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Selected News For The Week Sep 18 – Sep 24

This thread is for the busy bees of S&L to post news articles that expose the rampant distortions and biases of our media watchdogs.

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This article was posted by Steve on Saturday, September 18th, 2010. Comments are currently closed.

24 Responses to “Selected News For The Week Sep 18 – Sep 24”

  1. heykev says:

    Ever since BHO took office, it’s been one bad day after another for all of us loyal readers of Sweetness and LIght. Many of us have lost jobs, had to move, etc. all because of BHO’s remaking our great country into his vision of a Socialist Utopia. I heard this the other day and believe it could be the theme song for his administration “Worst Day Since Yesterday”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sDSud7vAH_0

  2. wardmama4 says:

    I am just stunned – just totally stunned at the hubris and arrogance of whoever came up with this idea (and I truly am against the globalization of every damn thing) – and to include this vapid stupidity. I do not care if this is just a stupid fringe idea – that anyone thinks our dollars ‘are in bad need of a makeover’ – shows how juvenile and shallow these people – who envision ideas such as this.

    Amazing New Designs For The Dollar Bill
    The Huffington Post
    – Fri Sep 17, 5:24 pm ET

    The American dollar is in bad need of a makeover. Thanks to the Dollar ReDe$ign Project, we may now have some options.

    Organized by creative strategy consultant Richard Smith, the Dollar ReDe$ign Project is soliciting ideas for the dollar bill of the future. “Our great ‘rival’, the Euro, looks so spanky in comparison it seems the only clear way to revive this global recession is to rebrand and redesign,” the project notes on its website.

    Fisher started the project in with the intent of “trying to find a catalyst to restart our economy” he told Fox News. The recent competition is now closed, and voting ends on September 30. “This has touched people’s hearts,” Fisher said, and “people feel the dollar touches their lives.”


    Someone please tell me that this is just a yearly ‘joke’ contest or someone’s poor taste idea. And do those ‘entries’ not look like the bogus Zimbabwe money that is now – a testament to the horrors that dictators (and pay sole homage to said dictator) cause and are absolutely worthless?

    Great idea to put this out last thing on a Friday night too – that way it gets lost in the news cycle dump.

    God Help America
    A Proud American Infidel

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      This is what socialists do. Rename, redesign, do-over, etc. They are incapable of realizing that life is imperfect and that one must make the best of it with what is available. Instead, they think the way to true happiness is to start over every so many years with a clean sheet of paper and therefore “eliminate” all the bad stuff to make way for the good stuff.

      This is a fool’s errand, of course. Once the tentacles of humankind get into any system, it starts looking ugly. But this is why the utopa-nauts love socialism so much. It is the perfect paper exercise. Looks great on the page. But never accounts for the frailty that is humankind, even though it lies its way about “helping the poor”. Then, they see the “messiness” that is capitalism and all they see is “unfairness”. YES! LIFE IS UNFAIR! And you know what else? It’s not the job of the government to prevent that unfairness. Instead, people should be (and often are) smart enough to recognize how to change your lot in life by doing it right. Don’t stick needles in your arms, don’t steal, don’t lie…work hard…do a good job. And even then —it’s not fair!

      Yet, capitalism offers something that socialism doesn’t: The right to not only fail, but the opportunity to try again or try at something else. Our society used to raise up high the stories of the people who grew up poor and went on to do great things. Now all we get in movies are victim after victim stories….it’s tiresome and very uninspirational. I thought “Good Will Hunting” was a crap-ass agenda flick. Hated it. Kid needed to have his ass kicked—hard.

      But that’s what we get. And that’s the “new” message. Same as the old message. “From each according to his ability. To each according to his need”. Socialism. Yay….

      I say no.

      So the “new” dollar bill has to be redesigned so the socialists can do away with that “ugly, selfish” image of capitalism. What difference will it make if nobody has any dollars anyhow?

