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Selected News For The Week Nov 13 – Nov 19

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This article was posted by Steve on Saturday, November 13th, 2010. Comments are currently closed.

32 Responses to “Selected News For The Week Nov 13 – Nov 19”

  1. canary says:

    Obama picks John Kerry’s brother to head special task force over online privacy.

    Wall Street Journal: Watchdog Planned for Online Privacy
    By Julia Angwin Nov 11 2010

    The Obama administration is preparing a stepped-up approach to policing Internet privacy that calls for new laws and the creation of a new position to oversee the effort, according to people familiar with the situation.

    In a related move, the White House has created a special task force that is expected to help transform the Commerce Department recommendations into policy, these people said. The White House task force, set up three weeks ago, is led by Cameron Kerry, the brother of Sen. John Kerry (D., Mass.) and Commerce Department general counsel, and Christopher Schroeder, assistant attorney general at the Department of Justice.

    The Wall Street Journal has been examining this online information-gathering industry in its “What They Know” investigative series.

    Commerce’s draft report doesn’t recommend specific legislation, but does indicate that self-regulation isn’t robust enough, these people said. The administration would seek to guide the legislative debate through its new privacy office.

    In 1999 President Bill Clinton appointed Peter Swire as chief counselor for privacy in the Office of Management and Budget. Mr. Swire helped craft privacy guidelines for the use of consumer medical and financial data. The new office would be similar but have more resources, and would engage other countries in privacy discussions and negotiations.

    entire article and related information at link

    Current Position: General Counsel at the Commerce Department (since May 2009)

    Career History: Lawyer at Mintz, Levin, Cohn, Ferris, Glovsky and Popeo (1983 to 2009)

  2. canary says:

    Al-Qaeda supported Hamas terrorists in Palestine cheer Obama with posters & mugs professing they love Obama, and depicting Obama in muslim gear.

    New York Post: Why Hamas Love Bam – Cheered by his Mideast moves

    By Amir Taheri 11/11/2010

    “Abu Hussain! Palestine loves you!!!”

    This slogan, in English, appears on a poster and other products produced by the Palestinian Hamas movement and put on sale in Gaza. Yesterday, it adorned the front pages of several leading Arab dailies.

    The “Abu Hussain” is President Obama. The poster pictures him wearing the signature Arab headgear, the kaffiyeh.

    He’s their hero: Mugs depicting Obama in an Arab kaffiyeh on sale right by similar Yasser Arafat curios in a Gaza shop Tuesday. (AP photo)

    According to its charter, Hamas wants to eliminate Israel and to replace it with a single Palestinian state covering the territory of the Jewish state and the territories it occupied in 1967.

    Iran, Libya and a range of radical Islamist movements, including al Qaeda, support Hamas’ policy, sometimes known as the “one-state solution.” …

    If Hamas’ declaration of love for Obama is based on a misunderstanding, the problem may lie in Obama’s ambiguous approach to the Arab-Israeli conflict….

    Obama and his special emissary, George Mitchell, however, have talked about a return to the pre-1967 “borders” as demanded by several UN resolutions.

    But there were no borders in 1967 — only cease-fire lines drawn at the end of the 1948 war. And there was no Palestine to have any borders — the cease-fire lines separated Israel on the one hand from Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria on the other. Indeed, a return to those cease-fire lines would be tantamount to recreating a situation that had already led to two wars.

    Obama also drops hints that he means to be tough with Israel….

    Pressuring Israel may look good to “Abu Hussain” and his Hamas admirers…

    History shows that Israel has made concessions — including withdrawing from vast territories it captured from Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon — only when it has felt sure of its principal ally…

    (entire article & photos at link below)
    Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/opinion/opedcolumnists/why_hamas_bam_yqozHuWdPRiNHdi4aY365L#ixzz159mV2wUF

    Where did they get the colorful mugs when they keep the myth going that they have no supplies. Yes, they are certainly putting to good use the 750 million U.S. dollars Hillary gave them to punish Israel.
    Maybe painted over mugs left over from a wedding?

  3. tranquil.night says:

    Is it karma, irony, or just more of an enigma?

