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Senate Bill Leaves 23 Million Uninsured

This is old news for most of us, but it’s something the Washington Post finally thought safe to report to its benighted readers on the slowest news weekend of the year:

Senate health-care bill would still leave millions uninsured

By Perry Bacon Jr.
Saturday, January 2, 2010; A02

Even as Democrats seek the biggest expansion of health coverage in decades, as many as 23 million people could still be without insurance by 2018, illustrating the complexity of achieving the long-held Democratic goal of universal health care.

The legislation that the Senate passed Christmas Eve, which is expected to resemble closely the final bill that is hashed out between the House and Senate over the next month, would leave about 8 percent of the population under age 65 without health insurance, according to the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office. It would extend insurance to 31 million of an estimated 54 million who would have no coverage without the legislation…

But those who would be left uninsured have drawn little attention. This is in part because their ranks would include many who choose not to get health insurance, even though they can afford it — such as some healthy people under 30, who have little effect on rising health-care costs because they rarely go to the doctor. Though starting in 2014, individuals would face fines if they do not buy coverage, some may still refuse.

About a third of the uninsured would be illegal immigrants. Neither party supports expanding insurance to cover them, even though states spend millions caring for them at hospitals, where emergency rooms accept patients regardless of coverage…

This last is simply a lie. The Democrat Party very definitely supports covering illegal aliens. But they just don’t have the nerve to admit it publicly at this time. But they have in the past, and they will again soon enough.

And there are certainly more illegal aliens in our country than the numbers here suggest.

Moreover, the biggest ‘social injustice’ in our healthcare system is that illegal aliens get ‘free’ medical care now when American citizens do not. And they will continue to do so even with ‘healthcare reform.’

This is a minor detail our media masters somehow never talk about.

Of course this article misses the whole point of ‘healthcare reform.’ It is not really intended to insure more people.

Its actual goals are to 1) expand the federal government’s control over our lives, and 2) redistribute wealth to Democrat constituents — thereby insuring the party will retain power in perpetuity.

In fact, by the Democrats’ lights it’s probably a good thing that millions will remain uninsured.

For the uninsured will be exorbitantly fined, and that money will go to the noble goals listed above.

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6 Responses to “Senate Bill Leaves 23 Million Uninsured”

  1. zombywolf says:

    This administration has terrified me since day one. This health care bill is the worst. I have worried for months about the ensuing prison sentence and fines–plus what happens to my parents with Medicare looted. Good news is my mother has a 401 K that wasn’t destroyed in the Bank mess. The bad news is it is very restrictive so she can only get money out once a year–no matter what disaster transpires. She’s on oxygen which at the moment Medicare covers. I wake up in the night worrying and we won’t even talk about the mess my son has without the added cost for not buying insurance.

    • proreason says:

      zombywolf, that thing about only being able withdraw once a year from a 401K sounds fishy to me. Somebody may be selling you a load of bull.

      401K’s don’t have a lot of restrictions. If your mother is under 59.5, you can still withdraw, but have to pay a 10% penalty. But there are looholes to get around the penalty. The only other restriction is that you have to begin withdrawing at 70.5 (but only a small %).

      And any time you withdraw from an IRA-type 401K, the money is fully taxable.

      You should check with an accountant or a financial advisor if accessing her money seems to be a problems.

      If the 401K is with your mother’s employer, you might also be able to borrow up to $50,000 from the 401K, but it must be paid back within 5 years.

  2. GetBackJack says:

    Damn sure not going to “insure” me.

  3. MinnesotaRush says:

    “Senate Bill Leaves 23 Million Uninsured”

    How ’bout, “Senate Bill is Absolutely Unconstitutional and Will Result in Law Suits and Largescale Civil Disobedience”

    I kinda like it!

  4. retire05 says:

    “an extimated 54 million who would have no coverage without the legislation”?

    Where the hell did they come up with that number? Even the pandering Democrats have never used a figure greater than 42 million. When Obama gave his “I will provide you with health insurance because I am the Messiah” speech, he used the figure of 30 million uninsured.

    So are we now using the scare tactic that if we don’t pass this unconstitutional., Marxist system of health care insurance that 12 million more people will be without health insurance than the figure the Dems currently use?

    Why would that be? Does the WP count on 12 million more Americans losing their jobs this year?

  5. AcornsRNuts says:

    Therein lies the beauty of the scheme. There is your public option hidden between the lines. Can’t afford the healthcare we require you to buy? Well take ours and fear not. Thats how its done in Mass, which has the micro version of this travesty. The public option is right there, hidden in plain sight.

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