)are written for the lowest common denominator, and 3)are generally annoying in nature.

      Very little or any thought is put into many commercials. I usually laugh when people tell me that “they write them to appeal to the broadest possible audience” and my response is usually, “Well, then, if their broadest possible audience is a mass of drooling mouth-breathers, then I guess they’ve succeeeded). Indeed, the Budweiser frogs commercials increased their sales by something like 5% which translates into millions of dollars. But those of us with more than a few brain cells to rub together might chuckle at the commercial (once) but it won’t change our preference for what we drink/eat/drive/wear/use for cellphone provider/etc.

      I like some of the Geico commercials, but I have USAA for car insurance and haven’t changed in over thirty years.

      Seems to me that TV commercials, though, on PBS is a perfect match, given their general audience. Interesting though they chose the two shows that people of a higher intelligence quotient watch, and thus are less affected by advertising. They know this so I can’t help but think their choice is twofold: One that they need to put their advertising in their most-watched programs and two, that they are more than happy to annoy the right-wingers who “unfairly” watch the show but who are unlikely contributors to PBS.

      Overall, I see it as a good thing. That “Nova” and “Nature” can now solicit outside of PBS for a better deal and get exposure on other networks; Even be syndicated. After all, if PBS ends up being just like any of the rest of the alphabet media, then that’s truly fair and equal. No more government funding for them. Get your money the old fashioned way—earn it.

  14. BillK says:

    Ah, the subtle messages in how sites put together stories.

    First, the story is bad enough, from the National Journal via Yahoo! News:

    Why the white working class is alienated, pessimistic

    By Ronald Brownstein

    Almost no one noticed, but around George W. Bush’s reelection in 2004, the nation crossed a demographic milestone.

    From Revolutionary days through 2004, a majority of Americans fit two criteria. They were white. And they concluded their education before obtaining a four-year college degree. In the American mosaic, that vast white working class was the largest piece, from the yeoman farmer to the welder on the assembly line. Even as late as the 1990 census, whites without a college degree represented more than three-fifths of adults.

    But as the country grew more diverse and better educated, the white working-class share of the adult population slipped to just under 50 percent in the Census Bureau’s 2005 American Community Survey. That number has since fallen below 48 percent.

    The demographic eclipse of the white working class is likely an irreversible trend as the United States reconfigures itself yet again as a “world nation” reinvigorated by rising education levels and kaleidoscopic diversity. That emerging America will create opportunities (such as the links that our new immigrants will provide to emerging markets around the globe) and face challenges (including improving high school and college graduation rates for the minority young people who will provide tomorrow’s workforce).

    Still, amid all of this change, whites without a four-year college degree remain the largest demographic bloc in the workforce. College-educated whites make up about one-fifth of the adult population, while minorities account for a little under one-third. The picture is changing, but whites who have not completed college remain the backbone of many, if not most, communities and workplaces across the country.

    They are also, polls consistently tell us, the most pessimistic and alienated group in American society.


    The usual “whites can’t handle successful minorities” story is bad enough, but for the real story you have to look at the links Yahoo! sprinkled throughout the page, namely one titled:

    (PICTURES: Meet the GOP’s 2012 Presidential Hopefuls)

    and another titled:

    (INTERVIEW: Paul Ryan’s Finest Hour?)

    So in short, Yahoo! wants to make sure you come away from this thinking that those alienated, racist whites are GOP voters.

    Fun, no?

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      Yes, it’s because there are so many successful minorities in the NFL is the reason why I was uncomfortable trying to become a tackle for the Bears. Well, that and I’m slow, not very strong and something of a couch-potato. But really, it was because of all the successful black athletes. It made me feel….pessimistic and alienated.

  15. BillK says:

    No shock here, from the Wall Street Journal-affiliated blog AllThingsD:

    Former NPR CEO Vivian Schiller Set to Land at NBC News

    By Peter Kafka

    Former National Public Radio head Vivian Schiller, who left her last job under a political cloud, looks to have found a new position. She’s in talks to work at NBC News, where she’ll oversee digital projects.

    People familiar with the company say Schiller, who once ran the New York Times’ Web site, will report to NBC News chief Steve Capus. Both Schiller and NBC declined to comment.