    Via VHH (no quotes from the R-J):

    Review-Journal Publisher, Editor AND GM Are Out

    “An extremely knowledgable source at the paper called this move a ‘shakeout’ and a ‘head slap’ from the top, meaning the owners back in Arkansas. He reminded me that the Stephens family are big Washington D.C. players, with banking interests and other issues to deal with in Congress. They may have supported Republican candidates, but the over-the-top efforts by Sherm Frederick and Thomas Mitchell to support Sharron Angle and unrelentingly beat up on the Senate Majority Leader was exceptional. It was nasty and personal and harmed the reporters’ ability to have their work taken credibly, but even more importantly, if the Stephens clan wanted to make nice with Harry Reid, the only way to do it was to get rid of Frederick and Mitchell.

    Am I being too cynical by proposing that our good “friends” at the Ruling Class Wall-Street Media Mogul Republican Review-Journal were intentionally damaging their brand with their childish crap – and that of the candidate whom they rabidly were pretending to support?

    “The stagnation has been crippling. If Stephens is courageous, they will bring in someone young and sharp from the outside who understands (or at least doesn’t openly despise) the Internet, who can give that rudderless features section a solid redo, who can advocate for more resources so reporters can spend more time digging into important stories.

    Plenty of questions left:

    * Will Sherm, who will retain his Sunday column, keep up the feud with the Greenspuns and the Sun, or is there a chance for a little class and maturity to break out in Vegas newspaperland?

    * Will the dramatic efforts to sue to protect copyrights continue via Righthaven?

    * If Mitchell had been outright fired, would he have filed for welfare unemployment benefits?”

    Everything happens for a reason. Or maybe that’s too old-fashioned in today’s hip world.

    Steve – interested in buying out the media parasites you were forced to pay-off? Muaha. How about another fund-raiser?

  4. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Ms “Out of touch” Pelosi gets further out there

    From the WSJ: http://blogs.wsj.com/washwire/2010/11/12/pelosi-we-didnt-lose-because-of-me/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+wsj%2Fwashwire%2Ffeed+%28WSJ.com%3A+Washington+Wire%29

    Pelosi: ‘We Didn’t Lose Because of Me’

    By Patrick O’Connor

    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says she has the “overwhelming support” of fellow Democrats in her bid to become minority leader in the next Congress, and says she’s not to blame for the Democrats’ mid-term debacle.

    “We didn’t lose the election because of me,” Ms. Pelosi told National Public Radio in an interview that aired Friday morning. “Our members do not accept that.”

    Instead, the California Democrat attributes the loss of at least 60 seats to high unemployment and “$100 million of outside, unidentified funding.”

    “Any party that cannot turn (9.5% unemployment) into political gains should hang up the gloves,” she said.

    Yes, it’s that “outside funding” that really did it.

    The NPR interview is one of the first Ms. Pelosi has granted since a small-but-growing number of Democrats began publicly lamenting her decision to seek the top job in the minority. That list even includes some loyal allies, such as Ohio Rep. Tim Ryan.

    Among those rooting for Ms. Pelosi to stick around are Republicans, who are giddy at the prospect of reprising in 2012 the attacks they used in the past election cycle, tying Democratic incumbents around the country to the liberal from San Francisco.

    Ms. Pelosi’s reply: Bring it on. “The reason they had to take me down is because I’ve been effective in fighting special interests in Washington, D.C.,” Ms. Pelosi said, citing the health insurance and financial services industries. “I’m effective. They had to take me out. I’m also the most significant attractor to support for the Democrats.”

    To steal from “Friends” Chandler Bing–“Could she be any more wrong?”

    • canary says:

      Rusty, Such violent terms Pelosi learned on the thuggish Democratic gang street. To think she cried when she told us she was hearing voices from the 70’s. She is delusional to say this as she is still alive.
      Or does she think she’s dead and floating over us? There has to be mandatory mental evaluations to determine if she is just a thug or insane.

      “The reason they had to take me down..” Ms. Pelosi said, “…They had to take me out.”
      “..hang up the gloves,” she said

    • proreason says:

      Piglosi may be an Obamy mini-me.

      She seems to be as delusional as he is.

      Usually we are so aghast that somebody as stupid as she is could rise to such a position, but Sam Vaknin, the guy who says that Obamy is a classic malignant narcissist, also says that 60 to 70% of leaders in the last 100 years have been narcissists. At least since I’ve been aware of her, she seems to fit the bill pretty well herself.

  5. tranquil.night says:

    Art Laffer has a brilliant column in WSJ today outlining a very simple policy roadmap from this point to 2012 and beyond: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748703514904575602912888140050.html?mod=rss_opinion_main

    1) Extend current tax rates, no need to fight over whether they’re permanent yet. That can be handled in 2012 and beyond.