    • proreason says:

      4 word definition of conservatism:

      “leave well enough alone”

  3. Melly says:

    Halal Britain: Famous institutions and schools routinely serve up ritually slaughtered meat

    Halal meat is being routinely served at some of Britain’s most popular sporting venues, pubs, schools and hospitals without the public’s knowledge, it has emerged.

    All beef, chicken and lamb sold to fans at Wembley Stadium has been secretly prepared in accordance with strict Islamic law.
    And hundreds of pubs and restaurants in Britain, as well as top racecourses, schools and hospitals, now only serve chicken that has been ritually slaughtered according to Sharia Law.

    Under Muslim laws, animals are slaughtered by having their throat slit to allow all the blood to drain out. Animals often die a slow painful death because religious slaughter houses are exempt from laws that require animals to be stunned before killing…………………..

    Animal rights group Viva! said: ‘Other practices which may be undertaken for religious reasons – such as polygamy or the stoning of adulterers – are not permitted in the UK.
    ‘Religious freedom does not override other moral considerations and the suffering caused by this form of slaughter is so severe that it cannot be allowed to prevent action being taken………………….

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1313458/Halal-Britain-Famous-institutions-routinely-serve-public-ritually-slaughtered-meat.html#ixzz101YTaCRJ

    • untrainable says:

      Where’s Jenna Jameson on this one? She wants to outlaw KFC.
      Maybe the Colonel should wear a turbin and a full beard instead of his goatee and string tie.

    • hushpuppy says:

      Same here, you just have to look for it, and you don’t have to look hard. I’ve seen the word ‘Halal’ on poultry, on cheese, and I’ve seen the arabic writing on soap bars. Dove soap was the first to put arabic writing on labels.

      If the word Kosher were printed on things, would moose limbs purchase that product? Probably not.

      Kosher slaughter is a very tightly adhered to system of ritual laws. The Rabbi is on hand at the slaughterhouse and oversees every aspect of animal welfare. So the very first thing he would do is to sharpen a particular kind of knife, a particular size and it must be sharpened certain way to ensure it’s literally razor thin.

      Then he’d inspect the animals individually. Those that have arrived to the slaughterhouse dying or dead on arrival are automatically rejected. Next up the animal must be physically fit and completely healthy. Any animal that has bruises, open sores, visible skin conditions or cancers are also automatically rejected. It must be completely blemish free.

      Rabbis know that animals are intelligent and so they would pass the good animals off to a ritually cleansed and sanitary area and allow the animal to calm down because a stressed animal releases quite a number of chemicals including those that are cortisone and epinephrine related.

      If an animal is killed before it has a change to calm down, those chemicals stay in the meat rendering the meat tough and bitter tasting.

      The rabbi would them put one arm around the animal’s neck, stroke its head and whisper to it. The rabbi then would put his head on the animal’s neck and rest there a while whilst still whispering. The rabbi knows when the animal relaxes completely – this is why his arm and head contact the animal. When this happens, the next step is the slaughter.

      There is a strict method of slaughter including how to place the knife and where on its’ neck. He will quickly draw the knife to slit the animal’s throat. He does this only once, and when it’s done correctly the animal doesn’t feel a thing. He isn’t permitted to make a sawing motion, not allowed to dig in the knife, not allowed more than one stroke.

      By slitting the throat in that manner, the blood literally spurts out and completely drains from the animal because the heart is still beating when the slice across the throat is done. The heart stops beating when there is no blood left to circulate.

      ‘Modern’ slaughterhouses may stun first or they might use a tool that delivers a concussion to the forehead. This only causes confusion in the animal. The blood is circulating along with the stress chemicals. Instead, the blood pools in the muscle tissue and then they have to hang the animal upside down dangling by one ankle. Not all he blood drains away because it’s saturated in the tissues. And as a result rigor mortis sets in and then after the rigor mortis has passed, the butcher then cuts the animal into specific cuts. This is done quickly as the meat begins to rapidly break down due to the stress chemicals and improper bleeding.