    Schiller resigned from NPR in March, following a series of political flare-ups: The final straw was the release of a gotcha video that showed one of her lieutenants criticizing Republicans and the Tea Party.


    How nice.

  16. tranquil.night says:

    There’s a question regarding our legal position on Obamacare/That Which Must Be Repealed and the individual mandate that has been eating at the corner of my mind since I saw the point first made by Chumppundit earlier this week, who for all the crap I give him and HA in disagreement still produces good insight and analysis.

    Does anyone know what the legal differences between the precedent established by the Medicare and Social Security tax and the individual mandate might be? Were the original entitlements ruled on the consideration that they were programs designed outside of the bounds of the Commerce Clause (i.e. with no mandate to enter into an explicitly private contract [while being compelled towards a public one])?

    I know the regime is arguing now that the IM is basically a tax even though that’s not how it was sold (and perhaps how it was written), but fundamentally I’m having trouble logically arguing against the constitutionality of government mandated insurance now when we’re already obligated to essentially pay into a federal ponzi scheme that once upon a timed promised coverage at retirement age. This is a big reason why the Ryan Plan – block grants to private insurers with State/Local control and appropriation – should look so much more attractive to young, middle aged workers and Constitutionalists alike when honestly represented and explained next to the current system and where it’s headed. (Edit:) After Medicare’s balance sheets are sustainably in the black, I’d even argue – if not for eliminating entirely – then adding an opt-out to FICA if you are paying for your own insurance, and combining and converting Medicaid/Medicare into the catastrophic care/emergency Public Option.

    I’m inclined to acquire a sensible understanding of this question now that Sarah took some very high-profile shots from Bunker Hill at Romneycare’s state mandate. Among the resources I’ll be consulting will be Heritage and Levin’s Landmark Foundation, but if anyone else out there in Literalville has anything, I greatly appreciate the help.

    Will try to have an answer by tomorrow morning.

    Update #1: Wow I’m either a great mind reader or a master of the obvious but I’m listening to Levin now and he discussed this very matter today.

    • tranquil.night says:

      It does appear that the legal differentiation amounts to the fact that in ObamaCare we are being forced into a private contract, compared to being forced into a public one due to the incongruencies in law relating to the Federal Government’s ability to levy taxes, which Mr. Levin discussed yesterday. As mentioned before, the regime is now arguing that the mandate is a tax – in line with all the other taxes it raises including FICA to 3.8% (of course in 2013).

      Heritage has a great primer on all aspects of ObamaCare; the beginning section about the individual mandate alone is jaw-dropping: http://thf_media.s3.amazonaws.com/2011/pdf/TheCaseAgainstObamacare.pdf

      The Left is well aware of the moral/philosophical conundrum the Republicans are presented with in arguing against at least the idea or possibility of the mandate, placed next to their political dependency on entitlements. I’m sure the regime will be ready to dial right in on that weakness when this debate heats up more in the primaries and general campaign. I think it’s a big reason why you won’t see Establishment Republicans ever firmly denounce the Individual Mandate or talk about a full repeal of That Which Must be Repealed. I also think it’s a big factor in their soft-spinedness with regards to the Ryan Plan. They may actually be convinced government is the only solution to this, just not as blatant or corrupt as Obama did it.

      Constitutional Conservative leaders are going to need to be able to intellectually reconcile Medicare and Social Security in their arguments against ObamaCare. This should play right into arguments for the Ryan Plan and the need for another look and maybe tweak of Bush’s Social Security Reform in the not-so-distant future (as some are claiming the Bush Plan amounted to the same type of Mandate as ObamaCare).

      All Republican leaders should be striving to understand the mechanics behind the HealthCare debate and arming themselves with facts about the proposed reforms. But if there’s anyone in particular who has the specific background to be a true leader on this issue other than Ryan himself, it’s Michele Bachmann. Do not forget about her – she is as articulate on the specifics of policy and law as many wish Palin would be.

      By the end of this summer, I wouldn’t be surprised to see polls split even more evenly between Romney, Palin, Cain, and Bachmann, which would be a much more accurate reflection of ideology and demographics within the Republican Party – majorly Conservative with a moderate/Liberal wing. What we are seeing and will continue to see, especially should the establishment continue to act as a roadblock – is the grassroots taking over this campaign as they have the narrative in Washington.

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