    2) Repeal ObamaCare. It plus the uncertain tax/regulatory structure is the biggest wedge keeping hiring sluggish.

    3) Cut off the Con-sian printing press economics. Sell-off government bank shares and property acquired in TARP, auto shares, postal, rail. Roll unemployment benefits from 99 back to 26.

    4) Begin to rebuild global free-trade.

    Then it goes into 2012 when we can take on the bigger ideological and political reforms like reigning in the Fed, moving to the Flat Tax and reincentivizing domestic corporate investment and holdings, and setting up longer-term price stability reforms.

    Read Mr. Laffer and realize why the ideas of the Deficit Commission are irrelevant to true supply-side Tea Party Conservatives. The Deficit Commission proposal is not in any way a starting point and we are not going to accept it’s premise whatsoever. D.C. will listen and compromise with OUR Deficit Commision.

    I wonder if the economic sage still sees us teetering on the brink of collapse in 2011 if the Conservative House fails its duty.

    • proreason says:

      Basically, that plan is……go back to 2007, except without the looming mortgage crisis. Erase everthing the marxists have done to exploit the 2008 meltdown.

      It’s simple and makes perfect sense.

      The crisis is over. Reset. Get things back to normal. Then address other systemic problems.

  6. canary says:

    Indonesia’s media pokes fun at Barack Obama’s visit

    Desi Anwar: We Love You Barry
    Nov 12 2010

    President Obama and the first lady came and went. As it turned out, this extremely short but much-awaited visit left many memorable moments, though some for reasons that are less than edifying.

    For the latter we can thank our infamous minister of communication and information for stealing the limelight when his little antic drew the attention of the Twitter world and spiraled out of control, capturing the imagination of satirists, comedians and porn stars, and turning the guileless man into an object of ridicule and derision.

    Tifatul Sembiring was asking for it. Known for his aversion to skin-to-skin contact with women other than his many wives, his shaking of the first lady’s hand drew many scathing comments from this side of the Twitter continent, with most pointing out his blatant hypocrisy. He doesn’t want to shake hands with Indonesian women but is quite happy to shake hands with Michelle Obama? Anxious not to be seen as anything other than morally upright, Tifatul twittered a helpful explanation that more or less blamed the hapless Mrs. Obama for extending her hand too far out so that it touched his.

    …. Indonesia has became a country known not only for its tsunamis, earthquakes, bombs, smiling terrorists and where people communicate by banging coconuts against a log, but also for having an a******* for a minister…

    Enough of the ridiculous, let’s go to the sublime: President Obama’s speech at the University of Indonesia. After getting a coveted invitation to attend his lecture I looked at the lengthy instructions handed out to those planning to attend…

    The University of Indonesia campus in Depok was eerily quiet. It was closed to students, the general public and businesses.

    Entering the main hall, there were security checks and body checks…. It was like being in a Hollywood film…

    Obama’s elementary school classmates came dressed in uniform batik shirts for the men and ethnic clothes for the women…

    President Obama had us at “ Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera.” When he said “ Pulang kampung nih,” the love arrows were well in our hearts. By the time he got to “ Indonesia bagian dari diri saya” the audience went into a paroxysm of cheers.


    Poor house wife Michelle. First she gropes the Queen, then a Muslim King! Doesn’t she know even the men’s bathing suits cover their body? I’ll bet Tifatal is a prune

    “The proper method of ghusl (ritual bath) involves the following steps:

    1. Make the niyyah (intention) to perform ghusl for purification.

    2. Wash your private parts thoroughly with water.

    3. Perform wudu’ (ablution) except for washing of your feet, which you can do later while bathing the body.

    4. Wash the entire body, starting with your head and the right side, followed by the left.

    5. It is preferred that the whole body be washed three times. The minimum is once.

    Having completed the above, you are considered eligible to perform the salah (prayer).”

    “The wudu’ (ablution) is a rigor in itself. Thanks to youtube you can learn to do it the right (& only way) pleasing to alla ooops.
    And I didn’t touch the blood sacrifices that will have to be performed to cleanse the sin from the leader.