      If anyone here has ever thawed frozen hamburger, you’ll notice that upon thawing how much blood remained behind in the meat.

      The next step is done by slitting the animal down the center of the torso and allow the internal organs to slide out. There’s the internal inspection for signs of illness. If the animal is found to have sores or lesions of any kind, the animal is rejected.

      This is a quick overview. Our minister visited a kosher slaughterhouse and learned why things are done the way they are. That was part of a sermon we heard years ago.

      So now you can see how differently the meat in your corner store is of lesser quality and why Kosher meat is more expensive.

      I can’t remember the ratio of Kosher to whatever passes for slaughter. All I can remember is the there are few animals which are good enough to be considered kosher. I tried to Google it but it’s 01:25 and I’m tired.

      Here are some articles which may help answer any questions you might have:




  4. proreason says:

    Best Anime ever.

    O’Donnell and Palin


    Stay to the end to maximize the fun.

  5. canary says:

    Ahmadinejad’s in New York, US in spite of US sanctions. Says future is Iran’s in numberous interviews (entire article, interviews, photos, video, at link below)

    The Washington Post: AP Interview: Ahmadinejad says future is Iran’s

    Sept 20, 2010 By John Daniszewski and Edith M. Lederer

    NEW YORK — Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said that “the future belongs to Iran,” and challenged the United States to accept that his country has a major role in the world.

    The comments came in an hourlong [sic] interview Sunday with The Associated Press on the first day of his visit to the United States to attend the annual General Assembly of the United Nations this week.

    Over the years, Ahmadinejad has become more articulate and polished. He wore a gray pinstriped suit and a pinstriped white shirt, open with no tie, for the interview, conducted in an East Side hotel not far from the United Nations.

    A few blocks away, dozens of protesters demonstrated with tape across their mouths to symbolize what they consider to be the oppressive nature of the Iranian government. The nonprofit Israeli education group, Stand With Us, organized the rally, one of many expected outside the United Nations and elsewhere in the city before Ahmadinejad leaves Friday.

    In the interview in a room crowded with aides, bodyguards and Iranian journalists, the Iranian leader projected an air of innocence, saying his country’s quest to process ever greater amounts of uranium is reasonable for its expanding civilian power program, omitting that the watchdog United Nations agency involved has found Iran keeping secrets from its investigators on several occasions, including secret research sites.

    He also disavowed any knowledge of the fate of a retired FBI employee, Robert Levinson, who vanished inside Iran in 2007, saying the trail will be followed up by a joint U.S.-Iranian committee.

    He did not mention that many newspapers have been closed down and that prominent opposition figures were put in prison….

    Ahmadinejad took no personal responsibility for the fate of the three American hikers who were taken prisoner along the border with Iraq more than a year ago – treating it as a strictly legal affair.

    “We’re very glad that that lady was released,” he said about Sarah Shourd, who arrived in New York on Sunday and held a news conference while Ahmadinejad was being interviewed by the AP, denying she had done anything wrong.

    “(Due) to the humanitarian perspective of the Islamic Republic chose to adopt on the subject, she was released on bail,” Ahmadinejad said. “And we hope that the other two will soon be able to prove and provide evidence to the court that they had no ill intention in crossing the border, so that their release can also be secured.”

    Tying the case to Iran’s assertion that eight of its citizens are being held unjustly in the United States, he said, “It certainly does not give us joy when we see people in prison, wherever in the world that may be, and even when we think of prisoners here.”

    His answers were translated from Farsi by an Iranian translator, but Ahmadinejad appeared to be following the questions in English and occasionally corrected his interpreter.

    Asked about Levinson, Ahmadinejad hinted that his government considers it possible that the retired FBI employee had been on some “mission” when he vanished.

    Levinson was last seen on Iran’s Kish island in March 2007 where he had gone to seek information on cigarette smuggling for a client of his security firm. He had been an FBI agent in New York and Florida before retiring in 1998. He has not been seen since. Iran says it has no information on him.

    Overall, Ahmadinejad said that Iran’s course is set and the rest of the world needs to accept it.

    Another round of international pressure in the form of sanctions would only be futile, he said. “If they were to be effective, I should not be sitting here right now.”

    The U.N. Security Council already has imposed four rounds of sanctions against Iran to try to pressure Ahmadinejad’s government to suspend enrichment and return to negotiations with the six countries trying to resolve the dispute over the country’s nuclear ambitions – the U.S., Russia, China, Britain, France and Germany. Foreign ministers of the six are to meet this week on the sidelines of the General Assembly.

    Ahmadinejad said in July that talks would begin in early September, and he was asked repeatedly if Iran would join those talks. He sidestepped an answer and refused to give any kind of timetable.


    Notice he calls the released hiker out on bail. Obama is a poor negotiator in not bringing all 3 and the long-time missing FBI agent. But, then Ahmadman is Obama’s VBBBF. (Very Best Bed Boy Friend)

  6. proreason says:

    Have you seen the insider series. Supposedly a Dem insider in the White House talking candidly. It could all be fake, but it sure is interesting. Sample:

    “I’ll tell you this – if you want to see President Obama get excited about a conversation, turn it to sports. That gets him interested. You start talking about Congress, or some policy, and he just kinda turns off. It’s really very strange. I mean, we were all led to believe that this guy was some kind of intellectual giant, right? Ivy League and all that. Well, that is not what I saw. Barack Obama doesn’t have a whole lot of intellectual curiosity. When he is off script, he is what I call a real “slow talker”. Lots of ummms, and lots of time in between answers where you can almost see the little wheel in his head turning very slowly. I am not going to say the president is a dumb man, because he is not, but yeah, there was a definite letdown when you actually hear him talking without the script.”

    or as ol pro says it “he’s dumb as a rock”.

    In other parts of the interviews, the insider says Obamy doesn’t even want to hear the other side of issues. His mind is already made up. Obamy never read the Obamycare bill. He hates the job. He couldn’t care less about the Dem congress critters whose careers he has destroyed either. Mooshelle is more liberal than Pelosi. There is some kind of a marital conflict, but the insider won’t talk about it.


    Read more: http://newsflavor.com/opinions/white-house-insider-on-obama-the-president-is-losing-it/#ixzz106dfAbDR

    • jobeth says:


      Like you said it may be fake, but its also not far from the truth if it is!

      Its what we have all observed from the moment we began observing him!

      Maybe we should be calling him ‘Rocky’. But knowing him and his penchant for sports, he would think it a compliment.

    • tranquil.night says:

      I think Barry has been off his game ever since the infamous “I hope he fails” firestorm. Even more especially once the Tea Party started and it became clear that his transformative agenda was going to be slogging through ever-thickening partisan mud, he got over being president like a petulant child does when something goes from fun to difficult. He can’t give up on the mission, no doubt, but he’s so obviously angry because this just wasn’t how it was supposed to go.

      Rush seriously lives rent-free inside his head too, I believe it. It has to be driving him nuts that Rush talks about “quarter-backing” the team and applying the sports metaphors to defeating his regime.

      Just today at the Obama Supporter Therapy Session/Townhall he ditched his lame car in the ditch metaphor for football: “The president this evening said he wanted supporters to understand that ‘we are just in the first quarter here. We’ve gotten a lot of stuff done, but we’ve got a lot more work to do.’

      It’s just too funny. I think Axe and Plouffe are so confused about how to get him to be able to connect with real people ever again that they’re taking rhetorical lessons from Rush. He’s got the magic and they want it back

      Sure Bam Bam still has the power but he’s the public laughing stock of America and much of the world. A total doofus turd, and everyone knows it. That has to drive a sociopath of his level completely batty.

  7. jobeth says:

    Heard this on Neal Boortz a few minutes ago. He is a public school critic. He’s a home school fan.