  7. canary says:

    AP: US takes on violent Afghan valley that bled Brits

    By SEBASTIAN ABBOT Nov 9 2010

    With the AP’s distorted reporting to make it appear the Brit’s way failed and now it will take the U.S. needs to hear the other side. Obama’s counter/insurgency and Rules of Engagement, and the delay of troops contributed the “bled Brits” as AP disgracefully describes the soldiers that came to the U.S. Aid.
    AP failed to report the largest number of U.S. soldier death in the wars history this year.

    The Telegraph British troops in Sangin
    Nov 14 2010


    May the Marines be allowed to fight to the enemies deaths, and not have to continue the rebuilding & modernization agenda of Obama’s to create a living habitat for native animals who destroy their own dwellings by nature.

  8. canary says:

    AP: Obama tells Medvedev START vote is ‘top priority’

    by Ben Feller 11/13/2010

    YOKOHAMA, Japan — President Barack Obama, capping a far-flung Asian trip of mixed results, assured Russian President Dmitry Medvedev on Sunday that getting the Senate to ratify the START nuclear weapons treaty is a “top priority” of his administration….

    In talks with Medvedev on the sidelines of the summit of the Asian-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), Obama also reiterated his support for bringing Russia into the World Trade Organization, calling Russia “an excellent partner.”

    The GOP already has set afoot an ambitious legislative plan of its own for the new Congress that convenes in January. But before that, a lame-duck session will have to confront lingering issues, including not only the START treaty but also decisions on whether to extend Bush era tax cuts and on the administration’s push for Congress to pass a law repealing the military’s ban on homosexuals serving openly in the service.

    The START treaty, which has been pending in the Senate for months,would reduce the limit on strategic warheads to 1,550 for each country from the current ceiling of 2,200. It also would set up new procedures to allow both countries to inspect each other’s arsenals to verify compliance.

    The treaty has drawn resistance, principally from minority Republicans.

    .Obama and Medvedev discussed the plodding pace of the ratification process, a problem that threatens to undermine U.S.-Russian relations and bleed into other issues, a senior Obama official told reporters shortly after the meeting.

    There is an uneasiness within Russia on this issue and Medvedev is being well briefed about the dynamic of the Senate, said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss details of the closed-door meeting. The official said that if there is progress in the lame-duck session, Russian lawmakers would be likely to quickly follow suit.

    In Seoul earlier, Obama maintained he has not been weakened by the electoral setbacks and used a sports analogy at one point to say he thought expectations are sometimes too high. Obama said he can’t always hit a home run in these international summits and that even a single here and there is an achievement.

    He also failed to win final agreement with longtime ally South Korea on a new free-trade pact, although the two sides agreed to continue efforts to resolve differences over the treaty.

    Asked during his picture-taking session with Medvedev whether his administration was putting more money on the table for the nuclear program to get the START treaty through the Senate, Obama declined to answer.

    Both Obama and Medvedev touted a close working relationship and friendship. Obama extended thanks to Moscow for cooperation on Afghanistan and on a host of international issues ranging from the Middle East to Sudan.

    Said Medvedev: “It has been very pleasant for me to have this meeting and discuss a whole range of bilateral and multilateral issues with my colleague. Indeed, we have a very good relationship. We understand each other very well. It’s very important to attain agreement on a whole range of issues.”

    At the photo session with Medvedev, Obama said he looked forward to seeing him at a NATO summit in Portugal next week and said the pair has scheduled “a host of consultations so that we can reduce tensions and increase cooperation on various security matters in the European theater.”

    “Both he and I are racking up a lot of miles on our aircrafts these days,” Obama said, “but there’s a lot of work to do and I’m glad to have him as an excellent partner on a whole range of these issues.”


    Obama has a new VBBBF. So strange all the religious scholars that believe Russia is one of 2 countries they believe is most likely to attack Israel. Something about the mog gog. Obama’s selling drone planes to Saudi Arabia has Israel worried, as they are to close to be trusted.

  9. canary says:

    Global Security: North Sudan Accidentally Bombs South

    VOA News 13 Nov 2010

    Sudanese Liberation People’s Army (SPLA) spokesman Philip Aguer said Saturday that military
    officials from both the north and south conferred on the incident and it was determined to be unintentional. Aguer said the northern army had been targeting rebels.

    …A top U.N. official for Sudan, David Gressly, told the Associated Press a U.N. team was going to the sight of the explosion to investigate.

    Both the south and the north have accused each other of building up weapons and massing troops along their shared boundary ahead of a referendum scheduled for January 9 on whether south Sudan becomes independent.

    The referendum is part of a 2005 peace agreement that ended more than two decades of war between the north and south.

    The sides remain in disagreement about issues including the position of their border and how they would share oil if the south votes for secession.

    A separate referendum to be held January 9 is to decide whether the oil-producing Abyei region in the middle of the country becomes part of the north or the south.


  10. DW says:

    For those who are aware of the disgusting spectacle that occurred last Thursday at the Armistice Day ceremonies in Britain, here’s an update from Canada’s QMI Agency:

    Demonstrators protest U.K. poppy burnings outside mosques

    By QMI Agency

    A British imam says he is “deeply hurt” by demonstrations outside two mosques protesting the actions of a Muslim group that disrupted moments of silence during Remembrance Day services and burned models of poppies.

    On Friday, a mosque in Portsmouth on the south shore of England, had a poppy painted on the front of the building. On Saturday, protests were held outside two mosques.

    “It deeply hurts me,” Muhammed Muhi Uddin told the BBC. “If they [the protesters] talked to us then we would explain where we stand.”

    While Uddin said every group has a right to be heard, “it’s a matter of respecting each other.”

    He denounced the burning of poppies during Armistice Day ceremonies Thursday.

    A group called Muslims Against Crusades (MAC) were behind protests. On Thursday during the two minutes of silence, group members chanted, “British soldiers burn in hell,” and held signs saying, “Islam will dominate” and, “Our dead are in paradise, your dead are in hell.”

    Full article:

    Granted I don’t follow British news all that closely but this is the first time I’ve heard about protests going the other direction -namely, people protesting against the Islamo-nutcases.
    You’d think the nation that produced Winston Churchill, Margaret Thatcher and the English soccer fan would have shown a direct, forceful, unequivocal, violent (and therefore effective) response to something so completely ….vile.
    But I guess the best we can hope for is that this is a start.

    • wardmama4 says:

      DW – I read about this on another website I visit – a picture was there with the article – except for the islamic garb – you’d thought that these were Westboro Baptist Church people – same nasty little signs.

      I did not however read about any groups protesting the protesters.

      Oh what we’ve come to in this World – Us v Them

    • tranquil.night says:

      Cogent tie-in bringing up Westboro, WM. I’ve long believed those faux-Christians to be actually Leftists trying to create (or generate the media reality of) non-existent Christian extremism/radicalism.

      These rage groups use all of the same generic Alinsky-socialist community organizing tactics of the Left – abusing free speech to the worst degree of lying, no other reason than to be insulting and provocative to those that disagree. Cause a scene, no matter what the result attention is all that matters for the cause. The media will carry the water for your narrative no matter how you behave (Westboro: anti-gay.. anti-war? Hows that make any philosophical sense? Clue: it’s not supposed to). If youre real lucky someone from the other side will get so angry they’ll break the law and make the beliefs they’re representing look bad.

      Islam and the Left, seperate ideologies with similar governing philosophies, they’re both primarily motivated to shatter the status quo by burning Western Civilization on the pillars of its founding. One was taking the direct and violent approach, the other using a more gradual process of economic, social, and legal subversion. But now they’re practically one in the same. Islam seeks to creep Shariah Law in the same way Liberals use political correctness, and the Left will stop at no despicable manufactured and regurgitated lie to make their enemies appear as the real evil to the ignorant.

  11. Petronius says:


    “Soros Says Conditions ‘Pretty Perfect’ for Gold”

    Pav Jordan, 16 Nov 2010

    * * *

    “The conditions for (high) gold are pretty perfect,” [Soros] said during a speech in Toronto Monday evening to accept the Globalist of the Year award….

    Soros also spoke on the changing geopolitical order, outlining his expectations for a rapid decline of the United States, equaled in speed only by the ascent of China’s economy….

    China, he told his audience … has been unscathed by the crisis and now has a better working economy and a better working government than the United States.

    The present world order is on the brink of breaking down, he said.

    “There is now a rapid decline of the United States and a rapid rise of China,” he said. “It is happening very quickly.”

    * * *


    Soros makes no bones about it –– he proclaims “the rapid decline of the United States” and the impending collapse of the old economic order.

    And, oh, by the way … did anybody notice what has just happened?

    The bond market has imploded. The bond vigilantes have arrived; they are punishing a government that believes in out-of-control spending, massive debt, and printing paper money. Nobody is buying bonds. Nobody except the Fed, that is.