    “Billboard spelling error creates embarrassment”

    I won’t spoil it…it speaks for it self. Our schools are turning out some real “winners”, but apparently no proof readers worth a darn…lol


    If you’d like to see a photo, just scroll down on this page. There is a few other good misspellings and comments here as well.
    (Yes, I used spell check! lol)


  8. jobeth says:

    This has been a fairly productive couple of days for me…

    Has anyone heard of the Coffee Party? Well, it exists…lol.

    Just like the left’s attempts at copying the right’s talk radio failed, I predict this will fail as well.

    But you gotta hand it to them…they are trying…Can’t think of anything on their own, except putting up Obalmy up on a platform of lies, but they are trying.

    I suppose this “right-wing,racist, extremist” and “astroturf” movement is worthy of copying though.

    The concept has to make a smile come to your face. ;-D

  9. canary says:

    MEMRI: Kayhan: Iran Has Triumphed, and Has Overtaken the U.S. – Iran Is Now the Regional Power in the Middle East

    In a September 19, 2010 editorial, the Iranian daily Kayhan, which is close to Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, stated that the signs of Iran’s triumph in its strategic power struggle with the U.S. in the Middle East are clear. The paper enumerated Iran’s diplomatic achievements in the Iraq arena, noting the U.S. troop withdrawal; …..

    The editorial stressed that Afghanistan has become an emergency for the Americans, and concluded that for this reason the U.S. will soon have to turn to Iran to ask for its help to resolve the crisis there. It added that the U.S. has been completely unsuccessful in stopping Iran from becoming a nuclear threshold state, and that Tehran’s nuclear achievements mean that it will come to the negotiating table under circumstances that are more favorable to it. Iran, the paper noted, has already paid the price of sanctions; it added that now the West, not Tehran, must be the one to compromise.

    The paper went on to say that because the U.S.’s needs in these arenas have become critical, the Middle East geopolitical system will soon undergo a shift, and Iran will be recognized globally as the unassailable regional power in the Middle East…

    “The White House Must Ultimately Agree to the Option That Iran Supports For [Iraqi] Prime Minister [i.e. Al-Maliki]”
    “In Iraq, the American strategy was based on creating a dead end in the political process, and on preventing [outgoing prime minister] Nouri Al-Maliki from becoming prime minister [again] at any cost. Nevertheless, it is now clear that the White House must ultimately agree to the option that Iran supports for prime minister [that is, Al-Maliki].

    “The difference [now] is that during this past year, Al-Maliki came to understand very well who his friends are and who his enemies are… What apparently will hasten the process [of his appointment as prime minister] is the exit of most U.S. Army battle units from Iraq – which will have a serious impact on [the U.S.’s] bargaining power in the matter of the political balance within Iraq.”

    “America Has So Far Refrained From Officially Asking Iran For Help [in Afghanistan]… [Due To] Its Desire Not To Give the Impression That It Had Removed the Iranian Nuclear Issue From the Top Of Its Agenda”

    “In Afghanistan, the Americans have for some time been emphasizing that they agree that the only strategy that will work will be a regional one – ….At the same time, the reason that America has so far refrained from officially asking Iran for help [in Afghanistan] was its desire not to give the impression that it had removed the Iranian nuclear issue from the top of its agenda.

    “[Recently, it seems] that the Americans are gradually beginning to recognize that they are being forced to move towards Iran,…This will happen soon……”

    “Iran Is the Premier Regional Power” In the Middle East

    “The question of how Iran will respond to such a request is not the subject of this article; however, it is clear that the U.S.’s needs have become critical….”

    “The third arena to examine in order to complete this picture is the Iranian nuclear issue. In the past 18 months [i.e. since U.S. President Barack Obama’s election], the Americans have assumed that the only path to bring Iran back from [becoming] a [nuclear] threshold state is to empty its storehouses of nuclear material. This is because the two other components of [becoming] a threshold [state] – that is, knowledge and equipment – …, and Iran has made highly significant strides in producing nuclear material and in its enrichment skills – [strides] that even Iran itself did not anticipate.