    The smart money is now moving toward the exits. Everything is going to change.

    As of 30 Sep, Soros’ largest equity holding remains the SPDR Gold Trust valued at $600.8M, about double his second largest holding, agrotech giant Monsanto. He also holds positions in Barrick Gold, Great Basin Gold, Newmont Mining, NovaGold, and Kinross Gold.

  12. canary says:

    Terrorist targeted N.Ky. Army recruiting center
    By Deb Haas Nov 17 2010
    FLORENCE, Ky. –

    Muhammad (aka Carlos) wrote in his Commercial Appeal that he was just one Muhammad and there are millions more out there like him. Fortunately the recruiters office in KY was closed.

  13. canary says:

    Obama says U.S.shooting missiles at terrorists in Yemen, and sending the elite U.S. Special Forces Green Berets to aid Yemen “another war”. After all he can’t call it inherited. Releasing those Yemen murderers of our U.S. Navy, and he wonders why al-Qaida has spread?

    AFP: US will help Yemen but no plans for ‘another war’: Gates
    Nov 17, 2010

    WASHINGTON: Defense secretary Robert Gates said on Tuesday the United States wanted to help Yemen battle al-Qaida’s affiliate in the country instead of entering “another war.”

    He said the threat posed by the al-Qaida network had spread beyond northwest Pakistan to Yemen, Somalia and the Maghreb in northern Africa, and Washington was working to train and arm security forces to fight the militants.

    “What we have seen is that as we have brought pressure on al-Qaida in North Waziristan, the terrorist movement has metastasized in many ways,” he said.

    “Our biggest tools particularly with respect to Yemen are the partnership capacity of the Yemenis themselves, and enabling them to go after these guys,” he said.

    …, and Yemen has come under renewed pressure from Washington to take on the militants.

    The recent air cargo bomb plot has fed speculation the United States may opt to expand missile strikes against militant figures in Yemen, similar to its drone raids in Pakistan, or even direct US special forces to hunt down AQAP extremists.

    Gates said earlier this month that US military assistance needed to be delivered in cooperation with Yemen, without mentioning the reported missile strikes.

    The US military currently oversees a 155-million-dollar program to bolster Yemen’s counter-terrorism campaign, providing helicopters, equipment and training by US special forces.

    Read more: US will help Yemen but no plans for ‘another war’: Gates – The Times of India http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/world/us/US-will-help-Yemen-but-no-plans-for-another-war-Gates-/articleshow/6938820.cms#ixzz15Wlm7nKs

  14. canary says:

    Obama & DHS have been ignoring 2008 report Al Qaida’s rapid rise of using 727’s to ferry drugs.

    The World Tribune: Al Qaida operating fleet of 727s to ferry drugs from South America to Africa, Europe
    Nov 16 2010

    Officials said Al Qaida Organization in the Islamic Maghreb has been using Western aircraft for the smuggling of drugs and perhaps weapons. They said U.S. intelligence has determined that AQIM was helping facilitate a fleet of Boeing passenger jets
    for flights from South America to remote areas of North Africa and Sahel.
    “This is not new, but the use of aircraft by AQIM has steadily increased to the point where it is becoming a major regional threat,” an official said.

    They acknowledged that the threat was played down in the U.S. government, particularly by the Homeland Security Department.

    In 2008, the Homeland Security Department drafted a classified report on the collaboration of AQIM with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, known as FARC.

    The report, said to have been ignored, warned that both organizations were using twin-engine turboprops in what was termed “the most significant development in the criminal exploitation of aircraft since 9/11.”

    The AQIM-aligned fleet was said to consist of about a dozen jets, including the Boeing 727. The Boeing aircraft, which could transport 10 tons of cargo, were said to have joined the fleet in 2009.

    The aircraft fleet was exposed by Morocco in October 2010 when the North African kingdom announced the dismantling of an AQIM cell. Rabat said 34 suspects were accused of working with aircraft from South America for drug smuggling. Morocco said AQIM destroyed one of the Boeing 727s after fuel acquired for another flight turned out to be unsuitable.

    Officials said AQIM was reaping tens of millions of dollars in profit from the drug smuggling from South America….

    “This has not only made AQIM rich, but multi-millionaires out of terrorists,” the official said.


    Kind of makes you understand why Obama stopped Bush’s burning Poppy fields, and took to helping them grow them, adding marijuana to the crops.

  15. canary says:

    BBC: India mobile licence sale lost billions, auditors say
    16 Nov 2010

    Mr Raja denies having undersold licences to mobile phone firms

    Their report to parliament says rules were flouted in the 2008 sale of second-generation (2G) spectrum.

    Licences in the lucrative market had been sold at “unbelievably low prices” – the loss to the government could be as high as $39bn, the report said.

    There are about half a billion mobile phone subscribers in India, the world’s fastest growing mobile market.

    The 96-page Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) report said that the sale of the licences was undertaken “in an arbitrary, unfair and inequitable manner” by Mr Raja’s department, which it said had favoured a select group of companies.

    Correspondents say that the row is one of India’s biggest corruption scandals in the Congress-led government’s six years in power.

    They say that while it has damaged the ruling party’s image, it is unlikely to threaten the government’s survival.


  16. proreason says:

    Real news.

    This Hotair poll is probably the best indicator of the lay of the land in Conservatism that there has ever been.

    Even though it isn’t scientific, it probably reflects the mood of conservatism better than any poll ever.


    Frankly, I’m surprised that the poll didn’t have more of a lean to Social issues. That’s one of the reasons I think it is probably a very good indicator.

  17. BillK says:

    The Nanny State continues to grow.

    From KABC Television:

    L.A. supervisors approve plastic bag ban

    By Melissa MacBride and Leo Stallworth

    LOS ANGELES (KABC) — The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors approved a measure to ban plastic bags at grocery stores and other shops in unincorporated Los Angeles County areas.

    The goal of the ordinance is to get people to use their reusable bags. It applies to grocery stores, drug stores, liquor stores and convenience stores.

    Customers would no longer have plastic bags as an option. They would need to bring in their own reusable bag or they could purchase a paper one for 10 cents. That’s to pay the store for the cost of the bag.

    The measure, which will come back for a final vote when exact language is finalized, was approved on a 3-1 vote.

    Large stores have until July 1, 2011 to comply. Smaller stores have until Jan. 1, 2012.

    “It’s a historical day because L.A. County will be the largest municipality in California to ban single-use plastic bags,” said state Assemblywoman Julia Brownley (D-Santa Monica). “And then we’re going to go back to Sacramento because this ordinance mimics exactly the bill that I carried in Sacramento.”

    “It’s too bad that we couldn’t pass it in the state, but L.A. can lead the way for other cities in California,” said Angela Howe, a Surfrider Foundation representative. “San Francisco has already done it. Santa Monica has already done it. Manhattan Beach has already done it.”

    Opponents say it amounts to yet another fee for consumers who will have to purchase re-usable bags for about $1 apiece, or a dime apiece for paper bags at grocery stores.

    “I’m opposed to charging people, where there’s a plan to charge people 10 cents per bag,” said Charles Brister, Unite US. “That’s going to hurt the low-income people the most.” …


    Yet another reason to not shop in or visit Los Angeles; I wonder how tourist attractions feel about this, as I don’t know too many people who go on vacation carrying their own bags…

    • canary says:

      “They would need to bring in their own reusable bag or they could purchase a paper one for 10 cents”

      they are ignoring the testing of diseases found on reusable bags people are bringing into food area?
      either way people will stuff their grocery’s into their own bags othewise customers will be griping the store is using to many of the customers bags. California is ruining this country.

  18. JohnMG says:

    …..”The measure, which will come back for a final vote when exact language is finalized, was approved on a 3-1 vote……”

    ‘We have to pass the legislation so we can see what’s in it.’

    What idiots! We must quarantine California immediately.

  19. spiffyw says:

    We need more signs that say
    “I miss you saying Merry Christmas
    (signed) Jesus”