    “Iran is now increasing the quantity of low-level enriched material at Natanz, according to plan; it is now examining more advanced technology for centrifuges. More importantly under the current conditions, Iran has fully mastered techniques to enrich [uranium] to 20%,…

    “Of course, as has already been announced officially, Iran does not intend to bring its entire stock of low-level enriched material to 20% enrichment…., and the fact that it has already stockpiled 20 kg of such material, will cause serious difficulties for the West in any sort of future negotiations.

    “Iran has already paid the price of enrichment [to 20%] in advance, in the consequences related to [U.N. Security Council] Resolution 1929 and unilateral sanctions…. [i.e. the matter is closed].”

    “…Iran Has Overtaken It”

    “The sum total of these issues – that is, [of Iran’s] internal assessments, as well as regional and nuclear assessments – clearly shows that despite all the Americans’ efforts and plots in the past year, Iran’s national security has improved… [This] will have ramifications for the future, and from now on the West will be forced to face Iran empty-handed…

    “If the U.S. adds up the Iran strategy [that it has implemented] for the past two years, it will arrive at a final assessment: Iran has overtaken it. Besides the question of its next move [i.e. the U.S.’s decision regarding contacts with Iran], this assessment [i.e. that Iran is the premier superpower in the region] …”


    MEMRI Middle East Media Research Institute Sept 20, 2010

  10. proreason says:

    Best Republican ad ever.

    Via Hotair.


    Notice: the lovely Christine, Joe Miller, Rand Paul, Susan Angle, Carly all prominent…..much more prominent than the RINO’s.

  11. proreason says:

    2 awesome Chris Christie clips that haven’t gone viral yet. Both from his appearance with Meg Whitman.

    He also jumped off the stage to confront a heckler.


    He may actually be the one real Americans have been waiting for.

  12. BillK says:

    Your tax dollars at work, part #933,217.

    From Detroit’s WJBK Television:

    Chrysler Auto Workers Busted

    We’re all rooting for the auto industry to come back stronger than ever. It affects every one of us here in metro Detroit and across the country because it’s so important to our economy.

    Fox 2’s Rob Wolchek got a tip about what some guys are doing at Chrysler’s Jefferson North Assembly Plant in Detroit. This is the same plant that President Barack Obama visited back in July and talked about the significance of manufacturing in America.

    The same place where the President remarked on the tax-payer generated government loan saying “I believed that if each of us were willing to work and sacrifice in the short term — workers, management, creditors, shareholders, retirees, communities — it could mark a new beginning for a great American industry. And if we could summon that sense of teamwork and common purpose, we could once again see the best cars in the world designed, engineered, forged, and built right here in Detroit, right here in the Midwest, right here in the United States of America.”


    Watch the video at the website; basically it’s employees drinking at smoking pot on a long “lunch break” every morning at 11 AM for at least ten days in a row.

    Chrysler has said:

    the company was able to identify all 15 employees captured on video. Within 36 hours of learning about this matter, each one of the employees was suspended indefinitely without pay. While the evidence seems conclusive, the company needs to act in accordance with corporate protocol before further action is taken.”


  13. canary says:

    Politicol: Obama was busy writing new book “Of Thee I Sing: A Letter to My Daughters”
    Sept 22 2010
    President Obama likes to keep his professional life separate from his family,…

    Granted, that work was his new children’s book – “Of Thee I Sing: A Letter to My Daughters” – the cover of which depicts his children, Sasha and Malia, walking their dog, Bo.

    “I asked them to read it, see what they thought,” Obama said in an interview with Sirius XM radio. “I think they’re pretty soft on their dad. They figured out I already have enough to worry about. So, not too many rewrites.”

    Obama said that writing a book for children was a way for him to “tell them about why America still is a land of opportunity –…”

    … At Wednesday’s White House press briefing, press secretary Robert Gibbs was asked if he sees a contradiction in asking reporters not to write about Sasha and Malia’s lives while having them be central to Obama’s book.


  14. proreason says:

    The only interesting part of the O’Reilly interview of Jon Stewart:

    I tried to watch it live, but the pompous buffoon was so overbearing that I couldn’t take it. I actually pitied Jon Stewart, who for some reason thought he had to take the abuse.

    But this clip is interesting.


    Stewart tells the pompous buffoon that he is now Fox’s left wing, and even more interestingly, he tells the pompous buffoon that he (Stewart) believes that O’Reilly fears the movement that is taking over the Republican Party and the country.

    Stewart is right on both counts. It’s absolutely clear that O’Reilly considers himself the conscience of the Ruling Class and a charter member of it. And it’s absolutely clear how deep his contempt is for Glenn Beck, and all of Talk Radio. (notice in the clip that Stewart actually calls O’Reilly a member of the elite….”you went to Harvard”, which of course, O’Reilly says at least once on every show…no shit….these people are PROUD of their contempt for us.).

    O’Reilly is an unusual animal. A conservative on Social issues. A RINO on economic issues (he’s so stupid about economics, you almost have to feel sorry for him), and an emerging RINO on National Security issues. He has lost his edge about protecting the country, and is being slowly coopted by the PC elite. He wants to continute to be relevant, but you can tell it is slipping away from him.

    One day Beck is going to get tired of O’Reilly, and call him out on live TV and make him look like a total fool.

  15. confucius says:

    From the Chicago Tribune:

    Controversial UIC professor denied emeritus status

    by Jodi S. Cohen
    September 24, 2010

    In a very unusual move, University of Illinois trustees Thursday denied giving emeritus status to controversial retired professor William Ayers.

    The vote, at a U. of I. board meeting in Urbana, was unanimous and came after a passionate speech by board chair Christopher Kennedy, who invoked the 1968 assassination of his father, Sen. Robert F. Kennedy, in saying that he was voting his conscience. …

    Ayers, the Vietnam War-era radical, had been an education faculty member at UIC since 1987. He retired effective Aug. 31 and then sought the emeritus faculty status, a largely honorific title that includes some benefits such as library privileges. …

    But in an emotional statement, Kennedy discussed his reasons for voting against Ayers’ request. …

    He said he could not confer the title “to a man whose body of work includes a book dedicated in part to the man who murdered my father.”

    Kennedy was referring to a 1974 book co-authored by Ayers, “Prairie Fire,” which was dedicated to a long list of people including Robert Kennedy assassin Sirhan Sirhan and “all political prisoners in the U.S.”

    Ayers could not be reached for comment …


  16. Coco Q. Rico says:

    I am not sure if you guys are interested in breaking down this Time article from a conservative perspective, but I think it’s useful to do so.


    In the article linked above, basically, Time cites a Pennsylvania study claiming that 30% of teens who kill themselves do so because they hate being gay. We’re told the figure is even probably much higher. But the article goes on to refer to “gay” 11-year-olds, which makes me profoundly uncomfortable.

    The article then goes on to say that Dan Savage is a hero for trying to open a dialogue with pre-teens and teens about being gay. Dan Savage is a leftist gay columnist in Seattle who believes people are born gay and thinks anyone who refers to going through “phases” or “choosing” their sexual conduct has been brainwashed. Yet I can only think that he’d be brainwashing kids to his strange essentialist view of sexuality (a view that conveniently keeps him relevant and inflates the numbers of gay people he claims to speak for.)

    The sad thing is that Dan Savage has no credentials other than the fact that he writes a tawdry sex column and gets in the New York Times an on TV all the time.

    My take on the Time article and all that’s problematic with it:


    As a non-heterosexual conservative, I don’t want to let gays off the hook for fudging numbers and relying on misleading claims.

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