    See story of local businessman rents billboard
    From News 5
    SAGINAW, Mich. — A billboard spotted along Interstate 75 is fueling the debate between the slogans “Merry Christmas” and “Happy Holidays.”
    TV5 posted the question on our Facebook page, and within 40 minutes, more than 100 comments were lodged on the topic.
    So TV5 decided to take the question to the streets to see what’s more important to the public: being politically correct or expressing your beliefs.
    If you drive down I-75 north near Mount Morris, a red sign jumps out at you.
    The billboard reads, “I miss hearing you say Merry Christmas — signed Jesus.”
    The sign is sparking debate about the proper greeting to use as various religious holidays approach.
    “It’s the day Christ was born, supposedly,” said Great Lakes Bay resident Patricia Hootman. “It’s been that way for years. I know they’re trying to change everything, but you have to draw the line somewhere.”
    The sign was put up in response to people calling on retailers and greeters to steer away from saying “Merry Christmas.”
    Some argue that just saying “Merry Christmas” leaves other religions out.
    Join The Discussion: TV5’s Facebook Page
    “I’d like them to say Merry Christmas. It’s representing Jesus. Say Merry Christmas. Happy Holidays is just what it is. Happy holidays,” argues Nick Kritikos.
    “I think people can say Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanza; whatever you want,” said Heidi Abraham
    Retail giants like Target said they typically stick to a general “Happy Holidays,” but the employees are not told specifically what to say.
    TV5 went to a local flower shop where the owner said she deals with customers from all type of religious backgrounds.
    “First, I would say Merry Christmas,” said store owner Mary Ellen Whitney. “If I don’t get a response, I say happy holidays. I try everything.”
    Whitney says it all has to do with your upbringing. “I grew up with Merry Christmas,” Whitney explains. “Happy holidays came later. So I am exposed to all of them and I will use all of them.”
    And even though the billboard sign is calling for “Merry Christmas,” Whitney said you have to respect diversity. “And hopefully I’ll hit it on the right one with the right person,” she said.

  20. JohnMG says:

    I know there isn’t an active thread here but it occurred to me that the market place is as loony as the people in government.

    Bankrupt ‘Government Motors’ just once again went public in the stock market with an IPO of (I think) $39/share. Ford Motor Company, the only domestic automaker to show a profit over the last several quarters, their stock is somewhere around $14-$15/share.

    Welcome to Obama-world.

  21. Chase says:

    ‘Green’ jobs no longer golden in stimulus
    Environmental projects fail to live up to hype

    By Patrice Hill – The Washington Times 8:43 p.m., Thursday, September 9, 2010

    After months of hype about the potential for green energy to stimulate job growth and lead the economy out of a recession, the results turned out to be disappointing, if not dismal. About $92 billion – more than 11 percent – of Mr. Obama’s original $814 billion of stimulus funds were targeted for renewable energy projects….

    Private analysts are skeptical of White House estimates that the green funding created 190,700 jobs.

    The Department of Energy estimated that 82,000 jobs have been created and has acknowledged that as much as 80 percent of some green programs….went to foreign firms…including China, South Korea and Spain, rather than in the United States.


    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      The big ruse. I also like how they refer to the money as “Mr Obama’s original $814 billion of stimulus funds” making one of the classic literary errors that many 4th graders make in their first writing assignments, thus indicating that the money is, in fact Mr Obama’s and that it must be from “his stash”.

    • proreason says:

      If it took more labor to create food, it would hurt the economy, wouldn’t it?

      – Some new jobs would be created in the food industry.
      – The cost of food would increase, so people would have less to spend on other things.
      – Other jobs would decrease because people wouldn’t be buying other things.
      – People would have the same amount of food, but less other stuff.
      – Jobs would remain about constant (each food-related job would replace a non-food related job)
      – The nations lifestyle would decrease because people would have less to spend on other stuff

      So why are “green” jobs any different.

      They lower everybody’s standard of living. That’s the marxists’ plan.

  22. canary says:

    BBC: Dance crew headed to TV show sparks NYC terror scare
    Nov 19 2010
    A dance troupe from the US state of Florida has caused a terror scare in New York City

    The dancers, who were wearing camouflage costumes, hit heavy traffic in the tunnel after driving roughly 1,000 miles (1,600km) to the city.

    The five young women and three young men in the group became stuck in traffic in the tunnel, which separates New Jersey and New York City, just two miles from the television studio.

    Armed Port Authority police and the FBI-New York Police Department Joint Terrorism Task Force chased the group after they left their adult chaperones to sprint the rest of the way to Manhattan.


    If the minors had been wearing muslim attire this would never have happened.

  23. proreason says:

    Klavan knows what’s wrong with us. Our superiors told him.


  24. Coco Q. Rico says:

    The articles supporting repeal of Dont Ask Dont Tell are becoming more and more dishonest and plentiful. I’m scared this campaign will work — and I think repeal will be disastrous, especially for gays stuck in combat.


    I weep.

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